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And Todd Manassas and for Kristian -- our final hour here of fans in the pro along with hokey guy -- 260 on late 786689087. He would talk about. As it says in the open fans of the black and gold but. This weekend with the Super Bowl against -- fans of the blue and orange and green on green sobering blue and -- I don't know -- on tour now lime green. Funky look and I have no idea whether -- like and yeah it used to be used to be you it's over and blue and in green at the country's colors in the Seahawks. They're playing in the Super Bowl in. -- -- -- Even though it's called the new York New Jersey. Super Bowl and the town that they're playing in their their kind of get a little bit of complex. He's rather for New Jersey because. New York's getting all the spotlight in the press and everybody talking about it and it's like -- wait a minute were doing all the work over here that game's over here that's where the stadium is. And nobody's even. Talking about there -- So it's going to be in East Rutherford, New Jersey will -- say that for the rest of the game. Give them their props for a post in the game are let's go to a Dwyane in Baton Rouge -- -- you wanna talk about where the Super Bowl is being held. Yeah well I think to. Because a lot that your. You know players -- and -- the equipment -- so why shouldn't do will be different at the end and managed. Bard been battered for something when you don't you know he played in the in that you praise and currently there -- -- I didn't Seattle. Yeah a certain. Level you know -- beat them in and that is a horrible weather and you know that was just depends -- you know in the in the -- Oh that's the way but it didn't. Well doing some -- when and I can see it both ways and token I've talked about this the last couple hours is that. For one it is the championship game so you kind of don't want element to be a factor as to why one team can't perform as good as the other. But at the same time. The weather in the elements could have been a factor as to why that team actually got to the Super Bowl in some of the games that they played earlier. On a military like yours you know I know Moscow and must there -- -- You know we will put them Peyton we'd like page of the -- In order by saying you can't trade him and extreme conditions and yeah. -- old is playing not to that well in the conditions so. 810. It. Well that they're saying it's going to be about 44 degrees right group is at the mid forties mid forties temperatures so it's not going to be incredibly. Colder bad. You know an eight Peyton won his first Super Bowl -- -- in Miami so I don't know I don't out of play and in the bad weather thing is. Of what we've been approachable or. Chicago. Bulger. Great what he went back to Miami on Ian when he -- yes yes well. I figured what is -- you talk about changed. You know like to -- change you know and sometimes changes. You know other guys say they wanna know what -- Oberto. You know we got a chance where -- weapon. Wouldn't want pitcher and I'll do like. You got it though. Are -- aren't I doing everything I've then things were told that our has go to a market in up onto two and a mark. -- talk about the weather at the a Super Bowl right. Yeah it's not okay great -- arm ever indoor and it now I'm pretty much in total agreement most -- -- I think games should be played in and all the elements just -- -- -- it is our remember as a kid -- sixty watch in the arts ball loved it but I just. Think it's intrastate it would be interest in Tennessee -- The -- because you know drills such a multi billion dollar business. -- -- or worse players come to fruition you know in New York I went had a terrible blizzard. And you know. Flights canceled wrote close. They have Pancho not you know put all want Albion at Millwood deal with what that would. How that would feel in the future you know after or something like that I'd. -- say they had they had to contingency plans said one was to play it on Saturday. If I did it in before the weather. Happened. And if the weather was going to be bad Saturday you know through the weekend -- -- the the we're gonna play on Tuesday. Ryan can you imagine super super Tuesday morning apparently and I think -- tells us they'll be Election Day -- These you know its corporate group it wouldn't error mean the money out there it's already stat. But I just wonder what it would be a lack the stadium have fallen in a blizzard and everything. I do you know but I agree you know let them play of the game and and the weather area you know sort of well you're. Here's the thing because the weather looks like it's going to be. About 4439 somewhere up there for kick off. And you know which isn't too terribly -- I thought it was going to be. Denver has put in for a future Super Bowl they Emmy award won the Denver now saying hey -- this one was OK let's roll the dice on and get Denver super. For. You know. I thought the Vikings gave up a big advantage when they went inside into a dome and stop playing outdoors in the elements in Minnesota. And that's just me but I thought they you know. That was one of their of the either way it was it was like playing agree. Meg you know up there and I