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Jan 30, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well I tell you it's still cold all right it's not as cold as a wise but he is still chilly however is gonna continue to warmup and by Saturday it's going to be the seventies we had a chance of rain and mailing on Sunday but also -- Saturday but you know this is said this is nice weather and again embrace this -- here because. You know how hot it's going to be. And you know we we were talking at the other night it read we did a poll on -- do you like it hot or cold better and it was about about a 5050. Let's take that poll in the summertime -- -- WW pretty -- looked -- people when we get to the peak of the summer when it's really just stifling hot. And I guarantee. More than 50% are gonna say they like it cold. It's almost as if people like what isn't a year and always I notice is about a lot of meteorologist not all of them but many meteorologist. Will always say. Something is better because it's got the weather -- -- -- Well I it's it's it's gonna rain so that's gonna be good at that if it's raining as well you know it's going to be sunny so that's gonna be good. If it's hot they say well you know we wanted to be colder than what he gets called -- well we wanted to be hot noticed that with with a lot of local meteorologists. -- there is such a problem with the divorce rate in America but would it be a good idea. To require. Young couples. Or actually any -- couples. To take a ten hour course. On marriage. Before they're allowed to get a marriage license. That's one of the things we're gonna talk about tonight it's time for tonight's topic today to the topic things we'd like -- know it was we begin our show two nights on WWL. Number eight. Controversy -- Oscar winning screenwriter director and actor Quinton Tarantino. Is gonna rain as the crew of -- 2014. Celebrity monarch is movies include. Jiggling change in pulp fiction and your fears for April's march the third. That's it's one of those it's one of those raised its. Not news. I'm not criticizing the other -- but -- from the beginning has actually been one of the more. I guess -- parades if you will mean I'm not talking about some of the parades that go through it and the French Quarter but. I think it's great although you know not everybody's Quin Tarantino fan I've lecturing to a change voice. I was -- a good movie I don't receives a great movie like I've gone with the wind or. Godfathers of like I thought it was a really good movie if you haven't seen it yet much of it was done here so Quin Tarantino knows his way around New Orleans. -- -- it seems like he's going to be a fun guy to have. As these celebrity monarch of the -- for a -- -- for 2014. A number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at H. -- last name is man. MAN and their Seattle Seahawks fans. They have given their newborn daughter the middle name twelfth. Her middle name -- twelfth. Like the twelfth man the nickname for the home crowd fans in Seattle. Her full name is Cindy. -- twelfth. Man. MA NN. You know it's wonderful to show support for your team but I'm giving China help the middle name of a twelfth. I mean I just think that's kind of selfish -- -- elected again it's great that you love your team and you're showing support but that's kind of cruel and and I can't help but think about what this child might endure. This Cal's entire life not that that the people necessarily focus on your middle name but if they do I mean this this could make this child the target of -- of a lot of jokes and and you know what if the Seahawks end up being teammates have not very good you know teams have their their ups and downs as -- -- there. They're really good for a long period time sometimes they're bad for electorate and she stuck with the name twelfth but again I'd I think this it was really really selfish of the parents. And I guess it would be like a couple. A couple of their big New Orleans Saints fans and the couple's last name is Lee. They're giving their daughter of the middle name of four or done. I guess it's kind of the same thing but you know it's it's it's kind of like when you when you really love. And you decide that you're gonna. Get a tattoo of the person you're in love with on your body. Sometimes relationships no matter how much you want them to last no matter how hard you try sometimes they just don't work out. And even though it's easier to remove tattoos now that it once was it's not necessarily the easiest process. So no matter how much in love you far. Really seriously think before he gets the name tattooed on your body number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Controversy -- Super Bowl commercials and controversial advertising around the super well that's really nothing new. There's a billboard across from the stadium where the big games can be played on Sunday and that many are gonna find very inappropriate. It's an anti prayer billboard that reads I hail Mary only works in football enjoy the game. It's paid for by the American atheist. David Silverman who is president of the American atheist said. Let's give credit where credit is due and celebrate what this is really about coming together to cheer. On hard working athletes doing their very best. And I would hope that nobody has a problem