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02-01 9:10pm Garland Robinette...election results 2014

Feb 1, 2014|

WWL RADIO talk show host, Garland Robinette, continues to discuss the outcome and results of new orleans election 2014 with political science professors, Dr.Peter Burns and Dr. Ed Chervenack.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are welcome back Garland -- an overview decision 2014. New Orleans elections. We're looking at the channel four. Overturned that are coming in if you've just joined us. The mere. Has been reelected. And just. -- been reelected. And we're still looking at a number of the numbers for the City Council in their -- is in a whole lot more -- -- will have a much better idea. Look at the -- over to dawn names and welcome back when doctors -- Sherman act you know but computer burned from water hole this is to open up Pia. WWL first news I'm -- aims at your official weather station WWL AM FM -- dot com. Decision 24 team election night in and a war loans and an early victory this evening. WW LTV election consultant Greg -- humor based on early voting numbers has projected the mayor Mitch Landrieu will be reelected. The reaction Atlanta headquarters has been to get one channel or call the race will land group. Very handily. At about 815 tonight -- replacement wild we talked with James Carville the democratic strategist. He said the same thing that the early voting shall -- That. African American lost racial lines people who overwhelmingly -- or nearly Andrew. So it was a good night to the mayor. WW LTV's Eric also reporting from mayor -- slanderous campaign headquarters. And we are getting the results now coming in from other campaigns as well WWL's Chris Miller is with us live and has that. Chris. And in other races you've got going citywide there's the sheriff's race. And with 33% of the precincts reporting we've got marveling -- minute 47%. The incumbent. And challenger former sheriff Charles -- at 30%. And then also -- Thomason a 20% that's the only other one in double digits at this point so this could easily and of being a Grossman. And -- runoff. And a couple more citywide races to mention there is the City Council at large seats two of those. In division one we just had two candidates incumbent Stacy had vs challenger Eugene green with 34% of the results in. 63%. Ahead and 37% agreed and Demi did you will TVs election analyst Gregory -- projecting that as a win. For Stacy head in India other division for counsel large Cynthia hedge morale has 44%. Of the vote. And 39% of the -- going to Jason. Williams of the 34%. Of the vote counted and so bitter may be potentially a runoff there as well Don. Okay thanks much -- At a early resignation tonight came from the back never his camp where WW a TV's Tom -- reports. Kind of a disappointing night so far we're still waiting to hear from the campaign manager Greg -- -- but she says that he checked in -- number but it you've probably heard all ready. Read Edward Burke who were at the political pollster -- -- he'd be calling the -- -- -- -- Now Michael -- came -- had -- decidedly underdog near term and it. But again all -- name recognition. They certainly didn't expect it early night what took. Well again we're awaiting court of public reaction from the back -- -- eight. Obviously -- regular -- would try to that in some voter dissatisfaction with the were caught read it appears that you trying to hammer hole and has struck him on prop him they'd. Trying Q wait wait you administration that it kind of left a lot of people out of the -- certainly they were marketing. Police chief rival -- rapid job. As you had to edit the bill Whitaker why you get in clean up the general media part of the campaign but obviously. These numbers will certainly be disappointing but we're still waiting to hear an official work back there are eight according black and yet they unclog the proverbial. Of course the contest not likely to be decided early tonight is that for the sheriff's race WW LTV's Katie Moore is that -- -- Grossman's campaign headquarters. -- what's going on there. Reporter -- are under extra land and the larger number -- it will -- at their whole. Core and they are -- are hurting a triple and in the national return unit rate here -- Paris upon our ticket well -- I care about every Politico out there -- -- got the incumbent. That. With trial thirty or more pressure orally -- I play a cup campaign was Rollins got -- -- day trial study it how shirt pocket and it up in the situation. -- I'm under that you can't -- going to rely on a federal court hearing. So that anchor line her up to me. Not buy out so -- they'll eat your high on repeating. Waiting to see what the final number will be whether or not -- and running well in the area. Traditionally run well we and it ain't it a lot on there aren't from out here you weren't you -- -- -- an -- war. All of that area actually and Robert Ball a mile up and and a court that Eric will get nothing out at least put him in a -- I. Again thanks kitty -- Nobody don't year old TV's Paul Murphy is with the Charles forty campaign sure. They -- headquarters where where -- sister -- Generally. Very encouraged and optimistic about the early numbers show. Mr. podium second place is supporter encouraged. They're pretty optimistic that tonight there could be a run off in the share actuaries and so are no -- -- upbeat candidate himself. But I arrived here yoga studio that being used as a campaign where I smelled. This happened cigars I know he's not far so we'll -- -- liked ghost that's seen here at bogey at quarter's gone. -- Saint Paul. And of course will be with you throughout the evening with the latest results and reports from the cabinet headquarters stay with us for decisions when he fourteen. You heard it right we have doctor Sherman where a doctor burns with the thank goodness or prop me up this evening when it comes to politics. Joseph what do you think about time no surprise is that Mitchell and his mirror again but the percentages were seen in the of that surprise you one room. 65%. That surprises me. Even though and our quality of life -- was at 65% job approval. The campaign I would have suspected would -- -- reduce some of that. And then vote support at least because it's one thing to say you support someone. It's quite another thing to go cast about for those two different animals and so. Mama I would be some really really surprised that he was able to maintain that 65%. Peter before the night began I could tell you what percentage she was going to get but. I'm not surprised that -- he's getting an overwhelming majority here of the support because I think it indicates that people really like the Japanese don't. In I'll go back to what we talked about earlier in. I don't mean this statement this blunt but it raises the question. Is what becomes of politics in New Orleans is racism there. No race race is always there it's part of the sub texts -- majority black city. And so Mitchell and respected G edge. And a good breach in a room and English is still extremely popular mobile and her name carries a lot of weight in the African American community. Both Marianne Mitch. And that you certainly know that that Mary Landrieu is. Relied very heavily in African American vote for her -- -- an African Americans and very comfortable you know pushing the button. Casting about for calendars so. You know their legacy is you know from their father who integrated City Hall. And they -- basically carry that torch since. Capsule will win the race is still an important factor here there's no now. It's it's probably the number one. Issue in politics you always have to pay attention to and it's always there it's always going to be there and the question is or the fact of the matter is that over the last four years Gingrich were injured did everything in his. Power to make sure that it did become the powder case that it's been in the past. But -- week. We have an open seat as that was saying before you see open seats are different than when you have an incumbent. It you know four years from now you have an open seat two candidates that are well aren't as well known in each of the respective communities or they are. You can have this kind of racial power today. Again and that's kind of tension. So to me as a person studies or from politics and the person who studies race. I attend a race at the forefront of everything now there are ebbs and flows in the race. Issue of race but it's always there. Well a bit of that brings up my creek your question. Stacy head is undeclared winner -- bright -- to derby winner. I hear talk on the street that she could run permit there in four years woman white. Can they win in this. Well I guess we'll -- the final four years. I mean she has been elected citywide -- majority black electorate. Both when she -- first time in a large enough in this time around as well. So. There's nothing to say that she can't do it and it's as I mentioned earlier that women make up the vast majority of voters in the city. When Stacy head runs for mayor she does and I don't have any doubt -- it's it's forefront in her mind. -- Ganassi race come to the forefront. There's no question about it. Gentlemen border seeing Mitch right now on the platform. Moving towards these. JS. Two. Talk to everybody. Right now is walking through well. The gave these. Legislate tore him all the people that have helped him and I dating accused -- approaching the microphones. Right now. It's -- live -- Mitchell and rubio. Winner of the injury. I don't know. Thank you all. So much. For this wonderful thing. To the people in New Orleans. Thank you so much and I'm like -- I just begin. With a special word of appreciation. On to my two opponents mr. king and mr. -- -- for us service. To receive normal. It was an honor. It was not anonymous campaign against these two distinguished gentleman and I thank him very much for the way and they conducted themselves. You know elections all arc. Beautiful to behold. In victory. And in defeat I have felt most. I enjoy and in sorrow. They are America's. Peaceful pathway. Into the future and they do full full full voice. Just the will of the people. And now the people of New Orleans. How smoking again. The result. The results tonight confirmed what we hope -- -- truth for years ago. Now the people of this great city -- ready to move forward. I listen to you New Orleans and I. Heard you are jello and I'm. Are you in Algiers. Are courage in the east. Are generally Katherine and Venetian -- are Johnstown are generally you are -- and -- hot -- and Pontchartrain park. I heard your intention town's central city mid CD Zion city are heard Julie Fisher and designing -- renowned. And Mac in town and while not. And mom