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02-01 12:35pm SuperBowl Saturday with Deke and Bobby (Mitch Levy-Seattle)

Feb 1, 2014|

WWL's Deke Belavia and Bobby Hebert discuss the Seattle Seahawks and SuperBowl 48 with Mitch Levy from KJR radio in Seattle.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well speaking of look at it in and nominees polity -- C champions all season long but all along that make -- isn't that simple act of the conference. It's TV host the three day all in Seattle it's a lot of folks the Seattle out -- and I think is seem to be your view it the equipment. Like sea island so what is your take what would use the guys aren't the most difficult matchup with yet. I'd like if I could copy and thanks for having me on the play rubio because in order in hand on -- been forty at the corner. In New York City cannot -- -- don't put that wood off the subject obviate beer or do you right. He this being the thing. You. -- very special place in my heart value wise. I grew up in the nineteen indeed been in South Florida. I would I would but it boy in my pocket like -- could grade it some more now there. Behaved well -- thought it would give me to treat them like you take the school. Football team -- It -- be more call uncle -- -- like he play at mile high fever player in the grade school football player that I -- Even for the day 846. Would it mean Anthony order a Broncos are well. And -- fees went on to do you remember. That -- there throw the ball in order for them in -- Still at that moment. All of -- on late in my -- mile -- favorite player. Allen at ballot if they were at the moment of it is a power BC -- -- from Louisiana and Utley and Utley and not -- -- in activities. Of the Michigan in. When they. Act in. 250000. Dollars. I've well one out in the lottery so all of I came out well the great quarterback the greatest quarterback you've. Class in pro football history. Locker room or else they'll make it over line utilities he gave all our all college quarterback. Like it maverick he'll bring the cowboy and Anthony. You know -- you know you go to -- ironically -- -- -- Florida that time and he's got hurt you you do well. You probably he maybe the attractively the second round. You know early round I think you know Marino -- the whole class that was unbelievable there got -- -- -- you guarantee. He -- -- we don't do that. Thought that I I indicated in Michigan on -- got our our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When I went to Michigan house it will about a football hero. And the University of Michigan and where dispute had their pain and eighteenth -- -- -- little more public in the line the line that it held at with Billy and the quarterback Gary and Eric triple but I can remember. AC baby ten AC AC. This all the power play caller whoever aware -- on the -- IndyCar you gotta be that regard. Special players eligible it here. Orchard it's not that old Jacob as the them eight whoever -- that era was that that was equal order noble one and a number are eighth the eighth -- unbelievable. Will beat you -- and you -- Bobby. Bobby -- number 21. In -- game -- school in Riviera beach on a bicycle and used to literally the other team but literally would -- guy on him. Want to read it or some other receivers and want to stop well it was the great things -- I'd like to watch it play. And eleven years old was -- believe it back back back to the group like that. I think that the -- and obviously thrilled that the year there's a much different -- guy. That we sell in 2006. In Detroit you mentioned Detroit that he went out to the ball against the Steelers. I just think they you know Seahawks and going back to August and July training you know -- Many yeah he -- there have always looked at this team. The team that was earmarked to rate this year. And if all things went well in the Super Bowl and real disappointed. From the beginning you know. And -- you guys call in the are pretty they were in Winnetka. After beating watching on the road -- be. The game one and I'll. Just open yet that you gain but. But I'm Matty Ryan went out the other expect it and Brokaw yeah see out there are acting one. So ever in the final 0000. And a George O clock I think hawk fans started -- count down in New York in 2014. And here we are me. You break -- the bull there appearance in Detroit -- the -- won it in. Grumbled about it. Global partner. And you know -- of the -- at the Olympia. Remember it like this Seahawks rob. I've ever seen as -- would like water like five -- at the -- That we have -- feel that the department that they are about how the Bulls could be call. Yeah yeah I yeah I think -- are you -- go back -- that first of all I would say. As a guy who kind of become the Seahawks and beat -- but now I've been out forty years I would say you know you want the Steelers. Camaraderie and -- who shall that it was one game but the question call the map out the back and become friends over the years. With -- -- on Friday morning you know. The next time the -- -- -- the -- at -- -- Big gain the Seahawks opted out would be easier to later. He came up to map out the back would appear that guy. -- it you know. Idea. I didn't like rated today on that Sunday in Detroit and it meant a lot to Matt. And it just -- your back story. Cartel the story you know official that that these well the real winner. So Seattle waited eight years and I think that part of the that the story are like -- You know Bobby you're the player. You know I mean. Now the official in the wake up what side of the politically they wanna call the two holding call he called the festival being in the legal contract it out of here on the art or secret corner. Call that on every play if they want to like I think. At the big story line what kind of what kind of treaty it will be. Meets they've found it we appreciate its outcome because I am from New York the site of the bigs who vote are between the AFC champion Seattle Seahawks and the AFC champion Denver Broncos. It's high easiest I've shaken out of our you know Seattle's good as anybody follow all season long. Yeah eight yeah. I think I am. That I'm. Old but it really lightly guys opt out there. -- -- -- had to. Do important. That I believe will determine the outcome of the game. And here they are number one. Don't compare it with the Broncos aren't off to the DR -- -- And realize. That the Broncos would make it -- -- the court touchdown of the experts not. When the law that allow somebody -- the known Derek beat you touchdown. 3675. And coincidentally enough the national average and -- the average -- get it right in the middle well. -- one more spot on tomorrow. Field bills on the court out -- gonna be going to be one -- Which you would be a coordinator. The Seahawks. And I believe that -- gonna win to. Be peeking through the air. One out double in the -- game -- number I don't think it quite. And one -- per second down. -- expected out of the double called early. Your quarterback. I'd like him you call. Russell. Some real quick -- shortstop let him get into the wanted. Out which I think all. Ready to go all pretty Manning and match. I think double double call the game. You know America by I as it. There's no way in this game with -- meaningful prime time and when that the Hawks put it to the -- regular season. The way -- Russell Wilson played. If you played like that against Denver -- Eric do you see how I was gonna win. He was on fire and it it's been it's hollow where everything and -- -- quarterback coach Carlson at. Now that the coordinator witness may to late eighties early nineties on the coach -- it to about Eric may not be held economy and it and Russell the market value. Russell and had economic -- when he was on by this statement that -- -- at that against every equals. I like Seattle line. But I Greeley yeah but quite suited. Call the game and you know kind of spread his wings but they -- conservative. Think Larry yeah ground game they've got a great -- that they can go protect the ball and not let him get into. It would be capable of doing a lot more than manage the game you know that -- Right postal KKR in Seattle outside of New York City right now getting ready for the treatment on it between Seattle and -- -- forties meets the needs thank you so much of the time we've reached it appears that you don't throw Arnold Trevor should be our.