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1-31 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Jan 31, 2014|

Dave talks about the Super Bowl: the game, ads, and predictions; and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the earlier edition of WWL first news on this the 31 of January 2004. Teams and it's a big old TGI. Apps it gives me great pleasure to tell you know well. Wellcome. Just I had it and. Maybe it's finally Friday some of us who have had to work. Not only every day this week but. Double and triple shifts his experience. But that's OK it is absolutely it is what it is that what we signed up to do and we're happy to do it but for most folks to see their. The only the second they have a very short work week. Maybe they -- my day now and then Thursday Friday or maybe it is Monday and Friday. And that way and I don't know what day it is and I everybody knows it's not -- went Friday against it is. No doubt although I have heard from some poor souls to have to work this weekend and make up for time they lost. Tuesday and Wednesday be guys make out. -- -- It is finally Friday now we do have an election tomorrow so there will be some work being done history that but I. I -- Saturday election and you talk to Clancy do you votes about the fact that the president probably hated Al lot of people hated this eyes out and and hated the impacts -- that. By one person in particular donated more than any other mr. -- nurse yes Michael -- -- areas to whatever chance he may have had. Making a and around and making a bomb -- on trying to unseat New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu. Essentially had his campaign frozen. Or -- of where departed because known as paying attention to political campaigns and they -- it out and be knocking on doors there's critical days of the campaign and on nine that the dinners mats Lander everywhere everywhere on the radio four and five times -- day here on WWL hosting news conferences on television. He was looking very made oral and leading the city through a time of crisis. Timing could have been any worse. For nightmares or better for a -- as we head -- -- it is effort to be reelected as mayor tomorrow thousands of people voted early. Yeah those there aren't they partied you know tucked away their content on the many more will still cast votes. Tomorrow in the election of course we'll have all of the coverage for eastern and 8 PM tomorrow night right here Debbie WL results analysis and everything you'd need. Certainly helps to have a little lock on your side and you know obviously. Mister Lander had nothing to do with planning and frozen ice storm and I don't think he had any alliance mother and I didn't know -- and there is that of course also something else going on this weekend what is it that's. Something with pads and then stop. Because LA edginess touched on them really -- get my goat. But there had to get I don't know what you do with -- he guided by -- or go it got my ego but the fact that. Super Bowl ads are already. On the Internet. Then yeah what's with time people are already shown on TV it to meet one of the great things about the super cool. Is that. The commercials come as a big surprise. And that's many of them that's what they're based upon as you know some kind of sudden plot to narrow gorgeous. To me I don't wanna see a Super Bowl commercial. Before the Super Bowl. It's ridiculous I wannabe. I want everything fresh and new -- each -- new commercial comes on a commercial comes on as a stop in the game. I'm going to get new commercials and it's really -- the only day of the year and look forward to mark -- But I really did and I -- yeah it's a surprise user all points. Look at -- -- was all while that's far and again especially if it becomes of those games that you know he gets out of control on the there's no challenge last. Then it's all about the ads you don't even care about that game anymore you know as I get 25 point lead in the fourth quarter think Alice is -- commercials look forward there with. So these things German -- they got leaked or I don't know if somebody got him they're. It's such it. Cottage industry in of itself now this whole Super Bowl commercial thing. Then I think a lot of these. Products and and companies feel like well if they want discuss the ads before the game and play for very pure. People don't let me let people go watch my commercial. They -- I think it is more bang for the buck. Com. I don't. I'm comfortable wait for them to but I got your -- Because I I was clicking YouTube video that I had to watch it here comes as it says right on Super Bowl add our I don't wanna see Robert. Thank you David -- -- -- you pick for the big game coming up in the or even about fifteen minutes again that we WL AM at them and back -- -- it would make -- this thing