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1-31 11:10am Don Dubuc, St. Tammany Update

Jan 31, 2014|

Time to talk North Shore concerns with St. Tammany Parish President Pat Brister.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- with you on Fridays for the Friday edition of the think tank in temporarily we're gonna put away the Super Bowl topic in the thank you to all of you continuing to text in your messages about you. Favorite bad -- favorite foods how you decide you like to win the game. Also those of you who were casting your vote on operating opinion poll question do you actually remember Super Bowl ads. A 53% saying no they don't 47% saying yes they do we may -- didn't back to that in the the next hour. Also if you really wanna get two days laugh go to that money out -- -- YouTube commercial that aired on super -- back. Fourteen years ago and I don't even remember it but I don't think -- -- that and it's one that's very funny and it would take a look at that. We'll get back to all of that but right now this hour we're gonna talk about my home Paris saint Tammany parish. The last Friday of each month saint Tammany parish president pat -- Gives us some time is up an hour to talk with us about the goings on in saint Tammany so if you live work play their travel through there. You have an interest got a question for a comment. Suggestion phone lines are open for. 260187. In toll free number 866889087. If you'd like to text a message for me to relay. To ms. Preston as some of -- party done please go ahead and do that. 87870. Is the text message board and a welcome at saint Tammany parish that. Bristow who by now is probably warmed up a little bit -- bar -- what do what. A miserable couple of days we spent. Cold. We did we did that you know we're fortunate that we've made it through is this view. Problems -- as it turned out. Well you know my congratulations to you and in -- staff at saint Tammany parish in many the other parishes. Is southeast Louisiana we look at what happening up in Birmingham Alabama Atlanta Georgia. Things could have been much much worse and generally you know work was really cut out was as we -- not normally staffed and equipped to handle that kind of stuff and ethnic and exemplary job was done and it -- state police and -- Thank you thank you very much for that and yeah we we're not prepared necessarily far. Freezing and -- but we didn't have a great emergency operations. Protocol. And we can apply that almost any emergency. And it just get the resources we need. Out there as quickly as possible I think I think. All the planning that we do. Year -- year on our biggest threat which is that a hurricane season. Maybe we used that and we just -- supplement what we need to. For the free -- dead so I think that's -- were able to make the decisions we were -- quickly as we weren't. You know I I will pay this guy and I feel for the people and in Georgia and Alabama I you know I can't even imagine. Having your children step and then wondering what's going on. Did you know make and make the decision to close the schools straight -- was what is superintendent of schools. Only got all the information from. The National Weather Service in those those decisions are made lightly and we know what it means -- and what it means to parents to their jobs and everything else so he. He did a great job at our command him and his board -- so. Along with the -- office in the state police BO TP the utility companies everybody worked together on this -- -- fortunate. While continuing to become a great out the winter storm procedure in the aftermath. The utility companies really clean -- and Washington saint Tammy I don't think I heard of any outages -- there any mid major problems until it would isolated incidents Clint. I can't recall any entire subdivisions on areas of businesses that lost power for any significant amount of time. They they did that's absolutely true there was one neighborhood that lost power for just -- a couple of hours. But it was really due to I'd -- it was due to some other. I think that tree but not provide spell on the line really wasn't -- -- usual. Outage for a anytime of the year and say they had last. Let savages and they would have been a normal week actually end and the one that they did tablets. It happened forty or so. Homes they got back pretty quickly. But -- DOC to make sure we get everything we need it. You know there are a lot of parallels in this incident that that kind of bring back memories of law tropical storm and hurricane where we go into that same type of Mozart think that. Probably keeps this area him better prepared to deal with a because of we've had that experience. As far as that the warming shelters as opposed to shelters don't hurricanes whether enough of them in more than. And the Nadal but well looks. We could that first night we opened one that was throughout a large. And -- at the most we have in any one -- or seven people so we went to a scaled back operation to a smaller facility. On the second. And third ninety it really wasn't needed as badly as we thought it could have been. And just -- they -- -- seven people at one time and and one and we only open one and we needed more we would've been able to open them. -- and just a couple hours' notice that and it turned out it worked out. It worked out fine. As far as what this is gonna cost the Paris obviously I was a great job done it was absolutely necessary. The money had a misspent -- -- gotten an estimate yet on what this is gonna cost you know all the extra