with this -- they're they're people who seem to. Feel as if -- Anything like this that atheists do is gonna somehow spread it being an atheist I I don't know that people would see a billboard instantly become an atheist. Now if you wore a pre disposed to becoming an atheist if it's something that you have thought about you've considered. It might be. The sign of of of knowing that their support Al they are few if that's where you're headed it in life and and obviously -- people on the way you can change your mind but the president of atheist a bit of American -- said a during a Super Bowl people of all religions and atheist. Come together as a community. And like admitting in New Jersey we are American atheist and we're excited to be part of this event. With this billboard that shears are forced the billboard hail Mary only works in football. Enjoy the game and you know I do think it's it's interesting in and you know people do people actually -- For the saints to win. Which would imply that god likes the saints more than he likes other teams. I'm sure god likes the saints for the falcons but I'm sure god likes other other teams as well. And I'd I don't know that we should really be praying that the saints win although like I think in my past I have been accused of I mean I'm accusing myself of it because like I know what kind of slipped a little prayer and they're now -- damage you know the saints win really that what you should be praying for. Is it is a good safe game that everybody comes out of the game okay. But two to pray for your team to win. It is said suggesting that god doesn't like the other team -- -- -- I don't know about your god but to guided that I respect and and one of and otter I wouldn't like one team over another team number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Great student who is. Biologically a male. But from a very early age has identified as a girl. Will be allowed to use the girl's bathroom at school. That's greater. The State Supreme Court in Maine ruled that Nicole -- answering the call -- Can use the little girl's room rather than being forced to use the staff bathroom because that's what they were forcing her to do may well see. I have to admit I'm a little confused about it it's biologically male. But identifying with with the girls from the very early age. On makes this. Makes this person eligible for -- don't ladies room again I'm a little confused. You know I have. Does it really does it really matter which -- from me I'd like to think that everybody can patrol themselves. I don't know about you but there have been countless times. When a -- and a concert or. I can't say saints game and I've been concerts I've been in places where did the the men's room has been less crowded in the ladies' room. And and ladies inevitably at some point you know you gotta go you gotta go and they just a big walked into the men's room they they they use -- stall. I've never seen anybody misbehave in that situation. It also makes me think back on the TV show Alli McBeal they had a unisex bathroom and I always that that was kind of interesting it had conversations in there and I mean are we getting to the point where we're gonna start talking about unisex. Bathrooms. I would even notice this or not but sometimes when the release -- doors open at different places. I get a little glimpse in the -- And it conservative furniture in here. They've got like sofas and and they've got like furniture. And in the men's room if you're a lady you've never been in the meant to -- -- -- -- there it's just it's it's pretty basic. Now I don't know that I would want furniture in every it's not gonna hang out and there which do what I need to do in an amount. I've never for in tonight's list of the top eight at eight. California's law banning licensed counselors. From offering treatment it will change a young person's sexual orientation presumably from gay to straight. Has been -- So there's this there's this movement. To try to counsel people. Who think they're -- into becoming straight. And so the law has been upheld that this band remains. Remains in effect. And this is a moving around the country well there's a movement to start trying to. Two to counsel people out of being gay and into being straight. There's also movement are trying to ban that practice saying that it's it's it's very dangerous but a federal appeals court in San Francisco tonight the Circuit Court of Appeals. They refuse to reconsider a ruling upholding a California law. They barred mental counselors. There were trying to change a miners sexual orientation. Now. If it is possible. For all those who think it might be possible to. Turn a gay person straight. Then you would also have to believe that it would be possible. To turn a straight person -- I mean this clearly is a choice to me think about it and if if there are mental health professionals. Who believe that they can turn a gay person straight. Then could you not turn a straight person -- The -- like that that would be an an obvious thing. Now again I I don't know if anybody would would choose that lifestyle but but how would that I mean how -- that happen I mean how which even try to. How would you try to make a straight person game. I mean I guess part of the process would be listening to a lot of Broadway Show tunes. Watching