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Jan 30, 2014|

Former Arkansas Governor, Presidential candidate and Fox News channel host Mike Huckabee told the Republican National Committee last week that Republicans are not waging war ON women – they are waging war FOR women. Have Republicans better served women than Democrats?

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I like the way a meteorologist from channel four Dave knows Bob just said. Oh it's it's only going to be a little chilly tonight 35 you -- usually in this part of the country when it's 35 it's going to be cold tonight 35 but because of what we've been through it's just going to be a little chilly tonight. 35. The couple's last name is man spilled MA NN. Their big. Seahawks fans. They gave their newborn daughter the middle name. Twelfth. Twelfth man that's that's her middle name is twelfth. The twelfth man arrested nickname for the home fans the dedicated fans in Seattle her full name is Cindy Lee twelfth man. And you know I think it's great to show support for your team but to me. This is a selfish act on the part of the parents. Giving the child the middle name twelfth. Because you just so fired up about the Seahawks this year. This child is gonna have this middle name. For the rest of her life. And the Seahawks may not be a great team for that for her entire life feed -- might actually beat. Any embarrassment. So yeah this is one of those moments when. You'd just have to put your passion in checked in the same way that it's never a good idea. No matter how deeply in love you mark it's never a good idea to get the name of the person you're with tattooed. On your body. Just. Resist that if you can't. But the nicknamed -- -- to give a middle name to this kid. The nickname for Dave and defense and Seattle twelfth twelfth minute and that would be like a couple of New Orleans okay let's say the couple in Louisiana and they're big saints fans. In a last name is -- So they get their daughter of the building's -- done. Here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight. With the extremely high divorce rate that is a concern to everybody. Should couples be required to take marriage education classes before tying the -- 45% say no in 55% say yes this sort of -- we're talking about tonight because the Colorado marriage education act. Is according to some. Going to be on the ballot they're trying to get this on the ballot for the election mid term elections in November. The Colorado marriage education act would force couples. Getting married for the first time to complete ten hours. Of pre wedding instructions. And I don't think we're talking about just the instructions for the wedding itself but ten hours of pre wedding instruction. I I I totally agree. That. That young people and and even those of us who are not young anymore. Need to have a very realistic view of the marriage that -- about to enter into. But should the government mandate. Going to ten hours of class. And if you get married a second time you have to go to twenty hours. If you get married a third time thirty hours. Of premarital instructions. Now that's a little more strict in the Catholic Church which requires couples getting married to go due to retain a classes that I -- I have a vague memory of of pre Qaeda. I mean it's not taken as seriously as it as it should be I guess by those ago because they've really are trying to give you -- realistic view. What your marriage is going to be like but again who who would -- to teach this to be at this is a government mandated thing. Isn't this another example of the government getting involved in our personal lives. A doctor -- tableau -- have a lot of respect for he is. A contributor to Fox News and foxnews.com he -- op Ed piece and foxnews.com. Which is titled the government now lets you decide to get high. Deducted marry. And -- op Ed piece he talks about how you know the initiative and Colorado -- the past that allows you to use recreational pot. And freely without any concerns as it's legal there but then now when it comes to marriage the government wants to tell you that you've got to go to these classes. And I like what he says when he when he talks about freedom he talks about personal freedom and the right to declare -- intentions to marry. And to declare one's undying love for another person. Married as a specify. I'm heterosexual or gay but if you talk about a person's. Freedom to. To marry and declare one's undying love for another person I'm I'm I'm assuming that he's talking about anybody. He -- also concludes this op Ed piece with the government is aggressively. Incrementally. Attempting to destroy personal freedom. As a psychiatrist. I am in the personal freedom business. And here's my prescription. Get the government entirely out of the marriage business. That would be one step toward putting it back in its place in and who can argue with that. And and again this is one thing that I find so interesting about the same sex marriage debate in this country because it's not just about that one issue. It's about. It's about temptation. To. Tell the people how to -- their lies in its and it's about the government leading. A moral crusade. When it comes to personal decisions. Those two so vehemently oppose same sex marriage. I don't think they really understand because most. I would say that a majority now I don't have the day the stats in front of me but I would say that