personnel all the news in the sand and only other equipment that was needed. We don't have that -- -- you know just getting back to normal yesterday we opened it and yesterday. Although our public works people worked throughout the tea event. And we are putting that together now you know because it was a declared emergency -- we will hope to get you know reimbursed or or part of that. And particularly from DO TD we we worked with them they were -- you know we kept checking on its. On -- for them that might be a problem in one they had a problem getting -- would work with a machine and did what we needed to do that it was just. Really a partnership here that works so well. And I'm I'm really thankful. But I'm also thankful that let me say to the citizens of saint Tammy payers. They heeded the warning. They stayed off the road for the most part it -- you know sometimes I think the only give out these warnings that we had please do this and -- it. Some citizens think -- it's not that bad we can do this then we'll go ahead but at this time they really did not heed the warning and I think that's while we get through this so. Put them with -- as spew incidents of this as we did. Well you know pat kind of thing may be philosophy of life down here is a little different to Namibia the city's. While go to work keep schools open at all costs that didn't take as much arm twisting for the latest -- That's just a day Warrick into kids' day off to play in the snow really believe that. You know it may be in May it be made -- be attacked -- right detection. You know whatever whatever it was I yeah I do appreciate this citizens. -- doing their part we did our part in and the citizens did their part to. Very good with talking with saint Tammany parish pres the would be back to take you call skewed on Tuesday and you have a question. Also got some text messages -- also -- talk about the flood insurance affordability act. And yes we will -- situation on the saint Tammany parish fishing Pia and saint Tammany parish president had Preston joins us we've talked about the -- winter storm aftermath and now with got a phone lines open a text message board is open let's go to -- -- On line one checking in from saint Tammany -- thank you for the call you -- with Sampras. As thank you might go oh and -- the people reduce. India and light on my span the new CBO. Orbit and maybe that. Well is that much money on the bridge. That maybe. It. Okay thanks for the all -- her. Pat I guess it's mostly a state matter -- to stay out. It is the quake federal highway. And we have. Adam can you -- -- to go -- that we have been meeting -- The idea TD about. Lighting at oak harbor exit there all in that area. I don't know dead -- what their their planned laws area as far as the bridge it out but I won't be able surely asking which. And if mean I can get that information back to you are -- put it if he would just. I'm sorry I didn't get in -- that he could just go to our web site in the middle -- asked -- and we'll answer directly to him. OK and while we've got in listening what is that address again point to reach about -- and www. FKP. Geo pretty. Dot -- I got a question -- mr. -- 260187. -- our toll free 866889. 087 the end of that I think we've had this one before. A text message comes in wanting to know when the the beautification of the Robert boulevard and brown which road roundabout in Slidell is going to be complete. We. And again we have -- that's at -- how way but we are going to. Do landscaping there. And the lighting and that hey we're in contraction of the cities -- resigning -- GA with the city of Slidell. And we are putting together actually the putting together a plan. -- several roundabout we gonna have a uniform look to around abouts and and now try to get. The mall. Similarly. Landscape. So we're working on it just because there's so many different agencies about this state believe that city. It just takes so long from the beginning at that we're gonna get there we just make sure we get the rights that and then it will not look good and not have to. Did you. We -- it'll be this year. I'm here's another one I Don please ask mr. -- when will there be a hazardous waste. Recycling event in saint Tammany according to the saint Tammany website the last one was back in 20072008. That's from Dave -- in Salina. Yes such. As we we actually. A week. Attempted put one together -- last year. It data becomes more and more difficult because. Home where we have to take it. How we have to do it it had it takes such a large area -- to do it in because so many people drive in and drop step off. It's just finding the right place and to do it. And and that -- funding obviously to do -- -- such but we are working witnessed some of our -- dollars. To work with us to do that so we will Google. Attempt to do that again and it will be essential advocates and -- could channel the weather being a little bit better. But there is quite a job because when people when you do have one people district I had everything that baton. And it. We have to make sure the traffic we have a place that the traffic and get in put up blocking everything out. -- -- In line with that what suggestion would you have for someone that has a small amount of hazardous waste out of the disposal. Depending on what it is. That you can -- to the DQ. Com web site. And I believe they would have specific information. If there were batteries are are things -- refrigerator or things like that. But to come we can put something like that up on our web site also and Powell I'll get