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01-31 9pm Scoot- Bruno Mars

Jan 31, 2014|

Scoot continues to talk about: Bruno Mars; is he a good choice for the super bowl half time show?

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All right it's Friday nights and we are heading into the weekend and every Friday now -- always played his song because well this is what we've been working for. It's Super Bowl weekend -- if you are planning to either go to parties or host parties and the weather for the Super Bowl is going to be a lot better than some people thought it might be this time of year in New Jersey. Cloudy skies expected Sunday with a high temperature of 45. And I know a lot of people here pointed that by the to be terrible to teach the NFL to never have the game at a place like New Jersey again and should always be -- a place like. New Orleans and hopefully -- gathered in 2018. Are right crank it up because this. Is what you've been working for. We're talking about the Super Bowl. And the halftime show. Bruno Mars and Bruno Mars is gonna reform part of the time with Red Hot Chili Peppers. This is causing a lot of people in the establishment today which is the baby boomer generation part of the actually the anti establishment rebellious rock generation from the sixties now the establishment. That there's some criticism that Bruno Mars is a new young talent and is not earned the honor. Of being selected for the Super Bowl halftime -- this year. Do you agree with that. The scoop like tonight is titled is Bruno Mars a good choice for the Super Bowl halftime show. You can read charity got teenager share with him it's on our website at every WL dot com. And we're also what -- talking about submitted. The halftime shows that haven't really been that good guys that who continues to stand out in my mind is a show that was terrible here's a Texan -- I'm glad they. Have somebody. That is generational be relevant I mean come on really who decided to dig The Who out of the nursing home. I hear his text and the reason Justin Timberlake had only one CD out when he performed at the Super Bowl. As he -- -- for your comet tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. It's heavy tax receipts 77. I like the choice of a Bruno Mars. He's very talented guy and while he might not have. The the legacy that some superstars have had going into their performance at the Super Bowl halftime show. -- Bruno Mars does represent I think but -- direction in music. That there is going to define. This this decade -- wherein he's one of the talented young artist that is capturing a sound from the past. In creating new music today. Philip joins us from the Molly ring balls Philip it and and Molly ring walls they do they do eighties music they're going to be it to sell or halt tonight -- welcome to the show. And he's he's going on the boat right now it. My belt -- deviate much. Those avenue and and I'm I'm. I'm not yeah. Welcome -- guys. You do eighties music and you to a really good job of did you -- the costumes in the videos and everything you really recreate the sound of the eighties onstage here ever ever. And -- well. I. Do you see a lot of young people in your audience have you noticed that there or younger generations that never really adopted the music of the eighties as their own. -- it is kind of read an accurate more younger crowd at the new generation network -- -- -- -- they want. Use it. The patent that. You know if you didn't actually. -- and out so there's different generations there and enough I I do hear music today. That sounds like it it's a reinvention of eighties music. After -- and you know fiction. Me. With the economy. -- without accountability. You know eagle particularly. -- it and it is yeah I agree. Yeah. So what's on the set list tonight itself port. -- -- -- But at. He. Might -- say it. And I. Aren't you guys have a great show and thanks for spending some time with -- here and there have zero. Right. I'd symbolic ring Boston they're going to be -- self portal tonight authorities have received stock did that tonight since. They personifies. The the music of the eighties. And there aren't young people like for example at their their showed tonight that there will be a lot of young people who weren't even born. When eighties music came out this is something that I've been noticing an eighty's night. I've got only other cities that I did in the -- -- here in the French Quarter when -- jacks every Thursday night. And I've got to go as often as I can and there are young people there that are just really just decided -- that there's something about eighties music that they relate to even though they don't have any reference. To eighties music from a time when they were younger. I hear is a text that read instead of grabbing a gimmick acts like the show with Timberlake and Janet. Or an accident where his way out of their prime like -- who. They grabbed a musician who is in his prime Bruno Mars is a superstar already. His music is a mix of new or indeed. And old fox island of earth wind and fire and Michael Jackson. The critics of Bruno Mars haven't seen him life he puts on a great show. I'm very excited about the -- if you wanna join us tonight your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text numbers 877. And here's our WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight is Bruno Mars a good choice for the Super Bowl halftime