WWL>Topics>>02-01 8pm Garland Robinette election results 2014

02-01 8pm Garland Robinette election results 2014

Feb 1, 2014|

Garland Robinette, Doctors Ed Chervenack and Peter Burns ( political science professors), along with the WWL Radio News team cover the 2014 citywide election.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening everybody thank you overjoyed as decision 2014. New Orleans elections. As the announcer told you we have doctor Ed Sherman thickness assistant professor of political side through an old record. Survey research center and -- -- -- doctoral welcome back to the show. Thanks for having me -- really appreciate your time. -- -- -- and chairman professor of political science. That loyalties and there's great to be your growth -- very good to have your very good to and we've improved we've had you on before -- overthrow. And person on the -- -- not on the phone I think outside the doctor -- like to -- and -- -- view. When I went to holds. Didn't seem like too many people do we have any indication. Of what to turn he is and if it's low which I assume that it is lower than we usually expect. Com I think it's going to be relatively low on looking at about 35% plus or minus couple percentage points if we look at the previous Merrill elections four years ago we were at 32% turnout. In 2006 it was 38% turnout. So if we were at 35 who wouldn't be kind of outside the post-Katrina norm. And drew what do you think you. Well I think you don't have a really can contested heated election and if you don't have a real heated. Election you're gonna have all turn out other some other factors that we can talk about throughout the night but I I think this is an indication that. People are pretty well all. Satisfied with what's going on. Ends. That's good for the encompass. Is -- but the polls show. Well we get our quality of life survey in October 2013. On the children about 70% of New Orleans were satisfied with wife. In in the parish. They were very positive about the payers from over the next five years talk. Yes I mean literally. We're basically you know maybe in the fifties -- -- sixties but you know. Since Katrina it's gone up. What was unprecedented in the poll and survey was that. People Orleans were more positive about the economic future of the -- then were residents in Jefferson Paris. That's never happened before we been -- in this -- since 1986. And you know typically it is a bit early why in the -- No answer when we and ask -- come we to assess people's perceptions. That the economy about jobs. About in common future. And they were very positive and so I think Peter's right there's -- a sense of optimism out there. -- contentment because we certainly face a lot of problems. But you're satisfied with the current administration. Typically. It is hard to generate a lot of enthusiasm and excitement and in get that I turn around. Peter the election comes down to of one of two points do you like what has been dormant do you buy that. Or 20 do you. Go with -- what bag merits aside which is basically. Yes you've. Taking care of 101000 blighted properties but I just drove past one today and yes we've made strides in. Murder but we just had someone shot so what sort of we're not in a good state right now. But war and a much better state -- we -- which. Which one do you pick you pick the one that. Could be your do you pick -- -- urine and I think a lot of people are probably gonna say I. Compared to four years ago I think things are a lot better even though we still have problems and that's very difficult for mayor to two. 22. Kind of say listen I know that they're still murders going on but were doing better than we did four years ago and in the place had helped -- bit. You know obviously -- the the weather event. I think really put -- come -- on the campaign especially for the challenge is considered the mayor out there in front of all the cameras with his team. Showing. Residents that they were in charge they were on top of things they were gonna get things done take care of things and make sure that -- imposed against Atlanta and room right ending we can really look at. Very favorable compared to Atlanta and and basically all the challenges which is completely shut out after that the campaigns were frozen that were were as frozen as the city was. And then the -- and restart that I think is extremely difficult. Are -- nations. Trial also provides a nice. Picture for the administration. Of competitors. For four years comparison you know four years ago compared to now I I don't think that's going to be lost on the voters that probably don't. Are conscious about it but I don't think it's lost on the voters go to the polls. Dude didn't negative music ever drive people to the election Booth and a strange question but it. Voting had a lot of negativity. Attached to him -- he -- chair of a lot of negativity attached to him when he humorous and turning. And yet Cosmo and with the videos. And so forth and so it. Does that kind of aggravation. Or a bribe votes or Joseph. -- opposite side I. That's what they call negative campaigning because the idea is to reduce turnout and that's to reduce the turnaround of your opponent you know trying to mobilize your people familiar