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WWL>Topics>>02-01 9:30pm Michael Bagneris concession speech

02-01 9:30pm Michael Bagneris concession speech

Feb 1, 2014|

Judge Michael Bagneris gives his concession speech as incumbent Mitch Landrieu wins a second term as Mayor of New Orleans,

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm already me the phone calls to -- This way Andrew. And congratulated him and ask him to. Certainly take into account. All the hard work. Bit everyone here his done. To bring any number of issues to the forefront. I'm sure that the -- -- Will be rewarded. Because this is not in defeat who you. -- virtue of the fact that. All that you have done now is call attention. To some very serious problems confronting issues. A while as always very difficult to. Begins thanking people. I have to think a few specifics. Starting we're. The unifying body that not even our president is really what to do we've been deliberate again in the Democratic Party. Get a Republican -- Time also would like to salute the courage. The patrolman association of New Orleans. And the firefighters. Can we ambassadors to defer his villagers to isle city. The taxi industry. To all of these political organizations. That endorsed our candidacy. Com. How were I was specifically name -- first I. That was bull so -- Life in tips yeah. The ministerial alliance to get the nomination a ministerial alliance. In the Baptist pastors conference. -- in -- this candidacy and also. Was these shows you -- for me. During the whole campaign. And I am absolutely certain. That we had the best campaign structure. That this city has ever been able to put together. You know Saudi -- starting -- No I'm not -- go to where everybody that was on the campaign could we be until tomorrow. But I have to mention my campaign manager. The Americans. People fall. And everybody who was on the phone bank in doing the cameras then and doing the sensible means. And doing all the office word. And what I affectionately referred to as my brain trust. I know who you law I know what you did and I'll always respect and appreciate. Every -- so worried that you did it. I appreciate you. -- And last but by no means least in this thing category. Use my family and friends. And now we'll tell you well going through all the family members because that would keep -- until tomorrow as well. This lady standing next to me. I. Now only not only is supporter. Not only is very. Close friend. Put the most -- wife and anyone could have ahead. The sound goes -- -- -- motivating yes that they've been not as much as tomorrow. So I thank you law I truly think you all you you would you. You kept me lifted during this entire campaign. And -- I stated earlier. Every issue that we brought out. I can assure you we'll be addressed I'll hope that the -- takes time to extend. His hand in embracing all of you. All of you who have. Various concerns. As it relates to the issues that we had to confront in this campaign thank you thank you very much.

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