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Jan 31, 2014|

former Arkansas Governor, Presidential candidate and Fox News channel host Mike Huckabee told the Republican National Committee last week that Republicans are not waging war ON women – they are waging war FOR women. Have Republicans better served women than Democrats?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This debate over the liberal media will will never go away and there are those who were concerned about the liberal media but then and there are those who were concerned about conservative talk radio and N and Fox News. Once again and let's be honest as consumers of the media. Let's be Smart enough to understand. That there are motives. The motives or to attract attention. And rather than tell the truth. Quite often the media can be motivated. By. This simple goal of I'm preaching to the choir. Not trying to tell the truth as much as they're trying to enhance what the crowd watching or listening already beliefs. And that's what leads to so much great hypocrisy. If you wanna join our show with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. Series -- text of receipts have VH seventy. -- -- gonna have to do some research on this but there were some. I read about it. A college. And I believe it was in the state of Ohio. They offered a political science course. And it was Rush Limbaugh 101. The whole course. Was studying. The political ideology. And the radio shows. Of Rush Limbaugh. A survey was taken after that after the students completed the course. And I forget the percentage but. It was like. I wanna say was over 90% of the students. Didn't change their mind about their their politics at all. And -- I want to I want you to think about if you if you are so concerned about the liberal media. -- what you think about how -- you use the media. Do you look for and and be honest with yourself. Do you really look for. An objective. Opinion. Or do you seek the media that most reflects who you war. And again of course sometimes says there there's a lot of sharing that people who watch fox watch MSNBC. People watch MSNBC. Watch fox so there's there's some of that going on. But in general I think people tend to migrate towards. The media that most reflects. Their views. And with that being the case in the media just continues to directly feed. Those people who have selected bet that supports. So I I don't know that. In general. The -- the media is more liberal and conservative. But I just don't know if they have the power to really control. Elections. And if you think about how you use the media. I think Q would be really hard pressed to. To convince yourself for anybody else that. The people are really looking with an open mind. 41 for sources. And then when you when you think about a FaceBook and Twitter and social media people or not looking for. For for truth they're looking for the things that. That fit their passion. They're -- they're passing on things they're there sometimes they're making up things. Whether we talked about this earlier in the show they're they're resurrecting things have been again I guess stuff on FaceBook. Or emails. From a long time I'll give listeners Moscow what do you think about this if you said this the other night -- what do you think about this. And it's ridiculous stories. That have been -- approval to not be true. And the from a long time ago. That somehow they get new life. Through social media. And again I I go back to the limit of being that the fear of the liberal media has been around for a long time. Reagan became president. With the liberal media I mean a perception the liberal media and it is is. Is. Goes way back in in in our history. So the media really is that liberals and how to how to Republicans win. And -- realize that Republicans. Did when the last two times but still this this has been a phenomena for a long time and and when you think about the concern. That the left have for the rights in the media in the influence in the media and the conservative right have for the of the left in the media. I think there are -- voices out there to really. Balance things out but people aren't looking for balance they're looking to find things that. That -- just support what they already believed. One of the things that I like to do with the show is -- and this is always been my attitude and radio what I was doing music radio and all the years that I don't talk radio. I don't necessarily feel the need to follow when he thought. I don't feel the need to follow path. As one of the reasons sits some people don't totally. I think I understand the show. Because I'm not far right and I'm not far left and everybody's so interested today in defining everybody in -- know what you are and who you war. In reality. The great majority of people in this country are not true conservatives or true liberals. Most people. Judge issues depending on on their personal reference point on what that issue means to them. There are there are a lot of liberals. And Democrats there lot of Democrats. Who don't support same sex marriage. There are a lot of Republicans. Who think marijuana should be legalized. There are. There are Republicans who talk about. Family values talk about the importance of the family. And yet. They're not in a traditional family. They might. Go to strip clubs they might do things that might contradict what some people perceive as a family values issue. There's there's there's so much hypocrisy but -- The great majority of people in this country don't if you everything through this very narrow. Political perspective. It just depends on what the issue -- but yet did I read a book. Not long ago did that talked about how we. We tend to define ourselves. With a group even though we don't entirely agree with the group we still want this definition while this is what