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Jan 30, 2014|

there is an effort to require every couple to take a premarital education class before getting married in the state of Colorado. The Colorado Marriage Education Act would force couples getting married for the first time to complete 10 hours of pre-wedding instructions – 20 hours for those getting married a second time and 30 hours for third-timers. Is this a way to cut down on the divorce rate?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Getting a lot of reaction to a caller we had just a few moments ago who said he doesn't want his tax dollars to be paying for. This city officials and for example City Council members to be standing behind the mayor when he's talking about. The winter storm and preparations and the way the city's handling the winter storm. I did note that those officials were paid extra to be there while getting a number of text about it is say here's attacks our callers like that. But the reason you shouldn't take calls here is another text that man is a moron here's another text get a life. Here is attacks brought to tell me. Wrong tell me what was the last time the president had people behind him except when he won the election or is inauguration. Are you kidding me. Is there somebody actually listen to this show. Who has enough intelligence. To type a text. That is saying that the president never has people behind him when he's talking about different initiatives. And you wonder why. The countries in the status it. Here's a text -- the fight is worth fighting your listeners are telling yourself. -- 42 states what. New Orleans thinks America. Will start ringing your phones. -- I talk reality. You're hearing it if not to quit asking it I'm not exactly sure what that means that. I don't know that there was a fights before this last caller to actually would take up side. -- -- It is this even an argument I mean if you if you what you're best City Council members of the mayor do it but if if they -- on the -- time it will find out if they're on their own time. -- and they decides. On for political reasons or for whatever reasons if they decide to stand behind the mayor. In the may request them to be there when he's talking about something -- that's not costing the taxpayers extra money. Then that's not a fight to be far off from shell met Corey your -- WL. It it just two quick points. The first thing news. Political officials are paid by salary if they're there with the mayor on an -- They're not getting paid overtime because there -- out there and I thought. They're on board now. That the second thing is. The support. The president Ali that support look at his inaugural address she hit the vice president and speaker of the house and then on to. The second -- most powerful people in the -- in the present. Well the speaker of the house is not necessarily -- they're supporting what the president says most of the time the State of the Union Address if -- -- from a different party uses the case is now. But it but to say it but for a somebody who's listening to the show to. Suggest that the president does not have people behind him. When he's talking about a new initiative. Is absolutely absurd. The meat of the president's toward the the president will talk about. Some initiative or or something that he's trying to to push and there are senators and representatives standing call him on the podium this is right behind him. There are few exceptions like Rose Garden congress. It was and typically when you don't -- many condoms there. And any problems there anything anything we prepare for Portland just there crawl in salary and there's yeah. It's politics. Now I appreciate you calling Corey thanks if you wanna join us for your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. In a -- it was a 77 years it takes do this is the most stupid thing I've ever heard. Of course the president has people stand behind him. Do you remember Katrina he came down here and the mayor and the governor and everybody was standing behind him. Of course the president has people standing behind him as -- the mayor and soda governors not only here but all around the country. Now you might not like what is referred to sometimes says posturing. You might not like that but as far as I know you're not paying extra for them to be there. That's part of what they do to keep themselves fresh in the minds of the public because they are elected officials. A tremendous feel hanky or on the -- showing the VW well. I yeah. Just. Pretty. Can't look. And I thank you. -- -- You're apartment any manager at any form of government any level government. On our. There from Bogota. Yeah that -- -- -- -- Waterman element he's going to be on. That department has. And it isn't it's scary Hank that there are there people who have this Iran or use impression. And there and and and some people apparently are angry about it. And are -- angry about something that they should worry about being angry about because it's a non issue. Yeah and it is not just per -- I mean yeah. If we're talking about. What's being done it there -- apartment level. There -- no way the governor can have all of those facts and evidence that the picnic. Go to the trouble. Of having -- -- but stop and -- on the public. Then you usually get somebody close certainty. The source of the information. When they're going to be. Somewhat -- I would that the aggregate but locally that they've got a better command. It went in Yemen. Numbers. Press -- or what but governor on the matter aren't in that department. -- -- pocketbook order. Let them -- the question. I think it just because there but -- Russia haven't in the department get. -- And. There are there are there are many times said the