money to people -- -- that in so they'll know. Where to go if they do have specific things are part disposal. I'm very good bills listening to us on the -- sure he wants to know about your position on inspector general bill you're wrong with that -- Yet iPad are you doing kind of Harry yeah. I'm fine. As you know it inspector general task force has been meeting quite a while they ought to -- got a the feasibility of establishing an inspector general office in the parish. And they've come up with three different proposals -- possibilities there do that and basically the differences. The difference in the scope over Opel which he would am. Some are wondering whether you have a preference as to which those three options. If it is most desirable. Well I do. And one option is an inspector general. Have been hired I think Timmy perished. And because the state statutes and how other elected officials are elected. The only authorities that they would have it would be similar to the Jefferson Parish one. They did -- the inspector general would have authority to two. -- Paris government that means that day -- scalpel and -- administration I'll. And then India would have to prove that you could follow the money any other text funny to -- start auditing any of these other agencies in India -- elected officials offices. So to me that doesn't. I don't think that gets us where we -- be the other two options I think one as a constitutional. Change. I think that that's more than we should have to go through to get an inspector general this year. And think Tammy pairs but we need to whatever we do we need to make sure that -- encompassing. Not just. A small portion of the government the home. Aren't that -- audit. By the legislative barker -- I would be happy with that -- I'm happy with an inspector general if he has the authority to do. All agencies. So there's two of them need to to that I think you would work but the one. The -- compared model I did not think would work cut out I would not being in paper that one. Which you which you support that it -- -- -- -- -- municipal governments as well. -- DS -- if if we're going to have an inspector general here if we're going to go to the expansion in believing it will be very expensive for. Pour from our taxpayers today then he should have the authority to do. Not every. Government agency and municipality. That expert opinion but thank you very much. I thank you for that call bill appreciated 260. 187 mile 8668890870. Got lots of text messages coming in less of tweaking you want them won't take very long -- America we can -- the news governor. How many painted pelicans are now in -- I don't want to follow up I would be nice to have some on the roundabout. You know we we have talked about that we are now looking -- and that type of change. Those those are. Did the art associations started I believe are associated story that. I may be given credit to the -- wrong group -- It has just taken off with a little need him like wildfire. So what I drafted by Dallas see them -- overnight I'm sure there's. A -- -- out there but it would get a number we don't know exactly but another slot. Nazi people actually taken photos of the zones within two. I would -- take a break -- -- news we come back that I got people wanna talk about the shift to wriggle these barrier. Also some traffic issues also some information about public boat launches. And one member of a different parish wants to steer you away and have them become. -- -- their parish president I don't think that's gonna happen also they wanna -- Super Bowl picking your favorite Super Bowl commercial solar rhetoric about that side that basket of the phone lines Franken my bills on line one hey frank -- own parish president Brister. I drink I think it was mr. am trying. I have a question and I old. Is -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- -- Every year with money go towards. Like auto -- belittle -- And of course it is well in -- -- extra out so be it. To -- use -- -- -- Our tax money go towards certain way. Back. When they're put out to -- to -- should be. Our core. Requirements local businesses and middle slaughter hospital just know it just. And it is your I don't think they uses. I don't know any local business it got toward -- but yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sure we where we -- regulated by the state bid laws and we had and we can't do that do we don't have -- asides for local. Although -- -- I do what we have an opportunity here. For professional services where are we we can pick the people we do do local tickets available. But on a bit odd jobs did like that we don't have a lot of leeway -- -- -- the law that we have to abide by. And in the bid process but we have a choice that's exactly what we we did. I cracked I just didn't know unlike many walls -- -- -- -- -- disadvantaged businesses and that type thing I've just bought that spends about public money senses our money toward toward and other. It would only be right at local business wherever. They are shot at some of that or at least it's something funny. And yet what they're cute did these two separate things -- into you know bid contract or whether it can be a professional services are fun in public health victory that we can pick the -- -- the day -- -- you know it's a different way of doing -- but we certainly -- Net but -- -- bit -- -- are are just -- you have to apply in a lot of a lot of work we do. This would grant money federal grant money. And they have their regulations on how you must sell it and how