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1-31 12:10pm Don Dubuc, Ted Nugent may have a fever

Jan 31, 2014|

Is Ted Nugent…director of the National Rifle Association…good or bad for the gun lobby and outdoorsmen? The aging rocker recently called America’s 44th President Barack Obama a “subhuman mongrel”…he said ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has “spare scrotums”…and he compared film producer Harvey Weinsten to Nazi propagandist. Do you want Ted Nugent representing you?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good afternoon on this Friday afternoon as we head into a Super Bowl weekend I'm down to view info Garland Robinette thanks for tuning -- And we're asking you -- questions about the Super Bowl this I'll get back to that topic and also I'm gonna talk about Ted Nugent if you didn't. Here his column. Well his controversial comments made at the shooting honing in now to a trade industry show in Las Vegas earlier this month you may be surprised he would you say it again if you know maybe you -- But we do have some of those cuts analogy here -- -- Is Ted Nugent. If you -- a sportsman if you -- gun rights in two easiest is Ted Nugent the Wright's spokesperson to represent you. Given his track record will give in to that also Super Bowl yeah menu items you favored ads asking you. This ready opinion poll question do you remember the Super Bowl does it really register. Is it worth the four million dollars or thirty seconds that there will be spending on Sunday. To send the message out one of the latest things to do the goals of advertising agencies and companies is to. Get their ads. For some reason or another either because -- so far our funny humorous or controversial. But they actually go viral and get on the Internet there's one out -- and now it deals with -- A soda company. End -- took shots directly at the two major. -- manufacturers. And distributors of soft drinks in the 'cause of that one and a lead the network refused to air with them on there. And so that people would hear about it and wanna see it it's now gone viral in the beginning probably more -- buck put more bang for the buck. Then by paying for the Super Bowl anyway and anyway tech data out also this one that does not found an extremely funny. And don't really remember it but it's called money output was -- W AZ 00. Was an E*Trade commercial. That Brando in the Super Bowl in 2000 you might wanna check that also what about Super Bowl. -- You know the chart where you got them 100 squares and you got the numbers now one side and down the other -- whichever the score is they pay buck waters they pay sometimes they use first downs I think the big win this year. Is going to be how many times -- Peyton Manning's say all law that's going to be a -- number there but anyway. Crazy about rules. I like it is to get in on them that not only one though the numbers come FR one Arafat didn't. Because it affects the way you look at the game you get some weird numbers like. Five and eight and in doing something well if they do this and get three safeties can end up with a five and I can win them that's no good anyway. Like to hear from you on that also we're gonna talk about Ted Nugent. They wanna hear from some you sportsman. In case she didn't hear. He is a national right well first of all let me go back and you don't -- to New Jersey he was the guy was a rock star. Made a fortune back in now I guess the seventies I was never. Ted Nugent fanned by the -- time Ted Nugent reached his fame and appealing to young people I was so hard at work raise in the family and trying to struggle work and now and have topped the Ted Nugent type stuff. At least not in that role that he played is. And it. Producer and performer of cat scratch -- whatever -- anyway. He claims he's never used drugs in his life. But yet he made a fortune promoting what I would consider that type of lifestyle miss some might disagree. But he has since become a spokesperson of sorts. Has got a television show called spear of the while which is an outdoor show which he's been. Cited in received citations for violations of fish and game laws involving his performance in that. And his wife was arrested at an airport she had a gun concealed trying to get on the plane. That type of thing but he's he's probably the most outspoken person eleven me and he is now a board member -- the National Rifle Association. He's a spokesperson for the Outdoor Channel. And in this interview he did on January 17. With guns dot com and this was done at the 2014. Shot -- It's an acronym shooting honing in outdoor Patricio. It's an annual trade show that has 60000. Firearms industry professionals. Will Nugent was there representing the Outdoor Channel that that channel carries -- show. And they've also announced a multi year endorsement deal where he's gonna make talent appearances. On the networks to have an all these consumer in the industry ratios. In announcing the deal they said that Ted Nugent symbolizes. Everything. That is right in our industry. Well. You mean the judge -- allowed to listen to some of the cuts of of some of the comments that he made this is not the first time he's made. Inflammatory statements like this and certainly he's got a right to free speech and as people say you have to suffer the consequences that in his case. It may be paying off form and maybe this news. The right selection as a role model for people who -- to the hunting and shooting sports. You be the judge in fact let's