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02-01 Super Bowl Saturday with Deke and Bobby (Renaud Notaro-Denver)

Feb 1, 2014|

WWL's Deke Belavia and Bobby Hebert discuss the Denver Broncos and SuperBowl 48 with Renaud Notaro from Mile High Sports radio in Denver.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- a terrible club with a bit of a broncos' -- mile high sports is once the game with -- -- appreciate him joining us. Bruno as though one of -- own a home boy out in. I ever read notices a week and obviously we know how how Denver ends -- but -- football and that's a big deal out there is that Colorado supports. -- in other states -- -- area but the winners who only what a great history. I think you start to get it to that they're rare and their seven teams. Led a team that have won more than once to bowl. Giveaway this of this would be that there weren't any you really thought separates itself in a more in the group of historically greatest franchises. Yet no question. It. Took it who can we get -- -- go in a as a fan of football I want the game that happened. In one week but I'd like two weeks after his teams time to rest the open and he -- nick and possibly yet. Denver great franchise and that -- He sees that with a couple of on this team all the troops to the world to -- to the Super Bowl. You know John Elway. Going all the time since you -- at finally winning a couple of yeah it is third race stretch. It would go away coming it and he's really put the stamp on the team. Here it was heated it was the difference maker Peyton Manning coming here as opposed to. Going to Tennessee -- order according to Seattle where growth. All the other views it great plays for -- Mediterranean and not being. It's it's the season's been a remarkable Rwandan and I think the only way the proper and capital that it got to where. Yeah exactly. That that they'll rule the second place even though with the US that though. I can remember winning a championship in eighty degree. At Mile High Stadium. Against coach mark Philadelphia stars and and an 85 losing in the meadowlands that we were Oakland in Petersburg the Baltimore stars in. No white section at the feeling when you know when it's when you get there. It's a reward is that only one champion and that's why yet to win it. Held the question I have view in Deluca. The chance imagine. -- -- you try and attack it -- and and I think it never does better than any team is because. Obviously a constant but also the skills and their receiver top the bottom. I think we have advance receiving corps. The point -- bringing up is that when you look at the I don't know how they play. Is that what is the arm and deliberately bump and run. If -- -- dale -- them hit it hits the corners that they have deep third and -- commented they can run or get their hands on the receiver. That this -- the routes that it won't get burned the but what I was dollars in new I don't know would never called that methodical blogs at like a triangle. When you have three receivers and a pile. It okay. Because the call -- a cluster of sponsor. Last. There yet but you go to -- everything with networks that -- behalf. If you can't come up with Butler run all the receivers. That you almost have to play like it's old concept. Where are you trying to trap them. But the one thing where did you -- bump and run to come up that you get picked and all that stuff but I -- the Denver. Maybe a number of times to do that -- bullets that are -- close there. They attacked that Seahawks. A secondary as far as you know he can have a quick play -- get the ball in his hands and not having to worry about the Russian being productive that way. Yet I think they called on formation. And -- he is going to be in it. If the refs don't call. Seattle all there. Grabbing and holding in it and all of their their ten to hand. Defensive player by the BP piece -- I think that's where you need to step but the Broncos and you're gonna he goes rub routes must pick ground out. And that's how you get those guys at all and -- you opened things. And you know you have five guys that scored two and had more touchdowns this year so. -- -- double team how to you know how to execute against that and all the talk about Richard Sherman. But you -- on one side of the field. That the Broncos it and you know all right the stick -- local book there and have fun you know and then he can -- It -- to merit how much injuries Tomlinson and we've talked to route route route if you worry about. Yeah. Q is -- too much been -- open up Wes Welker as soon as probable Welker probably got a lot of passes. In that. 81213. Yard area and it's no yeah I think that's how they would call. Any of those and that a closer or physical play at the our defense is known for. Now rate outlook look at it. Obviously everyone's talking about most -- Marino was kind of