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WWL>Topics>>02-01 10:30pm Marlin Gusman acceptance speech.

02-01 10:30pm Marlin Gusman acceptance speech.

Feb 1, 2014|

Re-elected for a second term as Orleans Parish Sheriff; Marlin Gusman gives his acceptance speech.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks a lot for coming tonight. And thanks so much for all the hard work that you've been putting in over the last. Few months. I've been on pins and needles upstairs. I don't know -- you all down here. And got to tell you that. Didn't wanna keep you waiting. We don't know for sure for sure but things look really good. It's a good news channel's -- says we're going to be victorious tonight. So let's start I'm thinking the voters I want to thank all of -- voters for all of their confidence and it's been a tough. Tough year and has been a tough campaign really. Thanks to all of the voters in New Orleans. And thanks so -- -- my wife Iranian. Our church Christian and can't I think Claiborne yeah. And really all my family and also want to thank all of the people I work with. You know these individuals that I work -- The deputies. They work day in Indio. They're dedicated group of individuals. We've been trying real hard and we're gonna -- and we're gonna continue our efforts to make sure that there. -- well and trained well. All the volunteers today all the volunteers zero. All of the people that have helped me especially want to reach out. To the Irish terrorists from. Who helped me. I give my message to the people I want to thank. Also I think all of the organizations. Who really took the time. To see what. This campaign was about. What we were allowed. Including print media all of the papers the times Picayune the Louisiana weekly in the New Orleans Tribune. Who really didn't focus on. One snapshot -- one event but really look at it. The totality of what we've been doing and how we've been transforming. This. Sheriff's office. From a place that was known for how many we can incarcerate. So how many we can rehabilitate and that's what we wanna be -- How you know when I kick this off. I says. It was going to be a tough campaign and it's tough you know we're still. -- like that we're cautiously optimistic. But I didn't wanna keep fuel on the pins and needles and I was gone -- We have a whole lot to do. Over these next four years and we're gonna work hard and it. I'm gonna make sure that we you listen to the people and that we continue. To move forward with the confidence. That what we're doing is right. Long journey. To build a safe modern secured facility. Is about to be realized. In the next few months. We're gonna be free and open that facility. And everybody will really see the progress that we've been working on. So move on May come back if you hang around. But I -- think everybody here again. For all your help. And I think you. Thank you again.

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