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Jan 31, 2014|

scoot asks the question," Is Bruno Mars a good selection for the half time show of the super bowl?".

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's Super Bowl weekend it's the Broncos and the Seahawks. In New Jersey although it in New York is really kind of stealing the spotlight to Times Square years says. Super Bowl headquarters but it's actually in in New Jersey but -- New Jersey New York that New York teams -- New Jersey so it's really kind of all the same. -- they were so many people here. For selfish reasons hoping that the weather would be terrible. But it looks like it's going to be rather nice cloudy skies Sunday -- high Super Bowl Sunday. 45 degrees. And we talked about -- this time of year can be a lot worse than that in that part of the country but this this is good news for the game. But I think a lot of people wondered it to especially down here one of the weather to be bad. To accentuate how important is to have the game in a place like New Orleans and not in. An open stadium. It in the north that could be so susceptible to freezing temperatures so looks like the forecast is going to be nice which means. Is it it's not gonna affect the game and it should be is to be a good game between number one defense -- Seahawks going against the number one offense in the NFL the Broncos. There's a lot of sentimental love for Peyton Manning because his connections with Archie Manning family and your relationship with New Orleans over the years. -- and then there's also a lot of animosity about the Seahawks for what they did to the saints in the playoffs this year. In the playoffs in 2011. And so. This is going to be this is going to be hopefully it's gonna be a good game and it seems like everything is set up for this to actually be a very good game. And also the bulls don't always turn out to be good games. But today there's lot of the local local people pulling for the Broncos yeah I've lived in both cities Denver and Seattle. And I just I really haven't even decided to have four yet I'm just looking forward to a good game. Is brutal Mars a good choice for the Super Bowl halftime show. That's going to be -- WW pretty tired of people to liberals are gonna talk about that. It's time for tonight's top eight -- eight and by the way we have an abbreviated show tonight because we begin with NFL football coverage for Super Bowl weekend tonight. At 10 o'clock. So let's get sort of been the topic today here of the topic things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight on to be WL. Number eight. A Christian college in Wisconsin is changing its nickname because it's it's. No longer embracing crusaders. As their name. You see the crusades the Christian crusades it was soon. It was a brutal savage times so this Christian college of Wisconsin is changing the nickname the school because it's as crusaders no longer fit. A more global society that we live -- The have the Baptist university and ran a -- in Watertown. Wisconsin. Is a division three athletic school and they've they've had this name since the school was founded in 1968. And the executive vice president says that they really haven't had any complaints. But they're trying to. Open up the image of the school in general. Now according to the Miriam Webster dictionary crusade is defined as. Any of the military expeditions. Undertaken by Christian powers in the eleventh twelfth and thirteenth centuries. To win the holy land from the Muslims. So I I guess they. They say they're not doing it to be politically correct they say they're doing it to fit a more global. Society. In which relate but I just thought it was it was a -- I wouldn't. You know I realize that the crusades were rather brutal but I've got there are other kind of crusaders. If you stand up for any cause you could be considered a crusader so I didn't always related back to the Christian crusades -- I guess it's really kind of a touch of political correctness isn't. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A former navy seal. Who is a GOP congressional candidates. In a state of Montana. Says that America is not focusing on the real threat to our country. He says the real threat to America this is coming from. A seal team member. Is Hillary Clinton. He calls -- the Christ. -- seeking former navy seal. And he was saying he was part of the navy seal team six which was the operation -- the group it to perform the operation to kill summit in London 2012. -- you know at the same calling usually I don't think it's a good idea to call -- the antichrist and and you might not like -- -- do you think she should be elevated to -- the antichrist. I would think that that it would be people who don't like her that we still argue that maybe she's not the antichrist. And I would think that of all the threats that there -- to this country. I elevating Hillary Clinton two. To be the think the key threat to America. He's exaggerating things just a little bit. So you know this is something that will be talking about in this election year with the mid term elections coming up for November will be talking about the name calling. And I really don't think that serves the rights or the left any good and it's certainly. Is an insult to the American people again to completely disagree with people but the called the -- price and to say that she's the biggest threat to America. I mean I realize that she seems to have had a lot of responsibility with -- -- And things were handled their their properly we still need to find out the truth with with prince -- but the -- biggest I think that's a bit of a stretch. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. According to a ten year study Louisiana ranks fifth in the nation. For pedestrian fatalities. And third worst for child pedestrian fatalities. Now is this because of careless motorists or careless pedestrians. Since I -- downtown. And the pedestrian. And -- pedestrians and also -- motorist. There are aggressive motorist there are motorists particularly in this part of the country and it is different in other parts of the country but they're motorist here no respect for pedestrians whatsoever. They don't even really understand. The concept of a crosswalk. And there are so many so many cars and yeah I'm not saying this of all taxi drivers but a lot of cab drivers. Are very guilty of violating the pedestrian zone. Infected and that's it that's a topic for another show we'll talk about campers and I'm not singling out every cab driver. But I see it on a daily basis cab drivers are among the most aggressive. Drivers in down to underworld is now if your cab driver and you're not one of those drivers that don't take it personally. But the truth is that are among the of the most aggressive drivers in downtown. And I guess it's because. They're working and there seems to be this mentality that the street belongs more to them than to anybody else. But in any event. While I see while IC drivers that don't pay attention to pedestrians and and I've almost been hit a couple of starts. And by a couple of -- people not paying attention. Or just simply not respecting pedestrians. The other problem is. Careless pedestrians. And I saw this just yesterday. I saw this guy trying to trying to bring this this older woman he was an older guy trying to get older woman to cross the street. When it wasn't their time to cross it was a it was against the light. And he's in the middle of the street and she's back on the curb he's trying to get her across a car pass to survive and another cars coming. So if there are ignorant pedestrians. Who don't respect the motorist and I've seen enough roadkill in my life to where I don't wanna be -- keel. And I wanna be careful about crossing the street and any what are what are the first things that we learn as kids. Is to look both ways and across the street and across the street carefully. Have we forgotten how to do that. So we're number five in the nation with pedestrian fatalities number three in child pedestrian fatalities. And that's a -- in a one of the problems is that. On of people or trying to cross. Big roadways. -- interstates and big highways or try to cross multi lane traffic roads where there's no intersection. And you know that's not the smartest thing to do. Now the executive director of the center for planning excellence. Says that a lot of these -- recurring or larger roadways with somebody trying to cross the street. She also says that there's that you've been disputed decline in driver dance between. 20112012. But pedestrian. And bicycle fatalities have increased why would think that one of the reasons for the bicycles united the -- is increasing is because they're more cyclist on the road. One of her suggestions is that we make the roads. Safer. She says as they designed their roadways. They need to take into account the need of all users. At the beginning of the process. We've got the full story our web site WW dot com. So the roads need to be made safer. For pedestrians. That is not gonna do anything. About the ignorance of pedestrians. Or the brazen attitude pedestrians like a walk out in the street. You know and that that's -- that's another thing the the attitude of some pedestrian tonight I do see this downtown all the time I see in the quarter. It's almost as if people feel like they have this power. And an even if they're not supposed to walk in excuse me they'll get out in the street. And they're getting hit and I spicier almost every day. So. If your pedestrian. You don't have a right to be in the street if that's your old and the end unless it's your time to walk and if -- if that's going to be. Your attitude then you were part of the problem. So I pay attention to the motorist in motorists pay attention to pedestrians. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Miley Cyrus. Has some advice for Justin Bieber she said you've got a lot of money paid people to make sure you don't get in trouble. It would've thought Miley Cyrus would suddenly appeared to be the reasonable one. -- she was on the Tonight Show. Last night. And she shared these thoughts. On the show and she she also said that she said in your party at your house you you buy a house. And you have enough money at a club to the house so you really never have to go anyway. Your house is the club. And she said there's no reason for being out there she also says that that. Everything she does is legal. And you know there's nothing illegal about working. I mean I haven't seen any illegal versions of -- I'm sure there are some people who have figured out a way to make working illegal but we don't need to go -- any details here. On Miley Cyrus is senate now working on an MTV unplugged concert special. And Madonna is expected to make a surprise appearance. Which I find it pristine -- with the announce it if it's supposed to be a surprise appearance. Because now it's not a surprise. Also love. -- working on a 38 city North American tour which begins Valentine's Day in Vancouver British Columbia. Miley Cyrus giving advice to. Justin Bieber and you know. The -- in in trouble that tactically in trouble again but you know we've talked about this on the show this week the media and the arrest in Miami Beach. Before that it was the incidents and Los Angeles a couple of incidents in Los Angeles won as a felony investigation into felony vandalism for. For -- neighbor's house and allegedly causing 20000 dollars worth of damage. And then the other day Justin Bieber turned himself into Toronto police on a charge of an altercation with. A limo driver ever for tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Rutgers University is offering a course called politicizing beyoncé. Which is gonna use beyoncé is career to study race. Gender. And sexual politics in America. I see that's one course where you can actually say they'll listen to music is actually gonna help me study. But this is interesting they're gonna look at a lot of different things through the videos in the lyrics. Of beyoncé. -- also offers a class in examining the theology. Of Bruce Springsteen's lyrics. And Georgetown University has a class titled. The sociology of hip -- the urban on. The urban theocracy. The Odyssey of of Jaycee. Interesting interesting -- I don't remember an classes like that when I was go to school never forget tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The Super Bowl is one of those rare moments when people. Don't get up and leave the room when a commercial console totally OK okay well look this is a third -- of remembrance and it's a real quicker to the transcripts -- will be back with a commercials early. A 32 commercial this year is costing over four million dollars. Four million dollars for 32 commercial but people pay so much attention to those commercials have a lot of -- tool beyond the thirty seconds that they appear on TV. So which will be your favorite commercial. -- will talk about that Monday nights on description -- here are a couple of commercials that you might wanna be watching for. A Budweiser is gonna have a commercial about a puppy love which I believe in involves a puppy and one of them the Budweiser colors -- it. Budweiser is so great where it's the emotional commercials I guess it was last year with the year before and it was last year. Which was at the one where they had the declines steals and they had the that the young that build the Clyde -- grew up sort out as a as a -- -- And he left the -- he he grew up and it would declines that we came back to the town he he was looking for his owner. That that commercial gave me chills so be looking for Budweiser is popular commercial. On there will be another commercial. We're the Muppets. Steal a car. And the commercial is a full house reunion bring back Bob Saget and the full house -- -- -- -- did together I think they went -- fear about almost twenty years ago. There's also good to be on our commercial for Budweiser commercial -- -- -- Super Bowl commercial for. On the movie draft day which is a Kevin Costner movie it's it's refer to NC Romany so it's one of those drama comedies. It's called draft day its source. Among others -- well kept Acosta and also like Jennifer Garner. And it's it's about the general manager of the Cleveland Browns are dealing with the responsibility of having a number one draft -- number one draft choice so I guess it this kind of reminds us of maybe Jerry Maguire kind of movie but drafting you'll see commercials for that also Anna Kendrick is gonna having none Super Bowl. Super Bowl commercial for Newcastle brown. Brown field. Is described as -- non Super Bowl. Super Bowl commercial and then there will be and other commercial for the big blockbuster dissenters coming out to be released march 28. Titled know about the classical biblical story. About about the -- and and and no. Russell Crowe and Emma Watson are among those soaring in that movie so would you look at all also another that's gonna get a lot of attention is -- Ellen sores and a commercial for beets music -- now you Ellen likes to dance. Probably honestly don't care for dancing. But I'm sure a lot of people care for mine. In any -- that she loves to dance and she does this commercial for beets music. And she she dances with these these bears I I sought earlier today. It's. It's it's kind of it's kind of interesting