I -- it's it's like being part of a club. And I think that's one of that the problems that we've had in this country. Is it everybody wants to be part of this part of a group one group or the other group and then the group's fight and the media. Totally feeds off of this it it if you if you if you look at how. The news. Creates controversy. What what they do. They find somebody who says something. And then they go dig up the people who disagree with that person and they paid the pit him against each other in the news. And maybe not directly face to face but they they they bring up these two opposing views it's it's all about creating conflict. Because conflict is part of drama and drama is part of entertainment and that's part of what sells the news but let's be honest. The -- that the biggest most important news in this country. Is not necessarily the news. That gets the most attention. The issues in this country that really need our attention. Don't get our attention it's ridiculous things that get our attention. It's -- a lot of exit these that ridiculous social issues. -- get the attention of people because sometimes I think some of these other issues are so complex to. It's just incomprehensible. To figure out what to do with some of these problems not the least of which is a government that has grown completely and totally out of control. But what do you do I mean I the government should be smaller. That's gonna mean some people are gonna lose their jobs I don't like that that's not good but then neither is a government that continues to grow out of control. And people shouldn't be working for the government because they needed job the government should hire them because the government needs them. So there are so many many complicated things and and the truth is nobody wants to really do what it takes to make things right. Because it's too painful. Everybody what somebody else to not to feel the pain but it's gonna actually come down to individuals. Feeling the pain. So for those of you who still feared the liberal media. Can you honestly say that. You have been watching. The TV news -- listing to the radio. And -- liberal media and really there's not there's not much liberal even moderate media in this country across this country. -- the predominant. Voice is a dominant voices a seemed to be those who were hardcore conservative. So. It's time for other forces to be hurt and if you're part of the silent. Majority. Then maybe you should be little more vocal. If you would join our show with your -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. At a tech's number 6787 attitude -- just a moment a format remark here honest to chill and every WL. I don't pure emotion you're on the a lot of top. Yeah and we welcome everybody who's listening on their -- laptops or tablets in their Smartphones. -- you know I don't wanna you know big. You know the -- -- but I would say that there is definitely doable buyer to. Television media. A camera to be a great example. I think that this. Incident created. Fox. And also created a lot. The conservative voices. Calling these people yeah. I would go back went yeah -- created. He admitted to prove that George Bush did help in the when he -- in -- reserves and -- that darn naughty. Didn't do something when he -- needed that. I just album -- people and idiot who want to apologize. For that I would that would help prepare for that. You -- current time and time again. That -- people who would have. Careful careful kind of try. Because of the position that when they violate that. It seems to -- more often than not -- on a I got through. Democratic liberal kind of you know personally. Opposed to like and try to approach. And I think that was one of them that many episodes. That has happened over time because there's been any problem. A remarkable average has been created and it could stop it not be true. And I think about trying to stop that created Rush Limbaugh. -- clearly. But good news at all. Predicting that the door to a perception of the liberal me first of -- None of the people you just mentioned or objective. There. Are of that event but that's odd I mean I I addressed that all the time on the show I don't think human beings have the ability to be totally objective. If you and I both get facts. About something going on our neighborhood. Depending on what is happening in our lives and how we thing. You and I gonna tell the story differently based on the same facts will tell the story differently I thought. We are most -- But we present the facts differently. Well you can put a black. Only one way will honor or you can -- you today oh omits certain facts. Did they don't and that's not true but that's not the truth but you don't. What you -- like I guess. I think the scary thing to me an -- my studying of the media it is one hasn't been in this business. And I have tried to study the media and not just be in the media but I tried to study the relationship between the media and society. And the perception of the liberal media has been around for a long time longer than Dan rather and Lance Richard talking about. Aren't there to meet that a long time ago the type of person. It could be the beginning to end and and over the years the type of person. Who wanted to be in the media -- not like it is today but the media was. Was supposed to watch big government the media was supposed to inform the people in -- in essence they were do gooders now they're entertainers. But the media was a stamp which by. -- in the very beginning but but over the years even in in in recent history not today be in recent history by people who had -- tendency to have a liberal ideology about life. The people who were more conservative minded. Went into private sector winning too I mean a -- the media's part of the private sector. But they went to a they went to