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02-01 10pm Garland election results 2014

Feb 2, 2014|

Garland and company continue to discuss the results with reasons and whys of the 2014 new orleans elections. Final results given by wwl reporter Cris Miller.

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With 89%. Of the precincts reporting. Marlon -- and the projected winner he does not have the majority at this point he's still at 48%. Charles forty at 30% but again. -- desperately projected winner. Reelected to sheriff -- Orleans parish. Mayor Mitch Landrieu gets four more years the numbers showed pretty early on that he was gonna be easily reelected. WW -- Chris Miller reports on what the winner and one of the losers had to say tonight Chris. And Don challenger Michael -- -- told his supporters tonight even though they lost they did make sure their voices were heard. This is not in defeat for you. My virtue of the fact that. All that you have done now is call attention. To some very serious problems. And in victory mayor Mitch Landrieu said the voters agree what is happening now in New Orleans is something special for years ago the recovery. -- stalled our city was headed in the wrong direction. What we -- doing just was not working and -- together. Together we locked arms and we pledge that we would try to do something different we shared that together we can move forward and we did Landry says New Orleans. Together has come back straw reporting -- course Miller WWL first news and thank you Chris a number of seats in our races having bad it is cited are the morale has handily won reelection -- clerk of criminal court. WW LTV projections in -- is reelected two's City Council district any winning a second term. Stacy head has won the New Orleans City Council at large division one race. In district seat currently with six the 6% of the precincts. Reporting. Jackie Clarkson in a tough fight with Canadian Ramsey. Clocks in with 49% of the vote -- -- 41%. District. Jared -- currently has 50% -- -- 42%. In the district he -- seat. James -- has 52% Cynthia Willard Lewis currently trailing she has 43%. Cynthia has morale and Williams are projected to make runoff bid for the at large seat in New Orleans City Council Cynthia has morale. 44%. Of the vote now Jason Williams at 39%. To a tight race for there that that councilor at large seat. And they likely -- Would be with you throughout the evening with the latest results and reports from the cabinet headquarters stay with a sport decision 2014 electoral war. Dude looks like road we have. Another Merrill by the name of mutually Andrew bats and crucial. And we discovered were the projection showed that immoral and a husband won a ride to an -- in raw. Let's look at -- rubio the races and those who would choose she's in the crystal ball there. Jackie Clarkson leading brand new latest it's -- was 4545%. -- and surprises there. No I don't think there's any surprise there. Now I mean it's it's a majority African American district. And so. The may be some push back against Clarkson for. What some people accuser violating the spirit of the term limits that. You know you -- term limited your time's up to someone in America it's you know we don't really want to just sliding back in the -- seat. I'm slightly surprised. Darling I'm slightly surprised because I fought. I'm not sure right now with Jackie Clarke he's gonna win this election in Romanoff. With these numbers I thought. I'm I'm I'm surprised it's as close as it is. I I thought it would be a squeaker. But I'm surprised at how their neck to neck that surprises me to do it at the beginning in the nine Edwards said to Jackie Karstens going to be united forties for sure practice said that. On the air in the second thing I would have said was. I think I thought she clearly -- head of Nadine Ramsey but that surprises me a bit. Not they're going into the runoff but that there. Virtually tied this. Do you tie it to term limits and heading your open -- government. People get fatigued. Hope people in office and then when they take certain kinds of steps to make sure that today. You know kind of go around the back door and it doesn't overwhelm whatever lectured -- to -- a BO television. Projecting a runoff between Jackie Clarkson and -- being written right exactly what we're talking about no big surprise there. But he and his sounds to me. Like Jackie might be the underdog in the world. Or Mike well I are on -- and under when -- an -- note shall call me right that the on the. Now she. You know you -- if they're they're basically split 5050 it's almost Stevenson so that's -- -- but the book to -- And would be if we were betting man who would -- that out at the beginning of the night I wouldn't. Said you know clearly I think it's going to be. Jackie Clarkson these numbers you don't have to look at them and see how they pan out but these numbers don't suggest to me that that Ben is as strong as it would be you know -- 7 o'clock or 8 o'clock we start. This. Do it their district is French Quarter of former -- -- new year