a majority of those. Who oppose same sex marriage would consider themselves on religious conservatives. And yet. They want the government to be involved in a a personal decision like that in -- -- I don't like I've I think. Again I think that debate is much bigger. Then just the debate about well who gets married it's really about the temptation at some people have to want -- tell others how to lead their lives. When it really shouldn't be anybody else's business if you wanna join our show with a -- tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Late Saturday. At a -- -- receipts have the seventh a Monday we're gonna talk about The Beatles because this weekend is the fiftieth anniversary of The Beatles coming to America. And I think -- so many interesting things to talk about concerning. The Beatles and what they meant in this country. And how that contributed to the the anti establishment generation. That rebellious young anti establishment -- generation of the sixties. That has now grown into the establishment in America. And there's so much hypocrisy within a generation and I guess there is with -- every generation but since I'm not. -- part of that generation -- I can speak firsthand about the Epoch receive Dicey in my generation which is why refer to myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. But I think about your first impression of The Beatles and and if you were not Borman The Beatles -- pursuit America and you were not part of that whole -- phenomena and for the years The Beatles were popular which was really not that -- -- many years. And if you if you do you have those recollections and we'll talk about that Monday night on the show and if you were too young to remember that I'd like to know. If you're younger person what The Beatles mean to yield. Here is attacks still one of the first times that I knew I was different or just plain weird. Which when my friends and relatives made fun of my choice of my favorite beatle. Ringo. Yeah I would understand. I would understand -- you know of of course you know everybody has a right to like who who they -- alike. -- tonight we've also been talking about former Arkansas governor presidential candidate and Fox News Channel host Mike Huckabee. Speaking to the Republican National Committee last week this is something we were gonna talk about Monday night. But because of the weather and traffic we didn't get to this said Monday that it maybe actually return about it last week in and didn't get to a because of all the weather that we had. But Mike Huckabee I think he's doing a disservice to to his party by even raising the issue of birth control what he's trying to defend the Republican Party and attack the Democrats. But I I don't think it did it's really. Serving his party this -- blog tonight is titled Mike Huckabee. Is helping Democrats and not his own party. A lot of reaction to that you might totally agree you might totally disagree it's a turning on our website under our opinions on the front page. At WW dot com we'll be talking more about that in just a few minutes provoke Melissa -- year on the -- showed good eating sir. Of these units movement. It's been reasonable well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As a -- to to have resources while it. And how many people didn't have been -- read the -- technical. Legal system that we didn't -- not -- -- -- and I think it's. It is important element into commodities is making at least in principle to let that he had been to interpret. A very complete end of the -- That would let it. -- -- Will ignore what people write -- -- up and above normal people have been between Clinton over and that's ridiculous. Well and it maybe it's not only -- -- government but -- nobody inextricably -- do your personal matter of life. Rich and the directors and that's what it's not a and being accidentally stumbled out of my passion -- at -- look at -- open -- -- situation. The -- would think that most people do think it's the right person. Now I I I I do think that there are people who get married because they just like the party and they like the attention and they like the celebrity status of being a star. Before they get married and and for the wedding itself. But it's it's a lot more complicated than just the party that you're gonna have and that the pomp the circumstance that surrounds the wedding ceremony itself. -- but -- -- think that the net is effective treatments that are one of the -- Which could mean that the electorate that content but it. Actually I don't know about it and put because global wood. And you know not a moderate Democrat. So -- have -- it won't want to. Good particular book titled -- in my -- and beat them but. Indeed it could -- estimates it would be defeated the cost for the wrong reasons that's not a bit in -- considerable mystical 24. Barry I'm gonna disagree that the government should despite there are people who agree with you in fact there are WW project opinion poll is very very close tonight that I appreciate you calling her show. On the question is should couples be required to take a marriage education class before telling -- not. Is close 45% say no -- 55% say yes. Would this help and and what is it that you think would be part of this class. Think about your reference point when it comes to marriage in your life what. What you have gone through war or what you think marriage is about a what you saw with your parents -- what you've seen with friends are again we've seen you personally. What what would be taught in it in a marriage class. I guess the most important thing would be to to teach people to communicate. And also figure fight. I think I'm a very fear fighter by. I'm. I make a lot of people angry in a relationship might argue. Because I -- argue. Like a lawyer. I know -- any there's that you don't know there's no outside evidence brought into this don't bring up that we're not talking about that situation only evidence. That applies to the case I'm so I admit if I weren't me I would not wanna have a -- domestic discussion with myself with somebody like me so I admit that and maybe this is one of the reasons life. I'm not married and have been before. But any -- If they're fighting is is really important to remember and and and while I might deal strict with that. I do think it's important when you argue too to not bring in all this other stuff that is has come from the past. You know focus on what this argument is about. It and try to resolve it. And there are there is a solution to every problem and and work your way to edit it. If you have better experience for arguing an idea were you -- a share year. Experience with with arguing or are being married you would join our -- with a comment here you might actually help some young couple out there. Our number is 260187. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. In a text overstate 7870. Here's a -- I recently divorced and believe the concept of pre marriage training classes is an excellent idea. Divorce has evolved into such an ugly industry. Forty hours of marriage. -- counseling should be required. Before a couple can get divorced to reinforce the commitment. Forty hours. That would be like a full work week. You know if a couple made it through that. Did they might actually deserve. Marriage. If you wanna join -- in my with -- your comment on numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. -- numbers 87870. So should birth control ever. The part of a political campaign. Rick Santorum made it part of the presidential campaign 2014. I don't think that helped him. Mike Huckabee brought a birth control. Last week at a Republican National Committee meeting. It was supposed to set a new image for the Republican Party. We'll talk about that we come back this is the -- show glad to witness on this Thursday night under the WL. This weekend is the fiftieth anniversary of The Beatles coming to America. And many people credit The Beatles with starting. The anti establishment generation that is now. The establishment today. I I think there were things that we're going on and and I think I mentioned this earlier before -- I'm surprised that that aren't there hasn't been more talk about this because I really think it's -- -- it's a valid points. Three months before The Beatles came to America the president of the United States was assassinated. And I think that moment. Instilled a lack of trust. In an entire young generation. -- lack of faith in the security provided by the establishment. And I think that set the mood for this rebellion against the establishment. And then The Beatles -- represented something that was totally different. From the establishment. Establishment didn't get it and so it was something that that generation adopted to. As their own. So talk about that -- Monday night we'll do a special on The Beatles in the impact on America's -- could show it to be WL. Here's a text that read so I think all the divorce lawyers in Colorado woods like to help you get that law thrown out we were talking about the year. The the mandatory like you've just joined us that this was interesting when I read this earlier today. That there is an attempt again it's an initiative on the ballots in the mid term elections this November. That would require those who get married for the first time things are at her time to take a certain amount of pre marriage. Remarriage classes instructions on marriage. Before they get married. Here's -- Texas so tired of the government telling me what I can and cannot do wish they would just bought out. And mind their own business maybe the world would be a better place. No not maybe the world would be a better place. Here's a text you said forty hours is like a full work week isn't that what it takes to make a marriage work. Well yet made dies but we're not talking about the marriage or frogs talking about. The classes. Leading leading up to -- and again. What would you teach somebody about marriage. I -- I guess since I've. Been through. A few. I guess there are things that I could tell myself that I can tell somebody else about marriage but I don't think you can say anything too specific. I think it has to be more general about. On trying to grow old together trying to have the same interest and there's no guarantee that that's the that's gonna happen. And you have to learn to communicate and I think fierce fighting is is really a key to a successful marriage if you if you are joiner showed come -- about an evening we're talking about tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. At a text Amber's age 77. Here's -- WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll should couples be required to take a marriage education class before tying the knot. 45% say no but 55% say yes you can give us your opinion by going to WWL. Dot com. The Republican National Committee opened its winner