business and I remember reading a book about this along time ago -- the media may be populated by more people who were liberal. And conservative. But the -- sure have have evened out over the years. And I I just I if you talk about this incident with -- Dan rather. Making this up about about bush and don't have that information in front of me but but bush won the election. And bush are real and so it didn't didn't do any good. You do remember the story you do removable. What was behind I don't remember the specifics of that story to be honest with. Well it could work forward looking into -- well I'm not denying there aren't -- like that there's. Nobody and I don't. They need to have the the facts to say okay. Is it possible Dan rather absolutely. And and and do. Do people do individuals in the media have agendas sure they do. Now they might have agendas and in my try to deny those agendas and think they're being objective but again I'd I don't think anybody is really. Totally objective I I don't think human beings have the ability to be totally. Unbiased. Again I think -- you know animal to go out -- travel on the show but I think people on our network. All much more honest about what -- and for people who are. On our beat. Mainstream. But that's you know and that's not -- that deliberately make it clear that -- equipment you're prepared. Find a lot of what's gone on to be. Unacceptable and and they break -- argument with the -- as maverick on Tuesday. You if you consume other media Fox News is constantly caught her saying things and doing things that are. Doing exactly what you accuse the liberal media doing. And I'm OK with that as long as we understand that as long as we understand that -- look. Roger Ailes at one point said that he wanted to use his network to get. To get a Republican in the White House. That's up to -- the user a network for if it's if it's objective you're supposed to use a network to report. That they don't have to be objective Amin and the picture that I am out -- -- knows they're really not. -- so they're -- their point is. A certain point of view in the same -- MSNBC. You know I'd buy the argument could be made that maybe CNN is more in the middle. But it's may be more. Less than I I don't I watched CNN probably the most but I do check in with the with the other networks -- Yeah one of the most help was tortured people accuse Israel really know what they do. Well no I would I would tend to agree with that I I I've really float around to all of -- -- watch MSNBC the least. Fox to me is the most and entertaining they're the most polished. And believe me that is not to by accident today in the ratings around for -- January and CNN. Had a third last month CNN or well this month at the end of this. CNN had the third lowest readings. In the history of the the the network and they were just taken over I think they're trying to be too much like fox in terms of how they've they've they show. And and how they create their shows but anyway this is a discussion is not gonna go away will continue to have but mark I I I'm just suggesting that. Did the media is not as powerful as people think and. Our biggest problem but it's -- capital at five. Well I would I would agree with you and and I would say in general there might be more left leaning than right leaning but there are. You know there's there's a balance of voice just today and and if if if the Rush Limbaugh's and if the Fox News and and there are liberals in this country who feared the Limbaugh's and fear of the conservative voices well if they are so powerful than -- hundred Obama get elected and reelected. Well I would just say what what that I don't want to strike or not I don't wanna promote. Did you say India that they are aware that it -- climb back. Apologize. To America. That he would -- what was creating a divisive -- I need to absolutely true. Our planet ought to believe that you woke up 1 morning and realized that I believe we know exactly who's still -- -- Got as much as he could get out of it and now acutely felt. Realm and there may be as relevant. He decides that he will come top American apology. And it it's very disingenuous. And people. Who you know whip in the world. Can can only. You know pro -- local people about the law will actually have to realize that. A lot of people got out of our mark I thought -- was Atlantic get back into it again. I totally agree with you and we did address that on the show the other night you know Glenn Beck is is self serving as I guess you -- say many people in this business are but he is just since so many ludicrous things that never came true. And yet people still Revere him as this ultimate. -- right -- voice and it's people like Daniel I think hurt the image of the Republican Party mark I really enjoyed our conversation but nobody gets all of your calls here so if your -- stay with us. If you wanna join us our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Insanity. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's a call waiting to talk to me that says I'm full of it. Follow what are your car right back with more this good show on WWL and. I deserve a song from the past. That I guess really pretty much reflects. My political ideology. Please -- stuck in the middle. That analogy is that I wish it was into the course here because I this really actually describes most of America. And it was -- good John here -- every WL. Or -- -- not John you're not gonna tell me when I'm full of rikers that I have to dump yeah. Oh. Or okay. Now look at it you can employ it and explain what you need to just don't want to say the word. Just -- you know you'll -- origin of -- -- right. Sure. We do you really think I don't know -- Executive. Legislative judicial -- tell you what they'll do. Yes I know he'll do it. All post partisan my knees feel that they used or