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Feb 3, 2014|

Dave talks about the Super Bowl: the game, the commercials, and the halftime performance

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition WWL first news on this the -- party and a third of February 2014. Pocket that. -- now. Third. And -- are whatever it is -- three days than Mardi -- by the way mark force. So a month from to mark out. March. For now north -- nowhere near. Ago and a money of timed them all over of course mulling over the Super Bowl. And while the biggest guys could not have been any more wrong. -- and I couldn't have been anymore wrong although I did say that I cast my ballot if you will with my heart. And and not my -- my head was telling me. Well if they'd shoot us up that bad they're gonna that you and Denver and that's where that might think it does and it fell down and in realized. That should not have been a surprise. Because that's exactly. Why the Seattle Seahawks did to the saints in it twice yes and it made -- doubts our own team. It really did it made us. You know people were jumping off. We're getting on the bad bandwagon. The one or the other but it was like. You have is this racist. This year again and again I don't think that was remember we had lots of people wouldn't think most but lots of people. After we lost to Seattle Thomas the -- old Atlantic -- in his -- and John Payton couldn't play plans -- good yeah. -- tell me the same thing about it. Peyton Manning. She's old had even though he had the best seasonal history of the NF now crazy they made him look like. Well a horrible quarterback. And go back to and then we played. Those two games in their house -- on top of that. So you know when we when we were. Scored no points in the first half of that last game I think we can get the feel and how that works of this is -- really do -- damn. And we love to hate him here because of what they did. -- I don't think you can argue that they're very good and and that their defense is unbelievable. And their offense is theory to it it's not as good enough now is very good it's varied. Was it a horrible awful no good very bad typically. It was back. I mean. People Palin everywhere man now but this Dillon has and that's sad part is it's -- every thing it does seem as bad off you're in no mood for funny comer like -- the godfather on herself enough. I sent a I actually thought when I sit down and analyze -- the commercials are pretty darn good. I saw a lot of commercialism really enjoyed yeah talk about that coming up and system here. But. Really into it allowed the commercials but I think it would've enjoyed more had it been a good game. Of Texas today 7870. The worst super ball. I ever saw. We've had some stickers but it seems like in recent years they haven't been sinkers. I don't know my memory serves me correctly with our our back in the days seem like -- a series of fat ones I don't remember -- That was his bat where it wears one team with dapper in the game. At all we never thought -- get him back in -- thing for Ollie can mount a rally here and make this competitive now. Mean you never felt like Denver had a shot at this thing from the first. Day I first Wake Forest he has. Ball's snapped right over my shoulder. And it was an and that that was just -- in the ball off the top of the mountain and then watch it roll so fast downhill you better get out of the way holy -- what was asked organic. 4343. To eight to eight and that it was one do one touchdown and he won easily neighbors and all it was. Definitely but the lights out. Or pay as you said that -- -- we -- I had to pay real played really really well win and get anywhere and years now I did. They made to look foolish. Thank you talk about the fitness more. First here on WWL. -- -- my overall folks did you think that was the worst Super -- you've ever watched in terms. Not ever being competitive. And let's break it out were there any commercials with this idea lap and out latter the hinges and really enjoyed I've got the list in front of me. Of those that I felt pretty good that's not a lot of more for. But again it's hard to enjoy anything during that game because the gains stocks so bad. The galleries and was sports and we'll get to workweek forecast and activists. You know perspective is everything we're talking about was this the worst Super Bowl ever in terms of not being competitive ever and my first instinct was -- it. Corset was with someone just text me 87870. And then. I remember the bears over the patriots 46 to ten not sure which Super Bowl while I'm absolutely sure which Super -- because I was living in Chicago man and that's what was played here in New Orleans that was Super Bowl money in the dome. After the 85 season that was 1986. That one you're right the bears scored more points the patriots also did. Then that the Broncos did in this one but yet that would be the compare -- on the difference there is. At the time in a previous life I was a bears fans though it didn't bother me -- perfect game was a blow out but yet this one. -- -- That fall one mark text message today it's 78 Emmy -- super ball I ever saw. Another one says the fines. The -- c'mon Seahawks defense gets away with a lot of tacit European well that must be why they ones because they got away with a lot of pass interference you really think that's when it came down dip and that was -- the they won. Now I think now maybe they get away with some. By and large. To worry vary vary good team we'll talk about morbid text messages about the game and the commercials after your forecast. We're here Monday cooler Temps moving and at the cold front moves and 56 for hi this -- in any showers this morning will be wrapping up pretty quickly. In tonight