I don't know if it's going to be one of the favorites but those are some of their Super Bowl commercials you might want what now for. And again we'll be talking about some of the top commercials Monday night description of return indictment if you'll never to tonight's list of the top eight at eight. According to a study the average football fan gains ten pounds during the regular season and with all the Super Bowl spreads planned for Sunday I don't think there's any reason to think that. A few more pounds might not be tacked on to the average. By the way if you're planning to have crawfish. Because the weather that we've had recently and and crawfish Super Bowl Sunday is a tradition for many crawfish are expected to be a bit smaller. But according to this this study that was done -- my survey of really by Nutrisystem. They discovered that the average -- and gained ten pounds during the football season. And 16%. Admit that they gained twenty pounds or more. During the football season and Nutrisystem says that their orders double for the men's program the day after the Super Bowl compared to an average day. Now I think it's also fair to point out that the football season goes right through the holidays. Wearing it's a natural time to eat and I've talked to a number of people who say that that when they were stuck at home this week because of the the ice -- the frigid weather. All they did was eat and sleep. So. You know maybe people are gonna be looking for some exercise this weekend but in any event. You might wanna watch which you but which you know either that or just don't go watch which Eden and and don't care about it. -- if you are. Interested in healthier snacks and got a few suggestions tonight about healthier snacks in fact if you wanna. I join us tonight with a suggestion of out of a healthier snack. You know you don't have to have no snacks you don't have to not -- But look there's a lot of stuff that you don't really have to eat and there's things you can do to make stuff that you eat even worse for. So we will talk about some healthier Super Bowl snacks for Super Bowl Sunday if you and join us tonight with a -- are numbers 260187. Gonna get any thoughts on on healthier. A Super Bowl snack -- show. A toll free number 666889070. And it takes over -- recently -- And finally tonight's number one -- on tonight's list of the top rated eight. There has been talk that Bruno Mars is a new young artist who has not earned the honor of being selected as the halftime entertainment for this year Super Bowl. Do you agree event. Is Bruno Mars a good choice for the Super Bowl halftime show this year. That's a WWL pretty jaguar opinion polls that might give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. And we'll track that -- on our show give you an update coming up here in just a few minutes. The -- block tonight is titled is Bruno Mars a good choice for the Super Bowl halftime show. It's on the front page under our opinions at WWL. Dot com if you -- join our show with a comment on numbers 2601870. -- 3866889087. Texas states or VH seventy. This is -- show like for New Orleans on Friday nights beginning of the weekend's Super Bowl weekend we'll be right back on that WL. It's a Friday night -- we're heading into the weekend together glad -- with this we have an abbreviated show tonight because at 10 o'clock coming up right after the -- Joan. This Super Bowl edition of NFL preview -- Boomer Esiason and Scott Graham began then at 11 o'clock it's the Super Bowl edition of NFL insider with mark Malone. And Steve tasker so get ready for the biggest game of the year this Denver Broncos vs the Seattle Seahawks on battle starts tonight it's a ten to midnight here -- hold the saints. And the Super Bowl WB well and we are a lot going on this weekend. There that are going to be broadcast tomorrow and broadcast on Sunday -- remind you that our coverage begins tomorrow. But the super galactic begins tonight at 10 o'clock after the show but -- we've got live broadcast tomorrow with the -- beer and Deke Bellavia. Peyton Manning and the Broncos vs Russell Wilson. Show on lynch and this Seahawks Sunday it's all gonna be here and to be real so -- in his final we get a pro football body's going to be. Time. With the dynamic duo Bobby in the editor broadcast live from Rouse a supermarket down at home. At fourteenth and saint Charles street from noon to 330. Then on Sunday catch Bobby indeed at twin peaks that's on what -- eat -- long ago. And the food is excellent. So is the -- Really interesting outfits for the waitress at their cute a twenty to clear Jamal from noon to three. And then count down to the biggest game with a cajun cannon Bobby -- Deke Bellavia in your home for the saints NFL football. -- well. This a quick update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight is Bruno Mars a good choice for. The Super Bowl halftime show. 67%. Say no. And 33% say yes. There I -- That is really interesting about this whole debate over whether Bruno Mars where's a good choice for the Super Bowl halftime show you know the halftime of the Super Bowl has. Evolved into one of the