Barbara Streisand movies I mean I don't I don't know. Number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. You FaceBook and social media make you more political. Through FaceBook and social media everybody has a political pulpit from which to express their political views. Do you engage in political debates on FaceBook. On Twitter. -- social media. A FaceBook did have a surveyed. And the majority of the participants. We're liberal females under the age of forty which is that the traditional. FaceBook user. But more than 70% said that they do not talk politics. With their friends that have different opinions from players. In general but you but I give a lot of emails that I get a lot of stuff on on FaceBook. Debts is is it totally different from my views -- so there's no question that FaceBook and Twitter social media. That is being used to promote. One specific genders. And political views one of the scary things about social media in general is stated. I constantly see things that I I check up on these things because they appear to be new which like new information about this happen some something happening. Any it just all of a sudden has a new life through social media it's stuff that dates back years ago sometimes a long time ago. And it's been resurrected through social media as if it's like a new phenomena or or something new this happened but it's actually something that happened. Along time ago in the past so you know I I real dirt is certainly entitled to. What ever passionate beliefs you have whenever passionate and you're certainly entitled those opinions. But don't be so naive as to think that everything that you read and everything that is sent to view is legitimate because it's not. And as I've often said one of the one of the obvious things that we need to consider about social media. Is that that that everybody has. An opportunity to express an opinion and to say things and 2% things as facts. But they're not beholden to any editor. It's not like a newspaper it's -- what the radio station or TV station there's there's no editor you can say and do whatever you want which is part of freedom of speech that's -- and but be Smart enough to realize that not everybody uses freedom of speech. To spread the truth and so often the truth it's not subjective. I mean I guess so often the truth is subjective it's not objective. People believe that what they wanna believe is the truth. In spite of a lot of information that would prove that that's not really the truth but if it's what if it's what they want to believe. They make it the truth in their heart and in their minds but it do you engage in political. Discussions. Through FaceBook and Twitter if you would join Russia with a comic tonight about anything we're talking about. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. At a text amber is a 77. Number two at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Is -- effort to require every couple to take a premarital education class before getting married in the state of Colorado. The Colorado marriage. Education act would force couples getting married for the first time. To complete ten hours. Of pre wedding instructions. I guess this would be like the Catholic -- version of for a -- -- if you're if you're Catholic Q. The church requires that you guide I guess it's a requirement -- I went to it when I've got -- the first time. And I don't know if they I am sure they still do pre -- if you wanna share Ernie became -- stories with issues can I mean did was it beneficial to you. It to be honest with -- I don't remember that much that much about it. And -- I'm not being critical of and I just remember that much about it. But is it good for everybody not just Catholics but for everybody to take. A marriage education class ten hours of marriage education. Before they can actually get a marriage license. When he when you think about the skyrocketing divorce rate. Is this one way to cut down on the divorce rate by requiring that people go to -- a marriage education class. That -- getting married for the first kind of requirement would be ten hours. If you're getting married for the second time the requirement would be twenty hours. And you're getting married for the third time thirty hours of marriage education before you could walk down the -- That's our WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight with a high rate of divorce in America should couples be required to take marriage education classes before tying the knot. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we'll track that -- throughout our show albeit CC. How this turns out. Everybody's anxious to do something about the divorce rate. And and I quite often have talked about all the -- the young a bachelor parties that I seated in the French Quarter every weekend and really throughout the year. And I I see these these young girls getting married in their marrying young guys and it almost seems to me that people are into the party. The celebrity status. Of getting married are being part of a wedding. As much as there -- -- I again that's just my impression but I I'd Dicey -- goes on I'm not following these parties around but I can't help but. It count of these parties in my. Walking around on on weekends. And I just can't help but think that there's just such -- -- eve. Persona