froze and I you know I mean really when you look at the team to do have a -- north Detroit Minnesota. They kind of hand in the same club -- last few years that they were in in their -- area yeah. So but and the sanction on him and want Super Bowl the Falcons have been one. Wilson domed stadium. And don't -- it has been the one there the Rams have been three of their only AM and one of them was when they were in Los Angeles I played outdoors. Now. The Cardinals have been to one but therein. They're only been playing since Arizona in a in a dome. I think that's about it for an Indianapolis has been to. With -- They're one and one of those com. Rams have been too since they've been a dome they've won one of those. Yet so it's you know it's it it really doesn't. Factor in anywhere I mean to be honest. Dome teams I guess have. A harder chance to make -- to the Super Bowl lately if you look. Yeah well if you look at. Look at the list things seem to have you know. I guess should really be looking at you know since they're the Rams. Went with Kurt Warner degree field turf and all I can -- that the you know you might say since im listening to gone. Cardinals but they're all at the -- went away and it doesn't necessarily mean winning the game besides just eating there so. You maybe they maybe don't seem to not. Is equipped well enough you know maybe they're built for inside speed things like that when you get them out in the elements. He'll -- you have a tendency to think of the Chicago Bears and teams like I QB. Bruising teams that are built for the end of the season. You don't run the football and play good defense and way out. Heck I don't there's some me variables they did that go into it all Maya whether there -- and yet we know one thing that minimum a lot of people talk about is you gotta have some luck. Yeah no way I mean a key turn over somewhere you know not getting key players -- A call that two officials even made. -- Missed field goal or made field goals for -- to buy him in as a lot of looked at goes and goes into getting -- I think any coach today it's very difficult to get there. And one of the things is is that. Generally speaking when you looked. Had a Super Bowl team. It pretty well got its contingent of players that these are the stars of this team and their health it in the year and able to play in this game. And if you -- -- -- look at it is a case by case point to say that if points than any thing. I think the St. Louis Rams at the Los angles over the St. Louis Rams. Would be your your dynamic to look at because they played in the dome in Saint Louis they went to two Super Bowls. Both Super Bowls they went to a -- played in domes and one here in in New Orleans in the other one was in. Was one of the -- -- with their -- with -- put him and I can't remember what yeah when they when they play the Titans. Both teams that they played were outdoor teams. They beat one in the Tennessee Titans and they lost to the New England Patriots who play outdoors in the cold so that. -- -- you can't it's 5050 I think you. -- you. Yeah hit they'll keep you again. -- -- -- the rang -- tanks as the as the Seahawks the manatees says the Broncos -- you know that's the one I mean people come out with so much stuff to talk about. So that's about -- -- it -- you excited to the issue of what hasn't been talked about up to this point that you could possibly. Bring up Italy and -- elderly you have an idea of that heard of that there you go indoors outdoors don't stadium. Grass whether. And I think there was one more Jimmy Fallon had a -- I believe that last year pick the Super Bowl winner and this year picked the Broncos that means that did it yeah yeah so there ego. Leave it to be when the experts in Vegas can't decide. You leave it up to the animal kingdom. To decide who's gonna win the Super Bowl as it should be yeah because it's a violent sport you get beast mode and everything let the b.s to decide that's how we say. He's okay guys just -- I'm Todd and as is it for Christie Garrett will take a break to be right back you're listening to WWL. Beast mode here in the course. -- 260 what a 7866 and 890870. Yet and a film music going. Into the done. Wizards are about the NFL films earlier and and I have to I have to make a retraction. Pokey I'd try I have to correct myself. As nice as a biggie as my wife knows. It's very rare that I correct myself and Sammy at a wrong statement but. In the sake of fairness. Amused is -- Super Bowl this up the Super Bowl -- you have to I have to admit this and I have to make a correction. The statement we made early and we talked about. -- the orangutan BA. She has picked this Seattle Seahawks and she's been correct for the past six years. And their two manatees that they also. Allowed to pick the Super Bowl. And one of them has been correct for the past six years. And that -- picked the Broncos. To win. I got the name wrong I wouldn't we -- insane it would have been saying it was he who they pick the Broncos but it's actually. Buffet. That picked the Broncos who has the winning streak especially now -- now we we got it correct so it's. Buffett who picked the Broncos who has the six game winning streak and Hugh who picked the Seahawks who is one