most prestigious stages that's -- really only for those who have achieved superstar status. But it really wasn't always that way. The halftime for the very first Super Bowl in January 1967. At the Los Angeles coliseum. Featured Grambling State University marching band. Albert and the University of Arizona symphonic marching band. The fourth Super Bowl held at Tulane stadium in New Orleans in 1970 present -- tribute to Mardi -- with Carol Channing and the Southern University marching band. And over the years there's been a parade of marching bands that have had some big stars. But the Super Bowl halftime shows really didn't become a stage for superstars. Until Michael Jackson performed at the Super Bowl in Pasadena in January of 1993. From that moment on the Super Bowl halftime show became. Really a coveted spot -- for performers. Because it was such an honor bestowed upon them to get that invitation. This year's halftime show is led many to question -- Bruno Mars is worthy of that honor. Bruno Mars now joint stars like Madonna. -- Staying. Paul McCartney. Prince Rolling Stones Aerosmith. Janet Jackson. Justin Timberlake we remember that when The Who. Bruce Springsteen's. Now the arguments and made that Bruno Mars is a new young star and doesn't really have the historic resonate. Of other stores. That have. Been asked to do the halftime show Bruno largest when he 88 he's only been a national phenomena and for four years. I sorted and assorted in 2000 -- 2010. So it's just been four years but he's been nominated for eighteen Grammy Awards and last week and won two grammys including pop vocal and best pop vocal album. For unorthodox jukebox. Now the music in the style of Bruno Mars. Represents. The past. Well actually it's always that represents the past because the kind of has a retro sound to it. But it really represents the future if you listen to a song I treasure and will will play some of his music throughout the -- and it also will remember some of that. They're performers that are performed at the Super Bowl in the past but the abroad -- -- and treasure and instantly brings back memories of earth wind and fire. And the video looks like one of those videos from -- late seventies and and early eighties. His current -- -- locked out of heaven just has such striking similarities to the police. In the eighties. The reinvention of music from the late seventies and eighties like new artists like Bruno Mars is really inspired by a new young generations infatuation with -- eighties music. Every Thursday night and last night included every person and the French Quarter what I jacks has eighties night. It's fun and it's packed with young people who are really too young to have her any of these eighty songs when I was playing him when they were hits on -- only seven years ago. Yet they seem to celebrate this positive uplifting. Ambiance of the music of the eighties and I think it's reflective of the positive attitude of the of a young generation. The music reflects the the mood in in the country wherever. Whenever. Whatever the mood is in the country. You know this country was going to a different time when grunge music and young generation which feeling it differently when grunge music in the nineties became. The music of that decade in the music of that generation. But there seems to be a sense. Of of a positive future -- there seems to be a sense of young generation that just wants to get out there and have fun. And and dance. And so much of the music is kind of a reinvention of music from the seventies. And in particular the eighties. So the younger generations that have adopted eighties music as they -- our -- Are dancing and singing every word to songs that weren't even part of their young lives many of them were even born when -- songs for a but there are like popular eighties ice -- -- around the country. And their attracting younger generation now there's older people there it is distracting for the most part it's younger people going to these. These eighty sites including one here in New Orleans on Thursday night a Bruno Mars is among the talent to -- artists that are creating this music it will defined this decade. In the same way that there was a distinct sound of the eighties. There's a distinct sound right now and I actually applaud the NFL for selecting a young artist. Who represents the future. Rather than relying on. Only the -- that have been well established in the past Bruno Mars is going to be performing with the Red Hot Chili Peppers -- got a little bit of blending of generations there. The NFL does not -- these performers for their performance at the Super Bowl but considering that a 32 commercial cost over four million dollars. And Bruno Mars is gonna be on stage for twelve minutes. That's great advertising for his music his concerts. -- his merchandise. Many of the superstars that have been part of the Super Bowl halftime show -- have earned superstar status over the years. They still continue to produce hits but they were superstars really serious superstars before they were selected to do the Super Bowl. But I like the selection Bruno Mars because. He