if anything's changed there. Steve Geller isn't a sports on this free Super Bowl Friday. Coming up next a look at your weekend forecast. Wow what a big difference. This time gave -- and happy -- Pride Haiti UN yours I've 18 good morning I'm Dave you know and happy Friday I had a quiet text messages -- -- 7870 were you looking forward more -- the game. Or the commercials and and his about a year that their -- releasing commercials that. Sometimes unbeknownst to you might see a Super Bowl commercial before the super ball click on YouTube video -- You're watching TV intimate -- what I'm talking about them. In. And who anything's gonna win the game. You -- for Peyton Manning and the Broncos are idiots think that this Seahawks. Are going to upset let us now protect me at 87870. Year forecast -- to warmer for the weekend that it was most of this week. We're actually getting into the mid sixties later on 64 for a high today watch those clouds begin to build into the afternoon. And mainly cloudy skies tonight with lows dipping to 48 north of the lake and 53 for the South Shore we're looking mild and death barely cloudy both Saturday and Sunday. 71 for a high on Saturday we will -- 10% chance for a shower. Sunday a little better rain chance that 50% for showers and get back to those seventies. From the eyewitness -- forecast senator I'm meteorologist -- I'll tell a pretty good cloud cover this morning's you'll see much of the morning sky. Don't expect a lot of stars out there right now our son lightly and it's mostly cloudy and forty at the international airport in -- northeast wind just at six miles an hour 33 and cloudy inside out -- Manson frost Obama and our -- dipped to freezing in Slidell before the sun. -- comes up Hammond right now 28 degrees vote elusive 29. But. Now about the seventies. For the weekend. Time now on WWL a football game they got going on up in New Jersey coming up on Sunday. And really in all day affair pick up his one point five points on them by 25 via 545 foot. You -- get game one before that you know I even thought about what went on Sunday they're so busy with. -- storm in the recovery and wings -- -- always the standard for me that I am going to previous data here for pizza delivery. They deliver more pizza on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year to -- -- a lot of people are working. Just delivering pizza. That's -- Sunday -- pizza delivery guys. We're gonna have a game right here on WWL radio says you don't have to that it IRA action he's Steve -- a happy Friday happy Friday -- good morning every. One we're just two days away from the big game now as Denver and Seattle continued to -- for Super Bowl 48. The NFL network as Drew Brees about the Seahawks top ranked defensive unit sincere the saints faced them twice this season are -- north. Orchard or other guess when you face that defense they're very good up -- very we did a lot of pressure on the quarterback. Very good linebacker position. And then you get to the secondary -- which is filled with pro bowlers great cattle locked down tight quarters and then and -- -- safeties. Well outspoken Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman deal is the reason their defensive unit is so will lead is not just because of their talent. It's because of their smarts. We have 56 guys out there who whoever -- why do you think Earl Thomas might have -- to high football IQ another hurdle. He studies the game to a. Our pregame coverage of Super Bowl Sunday eight starts at noon with kickoffs -- 525. The NFL says that the number of concussions and practices and games dropped 13% from 2012 to 2013. Using information collected from team doctors. The league also says there's a 23%. Decrease over the past two seasons in the number of concussions caused by helmet to helmet contact. And the NBA all star rosters were finalized with the announcement of the reserves for each conference pelicans or if the Davis. Did not make the cut for the Western Conference but could still far and away on to the team as an injury replacement. Meanwhile New Orleans its next game is tomorrow night as they'll host the Chicago Bulls. Today a foreign fans in the pro if you're saints fan. Are you pulling for the Broncos because of patent or do you just wanna stick it to the Seahawks I'd Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. 