I even heard John free streaming. And beyond. Our mergers and -- in the -- Peeling off of the Saint Louis cathedral in the clink clink clank. On the street car line you are as clear as a beautiful roar. On the rebirth brass band aid. And you are as clear and as an anguished cry from a mother who lost her child. Too many of my children. Lost. On us streaks. I don't listen to you and I have heard him. And the whole world heard you -- And this is what you said. We won't go back. We will press on we all one team one fight we all one voice we are. Really we have fifty. We have come -- we have come a very very long way to gather. Four years ago New Orleans staged the biggest crisis any any city in America has demonstration. Four years ago we founded our city in disarray and on the brink of collapse. Four years ago the recovery was stalled our city was headed in the wrong direction what we were doing just was not working and -- together. Together we locked arms and we pledge that we would try to do something different we shared that together we can move forward and we did we got not. We dust ourselves off we took a first step. And then we took another. We pressed on. And we as a people have come back strong to gather. We got the recovery back on track we created 4500 new jobs in new retail. Across the city -- schools improving gradually raise graduation rates -- Dropout rates are down we have a -- light. We will we have more recreation. We are reforming no hard and the murder is an historic thirty years. What. People of New Orleans let's not be confused. Let's make no mistake. The pathway forward for all of us is not and will not be easy. We see big challenges all around us we have crime we have unemployment. Families and communities are facing deep struggles. But we cannot lose heart and we cannot leave anybody behind. Scripture reminds us that you know intrigued by it's fruit. So we must consider what fruit of our labor. As a city and the people will bear. As we marched together in common purpose. Stand in common struggle the fruit tomorrow -- will be a city that is something more to. A New Orleans like we have always dreamed it and she could be. I am so proud of what we have accomplished but what excites me is not what we have done in the last four years what what we are now. Paul I used to do. Ladies and gentlemen the future of this city is bright. New Orleans our best days are ahead and we are not leaving anybody. Hi. Tonight. Let's celebrate give thanks that we live in this city that we love so dearly and and then tomorrow let's get back to work. And in four years' time was probably celebrate this city's 300 anniversary. Like all of you. Like all of you my hardest hole. Chris -- for New Orleans and I believe that if we stay united as one team. One vice voice one fight ones sitting there is nothing there is nothing that we can -- so let's give a darn let's keep it rolling. Let's -- on. All right there you have it. Mayor Mitch Landrieu at any given Ed what are your thoughts when you listen to -- sure Americans -- Assistant professor of political -- it's a new window. Well it pretty much ran through his campaign themes about the one voice when play when city I think it was an effective message. That. That you know you really have to work to bridge the divide the racial divide in this city it's fair and he can't ignore it. And so. That's just the strong message that people that resonates with people. Peter I think he's a masterful politician he's one of the best I've ever observed. He was criticized when he lost 2006. Were. For not going to have to Ray Nagin and he was I thought that his concession speech in 2006 was masterful. And I continued to think that he has a -- a very good a politician but I don't want you to. Think based on that. He's not a good mayor I think he's done a good job he clearly laid out news you know whose accomplishments jobs education. -- and murder and you can. Goal through all of those and say that they're still problems but he's clearly made. Significant strides. In the in those areas. I know you guys or. Political experts and economist. Well we talked about a book for her admit you mentioned three billion dollars we need for broking creaking water pipes. Looking at the please sports we're -- think it's three policemen. Quitting every day and that's faster than we can recruit him. Replacing. Battle over the consent decree of the battle over the details as to whether police can get him and how much -- paid an honor all the money you -- Do you use do you see it where a good demeanor or agree or whatever Mitch turns out -- be. Can accomplish things when the -- is not there it. City's operating a context of scarce resources Garland. And -- doesn't have the resources doesn't have the resources of the city like Atlanta or Nashville or Memphis forget the bigger cities. And the other problem is that we this city has terrible infrastructure. And it means major repairs to its infrastructure. Those are not sexy issues but the Arab. Things that you have to have after a police you have to after Ricky Moore that's what cities do know. End to form those basic services. It's costly especially when your infrastructure is as bad as this city's infrastructure is that you can hammer mayor for this is not the money. There's got the money to do the roads properly in the city. And. No we're more like a half a billion