will not only attracting younger audience. But he's also gonna -- instant credibility with a more mature audience and I hope many people in my generation the baby boomer generation. That may not have recognized. What he means to music if he was not selected to be part of the halftime show of the Super Bowl this year. And I also think it's interesting that this weekend we celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of The Beatles are writing in America. And for today's establishment. And today's establishment was the original anti establishment generation from the sixties the baby boomers. I think it's appropriate for them to witness a young artist. Like Bruno Mars who represented new trend in music. Because that's what The Beatles did fifty years ago this weekend. Is Bruno Mars a good choice for the Super Bowl halftime show. If you -- -- -- -- with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. At a text ember is a 77. And from Covington -- -- on schoolchildren reading. -- I don't think about this election -- on -- Is really great. Opposition -- -- dot Avnet Rubin star power and audit the -- what pat. I really think it just. What they -- -- that sounds. Disingenuous but it is just. Or any mechanism to get more people younger people that would normally watch Super Bowl. To watch. Got a watch -- football. You know why don't -- a -- commercial. Our younger younger guys -- to regain but it younger girls. You know I don't know many young girl that really a year. About the Super Bowl football in general. And now -- that that's. Just what are they just another way to prevent a bullet and another demographic or for marketing sales. Well that is the goal I'm not saying that that's not possible but that that's the goal of of television show is to attract the biggest possible audience and if you if you know one group might not that he. Watching and if you do something to get -- watched annually and because Bruno Mars is not gonna chase anybody way to meet guys watch the super cardinal barges and halftime jail. Sign that it's a legitimate point. It. I know -- Beyond that beyond that reality and when when it was first announced a public of this is good in and then the Red Hot Chili Peppers performing with him. I love this. I love discipline of generations. One of blending of genres and I saw a lot of them at the grammys. Last Sunday night it was exit it was a great show had a classical pianist performing with Metallica. Rob Robin thick was performing songs with Chicago doing all the Chicago classics that in the end did. -- blurred lines and he Gasol a lot of that site received a little bit of that with. With Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But I also think that he does 3% on -- new direction on or one of the new directions in music it will defined this decade. And we're gonna do -- -- and as soon but I've had this theory and I've worked on and it did really goes back to the sixties. Looking back it's it's about the fourth year. Of the decade when the music is popular is the music that defines that decade. And you can you go back to the fourth year of every in the 34 year of every decade in. The music that's popular then as the music that really seems to that that trend seems to define the decade so we'll talk about that -- teachers crucial but I am unhappy with the selection that they usually -- Talented guy but I understand the argument that some people -- that he hasn't earned the right. But you know -- -- I again as I said just a moment ago. It's interesting that this weekend we celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of The Beatles because there are people who -- -- -- they don't deserve to be and it's all of and they haven't they haven't done anything. -- -- -- -- -- Direction music. Yeah I get Smart and don't think he's -- -- culturally relevant and not yet. Not that you'll be fit you know he is a good report brings great energy. That. In the -- -- youthful energetic. You know what music is not helping will be relevant and yet. To be on you know. That I shadow of you know what maybe it. That was an interesting way to support he start culturally. Relevant enough. But the -- does represent. What will be the future than it will be like -- The Beatles were put on this does mean -- Bruno Mars has done more than be hosted before they came to its element fifty years ago this weekend. But I I I think he's going to be one of those performers like Justin Timberlake who is going to. Survive time -- -- to recover stations nationalistic. So is it is is Bruno Mars. A good selection of the halftime show this is the -- treasured it just reminds me so much of flight. I'm just using earth wind and fire as an example but the video also be the on the odds of the video. Looks very much like videos from the seventies stuff that was done in the seventies and and and early eighties if you wanna join our show with a comet tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. A seventy at a text numbers 8778. A lot of text to get to. This is the Scotia when we'll be right back on WL. They are so many Super Bowl parties once again planned