let's go to cut number one mrs. Former rock star turned TV host and spokesperson for the gun industry in the running industries Ted -- -- I think America will be America again. And Barack Obama. Erik -- Hillary Clinton. Dick -- Michael Bloomberg. And all the Liberal Democrats are in jail next JC. Just to punishment -- there. Treasonous -- -- I know that was not the most there's certainly some title of that opinion in a lot of people probably will agree with him. But here's what preceded that that she didn't hear. He said I -- obviously failed to galvanize in prod if not shame. And off Americans to be ever vigilant not to let a Chicago Communist raised. Communist educated Communist. Nurtured sub human -- Like the acorn community organizer. Gangster Barack Hussein Obama to weasel his way into the top office of authority in the United States of America. I am heartbroken but I am not giving up. That's what you didn't hear about was sick. And again asking the question is this. The person. That makes these comments the one. That you would like to represent you as a Second Amendment some -- a store shooter -- an outdoorsman 26017866. 889087. Inning did -- account -- my -- Connick guy what do you think also got some Tex coming in. At age 787 here's one that says anyone in town of crawfish I'm having trouble finding an eight. Yeah if you are planning on having crawfish for -- Super Bowl party you may be in trouble. Maybe we'll send out a -- is anyone out there have crawfish and you seafood. Retail store is our seafood markets have be the live or ball crawfish. Will let our listening audience knowing it is a suggestion if you would have been thinking. Last year -- in the piquant crawfish season you could have took some crawfish boil them. Drained off most of the water and then put him in some extra large freezer -- Freeze the whole thing the borrowing mix across finished the sausage the corn everything you put into it in freeze. And now when this scares you pull -- out the freezer he Saturday and you pot you let it all you fired up for about three to four minutes and walk. You got -- ball crawfish that nobody else. Just think it we're talking about a couple things as Super Bowl in your party -- not complete without. Certain food items on the menu crawfish was put -- -- a call for anyone out there who can locate some crawfish in south Louisiana lot of people are going to be disappointed they won't have the ball crawfish for the Super Bowl. What about some other menu items that might fill in. In case she can't find any crop of shrimp and a -- if you confined the a bank that loaned you the money you I think that trip this time of the year. They are very expensive when one that says cast -- seafood has all the crawfish. Unique I think that's the cast net and -- -- could check that out and we got a lot of comments as expected on nine Ted Nugent. The spokesperson for the Outdoor Channel NRA board member who make some. Controversial statements at the latest shots show in the and here's a support -- right support uncle Ted 100%. Ted Nugent for president. And on the other side of that is one that says -- a gun owner and a sportsman and I think Ted Nugent is a lunatic. Another one I think Ted Nugent is a very good spokesperson for the NRA and also what could be worse than having Barack Obama is the president. At least what Ted Nugent says is true. Obama only lies every time he speaks. Is another yes for Nugent Obama was raised as a Communist he is a Communist what is so controversy. Ted -- needs to stick to hunting and fishing leave politics to people with real intelligence. Uncle Ted speaks the truth especially about this coming in the White House and his puppets holder and Pelosi. Here's another I think what he says is terrible in the media airing this just adds to the hate and division in the country. And then -- in Covington says Ted the president -- in for a leader. Boy I just commit Ted as extreme and out there and if you pass the dog and pony show he makes some great points on gun in hunting rights as a pretty good point. Is it what his message is good message it's the way he presents it may -- Admitted it's a carry over from him being a former rocks maybe that's what he does. And then again you got the question of do you leave and become a spokesperson by example in if that's the case well Nugent records not exactly. Example. -- back in I think it was 2000. And -- up on the mistaken he had eleven charges following instinct. For illegally hunting deer on his TV show in California which he pled guilty to and paid a 17150. Dollar fine the way he was caught. Two game wardens watching on television watch -- was doing and made the case. Then he was also investigated in the -- invading issue in South Dakota and also whether he was actually. Legally -- them because he was not only losing honing in abated area. But he was all souls are still on probation from the early charge which had -- from honing in states and have a cooperative agreement. Whereas if you are -- in one state the other stable venue and they are still Louisiana's part of that. And then he was also. Charged in Alaska on a ballot he violated a conservation law he was bow hunting for bear. He shot a bear the bear ran often -- recovered and he ended up killing another -- which is illegal. And Newton and that's and then his wife I can't remember her name she accompanies on some of these trips in the she. She was caught trying to get on an -- airplane with a with a -- with a gun fire element