four years old about to graduate from and she couldn't name. All free but she she she barely any water that you weren't vote Obama. And I want it to -- violence and Younis had. I am I understand the art world is about gradually. Are you are now. She's gonna go to five years like I didn't graduate five year I graduated in several years too late to watch spot. But it just actually out there people don't even understand a legislative branch of -- Well Mary -- and also let's let let's think about it. How much people look to the president NN and presidential candidates talk about wanting to change laws. Presidents don't even do that. Are they don't pass laws don't chain well -- -- -- -- and -- But it the he uses executive order and other presidents have done that as well. I -- I don't know what the I don't know -- -- with a -- the percentage is with this president but they all use it. On big giant -- I mean I I I think this is a really legitimate point people. Listen to politicians talk about things that they really have no control over the president only. X accused the laws. It's the congress it's the legislative branch that passes and and then. That the legislative branch can can pass laws about discrimination but -- the Supreme Court the judicial branch that interpret whether the laws are constitutional. And our ball this -- austerity you're below. From. Outlets who want to better -- -- you know -- the best league put on the air thank you. And I'm it was a cute for a long chop and I'm -- -- and -- sentenced back in. The middle eighties. You know I think you're great dying like you're your your your content on the one into the conversation to where. I think you're like China. Your level but well you look right -- -- the middle and you say you're in the middle which Ortiz should be because you're going to be a talk show hosts. I think on the on the air right now but just say that people like -- -- our -- at -- Well. Could avoid it. Almost but the whole conversation. If you wanna join our show with your comment tonight. Numbers 260. Like I know it's after 11 o'clock it's 1130 in and we're just hanging out having a conversation and I love the relaxed nature -- got to pay attention to what we say. If you and enjoying our show and economy tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. It's heavy -- is a 77. I -- be clear about one thing and this comes up while occasionally on the show. There is this an -- and Rush Limbaugh was actually one of those who. Who. Made being a moderate. Something that was an ugly and ugly description. That you were spineless you you didn't have the courage to stand up for your convictions. I'm not part of the right and I'm a part of the left because I think I'm actually honest. With my feelings and I try not to be hypocritical. Being a moderate. Simply means that you're not part of the right part of the left if you look at the definition of the word moderate it it might mean. You're in the you're in the middle and you you really don't have a strong opinion. But it in the in political terms of moderate represents those people who don't subscribe. To the extreme right. -- the extreme left. And that is really much of America. And we keep talking about this we keep talking about this. And I I still think there's -- there's a lot of confusion about it. We keep talking about. The the politicians. What they say what the media says what drives the media. And again. I still go back to this American I kind of lost my train of thought that I I I still go back to this this fear of the liberal media. And then on the other side there's this fear of right wing talk radio and Fox News. -- this may surprise you. The ratings came effort through the month of January for cable networks. To -- prime time. Fox News is by far. The number one network. Fox News only has one point two million viewers. And only 409000. In the key demographic of 25 to 54. That's a fraction. Of what the network news gets on AB CNBC. And CBS. In a nation of 340. Million people one point two million I think Rush Limbaugh's audience that might be 240 million. Part of fourteen Tony -- and so at one point adding it was it was twenty million people. So. The vision the network ratings for all the cable channels they've all on down. Now I guess is is -- election year they'll they'll probably pick up but that's not really that much. So when you think about the attention. That Fox News gets in the attention that MSNBC it's. It's because these things create conflict. In the media overall and you've got Fox News attacking. CNN and MSNBC and you got MSNBC attacking Fox News. And all of this creates. Conflict and it's allegedly to create entertainment here's a -- read so what a lot of people forget. Is while the news media is they are too informed they are also they are just as much. If not more so to entertain. Exactly. And not many people talk about it especially in the media. If the goal. Is to attract the largest possible audience. Which is the goal of entertainment. That how could the media not be governed. By the same principles. That govern. Any form of entertainment. It doesn't mean that that it's it's all phoney and it's all falls. It just means that it's designed. To get your attention. And I I pick up a perfect example this is what and I mentioned is -- last night what MSNBC did last week. Andrea Mitchell. One of the more serious. Respectable journalists. Who's been in the business for years on MSNBC. Andrea Mitchell's doing a story about the NSA. She breaks into the story about the NSA to give you an update on the arrest of Justin Bieber. Now you can tell me that news is an entertainment. From -- yo Chris your -- WL. Very good. I want our comment you -- -- But because they're all stroke -- where yours are all. -- that period or shoot. -- ankle release skiers in the it's insure right there there -- viewers people are cheering their operation of the air. And and what what people actually do amber Moore believes that search took strength and not to educate them so that string of what they already. Party believes shortly on that read read read all right. Yeah. Grow them to people. You know. William what year you -- anti back out you know. All -- or street. If you make their gear on collegiate get you there -- I have no idea sure sport. You know sure goal for amateurs UN and and and -- right there are so much. Interpretation on the Internet. That it actually it again. Well and Chris the scary thing is is that people perceive it because it technically is the written word in their eyes it -- I know there's there's videos and there's pictures -- -- it's so easy to Photoshop and and and fabricate video as you -- do whatever you want. Even with a little bit of talent. But but people look at something data sent to them or something on the Internet it's the written word to them in in a modern form and the the problem is is that the people who create some of -- stuff they're not beholden to. Anybody -- editor they're not -- they can make up whatever they want they can -- anything and and you're absolutely right. People migrate toward the thing that already support their point of view. Exactly when you look at these TV stations now you know that will appreciate what the current Vickiel because -- -- scraper. Words -- really the last. Beat conferred just tracks are great for the most part that the commentary column well when you look at. You know -- knew what was going on now mean. Dick -- also quietly that burden on you you have to be actual response yeah they can put common area because people love to know how to drink about the news. Who buy it at the Internet it -- is running you know people writing. You know sources that. That no French you know like. Their partners shortly shortly that you are certainly say what you really want there's no -- there. And it's creating animosity in our country so that tell you are spot on with this issue because it shoot it a huge problem. Like Chris I think it's important for us to talk about it because more frightening to me that a biased media is. Is -- audience is a consuming public. That doesn't understand that it's bias edited the scariest thing is if you don't know it's biased and you you believe it for what he Diaz and again it's it's it's interesting because. You know people who watch Fox News some people who watch Fox News. Think that's totally fair and unbiased and people who watch MSNBC. I think that Fox News is is totally -- again it all depends on your reference point in your absolutely right people or not. Trying to seek the truth they're trying to find just to support for what they believe in so that they can regurgitate and up to somebody else. Speaking moderates -- -- I can leave today. Well one thing I heard some other race relations and changed my mind you do not see that anymore. People will go down fighting for the most ridiculous. You know issues they've -- -- from every angle that the sport. At the port to distance bridges that. Position no matter or wrong it is. And you will get away from the truth. Because it's all about being right it's -- -- you know all about winning the debate it's not about getting committed to getting the true anymore create animosity. FaceBook. I mean in the they hate crimes that happened on paper people -- go after each other at you and preparing if you believe in the war inside Kurdish using -- on harder. Treatment. Period picture it you can actually. One side is totally perfect in the want other totally wrong every time there's an issue. Leadership in the Middle East on. And Chris being in the middle does it mean you don't have conviction it just means on a particular issue you don't side with the right or the left. I -- of conviction about whenever I talk about on the show legalizing marijuana same sex marriage whatever I have conviction. But it's not always congruent with the ideology of the right or the ideology of the left. Did you ever notice that lightweight when you have somebody on one side whether or not the way to be viewed the other side data that's the spirit attitude that there like this -- -- -- people like there like the public that. Don't function. And and replace them on oh there are intelligent people it's not that one sided and that should tell you right there. Leo and people you know can't you then. -- -- that the other side has sort of electoral whatsoever and a patriot they talk like they're baboon. That means that BG shows though the one side in this the black and white the you know the problem we're facing so I'd love the fact that -- -- dealing with the issue and so report. Chris it is and and and and people like you give me hope and and say you know at this point in my career I have no reason to try to just. Follow what somebody else is doing and I think it's important for the year to be. -- another source that isn't right that isn't left and that has conviction but there will entertain. Different topics and and your so right about to be where of the Internet. Chris -- a political show I join our conversation -- time. I if you're joining us tonight are numbers 260170. Toll free 86688908. Saturday -- a text or receive 77. Being in the middle is not. It's not being spineless and here's a Texas says it doesn't mean that I'm spineless. What I don't have an opinion it means. That I'm not 100%. Of either party I agree with some issues on both sides therefore I'm in the middle and think for myself and don't drink the -- late. Actually that's what most of America is like. But you get the impression from watching the news. That America is. Extreme right or extreme left or at least right or left. When the majority of this country. Is in the middle in terms of not totally