for this weekend as there are every year I hope your planning to have fun with the one that you're holding the one that you're going to be going to just be sure and drive carefully if you. Really enjoy yourself at the Super Bowl party. And you're gonna be driving home here's an update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight he's Bruno Mars a good choice for the Super Bowl halftime show. 77%. Saying -- now this is an unscientific poll people who are listening to the show. And responding to the poll 77%. Say no not a good choice. And Tony 3% say yes he has here is a text of the reasons that the tells me that those who answered no. I don't even know who use. Just goes to show you that's how we vote for our elected officials by the way. If we have heard of them we vote for -- sad but true. It detects discuss Bruno Mars had two grammys in an American music awards since 2002 and I'm looking forward to the halftime show more than the actual game. A lot of talk if you just joined us there is. A lot of talk about Bruno Mars a young. I'm very talented pretty young artist who does it have the historic resonated so many people who have played the Super Bowl have. Except it was saying that he is he's done the right choice because he hasn't earned the right. To play at the Super Bowl. I disagree I think he's very talented but I also think that -- he represents. We're music is headed in this decade. And apparently the NFL was very impressed with the performance that he gave. Before the NBA all star game that recently and they they refer to him as a credible star. And those of the people that they look for if you wanna join -- show with a comet tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890870. At a text -- -- -- 37 Escobar tonight's title is Bruno Mars a good choice for the Super Bowl halftime show. You can redirect and this year especially if you have teenagers you might share with him. It's on the web sites are trending in our opinions front page. And -- google.com wanted to get back to mark your text here in just a moment and for moderately on your on the -- show good evening. Face scuba you do good. A but what does George Clinton concert and I'm kind of saying that because when I looked around back in the seventies and to just couldn't -- it was a certain group. But when I went back to you lose all young people man and I think he's a great -- I really do. -- there is. There are so many people who are part of my generation who who trash. New music today. And there's a lot of really good stuff -- what I find most interesting about some of the new stuff that's coming down. Is there's a there's a pattern of resurrecting. Sounds from the past the seventies in the eighties very happy uplifting. Melodies and so it's kind of a reinvention of the of the past but he's responding to young generations today that have adopted this sound in the music of the past. And as the room. This public school and team if he came I really would. -- -- -- it does remind your opening there are some of the older. -- who's gonna win the game. Really people folks. -- -- -- -- -- Knightley and have a great weekend and enjoy the gain from Mississippi Brenda here under the W well. I don't department. Partly -- change. I think the market really eventually teach I think crop all age groups and races. And he's very talented at the end is come on the scene was like the top selling artist of the year this year. Yeah. Yeah. It is the news this a lot. Music out there that all the people like don't listen to listen to the eighties -- in the seventies and the classic rock. But it detect and you listen. That the Grammy that integrate with -- some of that old stuff was played eight people look like -- conduct these are McCartney but it. Why can't. -- McCartney from that state was like what but he's old people. Went where they sit down and let somebody like -- -- -- Well Brent died I do agree with you I think one of the worst Super Bowl halftime shows which The Who recently and I just. -- -- I'm looking forward to Mars I like -- hot chili -- I think that can't I'll I'll. I don't like Yahoo! groups like killers then and -- and need to -- cut it -- you know on its Asia Britain from new music. Well I I I have it and and we have been have been all all this week of we're gonna continue to -- to really add some new music is bumper music for our show it. You know if if you're anybody loves the sound of the eighties I want to recommend the group to -- door cinema Cloutier. To door cinema club. It's not a name that just rolls off your tongue but two door cinema club has -- classic eighty sound but here in new group and they're pretty. A lot nuclear -- that. Eighties did. I can't remember that that -- guys with a beard you know. I mean they're really cool and -- a lot of stuff out there that people need to listen to and and lots of the issue on VH one on the top stories. And catch up on some. There's a lot of young talent. Yeah I agree with you had to lug your spirit I'm going to keep up with things that for those who were just so quick tube to bash music today don't be so quick to -- it because a lot of