who is picked right. Four out of the last six super -- as well. So there ego. I'm. Glad I got that clear. I'd. Go to Dallas though too and yet -- -- -- Ellis has go to Jimmy and can't Woody -- on WWL. Yeah. Yeah it would whoever. Beaubois will be played in the -- element. But. But it made up for a while ago what are they were playing good note and -- here or there or ingrained mentally -- -- it would and oh yeah -- for the players. He go -- that agreement -- -- our year. That whoever. Did it when he got on -- -- to get people coming in -- program called book go to war eagle. Coming in any company and -- four miserable. -- they're -- management little you know. It. But not a lot of mark going to be fans there -- -- Jimmie they're going to be corporate folks and I said the Green Bay fans are you cynical whether they wouldn't mind the cold Super Bowl but. The American get a lot of them in the stadium. In good well hope will pay input but once they get good field. Alright see you get the double edged sword to just like going to area you -- root for Peyton is great the Pate wins it but you also get this ticket to the Seahawks and they knocked the Saints out of that you've got -- -- era. You got two minutes are pretty -- -- opinion poll I'm asking you Saints fans are you pulling for the Broncos because of Peyton Manning. Or do you wanna stick it to the Seahawks. Right now as we always say it's enough unscientific. Poll of because it's just people going on and -- and voting 60% of you say your poll and for Peyton European. You know. -- mistake about it you're not you're not trying to get revenge or anything. 21% of you say you wanna stick at the Seahawks -- climate and 19% or just pulling for the Seattle to win. Though they like the Seahawks are right to 60 what dates hefty 8668890878. Support -- 87870. How many dome teams. Have gone to the Super Bowl I think we we kind of covered that are ready it's -- Arizona. St. Louis Rams in New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts. And I think that's maybe about it now. I can't remember another way up the look NC a look and see -- quick on our. List of Super Bowl competitors. Another Texas is if you remember Seattle used to be an AFC team yes there -- also division rivals of the Denver Broncos yes they weren't. Wondering -- this the first time since realignment that two division foes of men in the Super Bowl believe it may be. The first time. -- going all the way back to when the AFL joined. You had via Colts play the Cowboys. In a Super Bowl they both used to be in the via NFL him in the Colts obviously moved to the then created AFC. But I don't know if there was any kind of robbery with the Colts in the cowboys' back in the old NFL. I don't call that I have enough time remembered when it played yesterday. In years ago and they ego that's and that's the only. Is that happening because since. That's the realignment we've only had. The Seahawks moved from the the AFC. Back to the NFC because I think originally they started in the NFC then went to the AFC right. The Seahawks fields I always thought they were an agency in which the NFC I thought they -- thought when they first came in both today and Tampa were in the NFC in the they moved them Patriots. When they do that -- the first -- I tell you about yesterday I. While you're out glimmer of the day before that so. River two days back here Monday so we're we're doing good here that. Mean I remember down in Tampa was in the same division we Detroit Green Bay and Minnesota and right. -- kind of ridiculous no more ridiculous send us in Atlanta being in the same division with the Rams and 49ers I don't know West Coast much. That's why they realigned it and mainly name who did the realignment -- when they put. Seattle. And the NFC. Yeah yeah when they realigned to this this last time and created the NFC south and and made the west actually teams that were in the west in the list right. And you know if they're gonna put a if they put another team in Los Angeles they're gonna have to have another team somewhere else do you want to keep it even so -- everything works out fine. Do you think they would realigned then or try to stick someone else and you're gonna end up with. Right now every division I think has fourteen drive and so are you gonna end up with somebody with five teams right. And how do you determine that that would make it. Yeah I mean they gotta they gotta put the got a -- -- -- even announce where would you put the fifth team is it just going to be one of. Well I mean -- that there's talk about a team going in that the owner of the -- bought some property. Right there in. -- outside LA or something like that they don't. He could use for a stadium now and the commissioners say he had -- in the top. He -- suited to his knowledge of somebody building the stadium. But they did that I guess if another team right there in Saint Louis. Or they couldn't yeah they can move so the Rams could move back to Los Angeles -- -- -- the Los Angeles and put the whatever expansion team in Saint Louis and then you wouldn't really have to. Doing things right because that's the other possibility do you put an expansion team in Los Sanders or do you move one of the other. San Diego