could see a few more showers may be back in with cloudy skies lows around fifty. And -- up to 72 tomorrow but what the warmer weather comes the shower and thunderstorm chance 50% for Tuesday clearing skies on Wednesday with highs in the mid fifties. The I would c.'s forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura -- Out of that cool front you can feel it now that north wind at fifteen to 22 miles an hour it's 43 degrees at the airport in tanner 43 at the National Weather Service office in Slidell but -- did wind chills. Are below freezing in many places including Hammond Gonzales. And several other places on both sides of the -- it feels like freezing this morning so. Do get ready to bundle up at least this morning. WWL sports Steve Geller but moaning that awful Super Bowl but as you and I were talking. The saints fans rush comes as no surprise. No we saw this Seattle defense twice this year ended basically before the Broncos what they did to the saints have both gone absolutely -- -- Vegas -- the Broncos as the favorite. We talked to a lot of people -- not the Broncos with -- that. And I could not have been any more wrong that was one sided affair. What it was a big as was all the public money was going on the bronco so that's what changed the line so dramatic because it opened up as the Seahawks -- the favorite yet 12 and then the although publicly if that was put money on the Broncos and Peyton Manning to win the game no one's on winning by 35 point simply not enough to blow like that sport's time here. Well things go well for the Broncos in Super Bowl 48 as it was all downhill. After the first offensive snap of the game. There's nothing to lose fourteen year old woman who picked -- the -- opens the football men's. It's. -- good. -- yeah. Seattle would go on to dismantle Denver 43 to eight linebacker Malcolm Smith when the Super -- most valuable player award. He returned Peyton Manning second interception of the day 69 yards late in the first half for a score and also recovered a fumble. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll says it was just a perfect game for that. We just played football okay and everything that was supposed to happen happen we played really good on. We we took the loss in the end bidding gets a must once just just exactly the formula that we try to win with the then they worked out. Over on the losing side quarterback Peyton Manning talked about the Broncos struggles on offense on the first play of the game and give them a safety. Not the -- you wanna start -- game whatever reason. We couldn't get much going after that. Las Vegas has already come out the odds on who'll win Super Bowl in 2015. No surprise that the Seahawks are the odds on favorite at 701. If you feel like next year is the blacking -- for the taking the saints hold twenty to one odds to win the big game next season. Today affords the second -- show from the silver -- casino. That it setting you have a choice and the big 870 AM talk LSU hoops on the Johnny Jones show. Or catch the pelicans vs the San Antonio Spurs on the flagship 1053. WW -- let them. Which early morning look at sports I'm Steve. Geller five point three Dave Cohen Steve -- hang out with you on your radio and yeah I mean. Several people like texting me about the Super Bowl where. Denver loss to San Francisco 55 to ten. And that's right and that one was here in New Orleans as well as and that's the worst one ever but it. That this one was darn close to that but yet that's that's the -- all we ask for when our team -- in the game is a good game. An entertaining game a competitive game but it. We featured didn't yet. That one -- -- -- swamp people reruns were great. Does does where Super Bowl ever I turned it off at the half and played my mad non ex colleague ms. -- -- that. Yeah I'd hate that I George Bruno Mars you re absolutely I love how people are talking about. Is now Bruno Mars a superstar Mike I think he was a ready folks well hit after hit after hit but I'm surprised how many people weren't familiar with this stuff I guess because on the few -- -- relatively young and new could use another song from the Red Hot Chili Peppers but I -- -- -- on -- -- was -- -- -- intent that. That was the theme song for Peyton Manning the Broncos to give it away now yet given away -- totally different way thank you we'll bring you back like that meant that more sports. Get your thoughts on what next season may holes in this Seahawks team become a dynasty every year after Super Bowl does not run out of steam through a really good for a long time but. Hasn't happened lately so will happen with the Seahawks game on Steve that. -- coming tablet focused more on the commercials if you enjoyed those. But it did just as bad as the game wise it's sour everything for you couldn't even enjoy the commercials your forecast as well. Cold front Eminem on that after. I without a doubt the worst game I ever saw that the text message today 7870 at least now we know that we were beat by the best but not his back hadn't here and for a -- point is instantly is that badly. Another -- the game -- commercials like new York stock changed -- after the first quarter. We're about a half that you know that even any worth watching and I were -- more about the commercial after report it'll get about fifty degree. Let's start and start. A few showers around this morning though should quickly push off toward the east of the clouds hang around for today intense hang out in that fifties this afternoon. Entitled to about fifty degrees look for 20% chance. For a light shower. And that rain chance goes up to 50% on Tuesday showers and thunderstorms possible with highs around 72. And on Wednesday clearing skies and look for cool Temps in the mid