and Al years that's right. Well dude or big news there or is that turn out to vote is French Quarter of a place that people vote is Paul -- of people that. Played some people vote. Well I'm not gonna answer that question I -- different one -- the beginning eyeball the numbers of the district see when I started. And I saw in early voting. That a lot of African Americans have voted in early voting which did give me some pause that this might be. That this might be a tough thing for Jackie Clarkson to win. I do think you see people turning out here early voting suggests to me that people are turning out there yet. Is that is that white people. And black people -- Round -- early voting is is over represented an African Americans over present and look among early August. District. You have anything in the district do you -- -- -- as -- at 50%. With Joseph Louis 42%. And their only a couple of precincts left. Out there and so he again he's right there and it cuts as well whether he avoids. I -- you know anything about him. Who chairs were set is. Part of what I call them our own family tomorrow seen. He was sentenced or else chief of staff. Went on to win election to state legislative office. And now seeking to take over. Her seat since she was -- I thought that Bruce that would win an outright when the night started in fact I didn't think he was gonna have very much competitions of this. The surprises me. And you know as I'm looking at the numbers for Clarkson. Against -- they seem to be separated by something like 27 votes right now. At that that's that's about his neck and neck -- she gecko close. Since -- that was part of them the -- CNET -- it was kind of gonna be the anointed one. And so someone with some of his -- his words saying look you know. We're not here to anoint someone here to elect someone who represented district met someone who's just in -- for the person in his left. How does that thought get well. You're challengers. The ones put them do they were doing commercials along those little notice of the elect of the word mile border amount neighborhood meetings of the forums. Things of that and how much does social media. What what how big differences that make -- -- -- How the word yet it stone comedians program and texting you and and how big a social me. Well I think FaceBook is pretty brilliant amateur how much the campaigns are using Twitter I suspect that they are. Another Twitter -- item -- whining about it. But I know that what it does is not only allow. You can communicate with voters but for you to receive feedback. And so that's kind of -- the unique thing about social media to. I'm actually -- fan -- Twitter but I don't tweet -- a watch what people. Say it it it allows me to get real time feedback which I'd like. My thought about these kind of social media things in his. Even though we have it and it makes it easier to communicate it's still the people. Cool. Are paying attention that are going to vote for using these vehicles if you're not. If you don't care if you see it a Twitter feed. Or our FaceBook you're still you're -- it doesn't matter because you're not going to use that information so I still think it's a matter of first being engaged. Think you make a difference boating. -- OK I get this information tonight and. There is younger generation engaged. -- and that is the younger generation. Ever engaged throughout history. Yes the younger generations is in gates they don't vote certainly at the same rate as their parents or grandparents but they are engaged in their communities. So you know you'll hear this all the time from students well my vote doesn't count. But I'm -- and the thing gazing time initiative activities of getting involved in communities because they wanna see the results they -- really seen anything coming out of their one vote. So they are engaged and I've had students. You know work and travel to Florida to work any. Obama campaign. And so yes they are in gates just not in the traditional way we rethink it to go out -- show opened them while you're doing things a bit differently. And when I have the American government lecture on who votes I stand up there and decisions students. You know who votes. Older people vote. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm older well educated. But the point of the matter is when you hit thirty years old you start to get interest at a job you pay taxes you have children start to get interest. And I. I think we have frank discussion about the -- class I don't mean to say that eighteen year -- don't have interest they do. But it's not that clear kind of connection that government is gonna take something out of my wallet. Something out of my -- something out of my kid's life something out of my health care as you get older you start to realize well I've got I've got serious interests. Are -- the students that one goal line and I think. The newer generation of students are very active in doing things and doing community service and going out talking to people going out doing. Things are going to different parts of the city