president today to it and not just this president any president will have people behind him who won't say anything. But a very recently with this ice storm mayor -- -- today yesterday a day before was constantly turning to people behind him and turning it over to them introducing different officials who could speak specifically on. A questions that that would being addressed. And it yeah illustration of how our government works -- -- that means anybody think that mayor. You know there is an epic tale. Live another green world arming it and they're there are. -- -- putting good people. Together as a team and partner came on the -- coordinating. Let's listen unless of course you live in Atlanta when the mayor doesn't do that. Oh well -- oh. I get at least sort of at some point I'm like it will be -- -- that situation. Turned out the way -- the -- Simon and not like did back when not Katrina. Well we were also lucky this time too because. That the power outages that were anticipated didn't take place in that debt just complicates everything in their power outages so. You know we were fortunate we were prepared. But we were also fortunate take a political we showed thanks for listening to WW Illinois. There is an effort to require every couple to take a premarital education class in the state of Colorado. It's called the Colorado marriage education act. They're trying to get on the ballot this November. It would force couples getting married for the first time to complete ten hours of pre wedding instructions. That's a WW both pretty -- opinion poll tonight should couples be required to take a marriage education class before -- It is your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com we'll give you an update on that coming up in just a few minutes. And also I too right so astute blog is a title Huckabee is helping the Democrats not his own party -- Huckabee. Bringing up the issue of birth control will explain more about that we also have Huckabee words to share with you tonight donor show. But I did you still think that birth control belongs in the conversation and if you're the party that is trying to win women back. -- I don't think Huckabee handled this in the right way even though he was trying to blame the Democrats for not being the party of women and the Republicans. We're waging a war for women. I don't think that was that that the right approach time you can read the blog to share with others it's on our website at WW don't McConnell also a lot of interesting comments on that. -- at two and at the end of the point for the West Bank Dustin your under the WL. And I don't do a good. You were only hurt bank aren't seeing Barack Obama without Joseph Biden kind of dropped out on the action well that happened ones yeah on the at and amp a I do believe people should take marriage counseling I actually am injury each hour or art or. But I actually aren't -- -- Make good outraged until the end pick out well educated and start a huge problem and things like. And IPO and a. All the mistakes he made. I get the repercussions. From her first. So you do you feel like she's a victim of her past. -- -- he may be -- coaching up the computer all the great -- like. You know just a little trust things can bombarded charmed I'm you know and people that. I their stricken marriages I'd believe that they should go. -- counseling. Make a -- actually you know you're not already achieved it should -- let go of the past. And it is very well on our. Dust and I agree with you and in in my relationship -- -- I have to admit that I try try not to but we can't help carry. Some of the fears some of the things that happened in our last relationship it's it's difficult to not carry those things into a new relationship. Which is really truly unfair. To the new person -- with. Yep and and I -- all the big Trout perch and I am I don't -- by. You know my most Obama actually eat and -- -- -- really should not marriages or -- on it but. I get -- can't and I only almighty one pastor Michael in a clear -- clear mind and does the wanna I wanna be like after a lot. And she you know not like that some people are. But -- I bigger Obama beat someone and didn't go all and doesn't work my heart is broken cargo. But. I don't believe marriage counseling war. First second or -- third marriage or not but -- I do it right there you have a good attitude but there there is there is danger in and putting all of your emotional eggs in one basket. And I don't mean in terms of being 100% committed to somebody. -- It especially if if you feel like she's not making the same commitment I hope that doesn't turn out to via an issue for. Not at all not at all but as far as laying everything -- on the line like. Going into it trusting slowly lobbying only anxious. You know opinions are of all of the past. But the order or any -- spouse or you know. But that's just the way I am not a lot -- like under more that. -- that took -- -- and a lot of people aren't like that so. You know probably a good idea for marriage counseling before your first course second marriage. Just a good luck with your marriage and appreciate you calling a show here is a text. That reads. Catholics already take training pre -- -- Iowa I -- went through pre Cano before I got married the first time I I don't remember. That much about it -- I don't remember if I actually learned anything that I wasn't already anticipating even though I was very very young. But we're having this discussion because in the state of Colorado they're talking about initiative on the ballot this November. That would require if it's if it's passed it would require couples. We're getting married to take a marriage education class before tying the -- To cut down on the divorce rate do you think that's