certainly that you don't do that these. I've -- -- Texas still come and get some of these that we got phone calls let's go to line one for John listening to his in laws say John thanks took on the thing. You. Sound like a little bit of a shock to you know waiting to talk. About it opinions and I we have Michael Williams. You know. Yeah being you know plus Rush Limbaugh -- -- -- it scream and any rights laws and -- -- multiple disks just like he's just trying to make ratings and make a preacher. Well John let me ask you this do you think that he is a good represented well -- you. Gun owner on second -- -- -- -- by and do you think he represents you properly do you feel comfortable with -- -- -- being you spoke -- Now because these could flamboyant -- like. Yeah you -- combined with comments and what -- -- -- -- and and and -- And I he's he's like he's going off that caught you know. Well one thing you got to give enemies immediate tension. It's going to be a little while we -- heads bowed and attention. -- acute and we spoke again. And I thank you for college appreciate our. Unless you know one of these cuts this is Ted Nugent from his comments with -- dot -- at the last shot shall January 17 this year. I have obviously failed to galvanize and pride not shame enough America. Did you ever vigilant not to let a Chicago. Communist regimes Communist educate. -- just nurtured sub human mom. Like the acorn community organizer gangster Barack Hussein Obama to weasel his way. Into the top office coordinates Jason. I'd -- role is defined in the dictionary is a dog with parents of different -- is not appropriate to a defined the president of the United States. Am Ted Nugent he doesn't what do you think is -- a proper spokesperson. For what you believe let's go to on the causeway -- line too. Concisely on I believe Haley out. -- -- -- -- -- Stop all the GO. Installed. On. Walk. You know. I think there's too much. I'm -- in the terms gunpowder and vote. You can shoot people there should just being bounced off it could Denham and and -- -- -- Option so we're not Caroline. Just yet. What -- a bit of what would be the purpose of that -- Now I mean were stopped and you have. So how to we stop the -- learn. We've we've only got bullets and brought about. Oprah and Obama but the law enforcement people can have a full -- -- gunned down. Now it would -- there were there at the end goal. And evident that Dick -- You know. Okay Leon. I think I'm following new line of thought thank you for the call we appreciate it. I roses on line we'll get back to hurry after the news and borrowing a lot of -- coming in on this McClatchy here's some more of mr. Ted Nugent cat scratch fever guy -- comments that were made. At the shooting honing -- out to a trade show on the Outdoor Channel by the way when contacted for comments on their new spokesperson. Had no comment. What's your 260187866889087. -- if you text responsibly that means using a designated text or designated driver if -- -- vehicle it's 87870. Couple things were talking about for the rest of this. Program we're talking about the Super Bowl ads. 56%. Say they do remember Super Bowl -- 44% operating opinion poll questions say they do not. What do you think. Also what is your favorite menu item and you find crawfish among the standard that cast net. This is the one on -- boulevard out east between reunion bullet. I'm not sure if they have them enough -- Megan but to date on that the wanna send a bunch of people over -- hungry people looking for crawfish and they don't have. Also what would you have on your Super Bowl menu how do you pick the team. I got a favorite and -- also have open lines on this Ted Nugent discussion which I'm getting to stone an awful lot of text coming in on this. Cat scratch fever guy and guitarist. Who was a rock star back in the seventies. He moved on from there. And took a liking to hunting and fishing in the outdoors in -- and took that into a television show. Pretty much. Extremists when it comes to conservatism. He supports the second amendment's been put on the board of the National Rifle Association. -- now been named as a spokesperson for the outdoors channel who has no comment on new -- comments that were made. I'm back on January 17 that the shooting hunting and outdoor trade show. I want to let you listen to a little bit more of what he had to say let's go to cut number three this is Ted Nugent. At the shooting -- -- Patricio. Like saves freedom is not free and you're not remember the NRA Nancy Pelosi like she. Which means ignoring the -- And he also an honest and don't have a cut of this but he said so a lot of people would call that. Inflammatory speech well I would call inflammatory speech when Richard -- to protect Americans. And you look into the television camera and say what difference does -- make that I've failed in my job to provide security and we have four. Dead Americans. What difference does that make not to a chimpanzee. Or Hillary Clinton I guess it doesn't Matt obviously a reference to. The been Ghazi Khan -- I what do you think you'll like theme eighteen does he represent huge do you wish he'd just shut up or would you wish she'd keep. Make and some good points but doing it in a very different way -- here's one that says -- speaks true that it hurts. Another text to says I don't agree with the words new gene used. But the general messages spot on how to law abiding citizens fight what is happening to gun rights by just stating opposition to policies. The last certainly