drinking the Kool Aid from either party. This is the -- -- And we'll be back on every WL. There at the station earlier today say they screwed if it's as if the -- fans -- this bad for the Super Bowl do you think Bruno Mars is gonna Wear hats. -- you to come up with a here now I have about here. I'm look Bruno Mars in this song reminds me you police living in the material world. Locked out of him and speaking of brutal bars for the half time show along with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. And also what Queen Latifah is gonna sing I think god bless America or -- god bless America yeah she'll do a great job that. Very intelligently I'm looking forward to the halftime show -- I've mentioned this before and I think one of the worst halftime shows was when they when they dusted The Who off and and brought to I. Just it wasn't. I mean that's part of my generation but I didn't think it was really that good. There is a short featuring some -- there ought to -- and assert featuring some some newer stuff. On the show because a lot of really great new music and and there are many people who are part of my generation. Who dismissed. New music because they just think it's it's it's in it's nothing it's there it's not as good as. There's a lot of really good stuff as I said tonight there are some similarities between the the DC on the Nazi overall feel of the some of the the hot new stuff that's out today and music from the eighties -- mobile David you're on WWL. Croatia. Quickly. Good about it for Republicans to -- daughter Regina the hearts and minds of the American people are winning elections again. If you go back to. Almost as successful Republican politician done. In the -- and that is not focused on the had issues and a socialist outlook on policies and ideas. That -- improve the -- of the American people give them more money in the pocket. And improve their economic situation. I mean like court like -- -- sample for me. That. Question at first. In the post election out that -- -- able up. And that first one and 2000. Where Social Security with the big issue. How wild it picked the pocket but lock box -- now that the key -- like column given the keys to the penthouse box. And to -- actually had a plan for partial privatization of ball security allowing -- and others well like me to pickpocket. You're. An investor in the -- And quicker and -- what just regular here. The biggest reason that went -- -- post -- -- the more popular politicians like articulate. Account -- like that that can improve. People's lives and that's when multiple -- And the other probably David is that there there are are too many factions in the Republican Party right now they were. You know there was one official Republican response to the State of the Union Address Tuesday. But then there were three others that date. Through YouTube and through different and media sources. They attempted to present their Republican response and it was just another reminder of how divided the that the party is in the party's gonna have to find. A leader and find a voice to get behind and and not have all these different these different voices and on. The chairman of the Republican National Committee rice previous earlier today was on CNN. And he he was talking to Erin Erin Burnett and she asked him about the 42 responses at all there's always different responses this is not a big -- became the confrontation as it is always different responses. Everybody is different responses when it comes to a Republican or Democrat -- giving his State of the Union Address. And you know she kind of press that they these were these were four distinct different messages that were pretending to be the official response to. The the State of the Union Address date and. I'm glad you called a show and thanks for listening but what I really thought was interesting. The chairman of the Republican National Committee I cannot believe that -- Burnett. Did not jump on this. She just came back from from having a baby she just returned to CNN. And he said something instinctively. That was so degrading. To women and I'm just I'm shocked that I I haven't heard anybody else bring this up. He said well. I real I realize you just came back. Basically saying oh you've been pregnant you have no idea what's going on. So you know don't press me on this. I I can't believe that she is -- wait a minute what does me being gone has to do with this. That was such. I thought a degrading moment and those are the instinctive moments. -- it's the Republican Party is going to have to figure out. How to put in check. If they wanna win elections. And you we mentioned this the other night it in the last over the last. Six presidential elections. Republicans have lost the popular vote five times. Now I realize that technically you don't have to win the popular vote. But that says something about the sentiment of America. And and I know it's it's very easy for many conservatives say oh it's the fault of the liberal media. Because that's a way of saying. I am not accepting that America's changing I'm not gonna accept that I'm not gonna accept that America is not thinking the way I'm thinking. This country's change. And in many ways for the better. Younger Americans. Women. Minorities. Are now starting to decide elections. And it's gonna be up to. Every party well after party I wish they were of what -- parties it's gonna be up to. It's gonna be a -- the Republicans and the Democrats and a third party candidate should he or she become a factor in the race. To figure out that America has changed. And that's okay. I mean we've we've continued to change over the years and in a lot of ways for the better after bad -- pressure on WWL. True it's true it's a little pleasure out and usually it's actually a -- -- -- yeah. Can tell you there was a -- its say on national