a good idea as a WW ball pretty general opinion poll right now 44% say no they shouldn't but 56% say. Yes they should have to take a marriage education class. Give -- your opinion by going to WWL dot com. I'm scoots and we'll be right back on WL a controversy with Super Bowl advertising really is a tradition is a billboard across the stadium where there's two rules going to be played on Sunday. A lot of people are gonna find inappropriate. It's it's an anti prayer billboard put up by American Atheists. And the billboard reads it's it's it there's a guy dressed like a priest. He's during the football. And the billboard reads I hail Mary only works in football. Enjoy the game. And the president of American atheist David Silverman says I give credit where credit is due -- celebrates what this really is about coming together to cheer. On hard working athletes. Doing their very best now I don't think anybody's gonna become an atheist because of that. I and they certainly do have a right under freedom of speech to express themselves. Do you have a problem with that billboard at a liberal so what talking about should couples before they get married should they take a marriage education class. And that's our WW a pretty general opinion -- give us your opinion by going to WW dot com and we're talking about a Mike Huckabee -- a former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate. A Fox News host to talk to the Republican National Committee this past week. And he said that Republicans are waging a war for women not on women. And he was trying to criticize the Democrats for saying that. American women can't control their sex drive or their reproductive system so they have to be given birth control pills by the government. And I just the idea of bringing a birth control. By a politician is to me it's ridiculous and Rick Santorum did it. During the campaign of 2012 and that it was one of the things I think that really worked against him. And have Republicans. Better served women than Democrats and should birth control be part of any political campaign. If you manage and -- the comment about anything we're talking about. Our numbers 2601878. Sold 386688907. In a text Amber's late 77 here's an interesting taxed with marriage education throwing some parenting education. For the West Bank sand here on the -- show and Debbie WL. It's Google and enjoy your program. The the callers about the extra today. Four for the podium people to strap hangers. That they're not squirrels -- My members not too good PO way to make your conscience of probably some would think correctly. But there are gonna stop but extra sure. And I think there -- -- a tropical storm that flooded pocket and so bad a couple of labor days ago get -- named storm. -- the Indians. The evening news stations their investigative reporter a camera which station it brought out that in addition to salary. What an emergency is required. Bodies public the first -- get supplemental emergency. Not accurate that applied to the police report a fire chief got beat like about it. More important or the city or the city. Or the City Council members. Yeah and and so I think that's -- that that that thought comes from now -- that correct that are not. Because -- went back and forth that as the city attorney and it's well it doesn't look good but it is political so I think that's what. They're in net from that their own salary but what an emergency is required. And they get supplemental. Emergency. Now I don't know that's been changed or not that. I don't think that's still in effect but I don't I don't know for sure so Sam -- gonna I gonna do some investigating and I'll try and find that out and if we get a chance we'll talk about it tomorrow night. As just on my impression he was bringing -- City Council members that. Any of those elected officials that there they're paid a salary. And I would be surprised if they got extra pay to be there behind on the mayor and so many of the people the mayor calls appalling to contribute to. On the press conference. Yeah yeah director and Ike and Gustav that it that was the picture that report what does that they might have changed -- and that's not think that's what some of color come from so. Yeah they're they're they're not squirrel -- -- -- -- that they did do -- portrait. You know would bring these people extra to get on camera. You know so I think that's where that thought comes. All right Sam I'm glad you called thanks for listening here's a -- reach -- high school at the church right attend my pastor will not marry you. If you don't take the counseling. Amazingly. We had -- several they were canceled. And there's several weddings canceled after after counseling. Here's another text premarital counseling is a good idea. But should it really be government mandated. Does that the government's stick its nose in too many aspects of our lives already. And that was an interesting point it was a brought out about this this. Initiative in in state in the state of Colorado. From a doctor Keith tableau who is a contributor on foxnews.com. And also went on Fox News. And I I love the way this guy -- and -- I like the way he thinks I don't always agree with him I would say that he's a little more. Right -- left but I don't get the impression that he's a hard core writer hardcore left Winger. A B writes op Ed piece and I foxnews.com. About how that the government's. Is -- allow us to get hiding in the state of Colorado. But the government is is is gonna have something to do with us getting married and his point is is that the government should not. The involved in marriage that marriage is about personal freedom and the right to decide once intentions to marry. And I and to declare one's undying love for another person