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WWL>Topics>>1-31 7:40am Tommy, New Orleans elections

1-31 7:40am Tommy, New Orleans elections

Jan 31, 2014|

Tommy talks to Clancy Dubos, WWL-TV's political analyst and Editor & Publisher of Gambit Weekly, about the upcoming elections for Orleans Parish

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That taught to the weekend about intense competition and results and who performs better. Any other does not just about the Super Bowl -- about some big elections -- Orleans parish. Tomorrow Clancy do bush joins Dubose joins us now that WL TV's political analyst and editor and publisher of gambit weekly morning Clancy. Thanks for taking the time with -- so I guess we'll go through room with the biggest one in -- down in terms of who is expected to get -- -- offer who's expected to win out right -- -- with mayor did not skiing and actually Andrew Michael bangers. Well incumbent is always -- -- voters -- at -- epic eight year -- consistently -- that most -- close to two thirds feel that. The city doing well in the right direction have starting point. It definitely favors incumbents. Mayor and council members as well. The -- favored to win outright. About the possibility of runoff because. It really comes down to turnout we're gonna have good -- are they are used to people not voting. And whichever candidate that the best job of getting -- supporters all let mayor street is going to be the one. One -- more entertaining races to watch in terms of I -- campaign commercials have been for sheriff to get done Marlon doesn't the incumbent. Charles bode who like the former sheriff -- I guess B is. Main challenger no disrespect to Clinton brown aren't Thomas but any outright winner here anything is headed for runoff. I think that was for that it would be a surprise anybody if we're able to -- now when right. You know anything can happen but -- but likely voters like just remote -- urged a follow up story. And those who go over doctor Thomas. We'll get them both to get enough bubble lead Colorado. I -- coroner. I'm simpler criminal district court humbly -- morale longtime incumbent Jason Robbie -- any -- That's. That's how it operates it's going to be decided tomorrow and certainly in the road favorite. But it to talk to raise money it -- name Margaret Clark because. In other court just hasn't ministerial job channel department chart track certain anecdotes are difficult to raise money for a race like that. And -- incumbent when you're in their cute terms. Definitely has an advantage. It'd -- good race for coroner no incumbent throw line a first time in a long time and I to have. A mid year coroner name menu NC gets answered a lot of light mechanic and Jeffrey Rouse it does the public have a lot of interest in us. Already happened so you have some I think people recognize sports corner office. This is essentially the chief medical officer. In in -- parish -- city. And most of all court play a vital role. In the criminal justice as people talk about the murder rate its -- the coroner about the police department. That classify. That as a homicide or murder. And you know people talk about required subject of whether they have been short and not the war crimes to the that you cannot I'm not certain that they have been -- But the woman you're absolutely cannot such as the murder rate. And recorders -- and -- classified. Deaths as homicides on natural partners or whatever. But and should do it and conduct classified as a homicide we get into the -- a lot of -- -- replica -- current -- role. Representatives from the -- -- frequently are called out -- a criminal court during trial on murder. And also -- rate -- -- to -- a lot of investigation of great core electorate. -- a couple of accounts of people trying to and to change seats. Did you got dumb Stacy head trying to become council member at large for division one. She. Is she could be it is. Yes but yet it is our incumbent ever changing. But -- but you -- you so much and -- -- at large -- touches you -- large to chew on that special election a year ago. And she's here as a -- lumber large incumbent facing one challenger huge grain and she's pretty -- That's why we can't be on -- straighten me out. Susan give Greece seeking reelection you said the the advantage goes the incumbents generally speaking any -- Jackie. Clarkson trying to get her old seat seed because she is the current. Council person at large correct. Yes Clark and his term limits and her present at large -- and so should respect and urge our Democrat and all our. About which you would not. Seek reelection. Clarkson was urged by a lot of people from the -- and others choose to run for Betsy that was -- her initial. Entry into politics was in district City Council. Which you warm in the early 1990s. And -- that you terms. Of the legislature came back Iran for the council. And there was little currency in it was kind of a sudden decision but Clarkson is probably a paper but she faces a -- rigorous challenge from. Former civil court judge leading ramseys and problem is going to be very close -- -- -- likely to run or it could go either way at all courtroom she shipped by an outbreak so. Up Nicaragua are very possible that. And eight times limited of we can move on a district. How sold commodity in terms of names I guess you'd say that Andre Kelly. Yet that that operates being comfortable it been -- year. -- Should -- lewis' very eager campaigner household name that district. -- -- and actually put. It it was a little bit of paper or dispute in case of thinking and that would not be accurate and up because people in the equal or. Don't necessarily feel that Olympic -- world are going in the right direction that's incumbent. I get a text here about the coroner's race which is interesting. Has frank -- yard endorsed anybody in and if so would they carry any weight women. He has endorsed jeopardy rounds through what appears opposite -- and they offered. That you might -- I'm worried about being outraged probably headed for -- Was like China and -- -- or. -- a lot of Rodham Clinton. Clancy I appreciate your time -- really do and you you wanted a super will win a formula to go. All book but all four. Got to thank you Clancy had a great weekend are. Clancy Dubose says.

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