you must accepted to and so we we are very cautious about. Making -- we call those regulations that we can I promise you I use local. It all right frank. That's like call Franca that we have attacks that came in a while back -- -- to get to this -- think it's a very important issue for two reasons no one that certainly put people's -- rest but also. Could have some definite impact on the the prom with dealing with the flood protection via. The flood insurance affordability act but this question says what progress is being made. One shift to rig leased that area is the only thing that will -- man to bill. A lot of people are very concerned walls put up its new structure that it's gonna actually forced more water to come through. In the Lake Pontchartrain via the release area. And that has been some talk about a barrier there that can open and close a gate to prevent that water from coming in. Is is still in talks stage oh what's being done there. And yes it is actually it has been moved up. And and conversations. And it's time died down because he it could be as you know we've been trying to get. Something done on them for so long that the cost woods. Prohibitive and addition to Mississippi had some concerns about what it would into the Mississippi coast -- You know that they and the Mississippi had some legislation passed that they would have to be. And on that conversation that we know that they answer and that that that the long term cancer. We it is. On the state master list. Projects. To do. Ban him but his way to on the list so we're still pushing we're still talking about it laborers looking at what it would cost today in May be changing what the original. -- -- to maybe not be as high or whatever but in addition of that on this we were going forward we're doing everything we can't keep that going. But in the mean time we were looking and talking about a project that to come bailing on gestured did and plaque and miscarriage. And it's a little different and that it jedi it to alternating jedi from either side. While it doesn't block the water totally it slows it down considerably we're looking at that that model. As a result and what doesn't models show. And like it would cost in how we might can do that we're studying that run and that is a short term might be certain that we can do that supportable. They would not affect Mississippi would not have to go through that. So we're looking at both of those things we talk with. -- grade and the governor's office regularly about it. So it is on the radar but now that's gonna take too long trust yet so we're looking for other solutions. Might be a viable Lance and very good. -- as far as the impacts though with that or Marriott to the flood insurance affordability act in a big waters. This threatens the parish seriously probably the biggest threat we've got it threatens to hike insurance rates. I've heard as much as 20000 dollars for home insurance from a year which will put homes into foreclosure which affects the banks which affects the jobs. The parish loses tax revenue because he assessments will be lowered its what I called a reverse economic ripple -- well all we on this. Well actually yesterday it was a big day in and embattled. We started this eight months -- and nine months again. Beating this -- because we were the first ones to. Do you think get our flood maps and -- what what this deal was going to do is to us this year. And yesterday. That the senate passed their home -- plant entrance until portability act. Additionally -- 440 years so we could study a way to make this the down. Insurance now buy insurance -- the sustainable and I'm white but without that heavy handed. Burden on. Homeowners. So it passed out of the senate yesterday 67 to thirty kid that's a very big number. It makes you know such. The Republicans and Democrats to work together on a lot of issues but this when ever they did come together and we got that we believe now I have to go to the house. Give it a comparable bill there's one they -- covered Graham waters they'll get -- house to pass that and get that conference. And if we can do that. We will have a delay in those rate hikes until we can find a better solutions. These -- just. Absolute -- the and we just. Can't even imagined it. Our cut our. Congressman would allow a bill to go forward that would damage so many homes then and it -- homeowners and and and date the government to you know we would be able to. Pappas services that we have every day the realtors see home builders that banks all of those they -- those. Different agencies would suffer terribly that's. We have made great progress and it's due to the heart workable a lot of people in and led by you know week. But I would add that every that there. Contact our congressman. And today did it is important. This means so much let them know how important it is that they need to be working on this is hard. And Mary Landry and David that are did in the senate and they both did they work extremely hard to get this going. Well assault -- bipartisan can be put aside they didn't on the farm bill hopefully they'll do on this and that would be one -- to get a four year. Respite where we could get everything straightened out. Right right and come up with a way in the end there we we have some suggestions of -- at least to do that that -- you know that. It already to last October some rate went up this spectacular others will go up. That is not enough time for us to to get those things in place that town. Would help. That we got some calls I wanna get to -- before we get to them this is I think a very important question that's come up. Someone wants to know what about cleaning up the -- Katrina boats on the chip on the river in Madison bill. It's ugly on such a pretty river in this is not a problem that's exclusive. To saint Tammany we've got the pearl we've got by you liberty bio coma that a lot of waterways in the parish but dimension like -- train but. It seems when boats -- damaged wreck or sunk. In south Louisiana they just stay there may never go away until they rot away which in some cases years years and years is there any recourse to find the owners and make them liable many of them may be of collected insurance money and bought a new boat just simply forgot the other wouldn't think it's gonna make a great -- Marie. The end there as well you know what we've tried to do one that we can get to and get to. Home page numbers -- -- -- identification numbers from him we go to wildlife and fisheries all are aren't the Coast Guard. And depending on where it is and what the situation is because they are the agencies that have to do that we're not allowed to take things out. Like that but if we can help them find the owners we do that we get them as much information as possible. There -- some cases that we can. Try to pull. That advocates and happily in the water half batters -- like that but it -- and the water is unfortunately. Album is regulation that we we have to. Operate under doesn't allow us to do that but we do work -- we call them mentally we stay on them. And quite regularly. So as much information as we can get to them it sometimes helps them by the owners and and get the map. -- we do our comment that we now it's just. As much as we candidate. All right very good 2601878668890878. If you wanna Texas is simply 87870. But please text responsibly. Let's go to phone lines -- wanna get the balance Slidell because I've got several text on this very same topics though. And and a lot of interest in it the value Ross saint Tammany parish president -- pressed. M well now think all we can you know. Of course it is easy rate I would. -- Coincide with the -- lap that was -- can we expect -- -- This year that first first quarter of it will be done before a hurricane season as you know he has tried to do that before hurricane season last year. But because again and it is -- state or federal highway Lee we're not they've they've made it goes through. Very. -- expensive. Surveys and we had to get and environmental. Assessment says it took longer so we did that and then emergency. By past stare did that very reason but this year before hurricane season that debt will be done. And wore out the back end up where it goes railroad track -- they cannot not railroad track. -- spoke to go back hair. A key again that part of part of our levees systems where. We work on that. You know when we work with that the federal government they escorted Ayers and try to get them to bill -- -- -- as they have in other. Parishes. Leak you are not Ali -- -- also we use our own funding and we build as many -- this weekend. And that we are just doing depiction as we can honestly accumulate the money from your taxes. But the rub on the -- is only do it with our own money and didn't win our flood maps came up plot snapped a -- They ignored those levees that we have built. We don't even get credit for them and and payment settings applied maps and then and the insurance rates so we're fighting that battle both of up front. We are going forward with -- -- Levy is we can. Section by section and we are also now and wanted to. By perish is that there are is that pilot program. That will get containment to look at those levees we have built. Even though they are not certified by the corps of engineers they still good they haven't failed as the one an -- did. And given credit for those are people to get there. Their insurance rates so we're working on both. Right and why church a big problem now all that long shot in the railroad traction. Are the age ought Chu wa Jenna should mayor -- And effort and sure that we can't try railroad track -- perhaps under order order text op and are now. It well you know we we are working to try to get that to happen but it is difficult it is fair and it -- we work with mayor -- on -- on again this morning. So we work with them on and trying to get that done and we were just keep pushing until we can't. They eat you know I know people get very tired of these saying this but. We have so many regulations that we we have to live under. That it takes us so long to get anything done whether it's a railroad when is that -- what it. Environmental assessment weather is mitigation and wetlands. It's just one after another and it takes ever produced getting to know about. But we do work on it and and maybe we should put more information out about where we are on in that process than we did to let people know that we are. I would that I know value just didn't bulldoze and tobacco in the a couple of nights and get -- to get -- -- I don't want that to actually thank appreciate the call so many issues so little time pat thank you so much food. Spending an hour -- this I can't let you go without giving his Super Bowl pick could feel like Seattle. -- Denver our hometown connection Denver absolutely. Kind of thought you're gonna go that way if you would give out your email address all the people at Texan on hold it can't get too. Sure www. FCC. GOC. Dot board -- thanks that look forward to the next visit -- excuse. I can and up next hour or all lines on a Stan.