is their personal decision. Now. He doesn't say anything about same sex marriage. But the way I read this. And it's it's my belief but I would think that doctor -- tableau of Fox News is saying the same thing. If it's about personal freedom and if one has the right to choose who they fall in love with and who they marry and the government should be involved in that. That would extend to same sex marriage. He concludes this op Ed piece by saying the government is progressively. We're choice intentionally says. On incrementally attempting to destroy personal freedom. As a psychiatrist. I am the personal freedom I'm in the personal freedom business. And here's -- prescription. Get the government entirely out of the marriage business. That would be one step toward getting it back in its place. I mean. I don't see how anybody. And disagree with that. I don't see how anybody could support the idea that the government should be involved in any aspect of marriage whether it's straight marriage -- same sex marriage. So I agree with doctor -- tableau. Fox News. Here's our -- -- pretty jaguar opinion poll with the extremely high divorce rate should couples be required to take marriage education classes. Before telling -- not. 44% say no 56% say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site WW -- -- tell and I wanna remind you once again -- -- -- so proud to be your Super Bowl station. Peyton Manning the Broncos take on Russell Wilson Marshawn Lynch and the Seahawks Sunday. In New Jersey you know the saying it's in New York it's technically in New Jersey put it's that it's that the New York marketed a lot of stuff is going on in the city and around Times Square. But we have all the action before the game. And after the game and of course we have the game here -- BWL. A before the game you can enjoy the final weekend of pro football it's kind of sad but it is the final weekend to pro football with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. Saturday these guys are gonna broadcast live from paralysis supermarket in -- at 1410. Saint Charles street from noon until 330. That's -- in -- and Sunday Bobby IndyCar going to be twin peaks in the clear view mall from noon to three. I've -- to that restaurant. It's really cool and I love the outfits the waitresses where it really kind of gave you this feeling of of of a launch in the Pacific northwest. But anyway it's habits of it's a fun place count down to the biggest game of the year with a cajun cannon Bobby -- And the big TT penalty on your home for the saints at NFL football. WWL -- from you Rosemary your -- description. Yes I'm calling about that kind of -- law you know that couples will not law yet do not like to know not -- not law yet government and the idea. -- being a law. -- -- Then -- -- that this volleys that I am having hearings. I won all these old I'm able couple that indeed courses. I'm definitely not I'm -- about being a mom and I can't believe and and -- that doing Nat what about. Being -- -- currently have to take a -- connect my tactic the apartment they can beat him like maybe eat a lot should be past that. Old now you don't have to take these. Lot crap that the Oppenheim to eat light these -- did it too much I mean you get and all of the things about to partner living habits. And I think they should promote these things they should not be law. You know promote the idea of people you know. The Bewkes -- detective could apply it to be -- law I think at this site. It'd be pot and not -- them. Mary I actually agree with you and thanks for calling it's gonna be interesting to see if this does get on the ballot and of course will be talking about it on the show leading up to the election in November they'll be a lot of interesting things on ballots -- -- the country. -- here as well. But if this does get on the ballot it's gonna be very interesting to see how the voters -- a vote on this. But I mean think about it big government you okay you fall in -- off. You wanna get married I mean none of that should have anything to with the government. Now as far as the government's concerned. You'd you do get a marriage license it something that's you register with the government by getting a license. But there's no stipulation on you knowing anything and I and I -- I realize it when you think about the skyrocketing divorce rate the argument would be well. Maybe if it was a little harder to get married. Maybe if people were given a more realistic view of marriage before they got married may be there would be fewer divorces. So on paper that sounds good but the idea that. The government forces you to take a marriage education class before you get married. I think really. Kinda ties into this whole idea that the of the government. Should have more control over our lives. More control over our personal decisions. And one of the problems with arguing and and this comes up on the show a lot because I think it really is a -- a classic example of of what we deal with in this country when there are people who wanna tell other people how to lead their lives. And they wanna do that through government initiatives the government for example banning same sex marriage goes far beyond the idea of same sex marriage. It -- the much bigger issue and I always try to expand it to the much bigger issue the much bigger issue is. It's nobody's business. It's it doesn't hurt you it doesn't affect you -- two to -- the government based on your moral beliefs. To -- the government. To ban something that you disagree with morally. Is something that really should defy the constitution should defy everything that. That this country which was based on. If you wanna join Russia with a -- tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 866889070. And a text