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WWL>Topics>>1-31 8:15am Tommy, Mardi Gras changes

1-31 8:15am Tommy, Mardi Gras changes

Jan 31, 2014|

Tommy talks to Arthur Hardy, the Editor and Publisher of the Mardi Gras Guide, about Jefferson Parish parades that won't be running

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

815 Tommy Tucker was -- talking about the Super Bowl we'll take you calls a little bit about who you pulling for or against and why. But want to talk about money a little bit because after the Super Bowl is -- like it's going to be downhill snowball Rolen and will be into it for you know. Crew that was my -- doesn't Jefferson Parish they canceled their parade this year there founded in 1969. The crew of the war already paid canceled for this year in the newly formed guardians of Atlantis. Called off parades they'll hope to return next year and on an old that's about bingo revenues being lost to casinos on an old debts anyway to -- a crude to begin with I don't know if it's about super cruise. On attracting riders from those smaller crews maybe people don't have the money maybe it's the tougher restrictions. I don't know Arthur hardy is here. To help us sort all of this out the editor and publisher of the -- drug guy in the morning Arthur. That -- the apartment and so really explain it all -- Well at your target figures are there irks. Me. And I don't know our order. -- it's I mean really there's so. Here. That the most local parcel which are our workers are out there you know court sure that the -- Farmers are there any way they have an arc arc to it goes -- To -- the new rates store and -- that was secure eight years experience and so should really well there arrangement once -- -- -- and so. Decent rate so you know it is more letters. Perhaps it is. One of the biggest problems as the parade -- -- super veterans. Ain't centro. You know that's. An appeal on floats as one -- rates. How are insecure and -- and wrote here. Live there's no. Story there maybe so. He's a pro which. The super -- competition. You checked by day -- -- hours what was small Horry on oats. And don't choose that all goes and so -- NC. -- -- -- -- -- people going to where there's more able. So sent -- don't. That it deserves work. On yourself that that's a century and so does that germs -- -- -- should cherish. In any mentions of -- in my -- -- -- and veterans here Charles avenue but if you look at Allah apparently they decided that. General to go all in and Berman highway and and charities I would -- -- -- parkway ain't so Charles avenue either. -- -- and you know nor -- -- but all of these other carriers are experiencing the same problems competition law. Lack of writers -- he -- brings to. In Utah but regulation. What changed government intrusion in the article but it. It costs a lot of hours or so all the alarm is raised. Its revenues. The -- brought this on themselves and arranged sort of giving you know report. Didn't -- regulation was in relation ship which are at it too much too much it would important quality which. It was so you also -- that. Carlson sent in early sharing a bit it would cool and issue this band contest using Paris salons not to. -- the award winning prayers each story money. And that in Asia and -- -- -- to the matter -- so there. And in you know group. And you know we're pursuing -- war. In China to -- so. Aren't you election trial are exempt spot on all you need a parade of Tibet Tibet where she -- But are except grow along -- terms -- card. Well when it comes out of the Metairie parades is it now urges people walking out of their houses and and the other question I have Arthur is about being in a crew because I never hand of his. Is it suffered eternal thing where you hang out these people all year and you really know who it is you ride -- -- -- -- just something where yea -- you pay your dues and you do what you have to do to get on -- -- in pride and and it's all about the crowd did you have to throw too lazy mentioned earlier. Teaching the it. In some report via partners and members -- -- called Charles or a bigger meetings at remote worker people beating aren't so. -- you know repeat its start there and they speak -- -- issue here and barbecues are and they do things toward their members and yet. Arsenal courses rather rare and and maybe that's what aspect but. You know identify the problem is what solution I mean it's menus are well I couldn't -- well -- -- -- these streets thanks. That. It may just be an air pollution. -- be moving you know orders for a 21 day. Instead of starting tomorrow but the Internet and new problem that some of these -- and it worked -- that rating on stage so. On the solutions that are coached and it's not what it used to be here that are. What some exceptions -- Good earnings as sporadic. Actually it thank goodness orchestras. In each well most people don't you know so. It's it's ironies extra expert I'm glad to see at least there's attention to. Yes it this way to get a couple more minutes. If you were sent out -- -- the crew of Arthur. -- party but how would you go about it in nature of that -- you recruit enough members that it's financially sound that you know you can deliver -- good -- -- what is decent and it's not just one year thing. Dare you question how -- we haven't -- amateurs. Are we don't need you know we don't need. I mean I don't know what somebody new corporate jet would support laws. Proposed ordinances were -- in the corporation -- -- Circuit Court or not foreign origin. It -- join an -- group that that needs some help. -- the crews have not been bit stronger. To help in the long to real strong. It could be argued that are used -- -- But it is Saturday at the glory at -- rate and our our as a publisher solutions but. During just -- -- change your. Well my thankfully -- -- in terms of he said 3233. I think and 33 at one point they had a remember you know money grinding in the and member of the news go to shell met they go to. Thomas Jefferson Parish ego of the north's here it seems like he had money grow everywhere and we'll do it and bombing -- we -- throughout the area at one point but but why the attrition is it just because of economics and Andy Agassi economic principle at work. Think it is -- certain at which changes. Everybody now wants to be a search -- Europe and it's important support to Barack -- -- you rate and and that's what -- terriers a bit that maybe different bigger term. Just to want to celebrate Easter there you know in the -- -- -- and after that answer oracle. But it it's just sort -- that justice and things change can be market gently itself. But but not that. Tell me about the guide real quick your money -- again. It's everywhere we do that digital issues -- -- war on or are so certain that Israel or what sort ought to Brooke -- even money drugs on high tech. K yeah America mr. -- to not -- totti in barrister.

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