hearings on last week in Washington. And the goal was to expand the party's appeal to women voters. Also -- younger voters and minority voters. The the mission statement of the Republican National Committee meetings last week why is change course. Modernize the party and learn once again how to appeal to more people. That was the strategy of this new project which was called the growth and opportunity project of the Republican Party. Mike Huckabee the former presidential candidate former governor of Arkansas and Fox News host. I spoke to the meeting and he was trying to criticize. President Obama and the Democrats. But instead. I think he hurt his own party. I mean the Democrats are celebrating and Republicans are going. Why did he say that. In promoting the Republican Party Mike Huckabee said. You know let's let's hear Mike Huckabee -- -- what you hear what Mike Huckabee had to say here's here's a comment that he made this was part of his speech before the Republican National Committee. In Washington last week. Party stands for the recognition of the quality of women and the capacity of women that's not a war on them it's a war for them. And the Democrats want to console the women of America I'm making them believe it. That they are helpless without -- shooter coming in -- and providing for them prescription each month from birth control because they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without help the government. In Soviet days. Let us take that discussion. All across America because women are far more than the Democrats have played into me and women across America need to stand -- insane. And another that nonsense. -- So it's just like Mike Huckabee is implying that the Republican Party respects women more than Democrats but that doesn't fit the courage image of their -- image of the Republican Party. And with the party has been projecting out of the party needs to change that but he is Mike Huckabee message to waive change. I'm suggesting that the Democrats are insulting women by making them believe it they're hopeless without uncle sugar Uncle Sam and like sugar daddy. Coming in providing them with with birth control pills because they can't control their libido when their reproductive system. Without the help of the government and so be it. I get the impression that. He's he's making a case that is just not going to work with the American people. And I -- thing that really offends me is that. Birth control should never be part of any debate concerning government intervention. When it comes to sex with a woman. Someone else is involved. And is usually a man. In that kind of relationship. Don't -- bear some responsibility. And and during the 2012 presidential campaign when Republican Rick Santorum brought of the idea about birth control his Catholic faith in me. He doesn't believe in birth control. And he didn't really directly say that he was going to ban birth control and I believe he went on his way to say that he wasn't gonna ban birth control. But he also. I've said that he was going to allow his Catholic faith. To. Guide him in the decisions that he would make as president. The last time this was a controversy was in 1960 when John F. Kennedy. That was running for president and became the only Catholic. President ever and Kennedy is a Catholic was challenged in the campaign against Richard Nixon. Because people were concerned that Kennedy would use his Catholic faith. To make decisions for America would use his Catholic face -- to to lead this country. And he reassure the American public that he would not do that that there were some that even concern that Kennedy might consult with the Pope before making decisions. For America. And he reassure the public that he was a Catholic and he was running as a Democrat not as a Catholic and he would not use his Catholic faith what we've seen in recent years is at least. The very strong implication. That there are some candidates who want to use their face. To -- this country. And when it comes to birth control to even suggested that women in America need the government. To give them birth control pills because they're incapable of controlling their sexual appetite. Totally ignores the reality that a fertile man is equally involved in sex. And how many cases. Do men. Make the sexual advances. Not the moment. The Republican Party has a national image of this may not -- reality but this is the image of trying to dictate behavior. And the image is being an insensitivity to women and minorities. That needs to change at the Republican Party wants to win. And as I have set on the show recently I think the stage is set for the Republicans to win the White House in 2016. But only if they nominate a candidate. That doesn't get involved that these kinds of social issues. The truth is that the men. Don't often recognize how much they depend on the birth control -- And wanna have sex without consequences of pregnancy. And men are quite often unwilling to make the sacrifice of using a content. Because it's it's demeaning to them. Men can physically walk away from any pregnancy. Any -- men that seem to demand that these issues. Become part of the issues that are discussed during campaigns. And -- I think this is just suicide for the Republican Party. Now the Republican Party cannot control whites what candidates say around the country. And the Republican. On the candidate. The nominee will not be able to control what what