dollar budget and we seem to be stuck and then number and what we really need to do is grow that pie and so. You know bears some call for changing how we assess fees to tax exempt properties and nonprofits. So rather than just property owners picking up the tab you know we're basically now 40% of households are properties are -- -- like a 100%. Brought taxes so we've got to come up with some kind of structure to what he's I think he. Did something like that happens because let's face -- lot of -- -- and -- church property. And this is pictured sitting -- this Tuesday Catholic here Italian men you quoted scripture for -- -- it it. Well that's that's the -- very within the some of the nonprofit sewer tax exempt as well but -- nonprofit bright easier argument than that church right. But there's got to be we've got to find some way to expand that pool beyond that 500 million dollars because you can't can continue to raise taxes on that 40%. So that you know their in the just undue burden on them and then that's when people start losing so we've got to come up some kind of new funding mechanism -- he just. Don't have the resource providers in business if you look at a city like Atlanta I'm gonna really. Emphasize this point. Noble's business leaders to a lot for government and they provide a lot of resources to government -- do things they -- things they buy things just don't happen that the city wants takes a long time. To you don't grow the -- by bringing more businesses and certainly we thought it but the city still has a terrible reputation for corruption. The state does it's it's kind of got backwards tax laws and those -- tough things to do. To bring in people who have jobs it's very difficult. I guess mind my own question is. Committed very popular remain here. Be popular at the end of these four years if we can't find funding for need jury infrastructure of water. Education. Police and so. Yes but it's it's really. A stupid cliche but true it's just keep the past in the bog down to the next generation. You know I think people in New Orleans unfortunately have come to expect. Bad roads. In a bad infrastructure it's it's a given you take somebody from the outside at the former mayor Miami my -- since the infrastructure -- established arable. I said this is a lot better than it was four years ago. Good to contribute to world -- of it's intimate room career -- a major. Like digging. Thirty feet down form major grade the engine itself and you know people say to that well and they can play and go look at the they really do absolutely right I am believe they're doing some complain about paying for billions of dollars in infrastructure repair what they want the water -- up. That. You -- it well I think he's in a way to monitor what. -- also know what the -- gonna do his knees and have to go to Washington and beg for some money. -- is is no way that the city can afford three billion dollars -- we're you know we're gonna talk about the complete. Overall sewer and water system and then. And yet the pave the roads after that -- there's just no way that we can support network and -- we're gonna have to get some assistance from somewhere and so. That's where the mayor's political skills are gonna come in as well. Gentlemen before we -- load at the different. Computer you mentioned something border. No big cities the biggest communities heavily involved in government. There's a group but include -- cultural here not revoke or considerations. Come up with the something called for a New Orleans eleven -- That they go in and is it okay. This involved the so for best practices strategic planning. Everything of working with shareholders and everything else in -- asked him. For a promise that they volunteered this does that kind of thing will and they could different. -- -- politicians a look at this Wednesday while they they they give quarterly report and think it is. I'm -- maintain this. While I think it depends on what those of the businesses do in response if the businesses. Have resources and help the mayor do his job. You you'll definitely see. The of those goals reports make a difference but I think the other thing that that you have to keep in mind here is and you mentioned it. After the storm you have seen business really step up here in a way that it hasn't kind of take responsibility I think it's one of the major changes that you've seen. I'm writing a book about rebuilding New Orleans and that's one of the changes that I've noticed that you see more unity. That you did before with business and government and that the voters and that's something that's very important when you have scarce resources. No you know this is we do have a very weak economy here and I think this is part of the mayor's plan to. Make your entrepreneurial city and hopefully. Some industry kind of just takes off. You know like Microsoft. Suddenly you know you know -- out of you know one couple individuals efforts. So that's the kind of thing that we really need to you know -- in the he archetype of government business relationships been so we need you know big businesses. And we need government and business to work together. -- world long way from that I mean we do see some of these public private partnerships increasingly ignored. But even -- unite here in the background that -- struggling you know to keep that funded -- -- that -- the -- business