has shown some interest in May be one to move because they want a new stadium there's no guarantee they're gonna get one. You always have the Raiders possibility moving back to Los Angeles. Though I think. Their best of being an Oakland yet I think quit with Al Davis mean out of the picture that probably. Not too. An option anymore. Then what is on entertainment. I don't think you know. -- a few realign the league -- you put. The Raiders and the forty niners. In the same division I don't think that would work because it is their right across the bay from the other right across today and and I don't think it is anyways it. The 49ers were given that the UFC flag and now seemingly victory forget about the -- flag right there -- one of the first you know originally a failed to pass I think they say I meant when he jumped -- It is my -- okay I'm I believe that up to you that that's no doubt they're Valdosta acre right now. Or they say you bumblebee and charges something you I don't know what it is yet but one of these days I will. And the commissioner makes recharge a realignment I'll be the first formula Julian -- I'm what you gotta do yeah where you got to move around now that a beget. I do 60 what a 786688. Nines there it's very Texas hey guys and -- semi terrorism text. Regarding the weather report the superdome. All Super Bowls were played in the weather Colts Cowboys was not good weather Chiefs Vikings and argue whether that's right it's wintertime weather should not make a difference just played the game. But things have changed as we said this isn't your daddy your grand -- he's NFL anymore they should play a game now face -- Right leather helmets yeah. And it's. It. Which. Which coincidentally. I believe a study said work better for concussions in the -- that got now the leather helmets so I don't know. And you can't and dad didn't Hitler via mail via. But things have changed so. You know there's a part of me there's a big part of me and said this that I think. The elements I'd like the fact that the elements could be part of the Super Bowl in deciding factor because we see it all season long. We see it in championship games and AFC and NFC championship games how many times in the did you see those great those championship games between Denver in the Cleveland Browns when they were going back and forth those. That was freezing. Cold and muddy in there. You know and and you know maybe if it's because it's cold and it's money maybe that's why it was a -- drops the ball. At the end and Cleveland doesn't end up in the Super Bowl. Is that fair is that a dome as a drop but does the guy knock -- able to knock it out of that I don't Murton you know that's all the what if if. That looked hard nosed and you all again you -- -- it and things factor in that. While -- you know. Wouldn't it if you YouTube about the day in AFL. And if this would have happened in that would happen. It the fact of the matter is in -- -- and -- Past history can't change so. Some of the things you know coming in the future for the NFL you know -- it. You know this new extra point rule written on can so probably honestly mean -- linked to interest in him replay. Howland in favor of that that anybody really cares. Passionate thing you know you've got to have a certain amount of human element of what you what you thought when I went to instant replay or go back and check on your touchdown to see if you actually crossed the goal line -- worried about that it would have been along films. And really deny it but you're not to you know it's gotta be a human element in electoral umpire Colin balls and strikes. But now that they've refined it in replay has been without for so long and it's a part of the game and. Now you jacket yet the same the same fans you had -- it's gonna slow the game down I don't want it. Are now saying all the got to review that that they don't look at that again because I -- -- and it's instantly it's a part of the game that they're they're trying to get it perfect in an effect -- -- trying to do. But the game -- not played in perfect elements not everywhere and so like you're the suggestion that what they want than all the team Tony don't yeah exactly. And I find it interesting that if we get your losing. Again this is Roger Goodell -- the the paradox of his mind that comes up if we're gonna lose the extra point. Okay because it's a needless it's a throwaway play that. More than likely -- only four extra points were missed all last season. And you gonna go to this you automatically get seven. Or you can go for the extra point by one by running it in -- doing -- play passing play in. If you're talking about safety of the players in the league. Why would you add another play and where you could possibly you've got to run you've got to hit you could possibly get hit somebody get. It's that because it's alive playing exactly and and I will say this I mean I. An extra point really for the two guys on the outside move laterally because I mean they come pinching down in there and play their bodies out trying to block -- to guys on the inside. Especially now that you you can't hit a senator Franken -- got to be a little bit Connolly on the sideline and really what those guys is that