about some of these young people we're getting married would it be a good idea to require. A marriage education class before you get your marriage license is something we'll talk about tonight you can join us with your comment and and here's something else would you talk about it. It is going to be a marriage education class. What do you think that class should include. What would be included it would be knowing what you know about marriage. With a year still married or not or whether you. Or if from a broken home. And almost electrical out of a broken home I know it's it's it's a negative thing when when people get separated and get divorced. But sometimes it really is the best thing that can happen and sometimes people actually do remain friends. After they get divorced and it really is the best for the kids. I'm not encouraging that -- by any means but sometimes it really is the best thing but if there's going to be -- that's going to be an education course on marriage. What would that education course include. I mean obviously guys would have to -- to say yeah last year. Repeatedly even if you don't agree you'd have to learn to say things like your right honey. We sometimes that's the the best thing to do if you wanna join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- -- semi tech's number. It's a 787. And finally tonight's number one on tonight's list of the top eight and -- About this Monday night by unlike those in Atlanta we were we were proactive and that the city and everybody at this radio station which prepared for what's gonna happen Tuesday and so we did have the problems that they had it planted by the way the governor of Georgia governor Nathan Deal. I did apologize and -- that he accepted responsibility because he he was really nailed on this timeline of the new. Very early Tuesday morning. Before people were going anywhere they knew. That this storm was gonna hit Atlanta and they they did nothing but he's apologized and accepted responsibility I haven't heard if mayor -- Of Atlanta has done the same thing that I think he's apologized but I haven't heard him accepted responsibility for. -- not pulling the trigger on everything that we did in this area so some -- we knew what was coming on Tuesday so we talked about it on our show. On -- wanted to talk about this that last week the Republican National Committee opened up there winner there winter meetings in in Washington DC. And Fox News Channel host and former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. I spoke to the the meeting. And he said that the Republicans. Are not waging a war on women. Which is what. Democrats try to. Give the impression that Republicans are waging a war on women. He said Republicans are not waging a war on women he said there waging a war for women. And Huckabee said that if Democrats. Want to insults women in America by giving them birth control pills because they can't control their sex strive. Then so be it. He went on to say that women on -- far more than the Democrats. Have played them to be. So he's he's now opening his arms and saying the Republican Party is the party for women. Do you get that impression is -- right. Have Republicans better served women than Democrats. And should birth control even be part. Of a political campaign. Birth control came up in the election 2012 with people like Rick Santorum. Saying that he would actually use his Catholic beliefs about birth control. If he became president. So should birth control even be part of a political campaign. Our number is 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. I text numbers it's -- seventy mrs. dispute show. -- from New Orleans on a chilly Thursday -- it will be right back on -- WL with the extremely high divorce rate data is being part of America for a long time. Should couples be required to take a marriage education class before tying the -- That's something that they're trying to put on the ballot for this November in the state of Colorado and is already this kind of initiative in the state of California but it is this a good idea. First time first time marriage ten hours of instruction. Second time and -- -- third time thirty. -- a text here. Tony hours thirty hours what do they not telling the first ten hours and almost felt like a punishment all right so you wanna get married a second time well now you're gonna sitting class Ford to when he hours. From Kenner -- your WL. -- -- Yes scrutiny and lesson yet to touch on a couple topics you prefer to go to Atlanta. Do you I was watching dale watched for mayor or some -- today's culinary course again later criticized as it enters into it. And the cute -- -- He can take responsibility for the problems in Atlanta because Atlanta it was a rarity. You said that everything that we saw GB. That was all on the highways outside of Atlanta. Now return to war on -- discussed. The male who's talking here for example. Jenkins stopped and he talks and not get -- -- -- always slide they'll. In the process of Katrina that it would so much problems about what bought several. And yet. Governor. You -- sure about effort here -- there. And a tragedy I don't think like the issue pitcher's spot which are certain -- Well yeah your your your right and ended that that mayor mayor reed also said girl opposite controversy said. Well we have like over a