other candidates running for office are saying and some may have extreme views. But if there is not a wholesale. Did announcement. Of these fringe views. Than Republicans are not gonna win. There's a really I saw a promo today for a movie called Mitt. It's about Mitt Romney it's a Netflix movie. I don't have Netflix and -- -- I'm gonna have to find a way to true to get this movie I saw some previews of it and it looks like an excellent move. It shows a side of Mitt Romney. -- -- -- on the campaign trail. They chose a side of Mitt Romney that if if if that if that real Mitt Romney had been able to come out during the campaign he would've won the election. But there were so many other peripheral issues going on so many issues involving. Social stuff and personal issues. I think that's one of the things that has really hurt the Republican Party with younger voters with women. And with minorities. So it's going to be interesting to see how all of this on how all of this plays out but. You know the opportunities there to -- a Republican back to the White House in 2016 but the Republican Party has to. Has to be brave enough and I'm not the only one saying this. There are their top Republicans have said this exact same thing. The party's gonna have to be bold enough detail. Those who were part of an extreme right wing aspect of the party. That they cannot. Cater to their specific. Moral beliefs and needs. If they wanna win the election. If you wanna join -- show with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And it takes a -- 77. So I'm gonna I'm gonna end this this statement. With the words that. Mike Huckabee use when he said then so be it if the Republicans. Don't nominate a candidate. That and if the party doesn't have the courage. To divorce itself from these social issues. The Republican Party. Is gonna have a very difficult time winning the White House again. And if that's the way the party wants to be perceived. And so be it a from Alabama bill here on the Scotia. At eight and culture on the radio. We you know and then rain and both times he. He did talk a lot about social issues and he appealed to. The relayed its ride if you call them any one mile flat. At least one. So that means appealing to conservative on social issues that matter. Yeah but it's a different time. Well I agree yeah of the world this is different and ya I think a lot of people. Have beckoned back to Ronald Reagan who was just and as such a brilliant campaign -- mean Ronald Reagan could tell you the worst news that it was it was comforting. He just had that kind of charisma and a -- persona. And I'm not downplaying his side is. He says he's content to as presenter but tea but Ronald rate it was just such a great communicators as was Bill Clinton. That if runaway either Reagan was running today a lot of people thankful we we just had Ronald Reagan to. Ronald Reagan would be Smart enough to run differently today than he did then he ran in the context of the times and in which we lived and I think -- campaign would be different today. Okay well. That's an -- import but let's and he talked about how the Democrat so the government viewed women. Is it it is something that someone told me they were trying to be -- health insurance the lady is as children. It's he would have actually tried the Medicaid because there -- income and they didn't say. You know there was some of the bank issues but they she told me that the government -- women are fertile age. Beacon page. That before they could get Medicaid -- the poor women they have to be Albert control. Like you know input in which implies to me that the government extreme these women -- -- farm animals you know they have at least been the leader neutered before they you know. In the -- their influence. Yeah I -- I I would like to think that every every person in this country woods who would have sex responsibly if they're gonna have sex and and not have children debt. They don't plan on taking care of but for the government to mandate birth control in that situation I think that would be wrong and I don't I don't know if that's the case that if that is that would be worth discussing. And some people like to do that some people like but the poor. You know an order for them to get relief for something. That you know they control the number of children may have -- artificial. Require our patrol contraception. Why. The government in China and it's exit and go far to say you can only have one now you have another pregnancy -- -- abort him. And I don't think anybody. The thanks to the government it isn't a good thing when it treats people like animals. And bill I I totally agree with you and -- don't show a specialist in tonight -- in Alabama. If you're on -- stay -- we're gonna come right back with more of your comments here's a text about marriage my grandmother's -- her sixtieth wedding anniversary last year. The secret to a long happy marriage. Is to be poor. Always to be 240 get a divorce. -- divorce is expensive. That's period that's the three of course nobody wants to. Be forced to be married because you can't afford these punitive or she should. The -- because you you wanna be married a should birth control ever be part of a political conversation and for those who -- who are quick to say that I'm bashing the Republican Party. There are a lot of Republicans who Newt Gingrich among them. Who are now essentially saying what we're talking about on the