rebuilding New Orleans. But in terms of the vote and they just don't see it yet although if you asked his students who were in college do you vote are you registered to vote. Based on prayer for a peer pressure along the same Wednesday. They would say that they do. Because they don't want you know the other educated people in the room to say -- dot -- did you -- what's wrong with you. -- -- Tell me -- -- wrong but people applied children -- -- when we talk you all the years there are often critical of the Melinda. And an Ayatollah mug thing -- opposite maybe I'm I'm giving the wrong. Demographic slice but the kids that come up here. The ones that I -- out there actually we -- the number of people dilution of the show. In two million argues she owned for prudent were written all over them and I'd say. Or two words don't wanna pour one Qaeda and toward retirement benefit what are. There's an abortion I can be they're number two that's now while we wondered do we want to make different. And Melissa did that loan you have until finally good -- suppose you paid the ultimate book pick it up and start again. And I -- a test is side from the World War II generation. I haven't heard too many generations like that so. If we've got a group of young people better term. They get it done get it done in the wrong we could have comparable would be vote of involvement in thirty years applause and pop politics. Coming. Thoughts aren't I agree with everything he said bought. Yeah there there are two -- the first but is you can't decide your own hours all the time what you ones who -- workplace so. I I saw specialized colonials sixty minutes. And you know I'm I'm my father son and that means that you know he got up at 6:30 in the morning and he calls or every day anyway he came home to work after it was dark out. So I kind of -- socialize with that. The millennial don't. Act that way they're not that way they are more into it'll get done when I get here and I'll do it on my own. Terms of we'll get it -- then you know we need to have more flexible hours now that could be a good thing. But I it's different for me from what I. -- robots takeover of that and there were completely fun what do you mean when the truth. Method truth Chris Miller gets more goodies for us now one of the recap the New Orleans City Council action for you we reporter earlier in the at large races Stacy head is projected winner there for re election and a large division one. At large division to it looks like it's going to be a run off between Cynthia hedge morale and Jason Williams. Admiral 44% of Williams of 39%. And then -- -- getting into the district races Susan -- three reelected in district a industry would be able to -- can't throw reelected by default she didn't have an opponent. In district seat were presenting the French Quarter Algiers and those of the other parts of the city around. The suit temerity aerial support to abate. Looks like it'll be a runoff between ended Jackie Clarkson and eighty Ramsey vote third deadlocked at 45%. Men in district. 50% and Joseph -- 42%. And an -- call it -- area now one minute district. Incumbent James Gray at 52%. And the former holder of that seat Cynthia Willard Lewis at 43%. But that's only 45% of the vote is reported back to India for district the so even though grade maintains the majority. Still does not sure yet on how that's gonna shake out. -- it -- -- when they're in the comments about in the of those. I think the at large division to. Contests that it's simply isn't in our own Jason Williams. Again I think there might be some push back on someone who is term limited and then trying to slide into another seat. Also there was -- late mailers that was highly critical of and -- That may have had some influence as well. Peter I'm looking into my crystal ball your sources close. And Nadine Ramsey wins which is not likely but Katie -- wins. Period beats Jack parks and either tonight or -- off. Two possible people would be to run for mayor would be Stacy had eighty grams it with the Canadian Ramsey -- ran for the position should be in City Council. For four years I'm surprised that gray is on top both. Since you Wear Cynthia Willard Lewis says -- much as he has. He might win this -- right and other Chrissie says there was only 45%. Or thereabouts then but I thought she might of pulled off tonight. And so those are some of the thoughts that I have it seems that that district. Might be called tonight. But Wilson. -- and -- it'll roll off of -- between brand -- you Clarkson right that's correct. That's right okay so the only outstanding we have is different DN district eve this important. Chris -- everything on the coroner. We have 4739. Does that mean you can and they'll slight change in that Dwight McKenna now 45%. Jeffrey Rouse 34%. And a lot of when he 1%. And do you have any idea how many what spurs in the precincts. Registered. A you know it's kind of funny is that as a citywide race but I'm getting a slightly lower number on that than when I look at say the other city wide stuff like mayor and share from an