structure there. Our doom and trigger brig pouring huge bureau. On WWO -- listening to decision 2014. New Orleans election night. We've doctored Sherman act with -- -- -- your political science at you and -- Talked -- Byrne chairman professor of political side it's a blow university. And it is on aims to. And thank you Garland at 930 have got names on the artificial weather station WWL AM FMM dot com. Decision 2014 election night in -- wallets and normal as mayor Mitch Landrieu. Declared victory minutes ago. WWL's Chris Miller reports line. And on the mayor thanked his supporters and the city's voters and congratulated his two opponents and with us. Special word of appreciation. On to my two opponents mr. king and mr. bag nourishment as service. -- -- -- It was an honor. It was not anonymous campaign against these two distinguished gentleman enough and I thank him very much for the way and they conducted themselves. The lender Citi is re election shows the contrast between the city now. And what it looked like four years ago he said then the city was headed in the wrong direction it's a recovery in doubt. He says now there is no doubt New Orleans is back on its way back in tonight's results confirm that Don. Okay thanks much Chris by the weighted bag bears Tampa apparently said he voter turnout. As a key issue in their candidates defeat of other projected winners out this evening as well WW LTV projects Arthur more -- To be reelected clerk of criminal court. Susan kitrey projected to be reelected to City Council district a winning a second term. WW LTV project Stacy head has wanted Orleans -- at large division one race. The city has morale and Jason Williams at that point look at -- as if they're headed for a runoff for the at large seat north City Council division to. WW LTV's Monica Hernandez is with the Jayson Williams camp Monica. Right now a lot of people here actually keeping their eye on separate ball. It back right now with -- India and the -- had morale cute actually at nine year. In it strict. Against Q other including Kate -- We're still waiting on where hamster come here and I'll watch the results -- his supporters that many supporters here. Trying to wait and see what the outcome at this rate will be. And we're going quickly to the concession speech now of candidate -- Maris. I'm already me the phone calls to -- This way Andrew. And I congratulated him. In ask him to. Certainly take into account. All the hole and worry. Dead everyone here his done. To bring any number of issues to the forefront. I'm sure that the all ought to worry. We'll be rewarded. Because this is not in defeat for you my virtue of the fact that. All that you have done now. His call attention. To some very serious problems. Confronting this this. And awhile as always very difficult to. Begin thinking people. I have to think a few specifics. Starting where. The unifying. Body. That not even out front that is really what to do we've been able to bring together the Democratic Party get a Republican plottage. -- also would like to salute the courage of the young patrolman association of New Orleans and the firefighters. Can be ambassadors to defer his villages to isle city. The taxi industry. To all of these political organizations. That endorsed our candidacy. Com. How were I was specifically name -- first I. I was able soul -- Life in tips. The ministerial alliance to get the nomination a ministerial alliance. In the Baptist pastors conference. -- in -- this candidacy and also. Was a spiritual guy for me. During the whole campaign. And I am absolutely certain. That we had the best campaign structure. That busy -- ever been able to put together. You know Saudi we're starting -- Number I don't go to where everybody that was on the campaign could we be until tomorrow. But I have to mention my campaign manager. The Americans. People fall. And everybody who was on -- phone bank in doing the cameras then and doing the sensible means. And doing all the office worried. And well affectionately referred to as my brain trust. I know who you thought I know what you did and I'll always respect and appreciate. Every -- so worried that you did it. I appreciate you. -- And last but by no means least in the same category. Use my family and friends. And now we'll tell you well going through all the family members because that would keep -- until tomorrow as well. This lady standing next to me. I. Now only not only -- supporter. Not only is very. Close friend. Put the most dole only wife did anyone could have ahead. -- own -- -- level motivating yes that they've been not as much as tomorrow. So I thank you law I truly think you all you you would you. You kept me lifted during this entire campaign. And as I stated earlier. Every issue that we brought out. I can assure you will be addressed I'll hold that to -- it takes time to extend. His hand in embrace all of you. All of you who have. Various concerns. As it relates to the issues that we had to confront in this campaign. Thank you thank you very much. Oregon is tell -- -- for wrong right -- doctorate in Sherman act from you and Odom Peter burns. -- both political. Scientist. And -- rural district court or through -- has won correct. That's correct -- Andrews the mirror again Stacy head in wonder as. Councilman at large division walked right. Yes. And council district pays Susan do you agree that one. That's