supporters to get up there you're trying to demobilize. Your opponent. And so it's it's effective. Unfortunately it's effective and because that's why consultancy has -- on for this the first thing that'll look it'll really come around amounts as well we need to go negative. The Oki out political scientist prominent political scientist. Once said that. People often vote against not four and I was having a conversation with my sister the other day and she -- you know on the entire time -- never ever voted I don't think I've ever voted for anyone. -- that I think I've always voted against people so. They have people go to the polls and sometimes world. Vote against someone and I think. You know with the incumbent if you look at. Did jury for example or shelling Madieu before that people didn't know who they were they were voting against. Well I I think so sure. Well as it has been -- being negative and mudslinging and I think and maybe that's what you might be alluding to -- in terms of that's what really turns people off mudslinging. Some researchers show that negative advertising is is is that she basement people do learn about the issues through those ads and so that that may generate some -- as well. But then that's sort of terrorism big contributor. Seeing ads that purport to do what. Voting do during Katrina producing what Guzman didn't do with the videos and the people who escaping from trio in this. Consent decree and everything -- -- may be a little bit of symbolic show you. -- to vote against someone. In my opinion it has to be working. Or else people wouldn't do. And the other thing is look at our society now look at Burger King verses McDonald's. All the time you get negative. Advertisements all the time of one saying terrible things about the other seems to be working. Gentlemen we're gonna go to -- in some of the latest and -- You're listening to decision 2014. New Orleans elections go up there with the we have doctor Ed Sherman -- viewer -- -- we have doctor. Peter burns from loyal to stay whether it will be covering tonight's elections. And thank you -- WWL first news it's 812 now I'm Don -- on your official weather station WWL AM FNN dot com. Decision 2014. Election night enormous. Polls have just closed the weather was good today which gave voters no reason to stay away from the polls but also reason to find other things to do. Voter turnouts expected to be about 40%. Clerk of court -- -- -- who himself is up for reelection is hoping for something higher may be 47%. He says turn -- started slowly today but did pick up as the day wore on. WW -- Chris Miller will be keeping us up to date on results as they come in throughout the evening Chris what are we going to be watching tonight. Till dawn of the mayor's race look deceived by the of the challengers to incumbent Mitch Lander were able to make their messages stick at a New Orleans hasn't made a thorough enough about a recovery and progress in the last four years. Challenger Michael Bagram -- some particular hit mayor -- drew on the police attrition. That the department is seen over the last few years the manpower has dwindled by the hundreds. We've also got an -- -- race for share share Marlon Gaza and has taken a beating over the last year or so about conditions of the jail. Also the spat between him and mayor Landrieu and how much it'll cost to set things right and settle legal affairs involving the US Justice Department. Former sheriff Charles -- he stepped up to the challenge. It stepped up to challenge goes Minnesota school board member -- Thomas local business or quite brown also on the ballot. Almost all the City Council races are in play district be councilwoman -- -- care controls reelected by default when no one sign up to run against her during qualifying in December. But the two at large seats and before other district seats all -- competitors. And for the first time in decades New Orleans who will be choosing a new coroner with the three people on the ballot tonight after doctor frank mean yards signed up for reelection. And then withdrew Don. Okay thanks much Chris of course mayor Mitch Lander has been touting a drop in the city's murder rate and an endorsement from President Obama and his campaign for a second term. Lender facing two challengers again recently retired judge and the head of the local NAACP. Both settle Andrew hasn't done enough to quell violent crime more fight economic inequality in the city. Still on the mend from Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The candidates for mayor have cast their ballots as we hear in this update from WW LTV's -- drawn to. Of the candidates for New Orleans Mayor started their day by casting their ballots mayor Mitch -- cast his ballot at the New Orleans science and -- school. Challenger Michael -- nearest voted this morning at the lake area school. The other candidates and out of -- says he voted during early voting last week. And that other hot race or -- sheriff marlin Grossman. Who was under fire last year after an inmate made video showed drug use of the loaded gun in the city jail was looking to be reelected. WW LTV's Katie -- is that share of Grossman's campaign headquarters. -- what's going on in New Orleans east. Well not