show. It is your opinion by going to WWL dot com from the -- Alan welcome to the -- she'll. And you're good Allen. I just wouldn't make it we can't -- what they. Picked up a little more visibility that -- Like he certainly had some sort of knowledge. Secondly. There you can come a couple of nights ago last night about The Who. I thought it was pretty good choice because consider that they represent the nation. And I wanted to start play. And but anyway. Other and that I mean that's that's like a lot of -- thought about. Alan I'm glad to Carly showed ritualistic I think Bruno Mars is there is a great choice but yet there are people who steal. -- just want to cling to they are known superstores and I don't know why. Some people it might not be you but I don't know why some people are so. Resistant to change. And if you think back on on your generation win when you're young. You represented change. And there were there were groups that performers in your generation that reflected that desire for change and something that defines you I think this is a great choice and I'm really looking forward to Bruno Mars performing and if we're doing his talent his style. -- -- performing with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Here's a Texan -- says -- Wear the Black Eyed Peas worthy to perform at the Super Bowl because they were awful. That was not one of the better. Super -- shows. Here's a text I've listened to Bruno Mars on the radio and I just don't like his music I wish they could have -- someone else to play at the Super Bowl. I hear is attacks. I love the -- but I'll admit I was impressed with their halftime show. They're just not the same anymore say La Z here's a -- I agree with you -- Bruno Mars does represent the sound of today's youth music. Anyone who disagrees is not in the current music scene please check out this local New Orleans groups latest song the -- is. ED am. And I think you'll like it out I'll have to ought to check this out here's a text I don't mind country music. -- Alt country but all music is real -- necessary a response to a caller we had earlier that. It said that the only real music is country music and everybody else can't sing it is a lip -- I -- that there hasn't been as of lip -- that is going on which is disappointed me as much as as anybody. You ought to be able to perform and if it's not. If it's not perfect that's better than lip syncing and if he's in a big environment and you can't totally control the sound and it's not perfect. Doing it -- is better it's better than then. Did lip -- having not perfect is better than it lip syncing and having it appear perfect I'd I'd I'd really don't like that but. This this caller earlier witnesses suggesting that at the grammys nobody was really singing in that simply. Is not true. Here is attacks I don't like country music but all you -- is real. Also country music is sweeter many failed rock star hopefuls. Wind up. When they can't make it in that world if you enjoy pressure with a comic tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And a text number is 877 here's a text. I know what student Amanda I think and go to Southport hall tonight it's been many moons since I've seen. The young -- man. Has always the youngest man had seen them. Yeah it's it's. It's always interesting to see people with Jim Messina while Molly revolves. Should play the Super Bowl next time it's in New Orleans. According to a new tenure studies is something else for talking about tonight. Louisiana ranks fifth. In the nation for pedestrian fatalities. And third worst in -- pedestrian fatalities. Is a careless drivers are -- pedestrians. Talk about that. I talked about this is -- group well actually they're not that new but they're relatively new to door cinema club. I heard him -- house of blues and I was blown away. They have captured. The sound of the eighties. But it's all new music. And it's responding to young generations. Adopting eighties music and as the grown. So I wanted to play a little bit it is going to liberate this is two door cinema club. If you don't notice some similarities between their music in the eighty's this is the Scotia hope you enjoyed -- show the comet numbers 260. 1878. Toll free 866889070. In our -- Amber's late 7870 were coming right back and here's a song that did very well the group Daft Punk did very well at the grammys this past Sunday this is a song that for mines as of the seventies and in the past. -- called get lucky and it's one of the songs -- defining music today. This is the kind of stuff that will be. The music that defines this this decade and it's really coming delight in this fourth year of the decade. This is a -- Joseph glad to weather tonight and -- on our show every night going to be and you know we're gonna start featuring. That not that's some of it not only some of their degrees or so -- for the past but also some of the newer stuff because there are a lot of people who. Who automatically assume that that all new music is trash Italy the music that they like it only the music from their past his good music -- that simply is not true. You know I really feel silly right now. I'm thinking to door cinema club and also talking to reject careless error studio producer about -- dragons and the song demons during the break. That was not to door cinema clover trying to find a two -- -- close on. We just went to break with imagine dragons but that is another