correct yes it so we've got. 21 and 234. Council seats that were hoped. And a coroner -- anything about coroner's. Let's go to the one -- Unnamed. District seat. Jackie Clarkson and and they didn't Ramsey received some she wrong is competition. What do you see there abused him in the percentages younger friends. We're looking at. Jackie Clarkson -- 49% -- -- have 41% so. Jack is right in the cusp of whether we're gonna find out she's in a runoff from. There's still about 2.2 precincts out. 66% -- So. Could go either way. Rhonda and so looks like she's -- -- -- -- she avoids a run opposite question here. -- groups and Peter doesn't surprise me. -- it depends on what which of those districts. Command which of those precincts. I looked at the numbers before hand and I think you Algiers. Is that the fifteenth war that's correct and so. You know is the fifteenth board members of fifteenth worn out at the fifteenth toward -- then. She she she's looking runoff if -- were still waiting for the fifteen toward. Then she's probably gonna win right now. Do you think in India the debate over the to go for Algiers -- -- you. Told via. French Quarter contours -- over the noise ordinance. In the of those head in the negative impact on Clarkson. Or beneficial. Effect for a Ramsey. Well it granted to try to bring up the issue of those affairs for the fairy but I think Clark's encountered. Fairly well on that issue that. She's you know she's been there an entire time trying to come up with a solution for the problem. And accusing needing Ramsey and not being. Does not being a notion on that issue and just -- -- just bring it up of and there are so. I think she would handle that issue fairly well. About the noise ordinances and a big -- -- sway an election -- and -- certainly in and that district in the French Quarter. Those people film a French court -- lets them you know that's the main business. Areas for the city and so. Slots on so that's gonna play -- -- -- -- but. You know we'll see how those French Quarter of voters decide tonight. Peter and I think its interest in it. You sit here basically every day talk about city politics at some point or another you are grasping. For issues is an interest yeah. It really is. It it's interesting how there's just nothing of juice out there at all which I think might be a very good thing for the city. Does that suggest things are going better. War. No I think is -- or when you when you make the mayor's personality and issue -- Manger I think it's a real stretch that you can't really talk and name on -- -- up -- -- can only talk about his. Well she's the mayor made to run through people you know make it this way well OK okay. But there's a real issue and some people to try to make an issue right you know that that's all you really cannot then you really don't have a lot. I think there is an -- war it's something I think about every election witches. Who is alienated and who has apathetic my oldest in the or could be that we don't have issues because people just aren't engaged. Or really think that's the I don't really think that's happening here I think people are are are engaged I think the paying attention and so I think things are okay listen -- things were bad I think we now. And who boarded the things that always amazes me an opponent as some. Things come out light. All of my god we've dual wave of the told on the bridge the city will sink or feed global water. In the world we're going to flaming ball into the universe. So many of the celts would be Kim and where we can't do -- where we're just like going to be on this from Canada polite we camp blatant. And of course -- get taken off and none of that occurs. But it has no effect on their reelection. Because people forget that kind of thing or it's just not a big an appeal to sway an election. Well I mean it was a big deal those -- and means -- have the election and it was so close and then. Some people or disenfranchise as a result and so they had to overturn election in injury do it. So that was a big deal but. You're right -- the world didn't come to an end. And and again it's Mano on the things they right -- -- mound in this building of course this kind of you know it's suspected this idea of trust you know they're throwing a scare tactics out there and it worked a scare tactics that work -- -- for the -- But then. You know nothing happens and we get back to normal and and people just get back in the normal routine and you're right it probably just fades away and then he's going to the next issue. -- -- -- It wasn't. It wasn't an issue that galvanize people at the time of the election. Are there enough time pastors and stick it didn't stick it it if the election had been in the next week. You would have had a different story but it just adds that a lot of things that stick parliament in order than little's stock and pro. Were struggling there to Chris Miller you get some results for us. As one of the update you on some of the other races going on not the mayor -- so the sheriff's race the new year with -- doesn't it 48%. And sodium 30%. Ira Thomas 19%. And nobody else is in double digits in that race that's the 79% of the precincts reporting now. We've mentioned before Stacy has been projected the winner in the City Council large division one race. In division to Cynthia has roles in the lead at 44%. Followed by Jason Williams at 39%. And