a whole lot just twice the a lot of activity here wreckage from the app working at this late all of Britain it out it weren't the airport road. -- putting finishing touches on everything getting ready of course for the sheriff. And and you find out whether notched he. Number want to make her run up number two doesn't armor worn number three could be elected outright tonight. They -- a lot question they'll be in search as the election. Pulled clerk at 8 o'clock. -- score 88 encounter Charles but he was the previous. Chair of ordering perished so pick -- hotly contracted rate and people are anxiously anticipating what the outcome will be not. At Christmas main competitor is expected to be his predecessor former sheriff Charles forty. WW LTV's Paul Murphy is with the forty campaign but. Bernard we -- on the circuit swore a book building in the warehouse district which is normally used as a younger studio puts and I it has been transformed. In chief Charlie -- campaign headquarters. Tonight it's. It's the former longtime Orleans parish sheriff trying to on Kiki embattled incumbent. So any future or Charles -- was to share -- Orleans parish for more than thirty years 1994 she thousand or. In the polls show forty coming into the alleged with about 27%. Of the vote. Marlon Gaza and failing to clear the fifty plus one each to nice to win on the first -- to the big question tonight. Does bode -- not to force a runoff. And that's the scene here at forty headquarters in the warehouse district on. Again thanks Paul then of course will be with you throughout the evening with the latest results and reports from the candidates headquarters. Stay with -- sport decision 2014. WWW. Forecasts. Overnight tonight -- rain chance 20%. There could be some fog overnight and into Sunday morning. Now Sunday were looking for a better chance for afternoon showers and thunderstorms this high temperatures climb to around seventy. Much cooler on Monday with -- temperatures in the 50s in the morning and only low sixties in the afternoon was still 830% chance for rain. From the Eyewitness News forecast center -- chief meteorologist -- Redondo about these guys both north and south of lake now 66 degrees at Louis Armstrong international and 62 in Slidell. I'm done -- WWL first news. Welcome back we're just beginning and it's moving very quickly let me go straight to a doctor Sherman a conductor burdens. Channel -- says Mitchell Andrew what are. Peterson over the. Not a not a surprise but. Clearly people have said things are better for years things are better than they were four years ago. And why why change an idea I think Landrieu is not a very good job mean. You haven't had a ball in the City Council you haven't had walked in the cities. He handled every challenge properly he's working hard and I I think it makes. Perfect sense. Yeah I am I don't think it's any surprise either for those who pay close attention than he was gonna win tonight I guess the the real question is what the differential with the margin this. And I ordered -- appear that you know if you look at his resume his record he's has done a very good job. Mean the recovery was flat when he came and we moved in a completely different trajectory. Since he assumed office. And I think you know people just decided to to go you go with who you know rather than you know change horses in midstream. Is it is in real expensive to run for office in particular the mayor's -- Yes yes what are we talking about tens of thousands hundreds of thousand. Over a million dollars four million yes yes I'm curious that they're huge into and and and I think the keep their jobs for a long ago. Well why would somebody. Looking it's -- -- Mitchell into the cold and bad news said chances of defeating number small. Why do you think somebody. Leaves one -- line coach for another that kind of caught in that kind of -- -- a good question. And then as the real. Question was why he resigned on the day of qualifying rather than resigning earlier he was gonna make this serious challenge. And you know I think. There was just a lot of concern that this was is gonna end up being a coronation. And it was just you know Waltz right in. And with on a challenge and so. Well there's some suspicion that their nearest decided to do this because of the -- interference. On the building in -- Does -- know the building of the she does Jeter justice hollering at the court's new court. And it's. And judge that there's you know he he can retire but he also has an opportunity to run for judge in November. So and a option is available to him. In addition. Now that he has generated some name recognition and if he decides he wants to run four years from -- When Lander is term limited and he'll be in the privacy. I think one will know more about this and a year I think you'll clearly see a picture. And people run for a variety of reasons I don't think he was. A sacrificial lamb like a lot of sacrificial lambs where he wasn't a bad candidate he. He ran a decent campaign he did not a discredit himself at all. And there's you know the future possibilities when you when you get out there I'd like what Ed said. About running again in four years its name recognition you'd have to have name recognition and we're