520 Dave -- in the early edition of WW golfers as I find many New Orleans having love hate relationship with Peyton Manning. A lot of people love him because he's you know local guy who who who really made. A name for himself and and really proven that New Orleans to be successful on the big stage but then as other people are still angry. About the end of the Super Bowl when the saints played the colts and Manning apparently locked up the field that -- -- hands. Is that to me seems a bit dramatic from folks I don't know Drew Brees even as you have it drew never mentioned anything -- -- that now ending in a lot of interviews he's due any talk about how great Manning has. And why is not coming right out and saying it sounds like he's leaning toward thinking that this may be -- Super Bowl and -- seems to be a big fan of Peyton Manning. Yeah I mean to me I don't know how you can't not like Peyton Manning news just. He's very personable oh. Funny guy when every time we get to go down and talk to him at the Manning passing academy -- the first time I went it was one of those. Celebrity moments where you're in all of oh my gosh this is. This is Peyton Manning means that you dealt with one of the -- best quarterbacks of all time if not the best and you know I'm I am deathly rooting for him although. I don't know from necessarily picking. This team the -- are well. Will get you back in here with you -- pick. In 25 minutes let -- have you back with more support than Debbie WL am implement back on the line now moving much want to hit two and a half in favor of Denver the effort and what they ate there all week. So Denver is it two and a half point favorite in Vegas now of course that's one of the hundreds of things you can bet on. In Vegas related to the Super Bowl you can bet on the time coin toss you can bet on the score at the end of every quarter. You can bet on whether or not the announcers during the broadcast we'll say the word marijuana. Because you know both teams come from a state that has legalized marijuana so Vegas is taking. Bats. And whether or not they'll say marijuana. Is even as the -- player apparently cried during the National Anthem during the playoffs. You can bet -- -- he's gonna cry. During the national and the difference -- the game Seattle head coach Pete Carroll also brought up about marijuana saying that you know player should be allowed to use because players. And players that might have. Medical use of marijuana should be able to use that could be dangerous now. Is that you have guys making concussions this thing go smoke could do. But as it would be able to smoke on the sideline you know absolutely and I get to make in the game went there. To get her back with more sports and 25 minutes and WWL. AM SN dot com. Be back with your forecast for the weekend at the retirement at age 7870 cabinet next WWL. Am -- -- -- 5:20 -- good morning cabbies. Friday I gave -- the early edition of WWL. First news -- -- estimated 787 he says still hate the Manning's track going Dallas you know. Now my guess is that -- some people hate Peyton Manning that he didn't take inning and that does -- promote the -- some people because eating go to Ellis Cuba. I think by and large that most people around here loved the Manning's -- grateful for everything they've done for New Orleans. But not everyone is a love hate -- things have announced experiences I won patent its ticket to the Seahawks. Well we don't have to stick it to mother nature anymore because she's playing along much better this weekend the problem. The mild weather continues as we now head into the weekend 64 for a -- this afternoon. But those clouds will begin to increase throughout today and tonight dropping down to about 48 north of the lake and 53 on the south sort. Before -- up to 71 on Saturday what some clouds around there's a slight chance for a shower at 10%. Sunday they'll little better rain chance 50% and -- at 71 from the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura backed out. Forty at the airport in New Orleans 33 inside -- night coming up will take a look at David Blake prediction for the Super Bowl -- get Steve caller's prediction -- yours to text me -- 7870. Of context and says today they also have an over under bad outcome might -- statement. -- it was like. -- Adam how did you use the same words in consecutive games. He says so many different things but -- on the last playoff game and in the AFC championship days at Omaha before every single snap. Which the city of Omaha really -- -- Started. Speaking building campaigns around. You bet on just about anything. You know I'm item -- keep my money right in my pocket -- my bank account where it belongs. Be lured into betting man. Even the outcome of the game because I can't control who's gonna win I have nothing to do with it I'll bet on things that I throw -- We're back after this. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL for listeners it's January it's the 31 the last day of January our 2000 and -- seeing JJ are right after -- gives me great pleasure to tell you well come early enough. I it and. And if you're driving. 