pretty sharp grenade 17%. We do some other declared winners in City Council district a Susan did three has been reelected is in the -- or. I just -- clerk of court now the combine those two clerk's offices are the morale is expected be reelected there. What -- mentioned that for the race for quarter you know it's the first time we're gonna avenue corner long time like I can't remember timing and frightening yard was not and that offers it. At this point we've got Dwight McKenna in the lead at 47%. Deputy quarter Jeffrey Rouse -- 39%. And Vincent a lot of 19%. Or at super were inching towards conclusion that this point in the -- result. There are the results I just didn't write them down to bring any deeper but when you get them -- all of that all right our interest -- this thank you so much. Wind. What we've we've had a blitzes come -- for a election night but I still funded interest. -- a group of experts appear via evidently. That is done polling and stabilize polled. The showed for the first time ever. The people of Louisiana. Considered the most important thing to their survival. There's not the economy is not education. Has not controlling crime. Slots of the wet. And bills galore we have no way answer. We've we have a plan. We have some Moody's. But talk about. Three billion dollars or broken water pipes mean -- fifty just to get started to at least make a dent in this. Does its trickle in the politics and in the form or fashion or is it. Like the bridge when -- talk about it and it sparks. Appeared whatever maybe in the quickly does that. If the polls suggest something. Politicians all polls. And they're gonna capitalize on most polls and so you'll start to see politicians talk about this because it's something people care about. And so it's definitely a political issue there's no question about it that's the number one issue you're gonna see people run for statewide office saying. We've got to protect the wetlands so I think it's a and issued -- driven not by the necessity. Of a politician thinking it's important but by the people thinking it's important shows up and polls Ed Ed. You maybe you can help me on this -- it did it becomes political it is political. Well one of the first things you do was asked the question and so obviously who's setting the agenda for the poll this. You know and you know our people just kind of giving them a free response answer all the wetlands it's real issue or someone with an agenda. Put the question out there. You know -- -- distribution of opinion get the results and then put out there. It is an open ended and we've we've got here text a question in the Cayman. What will happen when the coroner's office goes through the new audit of -- deaths or categorize. You but acknowledged that anybody knew at that time. I don't know anything about it knows that there's the controversy of how those deaths are categorized and that's one of the questions that its the -- challengers put out there -- you know as they're currently fudging the numbers in terms of other categories and investigate the murder rate down. But I don't know exactly how they go about it. And I knew this is the most naive question in the world -- we elect coroner is is this so politically. Powerful. Position. It's it's patronage it's this is that this is a town that loves its positions. At should -- via an elected position. That should be something that is very technical. Jobs but if you look in New Orleans, Louisiana would like we'd like just about everybody for everything. That's clearly gone down since Katrina with these sensors in the -- report being. Smaller but. I think it's I think it's the way the business is conducted here aware that just you just have positions on top positions -- top positions. To take care of people. Louisiana is -- what's known as a Jack Sony and state that we elect every office and we have frequent elections. With the idea of keeping those elected officials as close to the people as possible. As opposed to more progressive states were more positions -- point. So you elect Sonoma City Council they select the city manager and then they appoint all the heads of the various departments here we want to keep. People want voters to keep control. And so you do that might holding lots of elections in do you think it's us or is that. The political machine. It's just the culture of the state. I would love to see you know people ask me in even IS is the corner to the -- being elected position for me into elitism it. No brainer. But there's always the talk the coroner. Can help the police put figures. That's the argument that's that's unspoken moves of the diamond that's all. Of the problems of a murder rate is. You could -- a lot of statistics but. That that they're the reason that makes murder very difficult to -- you have a body. You know you don't -- cars have been stolen because you haven't gotten the cards that you have the bodies. And -- You know you have a kind of closed universe because you have a lot of bodies to indicate that something is going wrong whereas theft a lot of times those reported you don't know about it but with. Death you have a body so it's a more accurate count. I noticed a number of the -- people who don't know a whole bunch. All the people that that are running against incumbency and the selection. We're an in house would you give real liberals are past the police sheep