sensationalized. Is issues together with that war. Good text is another 1 I am a fisherman. Gun owner and an American that actually served his country it is my opinion then Nugent is an idiot. As are about half of the house. And 13 of the senate. America will be America again and assistance that the government back from the morons that lead now and yet another one Ted Nugent equals -- Rosen man -- -- line one iRows thank you ago. I thank you might call our apartment I have been churning at the age thing is to say. He's calling Obama. A Communist Shelley the troops. Now that it was saying that Obama is a member of the kkk I would -- Chile approve. Think it's fair to make these as statements. And you're not packing it up but then. Well you know I guess cease make it he doesn't get specific and he probably should as you said. But I'm sure he's talking about he's interpreting the redistribution of wealth as Communist. -- -- -- -- expect you're getting -- you know. Say -- Found -- they do that intentionally or it just. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Thank you rose appreciate you Cologne. I hear some more cut tech's coming in its is. And Nancy. The huge used to just rock now he's bit of a -- into -- he has -- delusional followers. Like the Obama -- just next. He didn't make a crime at the end -- -- is Harry Lee also was caught bass. I don't know for Harry lead. Decided to plead guilty to a an entrapment charge -- now. Because it just was not worth the fight. But I gotta tell you carry the and the condition he was in the can hardly walk. I think he did everything he could to assure that the place he was running. Was legal. Most people when they go dove hunting -- not farmers they don't know all the ins and outs of the very technical aspects of what. Constitutes running over abated outfield in fact I know a lot of my friends and absolutely quit dove hunting because they're so afraid. And the law states that if you make every reasonable. Assessment governors to determine whether there was date there or not. And then you know the onus is put on the land on all -- organizer of the hunt. I think in this case somebody would date down. They call -- the war the feds in told them there was a baited field and hunt going on now hardly happened to be there. He didn't walk the field he didn't expect an even if he did woody actually know. What constitute illegal maybe I don't know he was confided in the name of of honors. But he decided it was just not worth the effort he pled guilty and pay the small farms and all kind of played out. I really don't Nugent for president Phil Robertson for VT wow what a joke. I get -- text and calls in 260187866889. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- one detect responses -- on the cause we are discussing Ted Nugent he made some very controversial statements as he has done in the past. Doing an interview at the 2014 hunting and outdoor. Trade show it's called the shots shield shooting hunting -- to a trade show Ted Nugent he's an NRA board member and now has signed -- contract to endorse. The Outdoor Channel he's gonna make appearances at trade shows and do speeches this interview that could be with an organization. Called gun dot com. -- now it's gotten round on viral a lot of people -- not happy about the question I'm asking is is this the kind of person that would represent -- is a Second Amendment proponent. -- shooter and hunter. Aren't on. He isn't taxed -- -- coming wants is Ted Nugent has been frustrated since the 2008 election. His big mouth won't close until Republicans the president he should be a spokesperson for dog food. Let alone human rights. And yet another text Nugent is a moronic races so this is who the NRA really it is. That's a pretty simple but I think that's a profound statement. All the thirty years of covering the outdoors being on television personality radio magazine photography. There's been opportunities where I could do some of this crazy controversial stuff and get a lot of attention. But I don't believe that's the way to do it. The NRA have got a lot of respect for them Wayne Lapierre I think says a lot of the very same points that Ted Nugent believes -- But he does it in a very professional manner. Ted Nugent comes across as the next rock and it's just going off on these -- engines. Our problem is. This text -- says so is this -- the NRA really is is this what the Outdoor Channel is just what Al to of people really wrong. In the way I've always looked at that is this about 10% of his. -- -- -- Maybe more than that that a firearms enthusiasts then you've got another 10% that are totally and time I mean very hardcore anti. But that middle percentage whether it's 607080%. Of the population. They form opinions -- And they can have the final outcome on on what. A direction we take with those issues. And for them to be looking at someone and listening to Ted Nugent and -- also has won an array. In outdoor of people in Second Amendment people are all about. I don't think. That is accomplishing. Being improperly. I just wanted -- on the -- you're playing a disgusting exactly why you exactly so people -- -- What this man has to say informant you know that's one pretty obvious. Isabel is very scary that this guy has a platform even scarier is the fact that people actually believe. He is sensible he does not speak for me I don't agree within minutes of total shame. The disrespect for the office of the presidency in the president himself. Is a message fully on -- on their cell ass off missiles he can go buck in lettuce dog that it works protecting his thing him. Some people going to shock when the truth is spoken bluntly but the truth has to be told the way sometimes. Because when it's woken politically correct it doesn't get through this is another. -- Another Texas Ted Nugent -- always been kind of -- And is another -- I'm Honda a gun enthusiasts in an NRA member. I'm also black. I disagree with the liberal democratic drive to kill last Second Amendment Rights but although I do not like Obama I take offense when Nugent calls Obama. Sub human. If he feels this way about all black people I will resign my NRA membership. Until he's kicked off the board for being the racist idiot he again. Can possibly imagine and everyone in the NRA. Agrees wholeheartedly -- everything Ted Nugent believes in and says but yet you've become identified with him when he becomes -- spokesperson. And is another one when you have freedom of speech you can hear wackos like Ted Nugent and Leo. -- sure who's getting more pub here at ten on -- on the cost of a packed. Got a whole bunch more text him and try to get as many is I can't. And I got some phone calls it -- cast -- in New Orleans east does have ball crawfish the Whitney gets some live ones I think it's being in. Says they got crawfish to freeze of debt Ted Nugent is any respect the spokesperson for outdoors folks Outdoor Channel thinks he does although -- don't wanna talk about his recent comments at the shooting hunting and -- to a trade show. Is also a board member of for the National Rifle Association is he representative of view is a Second Amendment. Proponent shooter. An outdoorsman in honor of fishermen on the easy not represent you at all to 60187866889087. In the try to get to. Many of these text messages I can just a second but I do want to remind you if you -- saints -- Or you pulled in for the Broncos because of -- you wanna stick it to the seahawk you talk about that. The biggest game of the year in the NFL with -- color analyst -- guy John and Todd Manassas that's on from fort till 8 PM tonight. Right here on WWL end. If you're going to be out there of fishing on -- Gordon doing something in the outdoors you don't wanna sit there glued to the TV you don't care about watching the commercials. -- join us -- Westwood One super Sunday Super Bowl Scott Graham does the pregame and bring you the biggest game of the year bronco Seahawks with Kevin Arlen. Boomer Esiason and have sideline reporters James Lofton and mark blown. Believe me I'm impressed with his team and as good as Tolkien and jam but. They're close so often times I will turn them listen and listen to them. Game time here on radio 530. On the home of the saints in the Super Bowl WW. -- getting back to some Nugent comments here at city. There have been no laws passed under Obama diminishing gun rights in any way. Repeating lies does not legitimize them and I would certainly say that's true at least. In this area I'm not seen any more restrictive laws and what we've had -- been attempts there's been talks but again. You've got organizations speaking up for the gun ownership and individuals contacting their elected officials and I believe last -- -- that's the way a democracy works his another one when I wanna eat meat or go to arouses a Winn-Dixie no reason negotiate an animal just collect trophy. -- feel like a man Marc Rocco. Well location aware of it the largest growing. Segment of hunters is adamant they -- to feel like a man. Don't know in as far as going arousal Winn-Dixie had great stuff there but now like mine free range fresh tune in on. -- no no additives no chemicals no enough that I Helio. Due to the liberal controlled media again these at Texas is not my opinion. Did the liberal controlled media sometimes we need to go to extremes for a conservative voices to be heard. Right on to it. Man is another time a registered Republican and a gun owner I think Ted Nugent is ridiculous. And Nolan says I'm a registered Republican. And a gun owner Ted Nugent does not capitalized bold -- not represented me. And here's one ask how much for the crawfish last time I checked seven dollars and I think the number. I've dollars and fifty cents over it can't have the ball seafood like that I don't know it's costly but if you want in my bed you wanna go get. I'd less if we get some more text in here proof you want proof about opening your eyes open up your brain. That obviously in response to rose demanded those comments saying if Ted Nugent is saying Barack Obama as a Communist way is to prove. And I guess the fact that we -- moving towards socialized medicine with the Affordable Care Act. Equalizing pay those type things I guess that could that is interpreted by some people. As a move to a socialism country that communism and that would be maybe all the proof they need who knows anyway it's been fun. Talk to you tomorrow morning 5:8 am we do it dark in early here it's called the outdoor show. I official reports going to be checking out how bad the effects of all is col one how much of -- told it'd take on a fisheries if any and all. Time for people to get back fishing gets some good reports -- that's followed from seven to nine on our sister station. Three WL. We do speak in -- specs with Thomas on at seven and -- make and -- be talking guns with Michael -- of the Jefferson. Gun outlook so tunis and call us if you like Texas if you like until then see you next week vacuum the Friday edition of the thing.