'cause of everybody's -- every Friday. Just in case something does it jump out of their seats on the I just want to be responsible for the night. That it wanted to correct you'll get for a I gave man -- yes indeed it is Friday. Can't they get away from -- no matter what else happens I will celebrate pride. I just enjoyed so much it's gonna happen. And Super Bowl weekend you know I'm just get that -- Just based on the way people are acting on FaceBook text messages bought it that is not a -- about this admirable law. And we've you know heard the report that a lot of New Yorkers make it lasts back. They couldn't care last night -- -- like that it could careless occurred early and could careless in the caption this phrase they couldn't there. And it just don't care at all line -- -- to stamp out over its -- thing going on their. They brought it right across the Hudson and I got -- on the on the context of me driving in jumping apparently driving jumping and texting don't do that no. That's dangerous. And too many love. An embryo. So. I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for you to make your -- you know. Volume piece of paper that I had to write it down he'd do an analysis. And eight out of -- points -- things together. And this one because the saints are involved I can do it from heart -- No no head -- new doll little well Logan had to look at but. Lleyton. Deserves or another ring you get it on and want -- gone wrong -- wrong. So I've got. I got -- in Denver 31. And Seattle. 28. I've used ticket right around with what Vegas and -- half point line. And Denver winning yeah. Thirty going to be won. Fair and hard fought game. And I can put my mind you wouldn't say Osce -- too much deeper announcement. I think -- gonna drop the beast -- do you think will be held at least enough and check that a lot of chance at the end of the game is the thing is Peyton is -- there. Are bunch of times and mr. Russell has not. Bright and but he seemed to have handled himself on the big stage even though he is did he is fresh. And green in terms of his NFL career but it. Parents are you -- on this is the biggest stage. -- right hey I got one from the one. People the counter attacked and -- ice storm. But from West Virginia. Where they do you have snowplows and snow plow drivers in salt trucks in salt truck drivers to that stuff to keep the roads clear. But. -- you want to sober plow driver dodger. The West Virginia Department of Transportation one -- their workers it's facing charges of driving a snowplow wild wrong. -- -- ran the sheriff's department says that Thomas -- Henderson of alcohol or in the West Virginia was arrested. During a traffic the top of us know while there. Deputies stopped the snowplow because the driver's side headlight out. The that is against a and it's snowplows. And that did this guy going around making money. On people's driveways. This guy driving for the state of West Virginia clearing the roads that's gonna nip -- in the deputies that is headlights out. And he quickly notice the smelled alcohol on the guys' eyes were blood shot in classy according to a police report and up sheriff's department has Anderson's blood alcohol level was point 090. Says that just the tick above limit him. Actually now for a commercial driver's license and did not notice that point 04. Although if you -- commercial drivers that are operating commercial vehicle you can only have half as much now. Aren't exactly -- DOT spokeswoman confirmed that the employees is. A member of the department but that she could not comment because it's an on going legal matter. What is wrong. As well up close is it takes you to the blade. And take it Busch car -- -- -- And here's this guy who's over the legal limit for driving and any motor vehicle. Drunk and operating a so you probably told the drop zone just try to stay warm yeah. And soften it and then -- not by any means necessary -- can't beat. -- care in the -- can drive in the snow doll. And now in the what is wrong people thank you David with the developers -- WW well. Not let go live and -- the Eyewitness News forecast and it's a good morning and happy Friday. And went to Yale and mr. meteorologist -- but now I'm so glad for the weekend yeah. And a warmer weekend AA thank goodness we pass that along typical week for many had either for folks like not to let it work and market work this week. Robert Mueller cooped up in the house you couldn't go anywhere or do any -- -- are crazy yeah -- snow finally. Game and it comes with. Sixties today. They sixty -- highs after I like that in the few people -- in this morning. You know we had at few areas where the clouds were not quite as thick as -- temperatures have dropped -- into the lower thirties -- -- but rest of us thirties to low 40s that this morning and it's a warm up quickly as we get into the afternoon. Our rights so bring on well maybe not the sunshine is going to be a lot of clouds believe. The warm and yes we're gonna 64 today especially this morning