Amber's late 77. Is a textile people low. Dale -- of that but I guess you could I mean I guess she couldn't legal believe you could legally get married Alicia took the classes now if you get you're getting married for the first time. The class would require ten hours. Of instruction. On marriage. If you get married a second time twenty dollars. A third time thirty or Swiss at a knowledge whether gonna teach you but it sounds like it's punishment to me how -- is the second time all right horning hours. Third -- thirty hours. Then the other question is who's gonna teach it. Is that is that is -- government gonna select people to to to teach this. And that would about religion. And this is just fraught with all kinds of a very serious implications tonight it's ridiculous but it. When you think about how people are are so interested in trying to reduce the divorce rate which we all should be interested in doing. I don't know that this is the answer should couples be required to take a marriage education class. Before being allowed. To get married I give us your opinion by going to our web site WWO dot com would you -- another update on that coming up here. He in just a few minutes we've also what we've also been talking about. This this law and its it actually a California. And I think was in ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has allowed this law to stand. There were sent -- an attempt to. To stop the ban. Against license counselors in the middle health world. From offering treatment that would change a person's a sexual orientation. And I'm assuming that they would change -- from from gay to straight. So that so there is disbelief that you can change a person from straight to gay not not everybody believes that but some people believe that. And so this. The these judges decided not to -- anyway as essentially because of the the non action by the judges to California law that abandons. Licensed mental health counselors. From offering treatment to change a young person's sexual orientation. Is gonna remain in place. But here's what -- for for those who believe. That you can you -- counsel somebody. Out of being gay and into being straight. Then wouldn't the converse of that also have to be true. That. You couldn't you couldn't council a straight person. Into being -- I if if if you could counsel somebody one -- why would you be able to counsel somebody in other. And I'd I'd I'd think that there are there going to be those who say what we ought to be able to talk these people out of being gay. They would not argue that you could talk somebody into being -- which means. You're born that way which really goes back to the overall issue of same sex marriage which is all about. It's not your business. It's -- in my business and it shouldn't be anybody's business what you know two people do and again this is this is gonna continue to be a hot topic and I think. It it's it's a big topic because he does. Touch on a suggestion that the government. Get involved in morality. And that is not a good direction to go to get involved in our personal lives and on agree with the unnecessary doctor -- -- foxnews.com group says the government should not be involved in who you fall in love with it should not be involved in and you and your marriage. And everybody should pay attention to their marrying obviously everybody should. It beat a lucky few it if you have kids getting married if you have friends are getting married and your marriage and you've got experienced. By all means talk to them. And do the best you can't to give them a realistic. Vision of what marriage is like. It's not easy. And it constantly changes and some of the Texan I've gotten about this really touch on the same thing which is all about communication. And I mean it's it's tough and there's no guarantee year you're gonna stay married. The best chance if you haven't staying married is to just constantly work on it and hope and pray that you grow together in in in the same direction. And it doesn't mean you have to grow exactly the same but you do have to kinda growing and in the same direction and and quite often people growing in different directions. Now I have to admit that I probably not one to be giving advice on marriage or long lasting relationships. If you wanna join our show with a comet tonight our numbers 260. 1878. Toll free 866889. This early seventy. And a tech's number. It's a 7870. -- -- open Mike with Angela hill I'm talking to some -- or leniency you know it's been a tough week -- a lot of people been shoddy and so -- every -- -- gonna have a lot of funds -- -- Angela tomorrow. I'm an open mind from one to four here at WWL. I should talk to Tony thirty somethings. Who have lived in another part of America about why they moved the Crescent City I love that conversation and it's fun Friday. If you -- kind of locked up the insurer. Fun things to do this weekend also there's a lot of hot movies a lost a lot of Oscar nominated films. Are showing right now lone survivor I Frankenstein. -- -- -- Jack Ryan shadow recruits the animated films a nut job that Rockford moment and then there are many great movies out there. Angela was gonna talk about all this tomorrow Angela and -- mines with the legendary. Angela hill -- for tomorrow afternoon. -- -- -- -- Description coming right back for those who are. Instinctively banish. New music today. This is one of the talented young man's. Today -- mentioned dragons. Please don't demons. I like these guys he does a lot of really. Good music. And I saw a lot of the grammys. I'm I'm hearing some similarities. In just beat these. The attitude in the ambience of music today. With much of the music in the eighties. And it is an eighty's night every Thursday night in in the