going to see with these other races tonight that people don't have name recognition even though the solid candidates. So this could be a way to get name recognition and who knows what he may have may or may not have been promised. -- some -- candidate gets funded. Chose to make sure that there's some name recognition for years later -- -- broke. Well we don't know you know what is intentions are for -- down on May not just him specifically but. That's common in politics where. Somebody comes out of the blue or somebody you'd expect. Is this -- Well I think it's more common when you have open seats and we have. An incumbent at 65% job approval. That's when people start them on what works to run you know here's -- procedures and effort. Exhibitor interest yes. You have two different kinds of candidates you have serious candidates and then you have candidates who have no chance of winning unless some big ski -- comes up. And I think bag -- fits somewhere in the middle of of that. Not -- it wasn't obviously going to be a very close race but he wasn't someone who was irrelevant. And so I think he'd. He's got some attention. But clearly beating Mitch Lander was going to be very difficult this time there was there was no meat on the bone to run against him. I think one of the television debates. Mitch was. If you win. We're -- serve hold our enemies said yeah. It's politics. Than it there was on TBS and it was a yes or no answer do you believe that you fill out the the -- four years and not run for governor. I mean I'll take him at his word that he says his cannot fulfill his his obligations term what we do have to remember he -- the face New Orleans voters anymore he's done. After this term and so. You know. If the opportunity arises. I mean. When you see the opportunity take it if he feels it's good opportunity to run for governor and he's been quite clear that he would like to run for governor he's you know he's also said yesterday. It's just a matter whether it's gonna be this cycle. Or the next cycle. Sorry to bring sports into this but Nick Saban was asked when he was with the Miami Dolphins that you've got to go in my -- there -- And you've got wanna answer and that and that is yes. You can't say anything but yes or else you'll feel that the polls so yes and then later on you throw in the bought. You can equip Britain you can equivalent -- -- later and it. 11 of the things wonder about Mitch at this point. I agree with view. And that shouldn't say it is -- over the decades -- Thomas -- like -- -- and figure is doing brave the exact opposite happened blood. Alike about the abuse -- a good job or what are the -- -- major things got a little press but not much. Three billion dollars. Or drinking. In this says. Three billion dollars. And we're losing -- them it was a appear. It was 50% over drinking water in terra cotta pipes keep breaking -- keeps laughing off. -- get to a form where it's fifty and sixty and everything else so it is it's it's is going to be a thing where. A lot of those or is saying. The one thing to -- -- asking about. Mr. Miller Jordan's -- -- ability to consider. Chris we've got our first results in. For mayor Landrieu currently with 272. Votes. To Michael -- Harris is 39 and to not it's king's one vote. And Eyewitness News is election -- over WW LTV is gone ahead and call the election already in favor of mayor -- flanker. He did that by examining the early vote. And he said that in the early voting it looked like about 75% of that vote was African American. And that 55% of it went to -- went through. And according to his analysis. Fit a 55% to land for and so in his analysis he says it. With that significant percentage of African American voters during the early voting period. He just doesn't see any way that Landers challengers. Have overcome that kind of support. And zone. Just minutes after polls closed. In his estimation and he's a pretty -- guy he's estimating that Atlanta will win out right tonight. -- learned to think personally thank you so much BP -- that will do anything you get just come on him. Gentlemen good thoughts. Well it's it's not just daily -- relying on. -- they also have people stationed at various precincts throughout the city and they're calling in those results as well and so what they're doing his. There matching what they're finding in the early voting. And seeing -- they're seeing the same trends out in the precincts they are. And that's one and they're on the race especially in the heavily African American precincts as they see those voters moving to Andrew. You know it obviously he's -- My hand calculations of the early voting was 70% black. Vote and a 26%. White vote and three other of 121133. Now that may be somewhat different. But if those numbers are coming in as WWL. TV reports as is it suggests good things for. Introduce those percentages. Of registered voters deserve it but these are percentages of people who voted early hole OK again and again. Let's surprise you that Lin drew -- that those canal numbers because this kind of had some racial image to a bag terrorists. One -- called it. Some kind of showmanship. With he in the black preachers -- No I'm not surprised. If we look at early voting in 2010. It's pretty much