some scientists who clouds kind of mixing it with say a little of both today. Right and that's that today. And the weekend officially tomorrow. It just little cloudier tomorrow and ahead of -- cut -- next storm system that along with that it's warmer highs tomorrow 71. And then Saturday there will be some showers around right now doesn't look like thunderstorms looks like showers. And up -- 50% for the afternoon or EP with highs also about 71 pesos 10% tomorrow Super Bowl Sunday about fifty -- Right now the New Jersey looking like just about a 20% chance for some showers. And Temps in the mid forties which for them it's kind of ball the target would worry hat yeah I'm Super Bowl starts -- And how cold will get people don't does clouds that tempts Arkin and it's that much to mean yes you know. All things considered not that -- Ninety's that may especially since the farmer's almanac which enter your huge fan and I love that and unite in the scientific data dry weather right out -- thing could be a blizzard of new. New York yeah up that -- journal parent. Noted that. Does that look like -- in the forties and I hate I hate to go up against that farmer's almanac. I know it's it's someday all day. They'll have to say that has that ever happened to crumble around it not that I remembered you know I -- that research but -- kind of cool. So we'll see -- the groundhog sees his shadow with them if we really picked up a winter enterprise and the other big man yet ride and -- it at a dateline went there. Don't by -- is so much panic cutesy OK without -- it would not at Harvard I think people people you know -- people really take farmer's almanac like hearts you know that it. We -- -- a hundred years I get the you know designated have the technologies that -- a satellite everything you've got your fingertips are actually edit. -- -- Exactly I get shot -- and yeah yeah right right -- anyway but yeah I might Groundhog Day it's kind of fun meetings when again. You pick in the run I am going with my boy patent you want to mark. I want to go to Mars and we talked about that to -- time I have a huge fascination with space. Yeah I did you and I would love to be an astronaut and I did time by the window has passed me it's actually not an option for me anymore -- They're allowing private citizens have volunteered to move to Mars right. -- -- about you have to stay there correct about a thousand people are still in the running to be part of the first human colony on Mars in the event of relatively small ball home. But they say you'll have everything you need to survive on water and all that they've been researching and planting it and thousands of people want to go on still thousand are in the running that it doesn't want elements that she's okay with a one way journey but she hopes the technology exists for an eventual. Round trip. Could take months and months to get right to dispute it just right. And then he has stated. If he didn't like you let me -- I'm curious to see how the salt turns out it'll be like the truth and show I'll be watching. You know what's going on over -- but here you know there's a lot of places people on -- I haven't explored yet though I am I think -- I'd and then did I'm Mike and then play yen in Atlanta and -- -- mark eleven I don't concluded -- I and I would even that are just for just different cloth. A thousand wanna do that and I I have all -- -- well thank you up a little weekend happy Friday. Yates you know. Thank you for your -- fact that a lot of -- away. -- -- meteorologist Laura but now live and direct from the Eyewitness News forecast Steve Geller tells more about the ball -- his Super Bowl prediction after that. -- at the box office this weekend by the way to new big movies opening Labor Day with Kate Winslet and Josh Roland he's a man wanted by the law -- shacks -- at her house that PG thirteen in the popcorn moment that are rated comedy with that gaffe from Michael B Jordan. And many other funny people opens David Blake though thinks that neither one of those will be right along with ice -- and Kevin Hart. He said -- have a second week at number one last week he says it'll have a third week at number one this week we'll see you Monday morning if he has right also going against the other. In the top five now lone survivor the nut jobs frozen and Jack -- and shadow recruit. Saints' sideline reporter Christian Garrick it's here and have you major -- For the Super Bowl -- do you think will win on Seattle. Putting the Seahawks going in Vegas yes Blake against Laura yeah I just hotlines to do -- Libby -- about the confidence the arrogance that they have. He gone arrogant -- is -- they just have. It. And I think there's some of the recent for a team that. They play defense the way they can defense wins games like this all often enough defense wins