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WWL>Topics>>1-31 7:15am Tommy, Super Bowl ads

1-31 7:15am Tommy, Super Bowl ads

Jan 31, 2014|

Tommy talks to Jerri Smith, the President of Communicus, about whether Super Bowl ads really work

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Right now we're joined by Jerry Smith president of community has talked about Super Bowl -- morning -- good morning you -- I'm Greg banks are you gonna look at you know CNN story here about Super Bowl commercials to watch for this year and in terms of blows an advertising guest. He can't get any better and -- CNN do a story about the commercials you've been around. During the Super Bowl but I even before -- heard about you study I just wonder and and others are selling more product is an increase sales or is it just. Competition between and agencies as -- do the best commercial. Yeah it's clearly the typical environment is. Inferior -- environments because everybody's watching for the commercials. But what happened over the years as -- suggested that. Agencies really have gotten into who can be the most entertaining it can generate the most. Who can make the top of the USA today popularity rankings and -- forgotten. The whole persuasion part of it so that focusing way too much on the entertainment part and as a result a lot of them aren't selling product. Has there been any obviously they track sales I guess both born after the commercials and you guys have done it with the same group of people. Yeah we interviewed the same people before and after the super ball to see if they've actually changed any of their attitudes towards brands. Of course it's more complicated than just captain fails because if you look at something like cars. You know you gonna build up -- preference over a long period of time so we're looking to see if that means that preference needle -- that on the basis of -- -- the -- -- yes amazing when it comes to use salaries or employees businesses say you know what. About the bottom line and we got to justify this of the board and I just wonder the commercials -- effective. I don't know how much Super Bowl spots are gone for this year but others. Business owner of explain that to the board where while man we're all over -- over social media were all over the the USA today people are talking about us on CNN. But it seemed to me before you spend any money or if you do you better get some returns of that. Yeah it's -- one advertising environments that completely defies nationality they get so caught up in the hype and the excitement. That a lot of them just think our -- it's got to be having this great effect because it's making everybody's so excited. And some of the commercials really do work and -- -- appetizers really do get their return and that investment that the ones. But don't forget that while you're entertaining if you've also got to have people locked away from the commercial thing. I really want one of those as opposed to same amount that was a funny commercial. Any any change in ministers is the way it's gonna go on forever where. Which group companies trying to outdo each other. He's not seeing any big changes on the rise and I think all the -- that the Super Bowl commercials have gotten over the last couple years. -- has only increased. The desire to be the most entertaining indeed most talked about. I'm not seeing it turn the corner anytime soon which is good news for consumers want to be entertained during the capable way. Yeah I yeah I guess indeed just you know it seems disingenuous for companies as saying while we got to eliminate this position or that position and it's all about the bottom line -- understand our company but yet we're just gonna throw. Millions of dollars out of a window -- a to say yeah we're all over social media anybody's talking about this but if they're not buying anything it seems like terrible waste of time to me. Yep I I can't disagree with here and now on thank you appreciate all absolute and have a great day you wanna pick a winner. I think I'd like they're gonna win again they want to last year even though it's a very popular commercial and it also makes people wanna buy -- thank you and lady tells you had to say about it.

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