French Quarter and there are young people in there who weren't even born in this eighties music was popular and there are bands like two door cinema club. That are doing current stuff that sounds like the cure sounds like stuff from. The eighties and that I I hear Bruno Mars and his new song locked out of heaven sounds like the police and then you get Bruno Mars treasure and some of the things that have come out recently sound like -- earth wind and fire from the seventies and eighties there was a lot of really great music coming out. In a lot of it seems to be uplifting. A lot of it seems to be happy and and that I think that reflects a really positive attitude of the young generation. The music of the eighties was overall. It was a happy time it was a good time and people had fun and they danced. And a young generation is picking up on that and now some of the new stuff is coming out is starting to reflect that attitude. This is this crucial if you wanna join us with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 26 cell. 1870. Toll free 866889. Is the early seventy. And protection of receipts have VA seventy is a Texas just came in yes scooter magic dragon is a really good band radio active is a brilliant song. For the West Bank Gary Euro and heavy WL. Color and that Colorado -- you off. I think it is the bigger picture is a problem with -- the government only the end and all that quarter. And certainly I am married and monitored what it means -- injured when people. And we did it and it -- bad choices we haven't made what you go to -- opposed to it at all. Play that think that the government should tell us that we might -- -- a bust at the climate that and I think that's the key I mean is it is that a good idea to have counseling before you get married. Absolutely but should the government mandated debts that's an entirely different subject. It and I'm -- it'd -- great people -- it through how much the government controlled alive. And that people out there come up our public would be. They're -- or Democrat ol' board. Republican -- I believe that -- record like we're trying to contribute more media packet. Guess it's an interesting point and it you know we always try to define. Who's behind different initiatives and you know sometimes it's obvious. You know conservatives. Are behind the initiatives to banned gay marriage. I'm not exactly sure who's behind the initiative to ban pot. But I don't I don't know who would be behind the -- the initiative to force couples to mandate that couples go through. Marriage education before they get marry would that be a conservative cause or a liberal cause. Where I heard. I'm flipping your -- and they're gonna get because I think the players. Light and I think marriage great I think it looked. I think it's certainly more about a man woman and an out and and that -- -- I think it looked better on the Republican side hit that putt or great low. There's been an -- extremely Erie works. And is that they did that today -- be like now yet about it. Many warning being married been big meeting the board. Then -- pointed to an agreement that lot either the -- into the single order. You know in the manner to where Indian -- then. Give -- a little bit and it isn't that great couple continued to do it supports. Yeah I immediately get to the point where the government -- the president and maybe let been involved I believe it put -- ahead. Moral freedom today you can live your life baseball that you know now. The church's moral blow it and that's what the I believe that beat. -- I believe -- at all it occurred somewhere else out there and you should be an ability like you idealized figure. Like the guys I think -- -- one way that the government getting -- that there right now it'd be there nobody at that connecting you know when you're now. -- -- Think that we are free to -- today will not be repeated later because we let the government tell us what is right what is wrong like ethnic or all of it. -- -- -- there's there's something wrong with the mentality I think of asking the government to force people to to do this before they get married. And and I I would I would be the first to agree that. Too many people get married without the intent of really staying married and and far too many people go into marriage and their toll on me tonight I have to admit I was young and naive when I was married the first time. On we were married for -- for thirteen years and had a beautiful great son. And so like I have no regrets on bites I guess. -- -- and when things when things change and I'm I'm not I'm not proud does it. But that was that was the course that my life took in. Again not proud of it but I. I'm not exactly sure I mean what I went to pre -- in the Catholic Church before I got married and I don't know how much that might have helped at the time and I don't know how much. Being forced to go to America and again who's gonna teach the class is it going to be somebody who. I'm has been married for thirty years or somebody who's been through a couple of marriages in which would be better. Just got to take a moment ago from some -- said never trust anybody. Who is never made a mistake. I'm tired that weren't -- to Churchill and the principle that biblical principle birdie at the direction bank. They went through but it makes it from a government standpoint we dictate what is the correct way to go. You know -- be happy and merit in it being day. We did in fact is that practically Arnett and more active and and a couple of made -- rolled it -- him. Earlier and it it would it would come up with branded as a bit Saturday LP marriage and that -- Eat out you know about your parent. And because it's such it is it's such an individual thing and and every marriage is