exact picture would explain the discrepancy. But I think that was with a note 54%. If my memory serves but in the quarters race when Nixon America that would take a look at it again that see you doing good on the list steer. -- and doesn't wouldn't. Have Warren and sheriff lookalike who you gonna be -- for a while but not to be. Criminal district court or morale has won. Mayor a man by the name of Mitch -- and councilman at large division -- Stacy head has one. Celts would move lords -- -- -- there will be a runoff between Cynthia hedge morello and juries and Williams. Council lode district eighty. Council loyal position this should pay Susan gentry has -- Council member districts. The looks like there's going to be rolled all the project Clarkson. -- Ramsey. District. 50% with about. Joseph Joseph -- you with 42%. Nothing decided there yet and council member district eat. We've James -- be incumbent with 52%. Cynthia Willard Lewis 43%. No decision. And Bruce said -- abducted Sherman act with the professor of political science and human note. And doctor Peter burns chairman professor of political side its loyalty university. Doctor Sherman -- when will we look at the next four years board what do you think the biggest. Earl Mitchell and who's going to be pacing politically if he wants to gore and run for governor. Lottery of maybe what what's -- looking that the -- Well is that the biggest issue obviously is crime that. We're typically noted as the murder capital of the world unfortunately. He's got to deal with crime and he's got to deal with economic development this is a city that stagnated. Little -- for decades. And so. We may have been able to turn a corner here and so that's what he's got to really focus on this is economic development. And if we can do that and probably help the crime problem. I mean isn't that much control over the education. But he can certainly be used his bully pulpit to to stress that issue as well so I think it's crime education economic development. Peter I think -- -- Run for governor is a very tall task. Yes the numbers in the state just not favorable. You could Kerry nor loans before. And win the state I mean Bill Clinton won the state -- I think that the same number one in the war on spy. With the changes in the population in the wars within that becomes a much tougher task much more different Democrat and as soon as highly conservative state sure it is and it's an -- it's. It's not only is it highly conservative state. But it's an anti New Orleans statement let's be honest it's not a place that really loves the world's all that much. Outside of the city of new worlds new team in the metro area it is you know has. -- tonight New Orleans sentiment there so I think that's a very difficult task. 224. For -- injured it is to do. Because you know politics and elections are a lot of times a numbers game it's hard to win statewide if you're Democrat. -- when we have mayors. Talking about highest crime related to an the country. And there we have twelve murders -- down -- thirty year low we've got -- like this one. With -- boarding and her brother with 400 less police and crime is down really. The math just doesn't work. Please reliving leaving by the busload. How do you convince the populace can you convince the populace politically. That even when you give -- the figures there are the real figures core owners not fudging bodies the police are approaching number. Well I think you know I mean. Living in the city you can look around and you can see and feel what's going and I mean it. You know it seems like prior coaching everyone knew someone who had been mugged -- -- and took its right. And I don't get that sense anymore certainly the crime is still there. But. You know and and that we're not the only city that that faces these issues that mean this is something that that other urban centers confront as well so we're -- -- And as far as the number of police the 16100. Numbers is an artificial number. Because other cities. Can deal with crime with much smaller numbers so you know they kind of set that 16100 number is kind of a threshold and that's the magic number -- there really is no magic number. You could probably do with 12113. Hundred people. If you police and using correct strategies. Article that lifted a break here and good news preach Moreland goes ruined our old and you Cheryl. Thanks a lot from coming tonight. And thanks so much for all the hard work. That you've been putting in over the last. Few months. I've been on pins and you know upstairs. Well you look down here. And got to tell you that. Didn't wanna keep you winning. We don't know for sure for sure but things look really good. That's good news channel viewers. We're going to be victorious tonight. So let's start thinking. The voters. Think all of you voters for all their confidence and it's been a tough tough year in his -- tough campaign really. Things only voters in New Orleans. And thanks so much handling my wife Iranian. Our church Christian. It was. Anymore. And really all of my Palin. I also want to thank all