million people in Atlanta every -- working well. I -- clients may have been outside of the city but that's a result of people working in the city so it's a total and complete cop out. I respect I respect the governor for finally accepting responsibility at the -- and from the beginning. And we just don't put you know when you talk about getting into what I mean I appreciate that you also ordered that greatly well. I didn't I I heard some of I didn't hear the mayor today heard the governor today and I did not mayor had apologizing to the governor did. Governor accepted responsibility by obviously the -- did not in with what you're telling me I don't think it's. So you're not that you can find out you know what if you look at because I watched -- twice today. And I just thought that was terrible and bring real quick like attached what is -- what the marriage deal. Yet. -- Just mild -- and this. I don't think there's something about marriage just can't teach. -- to go -- -- -- process. And if it doesn't work out. It's it doesn't work out now apparent structure -- cute idea for whatever reason it is. -- that you gonna get married get -- -- you got to try to. Brutalized decision or do you wait a law and still it's not like you know drug problem -- -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah it's not what you're saying is it's really not that black and white and and when you've got two different people in a marriage every set of circumstances -- differed. Although you know there are some basic things like. Learning to communicate got a text a moment ago about it teaching conflict resolution. And arguing fairly you know -- been with a lot of women in my life who I don't think argued fairly. Now there are people who criticize me because I try to argue like it's in a court of law and maybe -- too strict with -- know that's a part of this conversation. Focus on what is mainly part of the argument adults are bringing in all this other stuff. Can respect that perspective. But as an along that line to say that. You can't see what's gonna happen next day. Which you can go to class someone. -- to teach you about problems that you haven't encountered yet. You know so I'm sure -- young couple so. It's kind of silly. And I think it's -- so it almost politically motivated. It is going to be interesting to see if this does get on the ballot and I'm sure that we Allen and Colorado seems to be one of those progressive states like California that does entertain a lot of these guys -- things. Marshall and logical to show thanks listening to WWL at night. From our town George your institutional. A couple of government but two things -- talking Atlanta is notable. You know we're talking on the -- stops a year -- were two guys who would -- -- -- People below -- the vehicle like that. We all kinds of department balk at the people would do all that forced out where Wednesday you'll see you guys like about getting awards in your. But that is that you're aware of all people. Yet they the governor touched on that a little bit today talking about that the people and he you know he receive and asked I don't remember the exact question missed something along the lines of our heads could roll -- -- -- because people make a mistake once and I'm -- connect. I say you know you're done but he said I am gonna talk to the people that says that it we're not vigilance those two work under me. That's -- -- it's funny that like automated not apologized and said are not responsible. Way. Yeah that's true that's very. I mean the governor the governor seemed to be somewhat contrite governor accepted responsibility -- the mayor idea I don't understand that you're not. Again I I just kind of related to how I would react as a talk show host. To any mayor that we had in this city if mayor of New Orleans made those kind of comments. All my gosh the lines would be lit up. Antonio and quick about isn't it funny that -- it can't hurt what can mile or two days ago he said you know and we try to take care because they're you -- those there but he beat forty it can't take care of themselves a bit to that diploma. That there we headed out the wood or control advocates are -- -- what delights await your web. Well I've I agree Georgia glad -- -- Michelle thanks Louis UW WL a night now Mike Huckabee when he was talking to the Republican National Committee meetings in Washington DC last week. Which trying to point out paid the Democrats. Think you can't control your sex life. And that you can't control your reproductive system. So we're the better party for you and saying that Republicans are waging a war for women and not on women. Do you feel that -- as a woman. Or is a man if you're gonna join -- -- are right our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. Protects embassies of -- seventy here's an update -- to be WL pretty general opinion poll should couples be required to take a marriage education class before tying the knot. 57%. Say no but 43% say yes we want your opinion on our website at WW dot com. And we'll be right back WW -- your home for the Super Bowl between the Broncos and the Seahawks and there was a lot of passion about this game because Peyton Manning's from. New Orleans and so loved in this area has all family. And the Seahawks did what they did the saints all a lot of people want the