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02-01 3:10pm - Super Bowl Saturday with Deke Belavia and Bobby Hebert (Jeff Palermo - LSU)

Feb 1, 2014|

WWL's Deke Belavia and Bobby Hebert discuss LSU sports and the Super Bowl with Jeff Palermo, WWL.com columnist and Louisiana Network Sports Director.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- Johnson is now the talk a little bit about LSU a lot going on right now. Jeff from the LSU stamp on national signing day is Wednesday the baseball team getting closer to starting this season pre season ranked number three in the country collegiate baseball. And the basketball team a little bit better than their conference record but that got everybody excited about what they did Tuesday night to conduct. Beyond our excellent. Tuesday night that they took advantage of a hockey team that. Where -- is certainly ready to play you know. I I think all of you know from consulate -- kids' minds especially at that age you know what that it you know -- situation that we and it. It marked the product bring Pataki did that line -- or lack -- play this game you know we do. Play this game no one's going to be there were Kentucky will show up and -- and others not going to be much support Belichick won't have much energy in. Grilli to complete opposite happens. That spot with 6000 fans that were able to make their way that the Americans are on that night. But a lot of energy to team came out with a lot of energy built that big lead in the first half. Held onto it actually. Kentucky made it slot which you thought they were gonna make it by halftime and it was a -- -- -- and Alex you. Ran away with the in the second happen and it came from -- -- open minded and really. You know that's. It's come down that -- there I mean John Hill bride got to play like the first round NBA draft pick. Every game -- -- have a chance in. -- -- he got village some other guys you know it will be a key controlling game from the point and and some other guys whether there's -- -- called. -- there and Andre Stringer. Maybe Jerome mark every now and then. You know someone else also helping -- with the score. And you know -- he's got a good chance the winning nation have a very good chip the what you're about. 45 minutes they take on an -- and not mean that doesn't play very well on the road. And the Razorbacks have a couple players are averaging in about ten point we can't get -- play in this game because they've been suspended so. There's nobody in the got away it really when you look at guys like. Got a pretty much win every game outside of what they go back to Kentucky they got -- on the schedule well. And every other game there it really need to win a -- wanna make the N double part of. You got to have that -- and ask you feel like. The perception is that. This before Belichick said Kentucky. That sounds kinda Florida and Kentucky. And and there all the rest and I'll beat each other is that not UKQ do you think SEC basketball. -- where it's at right now it is it that much parity in rely. It's parity because when you look that and national standpoint maybe -- not make the ago. I don't know what god important events and a same song and -- it out here for the last five or six years like come. Southeastern Conference -- really since Ellis who went for the final or Portland for the bottle war ever since then the captaincy that awful memories. It has not been as good as it's been you know won it back go back that final four year -- -- in the years prior and that it did not. Acute preteen. Lead where. You got to sake. You know Florida's emerged again as a power you're hoping with the addition of Missouri. They would bring oh -- totally enamored but it would like a couple years back taxes paid -- -- -- an emerging power and -- the -- -- I would say they're kind of floundering. A lot of teams program. Changed coaches and put in -- view and yet. The you really you can't get more than 45 teams in the lead. That are you know really worth watching -- night in night -- I. Can't really explain it other than. You know kids. Wanna go to schools that are pure basketball player you wanna go to school where basketball is important and it's an important as well be proper. That's what happened so. I -- that you can get three. I don't know its sports teams in the NCAA tournament for me at -- but he should be able to get story. And you know -- -- epic and you know. Play really well about the February into march and win a couple of games and yet he's he turner. Like they got a shot. But it really get a date are huge bond here that they can't have a game like he didn't want me. They lost to Alabama. It. He GQ have any -- -- not a game anymore it. It really have no margin -- -- -- it they got to go out went pretty much every game. Granted they've -- pride was at Kentucky affordable. Can be expected. What went out of out of -- Yeah now I kept boy look at baseball where you know it getting ready to kickoff -- here in. When you look at expectations. And LSU and things like you'd be surprised if they're not ranked in the top ten -- number three team in the nation and and you look at the fan base and expectation is that pretty much right now it's things like that if you go all -- bus now. And I think it's almost at a point now go to Almonte ought to Delgado went -- college World Series are it's an acceptable but it's like. You gotta go to college season and and and not go open to go over I think that's -- the fan base at least expects. They certainly do it even -- spot and emerged yesterday during media day that. He'd ever want to experience what they experience last year were they went. -- into it and you know law though on this team though it is not as good as as of right now you know February 1. This team is not as good as what they -- February 1 the 2013. And not. A lot of things that they'd have to come together but it he'd get back to all law. You know the yeah obviously your outlook there and all that could give the other guys and we general patient. You have a good idea or your first -- hitters in the lineup are going to be. Job well -- -- record and after that. He has Hershey bar real -- order is that Tyler Moore -- five hitter. Mean not a big question could -- -- Put it together. Andrew Speaker and -- he's not a guy that can put it together there were just a lot more. You -- -- have a better handle on that team last year and that you knew you had kept coming back Ryan coming back. You know what was going to be pretty good you know would it be accurate. And then of course the biggest question mark owed it to the -- and has the ball. And the priority and it kind of a couple injuries here that. You know concert Newman got hurt and you're gonna maybe being that we general -- might not be because of the sore