of the people I work -- you know these individuals that I work with. -- deputies. They were -- in Indio. They're dedicated group of individuals. We've been trying real hard and really can really continue our efforts to make sure that there. -- well and trained well. Only volunteers today all the volunteers zero. All the people that have helped me especially need to reach no. Judy you know sheriff's. Who helped me. I get my message of the people I want to thank. I also think although you organizations. Who really took it. To see what. This campaign was an hour. Where we were allowed. Including print media all of the papers the times Picayune little. Whose handle weekly in the New Orleans Tribune. Who really didn't focus on home and snapshot are -- had. But really looked at all. The totality of what we've been doing and how we've been transforming. Our sheriff's office. From a place that was known for a company we can incarcerate. So how many we can rehabilitate. And that's where we want to be you know. How you know when I kick this off. I says. It was going to be a tough campaign and it's tough you know we're still. Like there were cautiously optimistic. But I didn't wanna keep fuel on the pins and needles and I was wrong and I. We have a whole lot to do. Over these next four years and we're gonna work hard and a I'm gonna make sure that we you listen to the people and then we continue. To move forward with -- the confidence. That what we're doing is right. How long journey. To go to -- modern secure facility. Is about to be realized. In the next few months. We didn't we know whenever facility. And everybody will really see the progress that we've been working on. So -- Tommy come back if you hang around. But I don't think everybody here again. For all of your help and I think you. Thank you again -- WWL first news it's 1032 I'm dot names on your official weather station WWL. AM FM and dot com. Decision 2014. Election night in New Orleans. All of mayor -- Roy Andrew thank the city's voters tonight for giving him a second term. WW host Chris Miller as facts. At -- mayor Landrieu told his supporters tonight that victory shows the city is moving in the right direction. With its recovery he said the difference between four years ago and now is pretty -- going from a city on short of the future. Now to a future he says is looking quite bright. I believe that if we stay united as one team. One vice voice one fight ones sitting there is nothing there is nothing that we can -- so let's give a darn let's keep their Ron Lynn. Let's press on. Miller WWL first news -- -- went into today's election touting a drop in the city's murder rate and an endorsement from President Obama. WW LTV election consultant Greg ring upper river projects Marlon Grossman will serve another term as Orleans parish sheriff. Just looking more closely at the precincts that are out. And the pattern of the vote tonight I feel very confident saying only -- and be reelected however. Charles forties camps seems to be saying not so fast. WW LTV's Paul Murphy has the latest from forty campaign headquarters. 8 or 10 o'clock this evening got a golf CP election consultant Greg remember call -- our share rate Marley Gartman. Saying that up by the book the -- take a look at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At all by a very tight margin to win this -- -- and not there would not be a well we're here at the -- headquarters. Others still looking up the book that has been counted. With 89% we're looking at 48% -- -- 30% 3019%. Are Thomas. So there's still that's a cautious optimism tonight that mr. toady will be forcing a runoff so averaging Charlie -- this evening I'm sure he's in the back. Washing the -- -- chaotic and its unity comes out like you can update now. -- thanks much WW -- Paul Murphy are their morale has handily won a third term Orleans parish criminal court clerk. In the City Council races Stacy head has won the normal city councilor at large division one race. We're looking at a runoff between between Cynthia has morale and Jason Williams in the at large division to City Council race. WW LTV -- Hernandez has reaction from the Williams camp. He gave that speech you are cheering crowd over heated election article watch party -- Heat and that ran on a brighter or for oil and crime and jobs are number one priority. And that -- by car and what try to -- bad crime. Our book or start by getting you involved in pocket program that talk of bank. And often imagined that this would really. One of experts time running for office that he barely knew politics. Is right for DA backed its 2008 by. That they felt like would be under -- And we're gonna go quickly to sheriff former sheriff Charles Foley's campaign headquarters now where it appears he's about to make his concession speech. All I regret that I am tonight. It's beyond you OK -- do my mother in law. You know you go through life. And if I didn't say he's going to love. Pretty much. Okay. -- -- I'd like to tell you lose your call. Thank you very much plus this. Chance. Hello this is my