championships unfamiliar with the -- and you think that we come true in this Sunday's super I do have aren't closely though nominee and as we some points it -- point seven point four at W. Are you wanna hear more about his thinking and -- Bob -- thanks to -- -- double coverage on thirteen 50 AM WWL. Coming up at six A and it's. We're here on WWL was Steve Geller your prediction coming up on this Friday morning after he tells all about what's going on. Good morning and happy Friday everyone -- looks like we'll have cold but dry conditions for Super Bowl 48 at MetLife stadium. Sunday's high temperatures expected to be 38 degrees which would make it the -- super bowl of all time but at least there's little chance of snow or rain. Drew Brees -- the NFL network that he's anxious to see you Seattle's a legion of boom is able to slowdown Peyton Manning and the broncos' high octane. All fans there's going to be interesting to see how. They match up outside and how about -- able to manipulate releases -- guys on the back and in the second -- and see if they can jump up and make some plays. One member of Seattle's LO BC teaching came chancellor says that their bond is special as everyone has each other's back. I'm always the firm believer in as well -- -- in we have a -- unit. Our new missile connect there was on the same page you know need to submit the other guys down the homeless and in mic down gas or whoever wins displays are. Super Bowl 48 kicks off at 525 on Sunday right here on WW LR pregame coverage starts at news. The head of the NFL players' union says testing for human growth hormone is being held up by a disagreement with the league. Over whether the commissioner or a neutral arbitrator will handle certain types of appeals. NFL players association executive director DeMaurice Smith says that otherwise the drug policy overall is 98%. Done. And Anthony Davis has been left off the NBA all star teams roster. As reserves were announced last night it doesn't mean that the pelicans forward will not be part of the game though. Eight he could wind up being an injury replacement for someone on the western conference's roster. Today -- four on fans in the pro if your saints fan are you pulling for the Broncos because of pace in or you just want to stick it to the Seahawks. I'm Steve Geller -- that your early morning look at sports. Aaron you pull on for mr. Geller or lemon I'm referring who do you think will win that's really one. A couple of prepay like I said but I do think the Seattle Seahawks win because. We were just talking about how defense wins championships on the firm believer in that. This defense that'll -- gets enough credit as one of the greats of all time so many we've seen before it. Have been built from the front four back this defense. Starts in the secondary and then. Was still forward and I just think that. They'll be able to cover all the Broncos receivers giving their front enough time to get to Peyton Manning I got this 123 to twenty Seahawks relatively low scoring. Absolutely and the Seahawks coming out on top -- -- points. And to me at least you as the saints thing you can say hey we were beaten by the best. See that's that's panic when I start thinking about what I wish would happen. I kind of do you always want the team that -- the saints out of it to win at all. So that at least you have that slight bit of solace to note that. And you may have gotten beaten me get beat by the team that nobody else could it as exactly how I feel -- What -- in fifteen minutes more sports on WWL happy Friday you and yours he's Steve Geller I'm Dave Cohen. Up next learn about telling your weekend. Forecast that attackers here for the next four hours. Fine on Friday. Anti Muslim Super Bowl does the big game can it ever be the same after your team wins -- all. I don't think you can either not nearly as if it is when anybody but the thing. Of course are people in -- talk about that Super Bowl sponsors spent eight ton of money. -- get their message out there but it's just entertainment didn't win the battle and lose a war they compete with each other what do you remember ever buying anything as a result of the Super Bowl commercial you saw. But I don't know that I ever buy things just because of -- commercial intentionally but it. But that's what the product front -- Centre Tom may be more likely as a mark allowances they don't work really they're entertaining but they don't produce more sales of talk about -- run Jefferson Parish. And on and off the large cruise like a business or swallowing up the small ones and what does it mean for the future of carnival Jefferson Parish. They'll talk about praying for football games have you ever prayed for a football game is it revealer test of the -- you got to pick the winners.

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