fifties. From the Eyewitness News forecast center and meteorologist locked out. -- it's called this morning feels like freezing on both sides like it's actually 43 at the airport in north wind 22 miles an hour 43 with winds -- 120 miles an hour in slide now. I'm Dave Allen at the early edition of WWL Burris is right the ad meter USA today says puppy love with the number one commercial that. They'll -- is just could not stay away from the Budweiser Lawrence's and they went and got him after adoption -- took them again and opportunity Tuesday Wednesday he would ride in the dog in the the -- -- commercial we'll see if you agree basing your text messages right after. I come -- out. More on the commercials more on the game and why -- with Joan game it. 37 minutes after 5 AM -- the early edition -- WWL first news it's February it's the third 2014. It's Monday as indeed and first of all let me congratulate you on your accuracy in predicting and he. Box office results follow -- path right along -- still number one of the box office of the right yeah man number one for three weeks and and he's now movie starring Kevin Hart nice -- by another twelve point three million dollars but. Being Super Bowl weekend not a lot was released in that a lot of people went to the -- Frozen now the fourth strongest grossing domestic animated film released ever in second place at nine point three million the awkward moment holds down third place in the job. And lone survivor around the line are you got that. Nowhere near close on predicting the super there I don't know anyone. Even Seattle plans to predicted a 35 point victory for the Seahawks. Certain all right I don't think so. I I think they thought it was going to be tight. Did the. Awful awful game of ruin your enjoyment of the commercial land and to. It kind of took an edge off of their I think there again and I just it was like carpet cast -- as they would say over the whole thing I stubborn Mars -- great while it sinking singing lives sounded fantastic nail on red chili peppers were fun. I would like a little more from them but I'm not complain and that was good stuff. And the commercials. Oddly. Some of the best ones in the ones that rated the highest were late in the game in fact that the last commercial break of the game. Really got the top two commercials. In the entire thing according to ad meter USA today what's that the -- and the -- get a copy in the horse was number one. -- -- puppy love -- -- -- Some of this is is subject to. I think a little skepticism because most of these commercials were already released on line before the game and people were sharing a month FaceBook. So they probably an in and other sources that it probably could have already. You know seen them so even in watchable game but number one was the poppy you. Now that he'd be found love with the collides dale -- And then -- market -- the woman to come and take him awaiting the adoption plays and he kept escaping in coming back and finally all the flights they'll go on rescue the dog that was number one and then dogs sell stuff I guess I -- read those with. Mom says hey I -- and help -- I got to burritos and then one of the kids tops on the dog and rides over the last as the bag of garrido is there you go -- came in number to you my personal favorite. Also came in the fourth quarter it was with that cast of full house. And -- that Tokyo's -- goes well every pronounces the food Greek yoga oh yea yea yea -- yes. And he said many seasons in the beautiful woman's like oh yeah and little in your face -- you are young you're opera web in other -- it doesn't finger -- at any guest on him and he does it again and GT kisses and office space and they dropped in his. And he's thinking how can I may be at the air -- And then the cast -- full house which was known if you remember watching that show back in the ones that the and I I cannot get that cleaned up in the -- in the -- and I was the other -- -- has pretty good job and I'd like I want to any others that really and you -- I thought it was weird -- -- Bob Dylan now hawking the cars I mean I was kind of out there yeah like you remember that one -- -- was on my -- you must -- -- -- -- -- like -- -- -- -- -- that the name of the -- like the name of the car. Yeah you know so the cars over them that was kind of crazy -- -- caught my attention a look at some the other good commercials as we get answers and text messages that meet that need to immediately talked about tournament offers its Chris Miller joins -- he is talking to folks if they think that is the worst Super Bowl ever. In terms of just not being competitive or interesting will have that coming up here on WW. God we'll go live to -- the Eyewitness News forecasts that are just a moment here at WWL I am adamant that I'm the first I'm gonna ask you. Don't name. What was wrong with man that coat he walked out wearing. I could -- that that thing with atrocious and that he flipped the coin too early before they actually call it either heads or tails. And in a false start the referee had a technical items and had to re let it that -- point. Entertaining -- meteorologist more about now. This cold front though I think it -- -- -- my surprise remain out of I've been paying attention throughout the Super Bowl -- If we're gonna miss beyond -- -- right after. -- meteorologist Laura but now why on this money tomorrow and -- -- well -- I'm going to be honest I was so caught up in super ball and everything else going on and I didn't pay attention to your forecast well. They -- the work. That I know I yen and we had here on Sunday forecast in the weather and I was glad I was anchoring I just. In less than -- -- -- this cold front I think and I caught me by surprise a little bit this morning