field. -- coming weeks. There's moves us. What does that you use it's. How much faster easier lives on the to hand naysayers. That can save you. -- more important. Everybody forgot about -- we -- young men and young women -- crawling along. That's coming did you use. There may your problem. Is sauce and leaves even the new drugs. Now. We had to -- page program. And turn it around we put hundreds of team unity. -- on any successful. And productive lives. What this is about. We re having. People who know him Romo. Not only Wayne easily come here. Do we do more when the young Marines. Did you tell me. After school programs and that brings you hay and did. Following out of school thrown out of school and would you volunteer your mode too late challenge you know -- We don't -- you fly you around. About -- forward and -- just. There are you -- community. Talk Honolulu when you have problems and how old car. Once you do do that that you saw it I don't amazing education. And literacy course. You know show solves none at all. It's a community resource. Use every resource is always -- we surf community. If you're not doing power shop. We've painted area schools you know. We clean -- we weren't able to clean news -- -- new laws to clean catch things we didn't exist. Juries. Want to show you thought you wouldn't mean. -- it is she left it ten names experienced -- work experience. I feel right it's. -- -- it was. On Thanksgiving program. Every at all. These wheels and not do what we. Do live news when policy. And what we do you use. Besides schooling program. Halloween was that's the -- you could I cannot thank them all you can go out extreme because all they made me laugh. We saw the news listening at all. -- program. To get some -- holes out. We fought and we City Hall we can actually call a lot you go back stay high school left lives. When they didn't when you -- okay and metadata -- gonna -- we will end. When Pan American stadium outside release of City Hall. To rod. Wright and say hey keep me show -- an American city. When -- -- and museum in case you don't do very much and we didn't make us do. So in the case. Our resource -- good news but you don't that hit a resource. For themselves shown they can do while we may be forgiven. Why wouldn't bring back. They're called restorative justice source of justice's web. Where did you -- -- making tall it makes things show them. The Hoff knows cause now lives -- you can't -- you I. So I see you is that. I just don't want to do is we came in this race there's an underdog and -- not hey I can't erase. Cheney is okay. What do we do -- -- -- You know it is funny go all this time. Ten years -- I'm -- -- Let's get straight constitutional issues there are -- sending violent. While correctional its. Highest rated the next -- -- -- worse when he came in. Maybe having guns deal is not important so you. Maybe smoking crack its forms and maybe not seeing it is important aviation giant goes way. But nobody really knows why -- we don't address a problem if people can't worse. It. At WW LTV election consultant Greg ring regular. Has now retracted his projected win for moral and -- and -- Orleans parish sheriff. Regular is now calling for -- runoff with Charles forty in that race. Forty apparently unaware of this late development may be throwing in the towel a bit too quick more now from WWL's Chris Miller Chris. Thank you very much Don yeah we get this in now all precincts reporting in the results -- goes and has 49%. Of the vote Charles -- 29%. And adding up all Leo votes total. Foley plus the other competitors have 1774. Votes more. Than does -- Of course bode splits those of the other competitors in the race over the years and 29% husband only has 49%. And so these are unofficial returns it'll become official until the secretary of State's office gets them. But it would take 17174. Miss counted votes at this point to turn this into Gaza in victory out right and that's. That's just not likely to happen in the machines are pretty accurate they've never had a problem is to -- magnitude. So it'd be with an official returns now it looks like no not a victory for rest -- -- now I run off. With former sheriff Charlie followed the and then do don't get another month to hash this out between each other and the runoff will be Saturday march. Susan give -- has been reelected to the City Council district a winning a second term. In the City Council district deal looks as if -- profited close to winning that district the race -- right. District he we're showing James Gray with 52% of the vote to Cynthia Willard Lewis has 43%. And Orleans parish coroner -- -- -- in the race for parish coroner. Doug McKenna has 45% of the vote Jeffrey -- 34% but we'll be with you throughout the evening with the latest results and reports from the candidates headquarters. Stay with us for. Decision 24 team. Go and -- it over the -- doctorate Sherman act with -- you know political scientist directorate survivors' search center. Character of Peter -- chairman professor of political science at Loyola university. -- and you do what