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2-3 6:45am Tommy, Ray Nagin trial update

Feb 3, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL-TV reporter David Hammer about the latest with the Nagin trial

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are lucky right now to have one of the city's most respective and guest respected investigative reporters. Who's covering a -- a trial Nagin trials channel four WW LTV. Join us right now David -- good morning David how you Dylan. The -- coming under -- well. Thanks for taking the time -- -- and we really do appreciated. I was in before saying of all the people were dissenters in the Super Bowl I would guess he Ray Nagin was at the top of the list. Or disinterested -- -- -- he had bigger fish to fry. Yeah I made an analogy on Friday. It -- morning report that it. If that's what the starlet Megan admirable even -- behind at the end of -- quarter I didn't realize I made that analogy that it would be out. Part compared to Peyton Manning's performance sites like I certainly didn't intend that. Let's carry it forward -- the metaphor is did Ray Nagin had a week like the I guess like the Denver Broncos did last night when it comes of the trial. Well that's sort of looks like -- at the outset. Maybe they've made some scored a few points at the end of that we say yeah. His attorney Robert Jenkins took some -- The star witness for the prosecution. Of Rodney Williams. Basically came in there as -- -- that's because he had no. Their baggage it other than pleading guilty to bribing mayor Ray Nagin. But when. You know when the prosecution. Basically put them out there as the star witness in the Robert Jenkins. Came in and senate -- you being investigated for FEMA fraud and other projects. That might play it it's conceived in the mind that the jury but it's part -- telling you and I talk to him afterwards talked about project after the they have trial on Friday and he really didn't have any -- -- just that the allegation so I don't know if that's gonna stick. And does the prosecution get to come back in. Re cross whatever you call and explore that more will -- That that they did already and it moved on the other witnesses -- fact they've moved very quickly through their first several star witnesses and other one was -- -- -- the former. Chief technology officers who called himself the deputy mayor and credit -- from -- to -- for. Former mayor Ray Nagin family trip to Jamaica and Hawaii and Chicago and that was very damaging as well war -- inside -- Since then they've moved onto another person is that he thought brought great again and that it is Frankfurt ballot and they are still in the middle of that direct. Examination and then that you drink blood which crops in the day. David as far as that the security in the media in the ruling now that you're able to go to the trial. Yeah everything is open there was some concern at the beginning of last week as to what kind of media -- that would be during the jury selection process. That kind of took care of itself the judge. Reopened everything and I'm actually and there are tweeting and reporting on that the that the LTV dot com about going on. At the trial it happen. How would people like me follow you. You can go to at David hammered WWL. On Twitter or you can go to a death -- feedback comments. We'll have our -- tweets going throughout the day. I'd it would be when you saw one. We look forward to -- into the week look at Telus would happen. Wanted it stood out in the -- win. -- the prosecution I -- and re cross says it's that you wouldn't be here in -- the mayor right then and whoever was Rodney Williams said. How to what kind of affected him on a jury that to me seemed like now hard right hand and and a prize fight. -- and that's because what Robert chink in the mayor's attorneys trying to do it he's trying to cap or out on these. Usually with the character. So he's trying to say you guys wrote something to the government so they're following this story. Helped the government in order to. Reduce their sentence and so the government. It's asking -- question of the day. A jury these guys. Wouldn't even be here if they hadn't done that that's not like they were in trouble for something else and they got roped in on that we're forcing them say that. And that. The point. Especially the the Rodney Williams the -- before because he didn't have any -- -- -- by the ballot on the stand now. We're in trouble the securities fraud in Texas and there's some other baggage. Marching here is expected to come to the stand this week is actually serving seventeen here. I think great effort that the mayor mentioned earlier -- -- They have package at the point that they're trying to make especially with mr. Williams what that he doesn't have did so that's what. Robert Jenkins is trying to poke holes that. -- just left to David because it seems like you know you never ask you questions you don't know the answer to leave mr. Williams you have baggage country you know -- the mayor -- -- really want that out -- -- You know he's saying now I've made a mistake I'd like the mayor I take responsibility for. And of course the government hopes that the jury feels that she's. Telling the truth now even though he initially lied to the FBI wouldn't question him about it. We got to run David appreciate your time I talked about you being in the city's foremost investigative reporter and I really think yuck hello and even following this story. First seven years and actually my predecessor on the story from the newspapers now at the -- that gave Gordon Russell. Figure prominently on Friday because of some of the things he doesn't -- that media played a very important role and that's. Appreciate your time David sauteed in some time in the future and Shubert thank you sir. -- does that David hammered -- W well right. And I thought -- and thank you.

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