the same demographic. Breakdown this is -- -- camera in and in addition to being heavily African Americans heavily female. And may airliner does very very well -- African American females. -- -- is commercials you know he basically target if that's his target. Base because African American females make up 36% of registered voters. In the city and in women as -- as a whole make up 57%. And -- the he won 64% of early vote. Four years ago and basically the same demographic breakdown that we're seeing today so no surprise that he does as well. With early voters this time around as he did last time Peter. I know I'm merely answer questions not asked them but I don't movement ignored her here to. Talk because people wanna listen to expertise okay well. The question I have is. Four years ago I was asked repeatedly. Whether white men could be matters -- again. And even -- the night before the election went all of these polls that indicated that Mitch drew was going to win outright people were saying. They -- sure. And my question is what has happened to the electorate. Over that for your theory has it actually changed -- opinion. And said we're gonna pick someone who was a good candidate. As the electorate actually changed. Even though Bob. Percent African American is roughly about 60% has that -- changed. Are those voters more. Educated well the different than the borders and that horrible. Headed with the question what do you know should. Know I think the electorate has changed significantly since Katrina yes com that. You don't. Elections were much more. Racially tinged racially based prior to Katrina because you had this huge African American population you can make an appeal based on racial identity. And and maybe get a few smattering of white votes. Well with the change in the size and nature of the electorate it's it's much smaller African American it's probably about 5053%. Of voters. And so now you have to. But the candidate has the bridge that divide and in addition. That people are more concerned about performance and qualifications and experience in government that Katrina shock people -- paying attention. To who they're putting an office. Yeah originated shock people into that too and I think it is a stark contrast between 2006 and 2010 and I think people said. Listen we're gonna hold on power in 2006 they saw the four years past and they -- Forget that let's get somebody in here is gonna do good job and if you pay attention and people pay enough attention to now. The things a batter I mean things are just better and things are getting done. Whereas they weren't before and they said you know what that's enough but. What's the future gonna hold after this is an interest in questions that mean -- went -- as a unique candidate in person. Joseph looked appeared juror involved who's coming back to talked to interviewed doctor Byrne chairman. Professor of political science at Loyola university doctor Ed Sherman act. Assistant professor of political sign it's that you don't know and director of the survey were search center at -- And dollar in his stand him bubble agents will be right back W double. You offers music age 31 time dot names on your official weather station WWL AM FM and dot com. Decision 2014. And already some big news this election even. WW LTV election consultant Greg remember projects Mitchell Landrieu has won that award -- mayor's race. Yes we're gonna call the man's race for mayor Mitch when drew QB reelected handily. The reason I can say that is I'm looking at the results of the early voting. And this is very important early voting comes from across the city we have voters that are represented them every neighborhood in every demographic. Early voting was approximately 70% African American. In about 25%. White. When we look at the results of the early voting. -- Lander has 55%. The candidates of course were among the early voters and Michael bag -- early today told WW LTV that. He thought he ran a good campaign actually good -- -- astonished. I need to support that so we overseas where Mitch Landrieu though was taking nothing for granted well you never know you know elections -- They're always a battle down and in this that was a big battle and you know we we did we. Thought it was necessary and apparently he did the right thing Mitchell Andrew appears to have one. The New Orleans mayor's race. So that didn't take long WWO Chris Miller is here now with the latest from the pool. Chris -- he had done and mayor -- certainly has. Jumped out so far to a big lead with 75%. Of the -- going in his favor in the return so far tonight 23% for bagged heiress and 2%. For challenger did not -- king. So. If that holds up that's that's a pretty big lead -- it is early but 75%. For the incumbent and we heard the analysis from Greg rigor -- And how he sees it and that's why he made his decision. Also in some other races in the sheriff's race. Marlon Gaza and in in a slight lead over Charles bode 39%. For Gaza and a 37%. And and Ira Thomas trailing behind at 18% and -- also candidate Quinn brown with just 6%. Over for City Council via large positions. Stacy had so far some pretty big -- 75% to 25% over her challenger you gene green. And then the other at large division. We