it's cold out there. Get a lot cooler this morning got cold front is. How long our coastline the pretty much everybody killing temperature difference low forties to your New Orleans the upper thirties north at the lake. A -- is the tenth of the fifties later today and that's a pretty -- and stiff wind making you feel like reasoning in several sponsor and -- coming in kind of groomed fifteen miles -- hours and yet the Eden feels -- our right and that we get into the fifties today you low fifties -- hot and then do we have anymore crazy called -- -- -- -- a back and forth all week that we warm up a bit tomorrow. There were back to some cold on Wednesday not crazy cold but we're back to fifty's for highs on Wednesday. And we're gonna stay in the fifties to the weekend said you know it's not. Cold coldest Arctic blast anything like that but really the big thing is going to be just back and forth reaching it's kind of all week long it's often on really beginning today. All the way through Saturday and Sunday that. Just be prepared breakfast and a more active weather this week maybe like this week's departure umbrella -- your backpack carrier purse -- your back your car whatever the -- -- and use it off. Under the umbrella on the need the coat. But -- -- -- put them both the way up Panetta met the poem back now outside right now I'm ready for anything. Item that I prepared -- the only failure -- back -- it teach you call activity has days where where heightened military and that sort of thing that. At least helpful if you have a favorite commercial on the -- you know I did I was. Practiced with the command I am I the only one -- I picked a bad game really soured it makes everything out we were in the mood -- The problem and I get what they do it but at the problem. Some have a good one they start showing no weakness. I think at night. Okay every like the one that was picked on and Clyde steals and everything underneath the tree times I try to play hard and he's. -- -- why it's cute you're like it's not as specialist with the one never seen before it was to make -- -- to understand why they. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Had to -- out on the Internet that I didn't get to see that one but yeah I just thought that. Well I mean like you said the game was so bad kind of it's kind of a downer. Well how about this the dogs. Ruled the top two commercials according to USA today's ad meter where the poppy and and I -- -- and objective -- riding the dog for the to read. Edited out either a night again -- brought in the fourth -- It would -- pet -- a nice but probably it. And I we love dogs that's obvious from yes well apparently dogs love us to have you heard this new research out of Emory University they hooked MRI it's up to dog. And they compared their brain activity when a human gave them food vs when they had a machine dispensed. If you put me and they said parts of their brain that are associated with emotion. Only triggered when the human gave them food did not win the machine okay which leads them to conclude that our dogs really do love baby -- -- it's really love us giving them food but they don't love the machines giving them food as much as what this says well I so -- human interaction at. Don't -- little -- -- and of course that's rally is my dog well when it's time if it is a you go a little more study activities that maybe you love you little more than a machine and have babies out that the applicant might. But -- indirect from the eyewitness these forecasts that are more game and the commercials. No -- -- much about the halftime show right after. I'm 49 days ago in the early edition of WWL Burris says are a lot of people are telling us that -- -- enjoy the commercials either and there's a lot of controversy. Over the Coke commercial where they had people singing America the beautiful. In different languages and clearly have different ethnicity some people are taxing us and telling us they -- it. Other people are telling us they hated so much that everyone they know is now boycotting Coke. Now so a lot of people really hated that commercial but some people really loved it the Steve Gleason commercial wearing generated he had about technology from Microsoft. A lot of people Thomas and relive like that one as well so some of the serious ones them are registering it. Viewers whether good or bad as well as some of the funny. That's funny about -- game. Thought about that game clusters. Right from the jump we were just like oh what are we in store for -- that look on Peyton Manning's face -- they -- the super slow ball the ball going over his shoulder. If the errant snap that led to the safety. I think told the entire story for the rest of the game and then of course they showed his brother Eli -- in the one of yours boxes. And you saw as I well stadium man. Of schori actually that it plays. -- there. That. It's not a good football game people overwhelmingly. I think I'm disappointed by the commercials just because they -- a bad -- and and I thought the halftime it was good but other people not so much. Really makes him happy is that the there are fools in Seattle at some of the twelfth man decided to turn over cars that things on fire and had to call the riot police -- I've never understood that if hey bring up. Yet we won a championship lead as let's destroy property yes -- -- on -- in the middle of the downtown streets and breaks things. I don't get that at all that would never happen here -- dinner and a -- saints won the Super Bowl which you need right here in. Police with tear gas to break things up they did in Seattle so go there that's that part of the twelfth man. Maybe you are great to be the answer is to go cuts around the world and don't I don't think most Seattle fans like that the album really. Just like the game. Steve Geller with morning sports well good morning everyone it wasn't a close game that many were expecting a Seattle dominated Denver in Super Bowl 48 winning 43 to eight. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson tossed a -- touchdowns. And a legion of -- defense capitalized on a host of Broncos mistakes. Yeah. The ball -- it's good news if they -- lose -- it's. -- little -- yeah. It's. Nearly -- -- boutiques and. Seattle linebacker Malcolm Smith was named the game's MVP after returning that interception 69 yards for a score and he also recovered a fumble on today. Smith says those pick six was a product of the entire team chipping in. We're actually pressured somebody got their arm of the ball and I guests ball came -- I announced as fortunate as the running back was kind of sit there waiting on it has attacked it and took off. Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning threw two interceptions on the day and says that it was -- tough falling behind early in the game. But I have an excellent defense and certainly to get behind. It and hey give them believe. Played in their hands. And for those who think 2015 will be the -- year to hoist the Lombardi you can already put your money where your mouth that is. The black and gold have opened up with twenty to one odds to win Super Bowl 49 in Las Vegas of course Seattle the favorite with 77. To one odds to repeat. Therefore it's the second -- show from the silver -- casino event at seven you have a choice on the big 870 AM talk LSU groups on the Johnny Jones show. Or catch the pelicans vs the San Antonio Spurs on the flagship. 1053 WWL let them that early morning look at sports and I'm Steve Geller. So -- this Seattle team now set to become one of the best of all time I mean they were very good this season but can they keep it together and will they be great for years to come. I think after every Super Bowl we expect that from the team that wins. I especially if they win big but. It hasn't worked out over history. No so tough to do nowadays in the and the way things are with the salary cap and now free agency works. But the Seahawks have a very young roster. They've built their team a lot through the draft getting a lot of their late picks have been successful fourth fifth rounder is. They are five million dollars under the cap heading into this season certainly not enough. To sign everybody that they need to but. You have to really like the young core that they had especially with their quarterback -- very poised and Russell Wilson I do think they need to get him some more weapons on offense. But the defense right now you keep that unit together. Really tough to to go up against you seem. The top defense. In the Broncos have a difficult time with their offense and yet and Santa say that's troubling right exactly so the core of this team stays together no matter what for the next few years -- its young. Right. That -- that whole division actually very tough as well everyone talks about the NFC south all the time because that's where we've played by. The NFC west is definitely one of the toughest divisions in the and it just the 49ers and the Seahawks alone make him wonderful on the news right Arizona's on the cardinals and Saint Louis he can't overlook them either. They beat us thank you think he's talking about fifteen minutes more sports here on WW well I won present text me at age 7870 good gamer not -- Commercials were bad okay -- a -- as Bruno Mars was awful until chili peppers saved him worst halftime ever I think really. Nervous as I thought the halftime shows and one of the best you know why male. People all over the place I think it's tough when the game is that bad you enjoy any. Dogs rule the day several people and that's actually an event like that Dover while lot commercials or someone else -- it the already -- head dogs commercial so that's three dog commercials. That score victory side on how high this forecast scores if you're looking forward to stay warm. We're looking at some cloudy skies with a lingering shower or 2 this morning that we're -- can keep those clouds around and keep it chilly temperatures highs only in the low to mid fifties this afternoon. And tonight we're dropping down to about 52 as the clouds hang around with 820% chance for a shower. And Tuesday -- -- hit some warmer weather 72 but along with that 850% chance for rain clearing skies on Wednesday cool again back down to 56. From the eyewitness to -- forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura backed out. Cloudy skies 43 at the airport when north at fifteen to 22 gusting up to twentieth flight hours 43 feels like. Freezing invoke the -- and Hammond with that -- jail. I went for -- mediate 78 -- Coke commercial not right halftime goods Seahawks fans media. To sum up but he got I don't even realize -- Scarlett Johansson. Golf man out if you're not reliant Iraq as a girl seems like to exhibit every Thomas here would shoot a good tomatoes when -- was -- a love song to Bobby long right. Scarlett Johansson I'm pretty sure -- in on it and also in and that Bill Murray movie worries play in the that making a movie and Japan and -- and that to attack him well. Did you try that was her though right I think so. -- smoke in the never movie maybe issuance smoking yesterday and recognize that you're thinking about the -- anecdotes. Kate Winslet wins an update -- that loves -- -- And Daffy Duck could get a favorite anything from that game they like the theory -- time machine and for whatever that was goes cute yet. The -- Super Bowl commercials election and some. I'm expected to make pars on.

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