tempo. It has been a long time since a 2 year ma -- All our -- trips every once in a while some money and won't be very waiting to listen. I I I'm sure you're nine years old uh oh there's a lot my batteries -- Could she used at all big -- -- shopper long range between the parties. To work history is well which. He led to a pretty good compromise of the Washington we think it appeared a bit too but it would -- -- some confidence compromise. I have a -- but it is part to plug in the middle today because I don't know where the other true and are. I mean you got loose and stoop to navigate bought. It and I got -- I would agree the other problem existed both sides are so protective of their ideology that they will protect cardiology. Over doing what's in the best interest of the American people. I would wish to do what if you know it could get what -- -- Orchard Park they're Russian. -- abortion. -- one apps are a bit clearer what -- know. You know. No real problem lies just ideology -- but as far as she economy. Right now we're -- seems strange error could make it to rest of the world wants to body of the -- You know that our -- were still broadcast of the world. Television and automobiles made very few things. In the world market. -- elections in -- statement or -- or. I'll. And we're not we're not -- we're not going to be -- -- were not gonna go through another industrial age where we're not good old doctor manufacturing nation again so we focus on. Service and hospitality and and technology. Absolutely and then it goes to submit changes that we have to face. And yeah there's always a there. -- forget the name of the book but I also read a -- a couple of years ago and it was about. It was about the the difficulties. That this nation goes through when it when it trance. Transgressions from from one. One age to another from the the agricultural aides to the industrial age from the industrial age now too. The agents of technology and services and hospitality. There are serious and growing pains that did affect the nation in many ways we're we're going through that but we need to accept these changes because we're never gonna get back to. To the past were not going to be that manufacturing nation it doesn't work out in the global economy and part of that is driven by American greed. We'll be here this one in which you -- -- here. -- Did you hold -- real quick Chris hang on I I'm I'm just I'm up against a break I gotta get to break I'll come right back to what you finish -- thought. This is the -- show and we'll be right back into the WL it's a final update on our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight. Should couples be required to take a marriage education class before tying the knot. We're talking about ten hours of marriage education. That is. That's gonna possibly be a proposal in an initiative on the ballot in November. A 45% say no should be required to do that 55% say yes they should be required to do it. Here's a text that -- Mike Huckabee had a great economic record as governor of Arkansas his biggest problem is he has become laser focused. When it comes to social issues and that is the problem with. With the party. From that -- let's let's finish with -- yet another thought. Yeah that's what we're that's why I -- an American. Are a lot of different opinions on whether. It's this country. Where we are. -- by people in in the beginning on just creatures -- What makes America great basic you can be black white muzzle Christian Jewish. It doesn't matter it's just one place -- truly a little that we do chores to. Do whatever we want. As well as it doesn't hurt anyone else. And that it's like god -- some where the -- we -- in line with what you wish for us and in the country. We would have been forced almost. But contracted to try to make optional choices. Will prolong that kind of freedom. At least in the world that was created question joy. Chris to secure -- it's a beautiful thought. Appreciate you calling her show right out and -- -- WW Illinois for Houston David -- got time for a quick comment. Hey it I don't know what the -- of the -- classy thing I mean. -- we making -- we make it takes in trying to report that Jeter. Well. That's true I guess at all. Whole Lotta damage did you with a brand oak barrel -- -- History netstat stroked the thing that bothers me about it is the idea that the government says mandates in you know and I guess when it comes to the emotion of marriage that's a chip. That's such a personal thing and you know I guess there're there're there are more. There there seemed to be more. Definitive things that you could teach about driving and there are more definitive rules of the road. Then there are for marriage because marriage issue is so different from one couple to the next and it actually just changes so much over overtime hours driving regular or consistent. What you don't married for forty years and I got the defendant ruled -- been put to. No I. Understand David and an -- joking earlier about how you know I guess one of the the classes would be about saying. You're right year. You -- your your right. -- David I'm glad you called -- -- -- there are definite rules to marriage. But you'd have to teach more abstract things like -- -- -- conflict resolution and and how to argue fairly. And to me that just seems to be one of the keys to a good relationship is is knowing how to. To argue fairly and and don't bring all the trash from the past into the one argument that -- having try to focus on that which is going on at that very moment. One thing John which are studio producer and now and thank all of you for being part of our show -- -- even if you don't call or text and I thank you for the calls -- text. I just by eliciting your part of this to show every night here we're back tomorrow night have a great evening. Love -- New Orleans.