they said yes. Who's that putting kind of pressure on Mitch or is that. It is is power and it doesn't really matter what you know it. Surpluses is excellent newsman and think you've always hear the mayor saying that he's gonna stand by surface and regardless of what anyone else thinks if the -- happy with circus than circus the reason and that's the bottom line. And he's relatively popular with with with the public I mean he's he's -- he's above water in terms of approval ratings. But he seems to have stepped on -- among the political class and those -- the people who work. Basically yelling for a sense giving for the actually stepping in the tools of the political news. I think a lot of this is the fact that from. There was I did there was a promise there was going to be a national search for police chief then didn't really end up that way. And I really think that that really upset a lot of people who were initially involved in the administration and you know -- asking being one who was. On the search committee and and quit because he felt that the game but the game was -- -- I just get the sense then I had bruises do right and that's just kind of carried on throughout the last four years. I agree with -- This and thoughts. Do you. Precincts. I'm reading that they were divided up redistributed. It to that we're. What's what's that about and -- because our bread and in some neighborhoods. You're on one side to Sri -- one preaching the other side of the street you're under enough. Yeah well redistricting is about three drawing legislative boundaries. So that you have roughly equal populations with in each district and this every ten years. After the census. And so here is basically. A situation where politicians get the selector voters because they're the ones who are choosing which precincts now in which district. So it's a very political process. That's. You know politicians don't wanna go home let go of their voters because they built up. You know relationship with voters and and even -- -- I don't wanna be moved and the district I like my council member so there's lots of give and take lots and lots of power place. -- -- -- I figured I think it's a mystery to be absolutely I don't think anybody's really telling I think that some people -- I don't really think leaders. Concrete explanation for why this but how does her symptoms like that -- not get out of could somebody's some more. Is -- has coached pretty important thing right when you. Whose real good passer in Canada where blow my -- is supposed to help we're you know I was an answer that court. In one place we started getting ready for the selection and it was do my spreadsheet and I found that there were four split precincts and thought well that's very -- Why would you split precincts. And think Chris -- cute. Bring troops it just has little bit of its broad. Yeah according to WW LTV election analyst Greg redeemer he believed share -- goes and will be reelected tonight -- Basing that on of the precincts that are still pending but the demographics there he believes point to a victory. Or sheer -- investment. Surprise you guys. Yes yes absolutely. Yes I thought it was in the runoff for sure I thought that -- would be able to. Peel away enough votes to force a runoff but. Not the first time I've been wrong and won't be it'll instantly. Well this actually is the first in the wrong witches amid a significant write what you -- yeah total lifetime here yet or 25 years so it. So I guess I'm surprised because. -- had some with a name recognition had a third candidate who was taking away. I thought would be taking away just votes. But. I am surprised that I was reading something before that. Stations were predicting that there were bureau office. And -- missions. Campaign says way to -- well hold on we don't think that's the case. And you and I had a discussion about it you said well there's no advantage that it's not like you know calling the race before California comes in for presidential race. They must've known are precincts are about the command. We could win this thing and so I am stone that's the first -- The year ended in did you see anything we were doing the analysis both for the election. Voting record his reputation. Whatever. But that's what we're about to Oakland that will. Its left -- flow of people with real on no alternative. You know you can either vote for the guy. Who's -- jail for the last several years. Today -- with a deteriorating conditions or you can go for the guy. Who helped make it that way. So you you know earlier left. With the the lesser of two evils and do you know it's you know in the right you know I am -- and -- I remember asking my only -- a deal with the video. I mean but that does the video was just absolutely devastating. And the fact that he's able overcome and I think is testament to that is. You know. -- strong political skills. All right gentlemen let's take a break we're coming right back for a edging towards the in the -- nine. Election results in the decision 2014. All of -- nobody it is dog named side. And thank -- Garland at 10 o'clock I'm done a and so on your official weather station WWL AM FMN dot com. Decision 2014 election night in New Orleans. And WW LTV election consultant Greg written regular has just projected Marlon Grossman has won the Norman's sheriff's race. Some analysts have called dust -- the comeback.