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02-01 2:20 pm - Super Bowl Saturday with Deke and Bobby (Mike Scarborough - LSU)

Feb 1, 2014|

WWL's Deke Belavia and Bobby Hebert discuss LSU Tiger football recruiting with Mike Scarborough, Publisher and recruiting analyst fot TigerBait.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This Wednesday at the super bowl of college -- of sorts they say football to because days. Also both Sunday and the grant well in college football will be the national championship and national signing day Max Scarborough I debate dot com -- it -- now to give with the latest. Mike LSU's final recruiting we can't -- they have all campus. Well that nobody that -- chicken you know it's somebody maybe and that that we haven't confirmed yet. Forces name I want to make sure he's there. Mike are we got we were talking to legitimate pick over the West Coast enough from a different service herta and he's stated his sources tell him then. Cam Cameron was on the same plane as -- Zach Duke Reid went out without Dupree throughout the Los Angeles we can't Emeka visited UCLA. -- true. Cam Cameron was on the same plane going to see Adori Jack and -- story happily. And my -- the people around California usually fans are up in arms about it. It was a story written by. But usually strike yesterday was it was pretty comical. Frankly I think it's pretty ingenious. A little something like that all. There's nothing illegal about it you -- the same flight. And you know it's only the flights so. Is -- blue. Yeah. I think it's. It. I don't know which I guess I knew it was you that meeting came up with that idea because they they they deserve a lot of credit. Now might go look at it a couple of big give it to attack the tackles and obviously. You know an area of need that the state -- and you look at eagle first Burnitz and -- -- Johnson no longer there are but. What can you with the latest on give it to tackle Malik McDowell from Southfield Michigan. It also that provide the avenue for an author writes Valentine. From -- -- -- Well -- outlaws. Talking about possibly visiting -- was she did last week and but on Monday. He decided to schedule Ohio State instead so. I was usually -- on the picture with him most people out there. I think Michigan -- Michigan State. So. You know that is the position to me that that's when -- watch you got them on god chose to Blackmon. Newton committed I was -- -- the summer. But he's always kind of said one thing and done something else and he went up to -- -- also this weekend for a visit. Beyond the court from local and has been committed she -- some would be that civilians. Lotta people Oklahoma I think he's been flipped to the sooners on national signing day. And that is a real possibility. And don't you think after last week in the they -- has solidified him to do you know these cute and I think one thing to do something else and I -- mom won't stay close to home. I'm so bad that could be. Oh loss there and and I know that. Until -- the national government controls fax machine won't be. Assessment of the two partly down to the net and I think. It was -- in great shape with him I think it was she gives him. But Miami's stilled air -- their darnedest thing to keep him. In state. So. See he was with the Clinton did to them he would be committed to the smoke. I did Maria and I he had a fantastic visit official visit that was cute last week and but to me you know they don't she doesn't sign anyone else -- getting commitments to finish in the in the over the top team in. But you know. Dating to finish -- tried to treat it they cannot. Not only is -- a great football player but the perception point of view. With what has been lost in the state -- -- that that just can not happen. You know the eluded him. Two SEC school would be one thing -- and it does so clueless cross country and looks even worse. Yeah you know that you feel as we got but I -- for the state. We was out last week and is the schools it's the one to worry about so. The American -- national championship. Jimmy's Winston James went in there. At least for another year so. You know we'll see but -- I know what -- did coaching that is is content with him but that's why I think we came -- -- it was a genius. By Scarborough tiger bait that come with us this is mine I don't know what's opponent site. Via -- to try to be counted them a story on trailing it would mark of Mayo the defensive tackle from San Antonio. That's between a human organ. Looks like organs still has a slightly be visited you officially two weeks ago. He could be another -- and linemen in this class. And I think. You know overall she's now nineteen commitments and that's really comment on the -- I do Corey. Opposite I'm in the year Killy. From the captain and a man of -- Toronto's downtown defensive tackle. Defense to tackle greatly daily Montevideo. Linebacker -- young from John terrorists. In a Tory Jackson 5 story aptly dubbed from from California. Told the guys to watch operated. So you can eat when you add those. You know it is entirely possible that there was you would not China -- -- -- problems signing day. Mike Accardo last night I saw me feature -- and about it is that was done on ESP about the top. Recruiters in college football it is a bit Nazi and it they had a sex that's an honorable mention. Frank Wilson was not and it's not the and then in my eyes they're pretty good. I didn't see him among honorable mentions that nets about 404040. -- -- so they had ought to get that. What's -- look at it twofold. One. He's not amongst with somebody considers the best. But -- if he's not considered the best that that would make what he's doing even -- greater because Alicia is gonna want out what topic I went where does. Recruiting expanding if it seemed like to meet in metro to all -- LA she was not dominating like they shoot. You know what he was. National recruiter the year few years back nine. And -- you'd had an advantage is if your. Assigned to recruiting area. Territory of the media. You know there do we recruited. Him. Bob previous can -- another -- of the national recruiter of the year. But you know you can certainly you know give it up speed and injury in. You know -- Robinson wasn't he is. But -- achievement and you know that's a pretty big deal and now. In Q you know but. There's also some extenuating circumstances. With both of those players. Off the field. Decisions. Namely. In and really a lot of it is. You know you can really it would take some character questions as well so I'm not. Electability against criteria would put that together. And now I'm on the go look it up in the NC they explain how they came up with it. And we I don't care you know -- -- -- -- he'll come he would work ethic those of Wales in. We -- the game but it becomes yet although he ate it may. Well look you know and some. I think it's an active I think that if they Tuscaloosa that is what people say. I've witnessed it first and with Tony Brown from Beaumont again that we thought was going to -- would relish you. I felt some opening in -- with if you play -- -- and just couldn't believe that his coach put up with a written. You know cut and out as head coach right there. And you know. You know I got it didn't really talk about it because you know things you'd think you can -- in the program including him to -- against Alabama a few weeks ago gets arrested. You know at this week and I'll grant and the kitchen. And there. LE that that he didn't read that we're talking about. Yeah. Buildup would last one we would JT Kurdish. Right he's set them straight but you know Mike you Risley. Who's talking about Jerry Kelly junior -- out. Redemption is athlete Russell gauge -- we were at Tulane and it kind of recruitment deceit he wanted to be a tiger. And that LSU recruiting as a cornerback what it does that -- that Russell gauge. It and also. I think six -- 590 pound receiver Emanuel Porter from Lincoln high school in Dallas what about those two guys. You know we're just feeling that they really did was forward gauge committed she early in the week -- get a scholarship offer. During his visit last week there you really kind of know talk into and he had a great summer Campanella issue. Indeed is kind of who kept flying under the raid on like what they saw on the -- that time of the year you do you know. You know we're spots open up you know world -- Spears last year -- and Williams. The year before that. You know -- what you got. To -- that you're able to make that happen. Had to have been some other guys that I would you know -- a little Lorenzo Carter summit that would. Would've you know been more possibilities in May be. Resolved with a turn to a glacier that he's got a spot in the class now. -- now as far as. Chris. Of the field moving and yes you Ellis who has the hand from a as -- -- But makes his claim as a class at their what does -- am looking forward moving forward as Saudi young man from east saint stop -- -- this year. And I thought it was a tremendous tremendous play I believe may want to move him all the people at the side of the ball at quarterback he saint but what does he took classes with -- Yet I rarely act like we talk we talk about his class yeah yes and -- out on the yes that as the next. Year it would take them. Acting if king doesn't have near the headliners of fourteen and you know you -- -- -- has been out immediately that you run him back from Baton Rouge does that from you in a -- guys from Catholic side that bruising guy is. The opposite order equipment don't you guys is. -- a little bit higher than 10%. I would like to quarterback adjacent to grant from New -- Catholic I think he's going to be. Incredible and I think he's gonna have an incredible offer sheet. Body into the summer. Calvin Johnson from warning and the wide receiver it's gone now from our issue. Stanley Morgan from the wide receiver from saying I'll go well from -- You know a couple of years -- -- -- Atlanta not next it would be at that that at a young defense to tackle. From on saint Thomas and Hammond eight -- looked at spoke very. Law been in a -- -- have a lot of talent he's wanted and got two more years of high school Lebanese one of the best defense overlap and I've seen. Come through there a long time he was -- in the first commitment to the sixty. Yeah and looked at and he's he he's army he's if he's not a whole lot of people have been out injuries you know 616229. And these commitment for 2006 team that. That also show you. How -- recruiting is out of state for which you put fifteen. Because it has slide over. The class of 2015. For a repeat -- alignment and -- -- Alexander does. We're not really an inflated the right now that you look at these -- that is a definite. I used to in the scholarship offer as far as because of linemen. In the same -- drop -- alignment. So they're gonna have to recruit that way. Very high level I'm obviously the reasons rather replace those two draw with coach grind because that. A position that they're gonna have to do extremely well by the state. And you know there's been issues there so. But yet fifteen. Just doesn't happen in the minors. But there's some good football players but if that -- she's gonna have a top class. They're gonna have to do recruit his you know mistake. Much tired indeed they've had two in recent years. Mica before electrical media opinion on this and a bear with me. About what is commonly used about college football players. Attempting. Are trying the union and all start -- monopoly with him. Football players that Ivy League -- love the top notch. Program as pars. An athlete approach it. -- -- in the dark via their mobile colors that I'll be recognized as a member's number union. Now there in game if success that would be college football players officially. Being classified now with the employees. That is it and eat out their mission. They in my and the standing recall that the eight year -- whatever -- at the player's agent. There's the Eagles compiled. Of meaning pay for players to talk about all the money about -- reward. The players but there's the Eagles and I'll meet the players. -- merely the betterment adequate protection then. Fully guaranteed college they Cutler will -- the inning. College it will be taken away an athlete make it beautifully cute -- It also says that it's a -- that would pay players. The -- -- education after NCAA out of eligibility. Expire so what is your take on that and and well. -- -- -- Really indicated that await -- it made it's equal with it'd be -- more or good talent and it's definitely well. Not I'm kind of an expert on this some points to do it did it to me I can't believe it's taken this long what does that happen. But. You know with some of the things beyond the end you know become completely or getting paid. Some of that absolutely makes sense that it did. That they have some -- from the representation I mean. You know and that's and that week that we have talked about that the practice is an -- just see you know use it. Miles an LSU is an example. I mean a lot of you players. We and I went to only two weeks ago it is absolutely no comparison. The stress on his body you know issues vs the NFL in the NFL being much easier. Right it's hard to live drills and and they had bang into Indy in and day out. Right and so if you guys. Basically. You don't need to -- Negotiate. Players' association. -- you don't have any such thing in college football. I'm not concede that absolutely. Being -- -- -- -- like the twenty hours. During the that you know -- when school's in session. But. You know that -- 1 coach Mike you know be scrimmage in every Wednesday. During the month of November. Where is another coach in the same league as his plane is in shorts and and were absolutely -- about it he -- the grounder in practice. Mike looking at I don't know what's on opponent site. Think I try to make that come to recruiting. Stories about the put up another one on the Hendrick Rourke in the I had a discussion on this board would be. When he Forsett and not through Wednesday. My golf or attacked me back out I will be talking all week at all you know I talked tomorrow.