you're just take it from the top. It was -- do you ruined and and world will follow up on each one of these little let's talk about. Councilman. At large. Division one Stacy had the wouldn't run. You know by a large margin this was a contests. Of a real contrasts. You had Stacy had a post-Katrina. Elected the new district TV and then went to the at large seat to get running into Eugene green who was part of the Marc Morial administration and he was also chief of staff for William Jefferson. And so you have the old course is the new. And looks like the new one big time. Element brief question of which I don't know the eventual at lord 11 was that so what what's the benefit them and at -- city. The idea is that you have at least two people on the council who are looking at. The city as a whole history the other members they're only concerned about their district. And and also via large members provide leadership there they rotated as the president and vice president. There's also racial component to it as well when you have all at large. If you have a city that's a third black let's say. And you run all the seats are large you're not gonna get any -- it's possible to back in in the African Americans. Are. Elected into office whereas if you have you know two or three districts with predominately African American would be and more accurate reflection of the of the city. So did you know you saw in the sixties late fifties and early sixties. Places went from district elections to purely at large elections to disenfranchise. People would have had. Elected officials had the -- -- At the district but it actually. -- -- -- -- remembered district eighty we have Susan you dream with a win. And she won handily. I mean no real competition from an effort to counters there's -- surprised. I do you know. I kept hearing you know that it's it's you know and -- terrorism from a lot of challengers that in Cummins. And stronger relationships with the insiders than they did with their constituents and they were saying well you know we're the ones that put us in office will hold -- You know have a stronger relationship with our voters and we will with the insiders. Obviously that that argument did not resonate. She went overwhelmingly. -- YouTube brought -- up we were taken brick. Shift of power the council. With the usual -- Clinton not so far but there are couple of potentials for a shift. One would be in district seat if -- Ramsey who is neck and neck. With Jackie Clarkson they're separated by like a couple dozen votes I think to. If she wins. That's a that's a difference to me shoot me ADV at -- Ramsey wins that's the difference. And if Williams wins. It would be a difference. But. You know it's possible Garland that you could have head and hedge morale and injury and Cantrell and Clarkson and percent in great and that's not really that different of the City Council in the one that we have now. All things considered even if Williams and Ramsey. Both when you still have a strong basis of a City Council that you had before so I don't think it's going to be great shift but it's going to be a degree what is the degree. Of changer going to have. Have a couple people who have been on the City Council before court gonna be at Ross what kind of voice today bring who'd they align with. Who'd they oppose that would beat those would be interesting questions. Chilton remembered -- do you the winner Jared Brusett. You know. He wins and that Jason Williams wins new rule what will sees a generational shift on the City Council. And that's basically what Williams has been running on. Is this mantra tomorrow is now. That's it's time for new young energetic. Leadership on the City Council and you know new blood new ideas. So. Look to see what happens there. Peter yet that the question would be in district the union and you talked about it before is that percent is part of heads morale. Camp. Is. Even though he is new to the council does that mean he brings a new voice to the council as opposed to kind of a continuation. Of the past almost like Hewitt house. A vice president become president who's kind of continuation of the the last four years. What will have to see about that my senses -- probably you'll see some kind of continuation. A council member district he. -- -- good James -- is the winner -- -- a winner and. I was really torn in this race -- -- Cynthia Willard Lewis had a good shots he enjoys. You know phenomenal name recognition. She's been a proven vote -- throughout the years. But I think in the end what voters in district he we're looking for was continuity. -- grade just recently won that seat after. Jon Johnston and resigned. Under. Duress. And so I think. They you know what they're looking for is continuity and for someone to be. An advocate for the district to district feels like it's been neglected. When you attend the community meetings -- district he. You know that the thing you hear -- Much more needs to be done and so obviously they think they -- the person do it is supposed to Willard Lewis. At the beginning of the night I