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2-3 6:15am Tommy, Super Bowl recap

Feb 3, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL's NFL analyst Mike Detillier about the Super Bowl and the Saints next season

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- Fanning out of the shot. Fine we -- the backbone scampered for quality. That could do it again fully enacted. -- And now as I'm much in a game yesterday and we all had a sense of seahawk who. Because they bring in revenue the saints twice already this season. Season rather and I said after those games and I utility and of the game happened superdome Seattle wedges. Win because Seattle was the better team Micah Terry Jones is right now. NFL and college football analyst and Mike you literally think embassy in a game yesterday saints play and camels are an -- note here but saints play the Seahawks is that team in the dome who wins. No I mean that -- also that the you've had a chance. In the bill. But -- the recent -- -- vaults and I go back sixteen games to play real games. I can't remember in the last 25 years and saw me do this that he would mean -- They did not have one quarterback like him. Tactic of 1985 bears mostly would do best -- essentially bouncing -- collection of talent. Good evening once he's in no way they. Handled them Monday night game but in Marino. One game decisions of any quarterback. And I think that -- People will look at it and all the regional and everything else that secondary and at bat in varied it well. But it took about talked about wrote about over the last -- it all start that would pressure. It's not all but. It's about the ability. Traditional. Pop. And that's apple would do we want it like and it happened yet -- -- Peyton Manning that was all well. How. How quick and how much work did that he did it. But that's about seven. -- the linemen to ruin the edges. How would you suggest we ain't bad or running late. It you hit -- on -- you are -- guys from the net. They feel fairly similar to the Pete Carroll teams look we haven't yet seen that all's well with Russia. And their -- disrupt the pastor. And that quarterback -- help out a great job well almost and and Richard chairman -- got fantastic. What Kindle book that's probably did -- -- -- and no quarterback sixteen regular season games and now we're. Games this postseason. Could do much of anything against that these. Having the offense and overlook a little bit too because you got Russell Wilson throwing bullets as far as I saw and darts and yeah I don't think it's enough to say is a game manager or adequate I think it's more appropriate to say their offense complements the defense very very well. Yeah not yet not played at a real high level for the last maybe three or four weeks we've been erratic. One of the things she would you know being on the that's impressive. Is that and so poised. And that we -- war by. Play each game improvisation. The bill -- get away from pressure. By some time to throw strike down TO I thought the football yet again Denver's defense. As well not see him and probably back in the bill against you why. It played well since then he was hitting point yet. It -- -- -- be -- like Marshall ends the rotten albeit that helped out. All of -- applicable in -- traffic. Their defense set up things so well for -- and Muslims started in Michigan State -- that -- can -- brought back war. On what he did a fantastic job. That game yet -- it about what he's played. The sank Monday night game. And you've done a great job ride that out. And understating. That at that point it's -- -- not going to be hit back at quarterback at radio commanding -- -- We can -- out war for next year god. -- -- -- -- And other than earth orbit and land with an all pro team. Sort of like that -- guy when you look at and Eric Decker in the western brokered areas Obama the -- guys got. And the weapons that got its much more explosive in which you -- yeah well should I watch this and that I didn't. -- is pretty clutch in the San Francisco's game take a break we come back Michael talked about. It is this going to be the 49ers. The 2000 and -- like the 49ers were back in the day when the saints and pretty good team and try to get through and his couldn't I hope nine and sometimes. Right after team as a convincing Super Bowl win almost like baseball's free agents are known in neon in the team. Now is to be will talk about that will come back and Mike the sixth when he too. Ali Tucker talking with -- Robinson now. I've already -- my opinion poll what was the best part of the Super Bowl game the commercials of Bruno Mars commercials early in at 50% Bruno Mars 33 in the game seventeen. They Tucker at six point six and in my did chilly day iron and a W Allen NFL college draft analyst and my question I got to ask -- and now as much in his game yesterday thinking about the -- explain them twice in the playoffs. How likely is that Seattle team to be together to be like they are in the future and one -- saints at the delegate system. Will you do not -- -- the same thing. You're a year I mean -- to commute to lead. The thing with Seattle it's going to be hot you're gonna distribute that money. You've got to -- your quarterback -- you gonna have to take care. Chairman came into the league at the fifth round pick. Can't chancellor this strong -- became an advocate well there. You can that they Qassam guys he would have played well well well what their contract thought today that at a certain amount of clinical trial. -- to -- might Seattle you know well right now they're. Because so that handles let Tommy. Or I've collected in -- -- Google last year. Forward the second last year of a contract. So loving god like it could hit it well. That's you know it would put. He met that level and the -- that wanted to -- and get them Mike Bennett from Tampa -- are due apartment. The trade with Minnesota. 101. Wrapped in a terrific job in peace and that team together. But it devastated the saint. It's a -- recount it and it's true. You get respect in this league one way. How do you get pretty. That it -- -- guy in your commitment you know all part of it defense edge and unique. When you think about it in the modern update time of how good they played well in them all in all morning get -- Like install hopefully. What's that money will be you become a shovel around one think we built -- -- -- one of the richest men in the world I mean you know money's not an issue. You know under the cap is one thing with this site and now look at -- come up four year. Well part here than the intensity. Is that we actually year not going to be huge money changes. All that Seattle. San Francisco war in Carolina. Little green period that's why he. For the pot optic -- -- Teams. Are winning because he did it. I -- -- it by the late but there are shocked to get back in the big game. Is because -- how talented you are the principal especially. We saw public that mattered yesterday. We agreed that more would be -- -- students. But offensively. We want it to get big play receiver I think now you can trust you'd see it's you can put them they get cheap real. What you wanna get as quick strike guy. I've got -- -- -- not be at 101213. Plagued not all you can get wanted to play bank it's know. And -- quick strike a bill I think that is something you do on this football -- also improvement along the open line. -- -- -- And I mean we talk about that separated the oh in. Oh Carolina and Portland. All out even published quarterbacks are good you'll quarterback. Eagle Green -- And so those are teams. -- we got the break in the mix. Because of what. Form of good -- -- would be accepting Green Day. All -- mobile -- established well quarterback. -- good quarterback in a -- will not -- So sink strategy wise and Leo go hand who's news but it. Is to -- Caroline day is to -- You know what the division and you work toward what happens after that. Yep because you're in the NFC west. Atop the division football. We look at Seattle's that a plea sentence is cold wind proposal looked -- -- lights. It that it about who brought the game that's really talk. Well we've got a little -- football game than it did that change. It at all of the game it can't get beat the world champs and you. You are being -- -- and all. Of that being dumped on eighteen. That's why you like the team to repeat. Hope we get back. And get back is achievable. That before -- -- -- -- It could be the nine team -- -- it -- -- but -- just want to pay. We can game happening separate just -- the -- fourth time in the last couple of minutes of the game. And you -- that you can acting on the world it was a that was about it but what about the championship at me. And just what that -- at the moment when the global. But it seems to come back it would again. Of all the words of -- panorama like this that is -- what might have been and I appreciate your time have a great day in -- second -- the night right. That's what it according thirteen days I it's over slipper casino will talk more about it later have a great day Mike banks like you.

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