band. It to the is reminiscent of the seventies and at the grammys this past week they had that our young rap artist. Performing with this band that would be importance more -- I guess in the rock genre of today's -- -- realize that the grammys were were brilliant I hear is attacks I've not heard any criticism. For the selection of Bruno Mars except on this program nevertheless Bruno Mars is 28 years old and is already a lifetime of musical success. Including being the producer. He is clearly a great talent and he will put on a great show guaranteed I'm 55. Windiz musical art and anything to do with -- age. I totally agree with that. It's not that there's been a lot of criticism I guess it would be better to say that there are there are many people who were questioning the selection of Bruno Mars and this is just conversations that I've heard in a few things that I've read. There's been questioning of Bruno Mars is he too young. Is he too inexperienced. Is he not big enough to have the honor of being selected to be that the performer at halftime of the Super Bowl because that's something that has traditionally been reserved for. On more more well established stars -- you know Samir brings after the black ninety's so that is not always been the case. There had been a lot of marching bands that are performed at halftime in the Super Bowls in the past including a Grambling and southern of these early Super Bowls. It wasn't until 1993. -- that was a year that Michael Jackson performed at the Super Bowl and when Michael Jackson performed that's when it seemed like they started to try to make the Super Bowl more of -- a big time halftime show. Hi and it always gets a lot of attention. Beyoncé. The only criticism I have a beyoncé last year at the Super Bowl this year. Once -- the production was. So elaborate but I I thought and actually distracted from from her talent if you wanna join -- -- with a -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a tax ever is -- 77. From New Orleans junior on the -- -- under VW well. I'm a lifelong -- and one of the professional musician -- -- with doctor Joan in Irma Thomas and -- rather go first album. Can't tell you guys talented. You know I think he's going to be in music for a long time and I agree with you as far as the the lap. -- -- -- Staging that's not what it's all about it -- on the art of music along. No one of the song by heart about hurting people fall for it due to tell the guys I think it's great -- here. Germany to the war which. I appreciate your your opinion because you have mixture into the business and never appreciate what you've done your music in New Orleans. Well what. I love. It's some -- -- from young people ravaged Indonesia it would have been the company now. Jim I appreciate you calling an -- was to WW Illinois. Here is a textile Bruno Mars he's a great singer or listen to his music all day long every day if I could I would marry him. Yeah you know Bruno Mars actually started out as as a child Elvis impersonator. In Hawaii. And -- make it overnight he -- when he needed it and knew what the Miley Cyrus she she sort of what she was young she's now I think she turned 21. Just in to just internally sort of very young. Justin Bieber it's only nineteen years old so he's not old at 28 but he's not the youngest person to hit success at it Tony -- so he's. He's been around for awhile but he really did kinda take the music world by storm and just kind of came into his own at a time when he was one of those performers who. Figured out how to or or sensed I guess how to relate to. A younger generation are hears -- a text Kelly yeah I was Kendrick Lamar who performed with a measure dragons and I thought that was amazing but I'm still. And I talked about this a couple of times this week. I'm still stunned by the performance of our classical pianist I don't member's name but a classical pianist performing with Metallica. At the grammys that woods' sensational. -- blood tonight is titled as Bruno Mars a good choice for the Super Bowl halftime show you can read its common -- you like to share with others including your kids it's on our website at WW real dot com and it. If your kids or Bruno Mars fans -- you can give it to them -- to -- with their friends on FaceBook. We've also talked about this this study that shows that Louisiana ranks never fight in the country for pedestrian fatalities. And the number three. Worst place for child pedestrian fatalities. We're talking about crossing the street. We're talking about one of the things. That we should've learned to do as kids. Is it because of careless -- restores it because of careless pedestrians. Since -- -- downtown I'm a pedestrian. More than a motorist and I'm a pedestrian every day of my life and an -- both. IC careless pedestrians. IC people who had this attitude like don't shoot deer hit me and they walked out into the street. And I don't wanna say they deserve to be hit but if they got hit I would be there -- two to testify that he wasn't the motorists fault. And I and I I I hope that there is no longer this assumption. That the pedestrian. Is is never -- fall because the pedestrian is at fault but it seems like. If you hit a pedestrian and you're the one who gets in trouble. And I just seen a lot of ignorant pedestrians arrogant -- pedestrians. That are not supposed to walk. But maybe this is how they seek power this is how they feel like they have some