thought this one's gonna go to run off and I thought there will Lewis would actually win in the end so now this is -- Indicating to me a serious question about the future of politics of sincere Cynthia Willard Lewis name recognition. Is a great thing but it's not always the best thing when you lose three or four races in a row. And then it becomes a problem. You know becomes a problem and what is her future hold -- mean that is herb. That is her base right there and she doesn't make the run off I have to question what's gonna happen you know it is four or in in the future. Politically she -- no but which can can you win an open question. All right we're gonna return drone crews from the word to get a recap of everything that happen in decision 2004. Here we go our. Unofficial winners with all precincts reporting in now mayor Mitch Lander has been reelected with 64%. Of the vote. It's the other re elections district a councils Susan gage three she got in 67%. Of the vote there. At large councilwoman Stacy head the incumbent in the viewer -- calling -- newly created division one she wins that outright 62%. District. 50% of the vote. Plus. A few extra to get him in. District. 53% of the vote beating back a challenge from the former council member of that district's if you will propose. To order criminal court are the morale probably the biggest margin of victory of the night 72%. For his re election. And kind of the surprise of the night herb. A new baby wouldn't surprise going -- that a became the surprise that we thought marlin -- was gonna win but now old surprise it's a runoff in sheriff. Marlon Gaza and 49%. Annual showdown with Charles bode who got a point 9% of the vote tonight. In City Council district -- Jackie Clarkson the councilman at large who has represented that district four will have a run off the Canadian Ramsey they both have. 45%. Of the vote pretty narrow their 7001 total votes for Jackie Clarkson 6977. For -- Ramsey on officially. City Council large division to Cynthia hedge morale. Currently district. 44% shall we Iran off. With Jason Williams local attorney and one time candidate for district attorney. In New Orleans. And in the coroner's office with doctor Franklin yard retiring in his deputy quarter Jeffrey Rouse got 32% of the vote Dwight McKenna 48. Percent so there's a runoff coming there as well. That guitarists. Vaps the results of everything tonight. Peter burns when we look kid goes even 40% of voting 20%. Does that mean there's little chance for a podium hours that those numbers grew out of the window and run. Stick. That I think I think those numbers stick. And I think that. It its base of uphill climb for for forty I I I would put money on on to us. Now I'm to have to absolutely absolutely I mean year only 2% 2% -- points away from. Victory does -- anybody ever given to a run off like this and his backers and advisors say. Charles 20%. 40%. Don't don't waste the time to waste money note -- Now I don't know how the music you know they've got a chance he's done this Lang's gone this far he's gonna he's gonna go a little. -- is looking at him insane while you have a lot of lives let's keep going into. What are. What are your overall thoughts -- is this. A new beginning or is it is. Much of the same accommodation. As its examination of things some things are still -- in the there with as -- Clarkson in the runoff. Again ninety. Sense that there might be some push back against them for being term limited and sliding over to other seats. No way to expect the mayor to get over 60% of votes so props to his campaign campaign team. Four getting 64% of the votes. I know I NC Beckham and I probably there were couple analysts that did. And you know we'll see in the -- we may see some new blood some new young people coming on the City Council. And Peter I think you posted a thesis of tonight can be that the old may be out and the old guard could be Jackie Clarkson. It could be Cynthia hedge morale and it could be. And help me district -- Into a little sister Cynthia Willard Lewis they all. That they are -- down and that's you know that that's that's an old that's an older version of the City Council. Well with with the amount and so it could be change. And Albertson and the final thought even if we do have two new members in your direction and new ideas we still only money. Yes that's the bench the hamstrings right and we're still of course -- as my uncle would always say -- this power. It hit that. The German. -- you know political science for buster. Talked Peter Byrne chairman proposed from political science Loyola university. Thank you so much for saving me tonight I appreciate it much more than you know Christian Millar did an outstanding job and -- -- getting -- set speed. Web bastard can't do without Scott Cologne. Digital media and creative strategist. And hope that good title yet. And of course -- that saved me everything Shelden Williams. And colts grader Jack carrots executive producer. Elements and then they wouldn't say it's it's kind of margin which are. And operations -- die and do.