have Cynthia hedge morello at 37%. I guess you could call her incumbent she's a district representative now but looking to move up to -- at large seat. But one of her challengers Jason Williams is ahead of her with 45%. And so we maybe had a two run off there but it is early and though a lot more votes to comment on. Okay thanks much -- course of voter turnout is everything and you heard consultant Greg Greg emerged projection based on some early numbers. The early voting numbers came in lower than the election four years ago but some officials -- expect a good turnout. WW LTV's Jacqueline Kelly reports from a precinct in lake view. Arthur -- with the court records is confident voter turnout will be around 47%. He says the number of voters headed to the polls has increased. Aimed -- significantly. -- will have results coming in all night will be with you throughout the evening with the latest results and reports from the candidates headquarters. Stay with us -- decision that 2014. Are welcome back tonight we have to help me understand -- Returns that are beginning to come in to appeared to have -- as soon just hearing is. They're mature when drew is Mary Mitchell Andrew again. Carding double the -- television consultants they're projected him already. To be the winner we have doctor Ed Sherman act with the assistant professor of political science and you don't know. Director of the survey -- search and review no -- it burned Sherman professor. Of political science at Loyola university. -- -- go to pollution problem. Council seats and then tell me what truth thinking about -- for small hybrid though. LaToya Cantrell Dubai with -- no challengers that I don't or fight I've heard that is that. -- rare it's I don't know how rare it is. I was just telling his story about dale Atkins -- run for office seven times in his run unopposed for those times. So she's certainly been able to fend off opposition and it's my only assumption is that people are district must feel that she's doing a good German Nolan really stepped up to the plate inside the challenger. Well she just ran to write it it wasn't very long ago that she ran to fill that seat. And the second thing is that my father's been in Connecticut politics his entire life and anytime I would. Be foolish foolish enough to say to him that I wanna think about running for office two weeks ago knocked on doors. And that's what you do and when you have the ground support the looks of the toilets in trail house. It's very difficult to beat someone like that I mean she's got the people's support they are. Because she has been probably every house not even in the campaign. So you know you want a challenge that very difficult to deal. Obviously. Aren't -- district today this up mid city league view. A -- what do what do you see there at. What Susan degree probably should be -- -- I know I don't know she'll be able to hole up for runoff for not again. Her opposition. Very very difficult to get their name out there and this this is one of the things. Found in this election is that challengers. Just had an extremely limited amount of time. First ability name recognition. Just to get people to and know you're and then to get your message out there -- you know this is -- should not be voting for could dream voting for me. And and and it's -- that are there have been interesting mixing up a pass it was a labor lawyer. Coleman his issue or the camps he feels all the reforms are an unfunded mandate in the camps and industry. -- a single issue guy he wants to fix the streets. Andrew Ward probably one of the more interesting challengers the only Republican. Who's running. And likes to talk now he builds the sidewalk with bricks and and basically says there's this kind of outside then. Type of process going on in terms of this is this is making in the city and now to the city forward so but. Given the fact that the challenge is just haven't really had enough time to get them the Imus is out there I think you know just she should win the night but don't guarantees. Interview with Chris Miller just short -- with the latest. I just update the numbers one more time that mayor Mitch Landrieu is still well out -- 71% of the returns so far 7963. Votes to Michael Wagner says 198. Also hearing word that the mayor may be speaking as soon as around 9 o'clock so to speak keeping and I hate to see if he comes out to the podium and and bring you live coverage if he does. As -- do blow away these numbers shake out but it certainly doesn't look like he's losing any ground as the returns he'll come in. And. That's that's pretty much Jim expecting here from the mayor perhaps in the next maybe twenty minutes -- so world. Right here -- come back could I assume there is stored -- from results in the sure of rays and the council -- so. Anything you get Kumble. And updates on the chair right now. Doesn't in and voting you know looking like they're going to be run off territory. Doesn't -- 42% Charles podium 35%. Ira Thomas coming in behind in 19% so far and what they've counted up in the miss Quinn brown -- down in single digits so. If this holds it looks like we'll have a -- and -- run off to look forward to a month. I didn't do anything else. That's what -- got so far but