power in life they can walk out into the street. And you're not going to hit that it's their way of maybe having power over you. On the other day. Bought into the station I saw. This so older gentleman trying to get his wife sister. And -- friend -- a woman about his age. Trying to get her across the street he's in the middle of the street traffic is coming car surpassing him he trying to get her out into the middle of the street to cross. Assuming that everybody simply gonna stop. Because he's at the street. Now if you see somebody in the street American suggest that you hit him. But if it's not your turn to walk. Then don't be stupid and don't walk. The senate tenure study also shows that one of the problems is a lot of people were trying to cross over. On roadways like highways broad roadways where there's no crosswalk. Well if you get hit and you're in the middle of the street and Europe's most of war that's. That's not necessarily the motors fault. So I I I hope you would recognize that if a car hit you even if you're right guy it's still gonna hurt. And is source motorists are concerned there are motorist. And this if this area is changing. So much has changed its Katrina. And part of the reason is that there are people coming here. On that have come here to help the city and be part of this city. And now the city's thriving so -- people here were moving here from elsewhere where where pedestrians are more respected than they are in this area. And icy motorist who. Just don't even have this concept. Then the pedestrians sometimes has the right of way. If there's a green light and somebody turning right at a corner. I'm quite often there's a sign there and I know this is gonna require that you actually read and pay attention. But there's a sign that says turning yield to pedestrians. But -- everybody understands that. And nearly time to pedestrians are supposed to walk as when the lights green so that's they're trying to walk not your time to to try to. In invade -- that's face. And when I'm downtown and it when I see a car. Immediately stopped. When I'm in the pedestrian walkway. And I I looked down and quite often it's an out of town license plate. Because this is not the end. The most pedestrian friendly city also this tenure study shows that while the the deaths for. Drivers has declined between 2011 and 2012 which is the latest information episode -- with government information always comes out. Very very late. But pedestrian and bicycle to tell these and increased -- driver fatalities have gone down. I would think that part of that is because they are more cyclists on the road. But there are there even though they are cycle lanes now they are people who don't pay attention to cyclist. But as I say that I also have to admit that I see. Sometimes icy -- gets like it was that think that they're better than everybody else in this system and only here but this is around the country. They think they're better they're -- at all. But there's some cycle is to think they're better than everybody else. Because they're riding a bike. And you're in a car so you're the bad person because you're in the car and their on the bike you're doing the did the right thing for the environment and for everybody else so they are better than you. And that's the wrong attitude half. But. Voters seem to be more aware. Pedestrians and cycle and those who riding bicycles if you wanna join Russia with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86680. -- nearly seventy. Protection -- is it 7870 I got a text here about a pedestrian vehicular crossing your heart expressway and what is true or not. But there have been people killed crossing airline highway crossing the interstate in New Orleans east. Crossing. Crossing your -- expressway. If you cross these areas. Especially at night. It's not your fault if you get I mean it is your fault if you get hit. And I wonder if the driver should be able to sue you for putting a dent in their car with your body. Here's a text screwed I'm in my fifties and was recently turned onto the Flaming Lips. And -- impala. By my seventeen year old daughter good jams sounds like the seventy's if you if you have if you have teenagers. Listen to some of the music that they're listening to. And I'm sure you're gonna notice the similarities with the music that you used to listen to. Asked to join -- -- are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy and a -- numbers 877 from Metairie -- your Honda VW elegant evening. Aid to schools and Matt I think we're good choice because I think about it but it chart spots when she shot and so it -- she. I don't think anybody ever captain. That was a good performance and as I. I don't know whether it's gonna be before the Super Bowl or during the halftime show but Queen Latifah I believe discussing god bless America. Oh yeah and that's going to be on it that is a very very talented woman. -- -- program. I'm -- who's gonna gain or lose -- when the game Sunday. Pavement and burglaries and. I understand but if it's not if it's not truly honestly. -- -- enjoy the game I'm glad to tell the show. If you gonna join us tonight are numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. Ninths nearly seven Texas State 77 here's a Texas -- all the recent das of pedestrians in New Orleans have been attributed to know street lights. That's simply is not true. There are people who were crossing where there were supposed