it sounds very much the elected music that you used to laugh. And when I think about despair and their two door cinema club. They have responded to young generations. They have adopted eighties music as their own they're singing the songs they're playing the music they're dancing to the music and -- that has has caused groups to now. Actually create music that sounds like the past now the Disco era was the seventies not the eighties but the eighties. The eighties was a time when when dance music came back again. I here's a text that read senator Bruno Mars is a talented artist indeed but his choice of lyrics. Tend toward the racy side. I Ian your -- WL. Hey good. -- about a way I do like to -- in the club also there are good bands are elected to. -- lots of friends of mine invited me to hard rock and a hard rock invited me to. House of -- And and I I didn't I didn't know there might I'd I'd heard about it but I never seen never heard that much about it and I didn't know whoever's going to see I was going to see I'm going to see them. I -- still above the that they went out the next -- like a fifteen year old girl -- What you like to execute at the at the plate that the sixth -- -- of the music you mention that it. Iron yells I -- I was with -- body and she said she sits could do you realize that your your taste in music is that of a fifteen year old girl. Right well I wouldn't -- I'm Matt expanded the -- of brutal mart's first evolve the NFL announced this the first month of this he's in which was unheard -- he never got. This announcement select the end of the season throughout kind of particular to me. But. You know the wanted to deposit about it and negatives. Because he's got -- a petite built capability. Sappy for my taste but. I'm gonna say that if you don't like bars. The good thing is actually have a chance to go eat or go to the -- during -- companies can't during the game that you would watch the commercials. It's a good point he and I'm glad you called the show have a great weekend. If you wanna join us with your comments and ideas is Bruno Mars and a good choice for Super Bowl halftime show you know this is. This is a struggle for a generation now the establishment that was the original anti establishment rock generation from the sixties. On May be starting to see -- changing of the guard. But like you know the -- and bringing some people back from the past I don't know if that's what we need to be doing. A to join our show with your thoughts are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven Texas a 77 more of your text. Coming up next on -- WL. And welcome back to -- showing his Friday night this weekend we celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of The Beatles coming to America. There's of specials on TV. Accelerating that says that moment and how it changed America how did it change America and why did that moment so change America. We'll be talking about that's Monday nights on this crucial it to midnight or into the WL. It's Bruno Mars a good choice for performing at the halftime show the Super Bowl this year essar WB well pretty -- to people. Give your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com obligatory text here in just a moment from Vanderbilt Tony your own description of good evening. Yeah you don't -- good -- Are -- -- paying member and Arkansas. On because they want. Want to say shall wait for the Super Bowl they don't want to have enough the Saturday damaging image back and Justin Timberlake. The again. Well they're there are although a lot of people who I think would provide. A safe show for their Super Bowl halftime and and a lot of a lot of rockers from the sixties and seventies so I don't think would do anything. Obscene and not that I really thought that was obscene it was. Just one of those things that I I think people make a bigger deal out of it that are really was. But the problem as they don't want it and Lady -- Modano Miley Cyrus. In indeed -- sinker is up there like Selena go man -- the deeper there -- thing. Another noted that aren't on -- no they don't they're not at all they're not all that sinkers. Okay have you seen -- concert lately. I'm -- haven't been to any of Muncie forties felt. They won't pay any other there is not rocket and real matter. Country music are the real thing. They're not out there -- say you know they're not out there stay in there recall. That in sync their map the air. Like. -- -- -- The biggest stroke in no. Tony it's just like here it sounds like era on a bitter man and it's a shame heading into the weekend or so -- Yeah -- job being done. And every music -- country you know let's not that's not -- I'll tell you in Egypt. Yeah. And cancer and. And -- you would say like every country artist has a really good voice toning. I respect country music I like a lot of country music totally respect those who like country music. But don't be so ignorant as to say event. That there's -- anywhere else and the only talent lies in country music because that is just simply ridiculous. If you wanna join our show Collison said this -- -- -- -- and we'll be right back after voters.