game that those and those Marino but I'm talking about march on me and economic team he's gonna have. -- theater in Seattle. A 174 rushing yards top and it though the numbers -- -- it's only given up 64 and a half. Which all leads the league. But had no shot on the brain when I think in what is your unique. On those Shimon real art never running the ball against at Seattle -- -- -- -- -- -- that this Saints ran on the Seahawks. The average zero point two yards to carry. And now so. I mean I can look at times when the Saints had no chance they could not grind against the Jets -- it was like. He has yet minus yards to RE it was it was nothing that same thing. Kind of what -- line -- -- 49ers. At times where. This they ought to think that success you -- sharp Maria Elena when they -- there on the success they've run the ball. I think it would mean -- look at the awkward -- line they have not here as it was it is a and all Perillo are the Broncos. Manny Ramirez has played actually well this year better and I think they will try and and run the football not just notes on Marino where it was monkey ball and it all come along very nicely that -- into. And they're certainly going to try and run the football. I. -- -- Sick of the Rockets will be run so well of course are constructing you know of other start came off by. They will make suited their passing team they're gonna and then start against. That the Patriots is certainly don't have the defense that with the Seahawks that the Broncos well. We'll probably wrote more so to get the rhythm going to do is to probably. Trying to get Seattle. He gets back off from. Manning does Peyton -- ball very long hole is sure it was a 2.2 point by it and that ball out so. It -- anybody -- Manning and you know what some -- when we looked around on topic and people talked about. Seahawks offense. In better. In Munich offense their inability to score in the red zone and Russell Wilson's inability to read defenses very well. Are still there I think there really -- quarterback but it. When he stayed in the pocket. He's not. As their quarterback and Manning is in the pocket and Randy going in the second year of a lottery he senses. At least -- and he he can scramble right. And you know maybe in the scramble some long run. When they get it down the red zone. They don't score a lot so I I need to know where these. Where the -- and come to convert -- -- -- the Broncos they have ten possessions. The Tuesday around number ten possessions and they scored 60% of the time. They're gonna put up some some points so. I think that but the people are looked about it not to do -- how well Broncos defense verplank and Al anemic Seattle. Offense is it's. Yeah especially in the red zone that you bring that out if you look at -- -- gonna -- -- reds on all of it in deep fences the Seattle's red zone defense is outstanding. Unbelievable the Broncos red zone offense is outstanding unbelievable. And you look at the -- our reds on defense. The day compared to the Seattle offense they have I've bigot that's why I think yet what is Seattle they're doing the red dog is this the kind of game. That I think. They Seattle would have to think it's a window why they keep force Denver to kick field goals instead of getting touchdowns. Because I think cameras David definitely capable. A force to Seattle at their field goals when they get net rental like you said. I really think that there. Back -- I think your point fours -- I think the popular in the trying to run the football on and I think it will -- success but it. -- -- they bring other guys that happen and it's not really -- forced Seattle they're pretty much in. They nickel package. And both these teams will certainly Seattle Libyan -- looked upon so. You know it's -- there's a fine line great quarterback like Peyton Manning can you bring too many guys up the line. Are you. Biting on that play action suit to note -- like two months -- on a few -- too many guys out there that just opens up. Shallow in and the impact -- routes and there's going to be one time I'm sure. -- Manning will try it if they give it to them they'll they'll take shots down field but. K and so they should. You don't care either the thinking -- probably on the field that the trigger you know 810 and twelve yard passing plays. He's so mature and so -- Pay ten and twelve play -- All they eat any -- -- I can sort out he looked up or down field. I don't know but he uses it he's gonna pick apart and you know and the actors. I'll watch all these watch Super -- career in. -- -- program that game that happened. -- to -- cope with the Broncos at mile high sports and -- riddle -- always a pleasure how can folks following you on Twitter. Follow on Twitter at risk though at all. -- -- and -- KN OW like you know well. Mean -- and all -- thank you so much for the time we appreciate. -- guys reputable.