to be lights. Now I'm not saying that street lights part of problem but. If there's no light beer it's not as if the light is going out while you were in the crosswalk. Or why you're trying to cross the street. If you're at a dark intersection. Then don't cross the street -- -- you're supposed to. Look both ways again this is this is one of the fundamental things that we are supposed to be taught his kids any that we were taught that. Maybe nine you're beat either we were taught them and we simply forgot that. Or think that well. I can walk in and I can do whatever watch while you can't do whatever you want and that is simply not true that it's it's attributed to no lights again I'm not saying that that's not. An issue in this city but if if an intersection of a corner it's dark sand. Don't cross the street. And if you do cross the street and it's not safe don't you accept some responsibility for crossing the street when it's not safe. That's from New Orleans Jeff you're on the -- showing every WL. -- group I think remark would be a fantastic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No heaven on a look at sort of the halftime show organizing guessing clips from his concerts -- -- really look forward to it. -- while only because there -- actual members spoke. -- do something before Bruno Mars I want out of work that out I -- -- I. Got the impression for and I don't know if this is true but I got the impression from something that I read today that. They may perform with him which I think would be a very interesting moment. Great I mean I agree aren't being -- -- line and they're all -- at the live performer. As opposed to you know mother halftime -- that forward but in small video -- music immediately. Going to be. And tactics. I agree Justin and I was surprised to hear some. Some questions about whether -- Bruno Mars deserves. To be in this position because she's young and doesn't have the resonated for some superstars have had when they've Fenton have to jump. Well I think it and and that's that's unfair. Because sometimes have to Dominic Carter out of the big -- like Trent in madame. I don't know if you caught on Madonna singing I'll got what what you did grammys and she she popped the immigrant -- She cute cute name -- -- she comes on base in the middle earth aren't cheap thanks for maybe 32. She -- Arab. -- now I simply told me that she recently had surgery I -- I don't know whether that's true or not but she look like she. It was whispers units of kind of McCain with her and I didn't know whether it was a proper she actually needed to walk but I I I did think her performance was very support. I was I was during the song gotta seem laugh with the back tomorrow and Louis. That emigrate and you know that that date they are and that they -- -- our opening go I think. You know the legendary. I'm electorate. Maybe remark come out. And fake car out the rolling down again I've seen it down when he -- but now. They're cute name but they're not going to be aren't we we we we've seen it before and it's something new and good out there hot spot. A year got a -- -- to bowl halftime for me. What what what it was like 2000. -- may -- prints at halftime when you're gonna rain. Or rain and rain that was. -- -- Sampras was prince was good I do remember that it. It would -- about 1993 is -- -- Michael Jackson perform when it really started to develop into a a a big time deal and it's interesting that the halftime. That the show is for many people as important as the game. And and the commercials are our report to its in this is this is quite a TV phenomenon coming up on Sunday it is every year this year will be no exception who's gonna win Jeff. -- go man I hate to say is I hate that they have a good armory and I know they're wrong but I'm kind of over it he talked a bit higher current. Here that we get an angle here. Of course the ER. And aren't they -- you think. He got there you know demanding. Your own son but. I'm to tired to hear about -- -- tired. I really respect what patent has done this year. Because you know there was that whole conversation about his injury and -- ever come back and was he worth the money and they were gonna sign -- to this mega contract and because of his injury was he really worth it. And and whether you like you were not retarded hearing about him or not he really has been worth it and you really prove that he he still has a lot of play left did it. He has -- mean he can't argue with that I just I don't know what it is. I go back and or the yeah -- on Sunday in the lobby group the Broncos are really don't know. Delegate and when you call that when you called the Seahawks punks I understand what you're saying but Russia would Russell Russia -- -- a park. You're not -- -- super intelligent. Yes I can group Russell -- need to stand that quarterback. He's you know EG from our guys wrong nobody really expect him to do anything out there he's been nothing panned out so. Now I'm I'm thinking mainly. You know Richard Sherman -- kind of dependent not very Smart man he's -- Pete Pete Carroll I'm not a Nazi Gerald and I think you know he's. You know -- -- -- So he's a little too raw -- for you. I think so I think and -- got it. Maybe -- -- MLB got the error of I don't know he. Jet fighters ever you say and I appreciate you call and enjoy the game and thanks listening -- do well. At night. I have I have heard from people in Seattle events that