Broncos to win that doesn't mean -- necessarily with the Broncos to it. So who would you like to in the game. Tom talkers -- talk about this tomorrow morning at WWL first news. And also those are talking tomorrow about the the Super Bowl commercials and we'll see a lot of great Super Bowl commercials once again. I will talk about the Super Bowl torrent sites on the -- open wake up tomorrow morning with Tommy Tucker. -- WL first news from six to ten here on Debbie WL a from the North Shore Herman you're on description. And a guy -- that. That has bought the license here I think they're assured. I have licenses you know especially the first round on Tuesday they need to go into. Each other's. I would back where. Now and then and -- and get ideas to how they would handle certain things. And does that. You know -- -- saying they need the same page or maybe religion that need to be sacred to argue review. You know ailing it's okay and he wanted. And the same thing for. You know okay you know yeah yeah yeah. Money -- how do you what are your plans for you know to generate more money you know for you to provide for. You know things like sit there and start thinking awhile ago but locate. How you were injured my street or for street because they can't inherit some trees and -- They do -- but I you know I can think in many ways how different ones for for my parents and you know maybe the best thing to teach people about marriage is not not specifically what's going on in your life for what went on the pastor with your parents but it. Should something come up how -- you to deal with it I do think you write about talking about finances. -- ended up that you have to have money to get married but. Talking about you know Howard how are things gonna work out and if they don't work out that how do you have that discussion and you know you can decide what you wanna do about kids in the beginning but sometimes that's gonna change is -- marriage goes on. And also. The -- -- people -- you know second marriage. And I -- -- second marriage you know course the first court is okay. What your first. -- forget that you. Integrated into the second. And you know. It to some degree were all. Victims of our past. And -- opera that well I'd say that out front saying you know kids. You know if you look at the parents you know -- -- -- I'm too -- to get married yet voted out because that's what's influencing. They're children. And -- as far as you know the first car and and then of course that the third time. Laden. Our -- asking. Why is this. I know why you know and it did that's the question that I would face at this point in my life permanent political show going to as the for the nor short built here on Debbie WL. Pick up -- should get the job. A you know where it -- doctor. -- -- all -- Doctor and it's a big corporate and the people. Should be here. -- Or is so much more bigger. You're. Like -- -- the apparent -- like that. More importantly it. Sure why they're. Possible you know people that. The back. You're. In -- book not. That. Bob. In. -- way that. Figures by. -- -- That's. A -- old. So there are correct. Possibility. The soccer dropped the ball. And -- But. -- Would vote. I understand -- but the mayor didn't do anything other than -- do nothing commuted the mayor didn't tell people to take another route home. I I understand what you're saying it in if if that's the case then. The mayor at this point because so many people's lives were in danger and parents were without their kids -- kids should never be sleeping on a school bus on ice later on on a highway. So the mayor should say. This is the way it's -- and we got to work to change. It's which should hire the war. And it. Don't want -- -- Out because it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No we're not I was never suggesting that the mayor controls the school board but I would think that there's communication and then didn't. The mayor ended in defensive his own actions or lack thereof. And mayor reed of Atlanta it just basically say well at some responsibility you know it's it's it's a whole different apartment that's at that doesn't help the people of Atlanta. But at. It's politics. There -- -- story. -- the -- -- pictured it in public. Pot doctors or Panama. Panama Chicago. Think you did your checkbook. Out big bridge. Well that it -- there's a there's a serious problem if if -- different different factions in the government can't get together and do what's right for people. It would it would agree. Bill I'm glad to call the show and if you have experience in Atlanta no more than I do and there are people who do listen to this show in Atlanta and if you went into the conversation Lisa callers -- toll free number. Is 8668890870. And objects that -- -- receipts have VA seventy. He just doesn't seem like there's a good excuse for no action having been taken and people and children being put in the situation -- and and the mayor of Atlanta. I don't think it apparently he was just reelected so. Maybe he doesn't care because voters have very short memories and they're not gonna necessarily remember this when he comes up for reelection. Which really says more about the voters in this country. And it is about politicians why do they care what they do early in their term if voters are not gonna hold them accountable for what they do