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2-3 7:45am Tommy, Super Bowl commercials

Feb 3, 2014|

Tommy talks to Ashley Nelson, Professor of Practice at Tulane, about the best and worst Super Bowl commercials

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So we're talking about the Super Bowl commercials in which 1 July -- which ones you didn't like. And it's interesting to see the feedback they tonnes and one of them says. From a different number I find it cheap and in bad taste for any company using the military heroes and sell their products. Especially alcohol. And -- and another one from the a different number that said I think the best commercial of ball was coming home by Budweiser beautiful every. Service person is a hero. And then there's some other ones -- -- in -- that he found that Coke commercial very offensive when people singing America the beautiful and different languages. Ashley Nelson joins us right now professor practice at the Freeman school of business. At -- morning professor. Hi. Thanks for taking the time with -- -- things cause stated out of money to produce and I was asking and David Blake before he didn't see it. But did the commercial with the Bruce Willis and Fred Armisen I'm not quite sure what that was for yet the you know. Now how prominent they are old but that one. -- -- -- -- It did but didn't stand out for examining it didn't go to look to see what it was for. So you are these commercials really about. Selling product there is it about. Get now some talk about it this morning or just to create a buzz and the other thing is Heidi you know if you're sending more people in your appealing to. The people -- Let's talk about art. Art art or a game last night at. And what people actually Q -- game and they. Are. And in China. Or. Anywhere. There either. Matter where I go by their being talked about -- There they go -- -- that says -- like the one with the guys in the duck blind when one guy one guy brings out the other one the uses. Do whatever it was to get the ducks out of the blind and remember who that was for either deal remember who -- I don't remember -- -- either. Iran -- -- blind in one of them takes out a duck call and the other one. Takes out his Earnhardt call in and deal learn our junior apparently shows up in a race car driving through the Marshall kind deducts pop up. Great commercial but I don't remember who it's for. I agree I remember -- it. Product. Our whole lot art commercial and does it harbor. Or not. They don't necessarily -- -- out -- and in such -- alert portal could very well. Economic ran their company Compaq. -- their. And you know and on high. They -- extremely well they are not yet. Our country -- you know it may get pushed a couple of not just. -- keeping Condit was the winner last night in terms of commercials. Are our customers again. And the -- a -- spotted -- was good guys on the young lady from beasts of the southern wild did a great job. But. I don't really plan on Bynum as a -- Let you know -- -- early early commercial then their in the game. And when that first at bat on Twitter late or any kind in the security greatly can -- -- by my Iraq. Now is that there were sparked laughter I was hoping to get you know. I think a lot of -- and the -- narrow. But again -- -- any part company -- a lot recognition early on but yet it can't equate to fail. It's always look at it from you know the business standpoint of you got to justify this expanded to -- the board of goods traded in the cycle Russo. Is this the best expenditure of an advertising budget -- if not why are we even spend enough money to begin with other than to make us feel good and it's almost like a pyrrhic victory and excellence and professor. Elegantly started about a solid and liquid at the best commercial. I've -- is that you know the bottom line news and what we and the money. In bottom. Iowa -- -- success and failure with regard to actually advertise. And one thing you are high someone. Mary. Pat got a great idea let it acts and that. Yeah I agree that -- that it. And -- are partnering. With the idea that the total flop. And then of course that full well that point you think actually there's the global commercial you know you're not gay you know every commercial. There are commercial are aren't they are very well but I liked her career record to ten and act like a puppy or. Becoming so that there ought to resonate with the body the rocket feel something and that by watching trying to do that aren't much. The consumer and in the next -- walking around the island country ET by quieter you -- think of course the dog becoming now. And they and that likely to say. But it some cases where there are other commercial it's just not chaos and we aren't talked about some of the weaker ones trying to implement them. Or or not. In terms of Islam. Coca-Cola commercial whaling what song it was then and America the beautiful -- -- people in different languages and different. Ethnicity saying in an Indian and maybe. Ten to one negative on that -- and that's because of the area what was the plan behind it for Coca-Cola field. Yeah. I did not convert on in the commercial activities where like Dubai World -- And cat here here I'm world and activity. I'm in nightly. At right here that can still like it. It may be younger audience -- -- on the network. There why didn't really like it very much because of the different languages. Xperia. Aren't they indicate especially -- something it. That light sweet little carts to okay you're -- At the commercial. That different people talking and outside. That the backlash yet like planetary thing. And I guess. It goes stage brand loyalty because it. In -- if you're sixty and you know like it chances are you ready design it would soft drink like get a text earlier from somebody saying -- Never drink Coke again as a result of it but it and you are through with that. Honestly I thought went back to -- com will they trickery because again probably not. I mean -- I want to thank you most likely during again. It would amount and some people say to Gary action people. ET. -- quick formula to go is it commonplace for people who tend to take the social media -- complain and be negative and the positive. Now not actually it is wonderful. Platform to express our positive and that it is more partners right outside the winner of the night -- -- about commercials. I didn't use those -- media because since we're behind your expert and you're everything your life professor week we Gelman I need to hope we get to talk to you again. --

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