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1-31 8:45am Tommy, Jefferson Parish Mardi Gras

Jan 31, 2014|

Tommy talks to JP Councilmember Cynthia Lee-Sheng about Mardi Gras in Jefferson Parish

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy -- grade 45 quarter till nine you know in this day and age. You certainly don't wanna offend anybody but you want to honor their cultures that we had a a heated discussion years -- whether or not a nation I should wish. Council members in the -- Chang who has quite an impressive -- me if you don't know anything about it. Happy Chinese New Year and I think it's okay isn't. Absolutely absolutely. And you reminded me the report which I am. I'll -- especially -- meteor from make an -- that's what it means you you you born that year it means good year for you that's what you're. Yet which you know I grew up thinking at this sheet and you're Arab working at the calendar. January Earth Day come. For Chinese New -- Eager for. He can't make sure you're here following right. The right -- From what I know of fuel and your resonate -- daddy ratio I would get you or anything bloody sheet. Well well yeah I'm just saying that -- she -- I don't think would fit. Tell me the validity you trying to do with Jefferson Parish parades in the and the third one canceling family -- idea you're very involved with Medicaid give me your take on all this. A couple years ago we really pushed our sport stronger exports are parliamentary. Cart will trade. And we knew that maybe you know it would be topped -- push back -- many things we -- -- -- -- back. You know it's generations need to uphold the -- tradition. I mean I don't think it should be negotiable item or -- where -- in our history our tradition and we panel at the -- it. Goes in on them well. And then others to nearly. And you know I felt very strongly about it and really pushed for stricter enforcement at that. -- -- -- -- The right numbered and -- right number of writers. Let. Look at that like you know a lot of public resource -- go -- you -- -- and network stay cool well. A mom and what have you heard from them from their crew members from there. The public in terms of this there are most people in favor of this. -- in general public kind of understand what we're trying to do you know certainly nobody wants. Government restriction on you know on a lot of the crew captain -- in saint garbage. But what we're what's really exciting about issuers that we're doing something called red -- And it can you bank contact and I think. You know the great color is more than just going out at a track -- it's a whole experience every single unit raided. You know part that. Greater shadow and being part of that could be part of that much -- watch mark and there are a lot. And I think we got a lately battled it and battery and you know was more -- -- Europe's. You know sort of advantage with the recorded music. On and that you bring -- -- and I think we've really improved the quality of our -- Parade we want to bring up and back in the college you know -- competition eat and a lot of them -- orleans' territory the latter part -- band or are straight. So we wanted to do something help our -- Recruit them back and it would delay a contract this year with 3000 for the first place and -- out for the second place winner. And out at -- -- each and recuperate not at the hole at each parade at -- contact. And that's been exciting element this year and I think it's something that -- really. Rejuvenate. In battery. You don't and I mean it. Cause many problems here I find it interesting because if you get at -- as. And then Demi and yeah he'll he's limited this company floats bit and he's got 28 a BC DEETC. And I think in Jefferson sometimes just the opposite way you'll see -- go by and I'll have one -- two people wanted and is that because. They have a minimum -- amount of floats -- they have to have. I have they have a certain number let's just ten and -- -- App Store camera writers. And and -- when he caller enacting. Mr. -- talked about earlier. You know it's the difference between our organization that had yearlong. -- -- see your lottery. I spoke to know each other. -- our organization that you -- two at the last minute they'll buy. And acted very different. -- and it could very different show that you at all. And though it it's not it's -- to be trapped in the top in this. Competitive environments. To put on Rachel but there is an undeniable formula that if you conclude a good show on street. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And today numbers -- and it sort of chicken and eight ink which come art and it is I think start rash. Get enough capital to put on -- sort of prompting people I'm not incorporate have any experience to show your style and to get and number. I think that please stop you know some of them trying to start battery and inject capital to call -- doing out into -- Existing. You know organization still struggling to that -- And before -- let you go the crew of that lists not parading their day of family grows understand it do you think that'll have. Any impact on -- at all Arthur -- that he didn't think you needed a parade. And it surprised me when some people gave their opinions and it would affect the third day because. I don't even need to -- anyway and a lot of times when I would go and take my daughter we believe and on the other side of that. As seems like the big crowd the one year remember was watch and Gansu and data and seemed to care about the parade at all. Certainly would rather have a parade but people come out and indicate that to be an annual. All aged kids teenagers older adult -- I mean it got its standalone that we we want it to be part -- article do we want -- -- that night so certainly we're disappointed. I think it's still going to be a strong they are really strong lineup that day god at the -- -- -- -- flat footed you may not heaven and throw any of them among some of the big -- common from Stanley -- Well back and we have. Nicole blood sweat and tears. Will -- -- and Montgomery Gentry. So -- strong day tablet that it's Friday and of course -- -- apron and shock Saturday. In her journey. Immunity on Saturday at the all electric light star EL. -- they might quick. Blood sweat and tears story about five years ago I emceed a concert with blood sweat and tears. It was David Clayton Thomas and I met him and says hello introduce myself for whatever reason he happened to be still around a week later -- now.