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02-01 Super Bowl Saturday with Deke and Bobby (Scott Kernnedy - Scout.com)

Feb 1, 2014|

WWL's Deke Belavia and Bobby Hebert discuss college football recruitment with Scott Kennedy, Director of scouting for Scout.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Activities director of scouting for scout dot com. Doctors now Scott thank you so much -- time and it from a from a national perspective there was this take it -- certain state has fan of the best players. In the country now and it's they -- -- that it did the best in the country what would be a fair estimation of the flagship school in -- state. A reasonable number of those hand if they have to keep they beat to keep it Puerto. Louisiana in Louisiana so with me. Well you know I think they -- for years and then back out on the breeders' supreme but actual recruiting advantages or a Georgia. Now you just because there's so little competition while there are so many players now. You keep up -- -- normally but they'll keep formal bald guy that you're not gonna do that every year Alabama strong between Alabama thirty years. -- can -- it -- the older and Portland Auburn to play for a double B -- championship battle. There's an awful lot of potential but he don't bodily law and will you feel like -- -- or -- -- though. There's so much competition -- -- player right now but you know I think you know it would you talk about the number one overall record that he'd stay -- -- -- what you look at other guys the next big one is some -- -- Dupree didn't expect to announce on Wednesday. A way he was signed as -- ceremony attackers and ask who's gonna science policy there's not a big class and Curtis what's the latest on him. Well it out you know popping endless right now Reilly have been my mom's feeling border right now. There have been some fun with with Cam Cameron being on the same plane that those guys on the way out here that are just shocked that some of the tactic that you know that he coaches. We'll go to Q go to workers alike welcome to the big time -- on a plane is the kind of paid compared of the things that. It's always been a slightly nutty guy when I -- -- what makes it obvious that is correct -- that the flight it du -- was take it to be the UCLA Cam Cameron was on a flight. That's one argued the LA side of the thing for -- -- yet he was all about -- out here. Even visiting ability and being ignored Jack and coincidentally or not on the team plane at the three guys that but he steal it from Louisiana. That is -- -- -- -- and that it's it's that -- the game and. -- and now I -- -- just like trying to get a -- out this is you try to make you shape are you trying to you -- off. I know you're what you're looking for -- It. You know and I would be -- -- -- -- put good -- Bobby -- was not some old time recruiting payroll before they started. You know the point four hour news cycle. Well let the bigger suitcase the money the. -- -- -- I've and actually I think it -- and anybody can come on how much money are. We. Yes got the kind of joke like NASCAR saying if you eighteen -- try and that's no joke out of it that that that they got down here you know in NASCAR fan -- but look at that and an area that you around day in and day out and and you look at the job -- Elmore has done at UCLA. Is he may be in recruiting you're able artist and a tradition at USC maybe to overtake. USC say there's a lot of pressure it's -- too easy and come in the US need to keep pace which jail Lawrence then it that your at UCLA. Well I think that takes some time there there in the game and NCAA -- definitely put a cramp on what. You that you've been able to do the last three years and you feel it over they can on the field to be expected if they were doing the right thing. Usually have a great clock -- we all of that got contribute even southeastern fans probably hurt while Jack pitcher got tomorrow. So you know they're they're doing a good job and they've branched out and actually not three in the top five players in the in the -- area probably -- you that they. Of that as long. All the -- grew up watching. You put the BUS -- that we know. Odd you know all grown up with LSU in the -- you know up between 85 and 95 she was very good and he Eagles it now -- all the actual power. Scott -- director of scouting the gal that got Scott -- com is our spacing is national signing day. It's coming up so Scott look at at the top teams right now are going to do it that week who you think you have the top five classes. I -- there's a lot familiar names here Alabama the top league in Alabama I -- that. I right now recruiting national champion for whatever that -- story after fighting every year -- the back at right right now and not wrong about the change a thing. Alabama and run well and hit for everybody yell -- -- -- in the top live at Tennessee. People kind of forgotten and you know -- short attention span than -- people forgot what Tennessee has been fifty years and got all. -- -- power and he has one of the top fifteen team of all on that they've fallen hard on recently though it might be -- surprising that via Ohio State. Been cleaning out the midwest the last few years -- not haven't changed technically it and called it. Team intact that's overnight. They've they've started out protect -- intact which is unheard of in the war Iran about the top 5 o'clock would be yet champion. Three years ago in the one -- -- number two about worked out for years later for a. Activities now how can folks follow you on Twitter. Opt out Kennedy has targeted by -- -- only thing that would possibly deliver. Corey tweeting all court on the hit it out -- on whether -- on every day. Now Scott and and fans are kind of like this whatever department lately and you look at the I'll like California the great state of Florida and had the number of athletes that come out of there Texas. You know it that there's the population and is this so many players kind of speaks for itself but what is your take that well must chance now at Florida. And then what -- both pitchers done at Florida State and obviously winning a championship but is is Florida State the top dog by far our. I think there's a pretty good gap between the teams right now -- mean but I figure -- not because the record would indicate order not ordinary team. But when you're talking about. You team that regular want to finish in the top spot. What they -- their ability where in -- out long ago in Miami to become a great era yet. Thinking about it in that area but in Florida they have overtaken Florida -- he's dropped off you know -- But but that -- -- been like that a -- ten years ago they were at that. It could be yet been made in the going to be huge in Miami haven't quite understand the Florida native now the league ball enough in -- -- right now we're real -- catch -- but. What does not or. He made it up -- ability turnaround went and -- in a hurry. Activities director of scouting for scout dot -- Scott great Scott thank you so much -- time -- open man for the appeal we appreciate. But I appreciate your out of the huddle or talking -- and things.