different. A because of all the circumstances and because of the two individuals and and and every marriage changes -- from from year to year sometimes in our rapidly than that it. You your relationship changes so. What would be the standard of of of of teaching people how how to be married and stay married. And -- the -- editor the other night about. Eating meat part in getting married pilot at point. Ticket and act but it did quite well at the scene and I got married you know I got married when I organized one -- -- you know. Where you -- you -- entice more people to marry young. -- I would with the idea that I -- way. You know I got to get out the scene I got married 43 pitch count and the great -- regret at all bar and it won't matter -- put it through -- Aren't they here that they're out but it -- even know -- -- -- I would advise it date yet because I knew the trouble lies in your. 1819 year two people trying to move out on their own game you know income that I don't look at that that is going to be that you you're learning how to be -- now. It's I would I would put it back even you know but I I you know I had very little and I got married you and I don't regret it at all. That it there are -- -- Arabic editor. I appreciate you are -- there was Karrie thanks for calling. I do and I jurist and I don't numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Semi -- numbers 878 -- from Texas still appear on -- WL. Orderly completely transparent on it -- about the Christian. And are you about your result in was -- 23. A bear and why women. Okay. -- It's similar. Thinking. And I hit it a wonderful. Wonderful woman. -- was -- in the Philippines. And after talking error been dating her we -- you buried and she has an entirely different cultural political and here it is eager repression. That's going to be encouraging. -- filler but. Can you honestly say that you didn't enter into the other three marriages with the same feeling that it. This is it this is gonna work. I've been with normal. Did not number two you could not weird person who wasn't Christian. And goals. What I hear their third Bayerische. They'll -- later. Program -- bishop did she. Three brain surgery bit -- expected. There were emotional in vehicle stability. Associated. It. That we -- eight bit. You can believe in -- That we parties Koreans because she does not really yet capable. Abuse -- you didn't find out something. It was wrong with -- and then jumper. Certain no -- she she yeah she was. Sure that mentally you're able to commercial civil -- the surgery it enriched. Operate and it would mean to try to fix something that was all short divorce in a ring. In that didn't quite make sense to me so what we need to go direct Ayers day in. You know to which you -- Well -- good luck with your new marriage iron. I hope it works. In it will -- Warner will engage he would -- she's a wonderful person. -- -- that field if you wanna join us tonight reader comment on numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. Nines in early Saturday. Protection was a 77. Got a text a moment ago from some -- as Bruno Mars guerrilla. Sounds like prince. The may be brutal -- does that really young performer. Sort of -- -- sorted out as an Elvis impersonator as a little kid in Hawaii. In the green is now. He's going to be part of the Super Bowl halftime show with the Red Hot Chili Peppers which I think is a great line up from billboards but I chili peppers. It should be good joke this is this gonna show it will be right back to WL. I'll get out in the sense that -- don't think. How much. In the state of Colorado there isn't an impossible initiative -- trying to get this initiative on the ballot for the year 2014 elections in November. It would require couples to take a mandatory. Marriage education class before they give merit is that is that a good idea. As a WW a pretty general opinion poll. Here's an update on the poll 43% say no not a good idea 57% say yes it's a good idea from Gonzales case you're on -- WL. And I think you know -- and a policy that you remember. I play in Atlantic City call that steel pier. No they don't watch it -- shirt can stop by here. I want him to rock concert in the 68. All nor the police escort that Rolling Stone isn't there and the Eagles in the air power harder. Ma am pop. And Connie -- just. As Clinton went on chart I'll never forget that gosh can. Yeah I always say that debt that point hours I was here I was in this part of the country it was not in the northeast. Don't let them. I want -- steal this year is still way. Am I don't know if anybody knows if the steel -- -- in Atlantic City please call us and satisfy case curiosity. We're in great lunch hour I'll definitely true -- and you know -- -- all. The. Okay yeah and a great singer met Graham. I'm glad -- with us again tonight. All right thanks a listing on it was a special on CNN tonight I've obviously weighted average receivers are doing to show the British invasion. And one of the executive producers is Tom Hanks and it's it's all about The Beatles coming to America and it was fifty years ago this weekend. That beatle mania started in America. And this is special it seemed a Promos for it is about how things changed. And and boy did things change was it really The Beatles or. Was there more involved than just The Beatles -- -- a special on this on Monday nights on the -- show aside I hope you'll join us. I think about what The Beatles meant to you and if you were. Not born with a Beatles were first hitting American becoming a phenomenon. What are the deals mean to Yunel. On this country did change in and they'll be a little bit of music history in this that that'll be Monday nights on the -- show a special on The Beatles will be right paper more. On WWL.