it anything else I'll be right back come -- to thank you so much. Along the quote you goes when rates. This pretty close 3542. -- it is that. Suggest that there's news we got a guaranteed runoff I don't but he needs to get 50% or more loss and warned yes 50% plus one vote. Ira Thomas is right now and about 19%. If Tyrus Thomas had two more years to run for office. He had been more strategic and had two more years he he may have won this race or been in the run off. So so I -- Why and what would think god well you know that's always the daily question is why does anyone want -- job because it's it's it's extremely tough. Tough jam I mean and and the New Orleans parish prison. And you know a lot of people to say you know they're just no alternatives. Even though there is if I were Thomas is there. You know -- Hasn't had necessarily the best ten years -- school board president that's going to be held against them. But there's no real alternatives and so people are going to receive the people are splitting between the audience and -- and so I think everyone pretty much expected. -- you've gone toward this what to do for a living you ever talk to share up Wednesday. I'm curious to plot why would you want to. Europe to name but have you ever talked to either here or in some of the state. It's all about public service that's what -- say and you know this is how I'm serving the public. And doing this. Job -- know people have given me the authority to Kerio. This responsibility this function so it's always comes down the public service. These music could take kids student or -- Well I think on -- sort some problem but it what I know what I would say is. He's elected positions are good job -- In that they really are they're not. Bad jobs -- good benefits that have guarantees you are year old boss that's. That's not those terrible things and it certainly pays more than selling Girl Scout Cookies that. Of them not run for a -- -- -- -- -- -- our analysts -- district CO bridge quarter or Byrd Al jeers. And we've got Jackie Clarkson the court's ruling for a districts he. Would -- she term limit. Today yes yes she put -- woman at the out of jail artsy. Your thoughts at different -- Was she was a late entry. She had decided to retire. And then. Once -- decided to get out. Thank Jackie told me that you've been besieged by calls not just from the mayor but from. Many residents and just -- you know he needs you to run we want to run. And so she reconsidered. I mean and he knows she's a political animal if there's anyone in the -- of political animal as this Jackie Clarkson. And so I think you know here's an opportunity to get back in the game and so she's she's so our opportunity and she took it. We are you telling me that she's like Michael Corleone angle and analyze every time I'm out they pull me back in -- I think you can guarantee that she's going to be in the high forties just by running. The question is can she win enough. Of Algiers. Two to stay out of runoff. The early numbers suggest that the -- off before she was in the high fifties but we don't know which particular precinct -- So it's going to be close Nadine Ramsey is going to get. So some of those extra vote there that Jackie Clarkson doesn't get. And mortars Moran who was on the school board is also gonna get some. Some votes but again -- the same problem. With all of these races against an incumbent name recognition and money how do you get name recognition and how do you raise money particularly against the person who is as powerful and well known as Jackie Clarkson. And there you Indian school board member or -- judge doesn't give you the name recognition and. No no I mean. What I can bet that you know people like Ed -- and Clarkson probably like 80%. Named architects. Because everybody watches them on public access television guys who don't don't show it -- I mean so that's where you need to be about 80% name recognition before you can be you know. Violently 80% 80% because. That's the that's the thing that people are focused on that and you know and they recognized the name. Now and then of course it gets into your records right and you know what you promise for the future but if you're not an 80% name recognition you're gonna have -- Lar you know a lot of difficulty. Britain was originally who could win the mayor -- massively failed to each share of yes clerk recorder all in the same day yes she's starting to see as an American -- he's beloved as a little bit yes Drew -- yeah it is a good handle and -- -- yes but the other thing about running for offices. Name recognition is important because. People have to at the end of the day -- for you can do. So what happens with the name recognition as you have to tell the voters New York. What a lot of challengers do with their limited resources as they say don't vote for this person. They're terrible except. The people don't know who you are and don't trust you so the first thing you have to do -- a candidate to say this is who I am. And then you have to come back and say. This is why you should vote for the person that takes a ton of time and money. Do you. Commercials that that's still see some and the white picket pinched the -- from the 2.3 kids and patriotic music in the back