you stand up and kind of put their hands in the air hopefully it again upon the ball. It happens occasionally. But not enough to say hello this is still a viable player in NFL. Right away I'm saying is. That would be a safer play yet further injury exactly and trying to get it into the yeah I'm agree only witches and run -- it it's like a regular. -- to play which is confusing to me from the guy who says he's trying to make the game safer right. So I don't know. I but it's not the first time Roger Goodell has him confused me let's get to us -- New Orleans they Steve you're on WWL. Yeah. I have a list mean that that battle of make sure that every night. And I am kind of -- I like Peyton and I like the Manning family. But. Personally. I am gonna whip Seattle. Defense is normal women days. And I didn't like expect that and we'd really win essentially. Manning before the finger at him like that have been effective Ryan I'll feel -- -- -- you let. Old they all American Freddie and all the. It's it's not an excuse me it's the fact you show me you show me since 2001. Any shot. Of the losing quarterback walking over and shaking hands of the winning quarterback you know you can find it because it's not the year. Can -- make him get off the field so they can bring out the stand and bring out the stage and do the whole presentation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That what you're saying wow what what am I integrity. A ball and looked at the replays of ground anywhere I think I might have at the dramatic three. Exactly what -- -- about -- about how important finger up -- I'm really didn't have yet but have anything -- -- and -- I'm -- -- at that point being that is what Arnold went -- B -- And or is this situation. Where it should please soup bowl. I think that in being fully came. You earn your right to go to the true global opening game. My out win -- okay and that situation. The wind between with the best record deserves -- right to -- on there. But this should -- always enormous tree. Up there like it you get the best. In the world. And we knew only that ultimate game. You should always be on -- field that. Told him. So play on the best -- you so the best that we can borrow. And have been best for all forget whether the ghetto because. -- -- this in the week before. Stay on the -- we -- -- -- -- out right and the only way you can be sure that is it every Super Bowl will be played in domed stadium right. That's the only way to do -- -- -- at least those that didn't say it was not fair. I mean we pay our dues to the NFL I mean we we -- club every year I mean weeks ago sell merchandise were put all our money into these billion dollar. Industry that is the NFL. How come we -- -- -- Super Bowl. How comes only got to be in domed stadium you right. Should you host the Super Bowl in Hawaii every year like you do the Pro Bowl and one site. And then there's no more argument NFL's model like that can they they like the exposure to governor -- As to neutral court. Pro -- the one thing. The Super Bowl. Look I don't know that there is an actor -- yeah I'm not here I would not fair to solve that and I mean I'm not I hope I don't sound like an argument anybody on this and -- is no perfect solution right. It's it is what it is but it. And analysts say just don't want dome and say this is a sharp bright bold all right the super slow like they do for the college World Series it's always play -- -- things. You know that's the only way that it can be fired everybody. Jerry Jones would try to say well I should always be in Dallas we got the best stadium and I got the biggest one families is going it kind of hard to argue that right now. Yang he's featured is a good stadium but I don't think -- host every year -- -- he's so you guys -- the that's not an houses in for Christie Garrett will be right back WWL. Unfortunately is being played in New Jersey New Jersey though -- New York but New York is getting credit for hosting the Super Bowl. This year but Serbian. East Rutherford, New Jersey where they actual game is. Way I think other people felt when it was giant stadium yeah the end and bold claims that. Play in that stadium are based in New York now the home of the Giants and the Jets is what it's against New Jersey figure it will just take what we can do it now when the the first. The dome team. To ever play in a Super Bowl is I'm looking at the list of Super Bowl contenders. Not just winners contenders. Was. The Atlanta Falcons. In 1999. When they -- -- by the Denver Broncos 34 to nineteen it was a always. Ride off into the sunset. Victory the second Super Bowl. That he won. In a row that -- on the 22 Bulls general first he beat. Was a Green Bay and then they beat the Falcons the next year so. There ago. Yet of people attacks -- about this about Peyton Manning flipping off the bird when he threw the sick. Pick six he walked off and Darren Sharper believe yelled something at him supposedly if you look at the video. It looks like Peyton flipped him off. So I don't know I mean I've looked at it several times and it's you -- you do he raises hand to them if you wanna stay was flipping them off I don't know. I have a hard time and I'm not defender and Brady yeah I folks and maybe