Russell Wilson and it is. Is becoming like Drew Brees in the Seattle community. In terms of now. He gives back to the community and what he dedicates to the community in terms of his time and I guess other money bodies well. But he's like this model citizen and Seattle and you -- respect -- If you enjoyed our shorter lights are numbers 260170. Tool free 866889070. Texas -- 7870 here's Adobe WL pretty general opinion poll is Bruno Mars a good choice for the Super Bowl halftime show. Give us your opinion by going to be W real dot com. This is a song called stay the night it's a occurrence on. It's buys ad featuring Hayley Williams of the group are more another relatively new group. This reminds me -- the past. This is this -- you know and will be right back in the Friday nights on W well. So soon. This is so one of the relatively few groups that hands tracking an audience right now at home two doors in the to me this -- newscaster soundly. -- just gonna hit him well when he checked out meaningful tonight is Bruno Mars a good choice for the Super Bowl halftime shows 67%. Say no. And 33% say yes. We have an abbreviated -- shooter right our show ends tonight at 10 o'clock because that's when our Super Bowl coverage begins on -- Euro that you're -- station 2014. The NFL preview with Boomer Esiason and sky -- begins at 10 o'clock dated 11 o'clock it's the Super Bowl edition of the NFL insider. As we don't get ready for the Broncos in the Seahawks. Sunday afternoon and you'll hear that game -- on your Super Bowl station. And station the saints every WL. From Sampras Chris welcome to our show tonight. It. They concrete thing at all -- and sent him but I think. It but yet I -- was gonna I don't wanna talk deep you -- your seatbelts on. Actually yeah I don't want to say. You know I think about. Them. Democratic committee I'm. -- as being a I'd never -- assaulting someone. -- -- man you know in the news that as a bad bet and I'm wondering if there was say. -- know a lot isn't good behavior that may have. Gotten him this spot in the super ball I as opposed suits someone they they might have pot could have been controversy or. Mike could cause some trouble -- -- antics. Yeah I I'm not sure right now with his state of mind I'm not sure Justin Bieber would be the best thing the NFL could select their halftime show. -- definitely got its one point that. I think Johnny go back and think -- I. The analysts bit. Anything like that I can't thank the many things so odd bank may be an end and I guess maybe because of the awards these war. He has wind. It shows now he likes to promote himself. In a good sense. And I guess you know the configured. Big shot. And and a hybrid with a lot of the -- he represents. Several different genre of music I'm but he is also. You know it's like there would be younger generation but it's not just the younger generation not know. So they change their. You know there that you had this big picture about the art and make pretty -- record. I don't want to point that out you don't -- -- -- in the knees as far as bad. It's quite well it would have been another house you know we we talk about it. Stars doing things possibly just for the purpose of publicity that has come up with just and he beat -- adjusted beavers recent behavior. Is this about publicity is about changing its image. Wouldn't it be nice if you know we see the good guys make it to good guys the people that make it because of their talent because of their style. And not because of a bad reputation. Yes sir I completely agree. One. -- particular call and have a great weekend everybody enjoyed the people. And designated -- it you go to a party you go to a lead without getting home sites. Nothing wrong -- -- great -- nothing wrong with enjoying yourself at a Super Bowl party -- -- go to somebody's house or go to a bar someplace to watch and nothing wrong with that. I just don't be -- -- to drive home I here's a text so glad you're talking about how people just walk out in front of cars really surprised more people don't get hit by vehicles. Here's another text about it pedestrians and -- cycle is. I I think it's arrogant when cyclist barely go the speed limit blocking automobiles. When they have Tony shoulder of the road. Just to make a point. I agree. Now I'm not talking about all cyclist. But there's like a list that have attitudes. And they think they are do gooders in the world they think they're better people than you because you're in a car and their on their bicycle. And while sometimes -- still respect cyclist sometimes it's like a list can be. Area there there is this arrogance that this comment I here's a -- taking money to tween daughters. To see one direction next October. It was on their Christmas list UP yes Bruno is a terrific choice. After the halftime the NFL needs to retain its younger audience. Here's a text everyone performing at halftime will be lip -- anyway that is simply not true. Now. I'll be watching we'll talk about this Monday night description. If they're lip syncing. Will bash him. There have been some lip -- halftime shows but not everyone's lips sinks at halftime. Here is a text Bruno Mars made the news about three or four years ago after being caught with cocaine. I guess there's that possibility but at least he's not a recurring bad boy in the news -- Harvey Keats you're under the WL. Yet that used to. Really popping global law will probably be good. But he got to put it