shoulder. Don't going to be your closer is going to be Joseph -- -- -- -- a lot question mark. Opponent this season but. -- hall voters feel pretty topic but there's a lot of talent there there's a lot of guys that have been waiting for -- opportunity. To -- see significant playing time now -- to be had and jump on it so. On this team attacked the -- -- any records like last year's team to a win and all that. You know I'll you know I think of it I think -- did speak and act all ball. I think now albeit six now the I'm not a great accomplishment because. Right now you know outside of Alex Brockman and there are no out. And it is a lot of question marks that you could fit -- you borrow and all these these first third base than last year but. He wasn't counted on last year. Beat big run pretty athletic but -- but -- -- here because you don't have a guy like me -- though Kenny bill went well. Lot of question marks but does -- Jeff now are moving forward big day. Coming this week is national signing but also the early to -- convention kind of a -- that due to the weather this week it looks like -- once again. You know this seems to be I think what we're told that the you know just because you hear people speak it -- that meet with the masses believe that's clearly didn't. In the case of months and it's it's a member school principals the last two years it'd be close has been a slam dunk. That they won't do is split in and it doesn't matter to me I know hooking him as that is pretty much. Maintain look it's not my not my job to take a stance on this on either side I hear you know we were pretty schools. But to about a vote gap and beat these schools wanna see that most they chanted thank you football. Yeah they do and you know there are some select schools and JT curt of this yesterday that. Feel that the way that both went down. It's a -- that they don't want the school. Art the LH and say hey I mean there's some there's some really hurt feelings involvement in. The key is now go on at the next the year. Do we see -- are going to be on the agenda. And actors Belichick say convention and that and -- -- gonna vote on whether to separate the playoff spot all the sports. And it had happened tonight that you're gonna see. -- a strong. You know or -- a lot of work about it right now well I think that will be an action. As far as whether these private schools are gonna wanna go up four in the cold so the Asian. I'm I didn't think didn't build it yourself -- in the same -- problem that. You know who are going to be playing against -- and their their abilities Spain. You know night school you know ever eat meat so it can play against each other there's not really going to be a winning the playoffs. Format five game and not like you have -- -- collects sides so ordinance but like sides so. I don't know what. Necessarily accomplishment either by. CR AI agree with you can't tip of the stamp on it and and a guy he is just all the pain but -- if that were to happen that you have a split in the UK. But what then we separate what you have your own thing with -- -- plane. Ron that he had BL ET SA schools at the plate Ellington say scoot scoot a probable although they have associated from -- statement it's. It was cool if you Briscoe from Mississippi. They grew states they need to be a member of the Mississippi high school that associate brought a -- think they would Texas. But I don't think even to -- say all of us all right in the division. The division all some lack -- I don't think. Even though they may wanna play altogether to have been a regular season they wanna be playing schools division won a division Duke with -- -- -- go get beat up through. Are there any. The way I would look at it would mean the influence on her it would really run you know the perimeter support and it -- and a -- -- -- beat ward is it beat select schools would be able to get -- not black school complex. I don't know that's what would happen I don't I don't know so. I hope not a real and yet yet then you're you're exactly right though I think -- between now I'd relations committee not. They've passed some proposals on Friday that they. Thought well now you know one was allowed -- play up to expectations but. When he spoke to do a lot of injury he Kirk about he -- it really matter. You know there was a change slipped the boundary line -- -- How you know how cute cute you know now that parents as far you can go to whatever school -- -- in your parents. But it changed the kind of transfer rules and I don't know -- that really demand. Hope that the lack or not select schools. I economic spin out and help but not like school but at what school. They want to play against public school and while they want what they think -- pitcher champion Indians today. And they don't think pointed to play games and and I'm in the ultimate. A championship it -- -- -- he really is determined in 88 he can't. Jeff Lambeau economist at WWL dot com and -- and it looks sports director Jeff how can -- body on Twitter. -- -- -- -- -- Now Jeff. Everybody's given their take a what is your take on this who will close game at the Brookline -- or whatnot I don't hear. -- game -- part but spent in gauntlet. And not -- -- eagle on IR TL article here. Yes -- -- would be yet that's why see the guy out once -- -- to win but -- is going by. And forward they'll force ovals you had a double off the number one defense that the that is one before. You could say is the great Peyton Manning I tell you what. -- win this game. And then if you look at out of these retarded to think you know Angela march. Indeed he can win next year like back to back like he is a loss John Elway did speak -- -- OK on it you've beaten and how could -- Anyway and if you that you're the best ever look at the act the way Elway took its insane -- right then that you were going to give it dominated it -- -- -- oh beautiful of the game they got on the guest on the divisional round. Bob awkward Alan Jackson exit the next song anyway happened -- -- two years they came back anyone who's who boasted that they will could have the -- It it you know and and yet nothing at the ego along as the music actually you know they remind me of mark but now they would need in the last pro football game up late in bout against the Jaguars. They wouldn't even had -- To the playoffs the -- beat us at all -- playoffs. Being mart and if it had yet again partly type field goal and it there was still messed up an end. I knew why educate all we can win the game and he's any myth that the crowd's going crazy negate a vocal. But it all Eagles. -- why -- the last game Jack Vogel as that of wealth and it won it in one of them yet. The -- -- to games pay you to implement a champ always a pleasure thank you so much and we'll -- next week I can't get it.