I am. I'd have a hard time thinking that he would do something like debt knowing that. The cameras will be on him now that I mean if rates you know. Anybody out there that doesn't want to bring embarrassment to himself for his organization and his family and things while he's on the football field -- anywhere really now to be Peyton Manning but. I didn't see it like you said I was -- game. And then again as I sent to one of our techsters in Texas this. We don't know what Darren Sharper said to have if he did color that's circular -- so and a there are some things you can say that'll push anybody over the line -- that -- true to fly the bird that. 96018786. Exit 890 -- want to somebody you know you never trapping here and I that I had a player say things a little more of the order pull out front. -- -- -- -- for -- all right looking at the game as we we head into our final segment Tuesday here. Seahawks Broncos we talked about. Everything we can't we talked about the weather we talked about the we talked about the animal kingdom who their pick in The Who they think's gonna go for their split on this. I can just recovery Vegas has its going to be a close game is -- two and a half points Denver's two and a half point favored. When it's under a field goal like that only the fifth time in 48 years at the Super Bowl has been under a VO goal. As far as the point spread. Thirtieth street game Denver has been -- they're 29. Against the spread. The underdog has covered five of the last six Super Bowls. What is at all say who's gonna win on Sunday. Doesn't say anything to me. Mean whoever scores the most points is a team is gonna win and -- Elmo that. I -- -- it's and you got two weeks to feel until you start bringing out shove from -- all just. Then the guys past year player many grown up everything is me now I'll -- stuff comes out. I think it's because there's so much interest in his game that I'll I'll make it simple for you. Who's right. The paper the -- On got to go -- the -- with the Seahawks. I don't know that tried in the manatees took the manatee with the Broncos also like to finish a much and I. Music we got Ludwick gave you kind of threw me off track here we view in in if there were humanity man and a man I get -- -- -- about him but buffet -- right now I don't. Well -- I'm I'm chicken with. We Denver because of Peyton Manning. To me -- go to football and he's there and it's kind of going against my grain a little bit in that. Number one I've always had a strong defense and strong running game is what wins and that's what Seattle is. And also said that I generally pull for the NFC team but. I'm all for. Hometown reasons don't count as a whatever else I've got to go with Peyton Manning. Our right to I I like Peyton Manning and this one simply because so far the weather doesn't seem to be. That much of a factor and I think if you get if he can get on a roll. And look Seattle's defense is great. But they've only they only faced one. Really potent offense all season which was a -- world and Saints. The first time around they were able to handle but a lot of that was because the states made a lot of mistakes. Turn the ball over early and got themselves in a hole. The second time around in the playoffs did you -- state the Saints were able to move the ball up and down the field they just shot themselves in the foot a couple of times and got close to scoring. And Seattle's offense was not really. Too much in sync forget early in the season. Kansas City jumped out to -- phenomenal record in him and if I'm not mistaken I think. At that time when they were 90. They had the number one defense in the league if not one of the top defense it. And Denver can handle them pretty good -- you know they they played in that stretch like we do -- Carolina -- games in three week period. And they and they handled Kansas City pretty good so they have faced some pretty good defense is. They certainly have so -- so -- that's why I gotta get the advantage to a Peyton Manning. And the offense and this time around because I think if they do get if Payton does get on a bit of a role. And gets a score to up against the Seattle Seahawks I don't think Seattle's offense is built to play catch up. Now they're not and today they rely on turnovers and you of course that's a caveat born in any game great diet. Well injuries and turnovers well that's that's in a game against anybody. -- care who's playing so that being said. I'm with you I just don't think that. -- how did that CLs got the ability to really go out there and they're opting to manufacture 21 points. I it will take a final brick and wrap it all up when we come back on WW LR. Ryan OK guys Johnny's game has picked as the Broncos. Take the Broncos as well Sunday hopefully were both open for a big game. Yeah everybody -- -- go to bowl week in in at least we can put that weather issue behind us now you know and I get the game over with and we'll see who was right to. -- the manatee -- the eight. And that's what it's not tops on everyone's mind scoots up next here taking a -- -- 10 o'clock. -- a pleasure working with and I darted by and hopefully we'll get to do again sometime in the future you guys take care screwed is up next here on WWL.