context where had no matter according -- the only at about twenty minutes to perform anyway. I think he's gonna be on stage for twelfth. Okay twelve okay conducting you know optical an update on elect area -- Any -- so ball. Coca-Cola only twelve minutes so it's really well built and people's fault. Not according ought to give up the area. And and do slump in the net short period of time to really you know put on which you know. You know well they can only do so much and there's a lot of pressure on my guests who just wow everybody and you can only do so much and in in that amount of time -- Right and and also talking about the Seattle Seahawks are seen it sure is small and where they got a little boy I believe it was like seven -- -- you really ought condition. It and he'd be -- Play like you know in the by the preceding picking on screen and desperate act is -- letting -- ought -- spam. Yeah that's sort of a day. Pete Carroll actually gotten. Do law but opt outs you know they'd get a little things they got it all too ready practiced settled there. Now I don't know we have a lot of reasons to want to hate the Seahawks but I but a lot of them are really they're really good people and I heard Russell Wilson in particular is. Becoming -- a citizen like Drew Brees and Drew Brees has always been his idol. Right right like he is gonna win our game. Actually optic Seattle 28 that's what. I think this is going to be a good game in and sometimes that's not always that's not always the case in a surprise that the the playoff games getting to the Super Bowl or better games in the Super Bowl itself but. It I think number one defense number one offense you never know how against gonna turn out but I think this is going to be a good well fought game. The weather's supposed to be very very nice for New Jersey that time of year with cloudy skies Sunday expected at a temperature 45 degrees. I keep and I'd go to show have a great weekend you aren't. Here is textile -- they ride bicycles down magazine street the cars barely fit. They're asking to get hurt well everybody in a bike hazard and has the right to be on any street. Everybody should just be a bit cautious I would say I mean I understand magazines and it was on magazine street it's last week but the week before isn't nice Sunday. And that's really just agree to a part of the city. And everybody has a right to be on magazine street tour or any street. But today yeah it is it is crowded. Here's a text -- cycle list does it matter cars -- bikes don't come on man. Well that's true. But. There's no need for arrogance. Cycle there's no need to be -- -- there's there's no need to. See -- and this is what's so interesting about about talk radio. If it doesn't apply to you if you're not one of them and don't take it personally. And don't think for one moment I'm bashing all cyclist. But there is. And -- an element. Among cyclists. That is this attitude of we -- better than you because run by. I don't like that. Everybody's in this together and you know better than anybody else because you on a -- This is the -- show we're coming right back to abort -- is that another. Relatively new group and I really like to one republic and -- system relatively new song called. Counting stars and again it's this reminds me stuff and apparently beat this is somebody good new stuff that's out today. We'll be right back under -- WL. Bruce Springsteen and The E. Street Band have been halftime performers at the Super Bowl and -- I heard somebody in the -- -- because it's in New Jersey they should have gotten Springsteen -- or Jon Bon Jovi or somebody like that. Why Bruno Mars well Bruno Mars is a Brooklyn native and here's a Texas says that it had a lot to do with the selection on May be so. I'm in New York is still even though with a two game is technically in New Jersey New Yorkers stills -- center of this game in Times Square areas. Really against the yeah. Against epicenter of Super Bowl activities like tomorrow night election coverage. Will be right here's close is your nearest radio as close -- -- Your tablet your computer year cellphones joining us at WW -- decision 2014. The New Orleans election that begins at 8 o'clock tomorrow night. With Garland Robinette and -- WL award winning news team for comprehensive coverage up to the minute there will be a lot of experts and there's a lot at stake here. You know we vote for presidents we go for governors and mayors really voting for local officials. Really has a bigger impact on our lives then voting for the president. Because they just have a more direct impact on our our daily lives. So get out and vote tomorrow and and listen to the results tomorrow night beginning a collect -- going to be WL here's a final update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight. Is Bruno Mars a good choice for the Super Bowl halftime show it's really kind of even out very lopsided early this morning with seven earlier today we -- 1% saying no he's not a good choice now. A 50% say not a good choice but up to 42% say yes he's a good choice I'm looking forward to. Tommy Tucker will be talking about the Super Bowl commercials and halftime show Monday morning from six to ten under BWL first news. And we'll talk about it Monday night on the -- show also Monday night we're gonna talk about The Beatles this weekend is the fifth anniversary of The Beatles coming to America when they -- Paris. Love -- New Orleans.