early in the term 'cause they only remember what happens toward the end of an administration's term. If you wanna join our show tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889087. -- text is a 7870. I suits him we'll be right back on WW well when now Mike Huckabee. Former governor former presidential candidate and Fox News -- a spoke to the Republican National Committee last week. I thought he was helping the Democrats more than his own party and he brought a birth control. Which is something that really should not ever be part of a presidential campaign or any campaign for that matter. Perhaps you disagree with that. That's it's a subject of this -- blog tonight Huckabee is helping the Democrats more than his own party. A you can read that in shared also some very interesting comments have been generated from that to that blog. It's on our website for patent or are opinions at WW real dot com also -- -- talking about this initiative in that what they're trying to get an initiative on the ballot for November in the state of Colorado. Which would require. Anybody who gets married who -- a marriage license to. To take a ten hour course. In marriage. If you wanna get married a second time twenty hours third time. Thirty hours from mid city Brutus your -- WL. They've still got a question. I'm. City emergencies that that goal one. Erica trainer and somebody's where are keen to order you'll see that PR. There on -- public speak it would have a role in it. -- him as a group of people. The big every currently with and from public view console lady. Jittery. A couple of those double there. This church group do you think people on payroll and what their purpose such standing. And back birdie did the bear looking into an audience but it wouldn't they -- as there. It's it's it's it's for show. Yeah presidents do it and people do that governors do it and mayors do it and it's it happens all over the country it's it's to show support its it's a visual. I'm not passing judgment on whether it's it's right or wrong I'm just saying that it's designed to show. Not support from different levels of city government. In the case of an emergency it -- might be the may year. It's there might be. Homeland Security person who might be the chief of police. I even if they don't say any thing it's designed to show the city. Overall is a cohesive in the effort to do whatever it is that they're doing. Located -- my question is on -- they all my taxpayer dollars would do a little detained by the editor of an hour from -- you don't get paid extra points and I'm almost positive that there was a scrutiny that they would get paid like four -- much parent -- 22 former between all of. Well I I you know if anybody wants to to fit and to this conversation you certainly caller show eyes as far as I know they're they're salaried I don't think the mayor -- the elected officials. And make anymore. When there's an emergency. I think -- would like this week. In a pickle boat on that we really need people on our taxpayer dollar on. Well if they're not if they're not if they're not paid extra what differences and make -- that there. I don't count it would do a lot of what I want Saint Paul like you Wear it -- on the bear. And it just -- an -- taxpayer dollar and and a different they had this shall have a -- But that's not your business to me that's their choice to be that your church Robert -- -- -- right accurate. But you're not paying extra for them to be there you're paying for them to do everything else that they deal. Grab their epic that -- picked -- on my payroll. -- did Bob on well with the bear well I agree with and -- take it figured it would. Every president every president does it every governor does it in every mayor Dennis it's. Iraq president of moderate president and people aren't that great speech. That was the State of the Union Address that is what the army and it is it. If they are looking at any. Speech the president gives in their dear people behind me you look at any city. On any state if -- an emergency there are. Different levels of government represented behind the governor or or the -- Now the president could be Secret Service which it is on there and start its stand by trust -- has -- a -- here. As a compliment and are scared to get there on the city on an agency. -- there are countless. Countless times. When they're our senators and congressmen who support the president whenever he's talking about standing right behind him when he makes a speech or when he talks about an issue. And I guarantee they are not at all. No they're paid a salary there ended -- of course the run our time -- they're not paid extra for them. Bruce I'm glad to call the show thanks for listening again I think you're looking for a fight. When there's really no argument there and if somebody's paid a salary. And you know get actually to be there and I wanna be there will then you're not paying them to be there are so what difference does it make. I mean pick a fight it's worth fighting if you wanna join our show a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889087. -- Tex is a 7870. Should couples be required to take a marriage education class before tying the -- They're trying to do that it Colorado that's our -- give -- -- project -- opinion poll we'll continue this discussion right after the news.