from the flag does that still work or does that work better. To do what Peter says and just Pomona and say hey you're one of them couldn't. Well -- obviously has slowed the widest reach in terms of voter contact mean he -- -- you're. Hopefully being viewed by entire broadcast audience. And that is that you know so you can communicate. A message at least to name out there. You know the problem is is people at the clicker in their you know we see the yen and just move right -- Typically -- you'll find a New Orleans as we have. We call the endorsement game that the candidates run around from formed reform debate debate over about this two week period. And trying to introduce endorsements make a difference. I'm not sure how how much. Difference endorses -- what these forums do is allow the candidates at least to go out and talk to different audiences throughout the city. And introduced themselves and but their only reach in a very small Stroud. That's unlike -- -- in -- -- -- that because a lot of us didn't know who he wasn't too loose. Meeting after meeting after meeting it from me. Right right so -- you know but so that's but the only way they can get their name out there is by attending these forms you know. Articulating their views. What they stand for. But you it's very difficult to reach that broader audience to you know that the just folks that are out there who really don't pay a whole lot of attention to politics. You know for most people politics. You know it's as they keep an arm's length it's not centralize we do this for a living you know we. He clearly -- You know we've we've been relive that stuff and most people do not. You know they they you know most people Lehman -- that was on the election and you -- kidding. You're just threw out that that's not true is it. No I've had you know people saying there's election and not some students so there's election a -- Do. The white picket fence commercials make me ill and I think they'd probably make a lot of people -- And there is a larger and larger sector of the population that just thinks that politicians. Are not genuine they don't tell the truth. And they're turned off by it except. These commercials have to work for the voters because. People get reelected. Using those commercials I find it to be disingenuous. But we had a conversation off the air about trust you said that all these things come back to trust. When people see those commercials they think it's part of a larger scheme of that's not the way to person really is why I think honest and genuine and sometimes when you're honest and genuine but cost you votes but. Those commercials to me I just I can't stand them but see they're going to. We -- talk about those commercials not working and while I agree I've always said to whom don't get elected on that. And did you talking about -- of men -- trees but they're clicking through. Then they go back to. Men if you got name recognition everybody else doesn't. Save a little money. Mean that's that's the big thing is that the name recognition. You know -- you -- think about though the mayor says he was very strategic about -- places ads during football games I mean you've basically got to captive audience right there. And that people. Typically are going to be changing channels because they're going to be well you know coming after the game and so. So a lot of his timing you know a lot of it is when the big audiences there right. And so challengers probably have a difficult time penetrating that market because obviously rates go up. As the audience gets larger. So that the mayor is able to afford that challenges enough. Persia and couldn't hold -- Chris Miller is back with -- -- new numbers. Crowe Leo WW LTV election analyst -- reformers projecting a winner now in the City Council large division one race. With 27%. Of the precincts reporting they're projecting that Stacy head will win and she currently has 64% of the vote. -- headed Eugene green early challenger at 36%. And so there are calling that one in favor of the incumbent had. Yeah. I'll just update you on the sheriff's numbers doesn't bode still on the run off range with goes minute 47%. And sodium 30% that's with. A 101 out of 366. Total precincts reporting. And they've they've been in kind of at forty and thirty range it seems most of the night. Yeah. Totally dropped to thirty degrees and you go see anything. Ominous and that will depends which precincts have and -- worked so. Well the area of interest. I was going throw in there that in the other council large race division to Cynthia hedge morale has 44% and Jason Williams 38%. And nets so again with about 27% overall precincts reporting so we may be looking at a runoff there. -- 44 to 38% so we'll see how that shakes out and earlier nothing's changed in the mayor's race the numbers still bearing out there earlier projections. Currently 64% -- went through 33% for -- -- 3% for not asking. And -- Chris told this earlier. Mary Mitchell and drew the projected winner expected to speak a little after 9 o'clock and ten ministers so. We're gonna go to -- a group were in Newfoundland drew goes to the podium Don -- will threw it away and -- Just say well that's whose double -- -- celebrity and immoral 53 after.