show. Think about saints fans. Who are critical to saints when the saints don't do well. Are they still saints fans even other critical of the team. Just because your critical something. Doesn't necessarily mean you don't like it. If you wanna join our show our numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- state 7870 this is this to show what we're coming right back. Really really. Made some drinks no -- and. For those who think they all new music. Is is is terrible and worthless are gonna start featuring news music on the -- -- right here. This is called state and nights by CNET. Featuring Hayley Williams who has been female singer prepare more. And I think this -- and create incentives. And again this stuff out and I sits this this happiness. To a lot of the stuff that's out now. And it's -- to happiness that reminds me of the the the -- the of the overall attitude and mentality of eighties music. Which young generations have now adopted. As their -- as a state tonight is itself. You enjoy that show the comment about anything we're talking about tonight on numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890878. Texas a 7870. Here's an update on our W a pretty -- opinion publisher couples be required to take marriage education classes before tying the knot. 44% say no. And 56%. Say yes -- your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. What are remind you that WWL is your Super Bowl station we are homeless Super Bowl 48 you'll hear it all right here Sunday. On WL Sunday at 3 o'clock we -- Westwood one's super Sunday's Super Bowl pregame which Scott Graham Graham bringing you the latest. On the biggest game of the year the Broncos and the CO2 there's so many aspects of this game that. I think you're gonna lead to a great game and sometimes the Super Bowl is not the greatest game but this is the number one offense against the number one defense. -- Kevin Harlan and Boomer Esiason will be sideline and with sideline reporters James Lofton and mark Malone will bring -- the game at 530 on the home of the saints. And the Super Bowl. WWL. I'm from Indiana rich here under the WL. -- -- you know what I want to -- was dropped -- about what you Affordable Care -- that mandates. Insurance companies cover birth control. And so actually it's -- -- that. What -- -- a lot blunt term medical insurance plan that paid for a birth control is a symbol but like I'm in arresting its. Medical insurance plans. Covered that little blue pale. It's -- I've got to find it -- that no Republican male cat -- oh. -- -- -- -- apple are old enough little blue pale and far it's great it is concerned. That's not that was in the Bible thumping that wanted -- street wise. -- lousy economy -- long gas lines and it failed nation and in a lot that was their mail in in Carter's. How are real. Well a year earlier you know Reagan it was the perfect storm because there's -- Carter with Archie a boring candidate in Reagan was so charismatic and there were so many other factors involved. I think -- the religious right to have played more of a role in the reelection of Reagan and 84. The global economy got to look and my network allowed the candidate Mondale would have been -- yet he's in good -- insanity -- nobody would've beaten Reagan in 84. -- -- But there was there was a time before the election there was a time when Reagan was behind in the polls. You have but unfortunately. Or does one go and meet it would approach six storm I need to have cash it forward. Got reelected in and the basics we would -- -- Ronald Reagan. Well I disagree with that Ronald Reagan was so charismatic and governor of California I think he -- risen to the top of the Republican Party anyway need. He was he was surrounded by. Very effective people and -- He was perceived as a wonderful. President that reassure the country at the time when he was when he was president but. You know there was a time when when Reagan's reelection 84 did not look like it was a sure fire deal in -- a lot of people don't know this but Roger Ailes. Who was the founder and president CO of Fox News. Roger Ailes was brought in to. To consult with with Ronald Reagan on the reelection. And some people believe that Roger sales helped turn around. That. That. Moment when he was behind in the polls helped turn around and help to get Reagan reelected in in 1984. So. -- -- -- The Republicans pop -- problem it. I'll you know be a lack of respect towards women. And the candidate or -- the LR EO guy like who will be no it. Fox he'll only be its story that deck is stacked with -- -- the primary. Off you know -- -- moderate. I mean I moderate Republican. Moderates. Would be would be. Would be somebody leg -- forward. All without op would beat dot YouTube -- deadline and Iowa diplomats in South Carolina and not a money. Well and this is why the Republicans have to get together realize wait a minute now. On do we want to hijack the party to the right and lose the White House or do we wanna find that moderate candidate like eat at -- -- glad -- -- the show I'm gonna have to move on here. And get to a break. Mitt Romney it was a very moderate governor. John McCain was a moderate senator. Bob Dole was a very moderate will respected senator. On Capitol Hill. But -- and these people became the Republican nominee they were pulled to the right. They were out of their comfort zone. They were they were guided directions that they weren't. Comfortable with their -- they didn't come off with the sincerity and -- at least at the charisma that it takes to. To be elected. So there are people who say well we tried moderate candidates and they didn't work. William had moderate guy ace but it just turned into the right that's why they didn't work. So the question is. Does the Republican Party -- unite. And say -- alike. We're not gonna get right Winger and there let's just get somebody in the -- who represents our party I think that's what it comes down to. If you enjoyed -- -- right numbers 26018 -- toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And it takes emperor is except creativity. This is discouraged you know. And we'll be right back WL. -- like let's just a moment ago. You government insurer -- know nothing about health insurance covering the blue pill. Viagra. It's a text has my insurance doesn't cover the blue -- anymore. I I don't think that I didn't think that it did it I don't know maybe some people do have that are covered maybe in some circumstances it is but I did think that. And the insurance covered Viagra there's always something fresh and new and our website WW dot com the Nagin trial. Is heating up as the government calls star witnesses to testify against. Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and the corruption trial is with his daily we've got daily updates also the -- or he -- has announced this year celebrity monarch. It's one of time magazine's 100 most influential people in the world Oscar winning screenwriter director producer Quinton Tarantino. And we've got all the latest morning runners in fact downtown they're already starting to erect via the grandstand -- Gallagher halt. -- the a corner of the saint Charles and I guess it would be saint Charles and pointers in front of the international hotel. And so the the stands are being erected so that means it's getting close a recovering to keep your and a VW dog -- I don't tonight -- that you. Think the problem we have is personally it's the liberal media. I mean they care. They mutilate. You mean Republican candidate and I and I am not Republican I'm Mormon in the and that. But the days of boy the true -- is going to be issues of the country whenever there's tea. Presidential election senatorial election. And that's kind of our real problem I mean in -- -- -- mean if you look at. And in the issues that were. We raised during the thing about the issue. They. They were subtle -- -- had been brought up all kinds of other issues that just weren't even really that relevant. And they prepare. More left liberal mainstream thinking in the country. Why did he do that key. Because that. I get -- from the -- there. Well who's leading. -- pretty. On you. I'm curious. Well they're being sent by a go to the liberal thinkers. They're the ones who -- propagating the winter when. Will look at Obama's. Election. I mean look at that qualification. Appeal for that and they went toward. When the Republican side said they wanted to -- got inside the government reduced spending which would group the core issue. And they turned around in and focused on what the cut who can -- -- And they made it into they try to. Group then all the different group that we're gonna get hurt so that. Those people and demonized. The Republicans would do. When we're in our country that money -- spending. I mean in here let me ask you you're Smart thing you know. When you don't have the money you don't spend. I agree. So but this is -- this has been a problem for a long time to different presents. And I agree and I and I'm not that's why I'm an independent. I mean it's a shame you know I think back there was a brief moment in time this is really arguably because it really wasn't that long ago. Win win Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich. And Bill Clinton president Newt Gingrich speaker of the house the United States had a surplus. And I forget how they blow it but they below. I agree -- well I despite my question is. If the liberal media is so powerful. And how did how did bush get elected to its. -- my gosh there was so much information about bush. The National Guard. Cocaine. I mean I love people who bring up the -- well he he only made a seat at Harvard when my god it's it's Harvard. -- -- -- -- I mean that if you compare him Obama what did Obama is well let me ask. -- I don't think that's the fault of the media I think that's I think that's a decision the American people made. This was and this was I thought this was perceived as a fresh. Candidate the reason -- with a new idea so bad pardon me I apologize I ever read the American people made here is because. They demonized. Bear what they felt was their problem. And so that they didn't even -- what the that the troop presence. What do you but you have that you have such strong conservative voices now dated there there's really a lot of -- Fox News is by far. Conservative. Fox News is. By far only word in a bit and there but -- think about the Limbaugh's and the show on Anthony's and -- Glenn -- There is constant bashing of of of Democrats as well and I don't think that the liberal media really has the power over people that some people fear it does. I'm gonna have to get to a news -- but tip please call our show every one -- join our conversation. -- -- If the liberal media which is been something that's been feared for so long if it's that powerful that note to Republicans. Ever win the presidency. We'll be back.