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2-3 8:10am Tommy, Coca-Cola controversy

Feb 3, 2014|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about a controversial Super Bowl ad

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I David this is the big clearing plays of ideas and emotions and and down perceptions and opinions and those kind of things there is no right or wrong here this is. All about it. Would you like would you didn't like in an answer we're taking calls about here -- 2601878. Till 3866889. All in a big pot and stirred around currency -- a guy I don't think anybody's wrong or anybody's -- I don't think I'm right I don't think I'm wrong I think it's all about what you think now. A best part of the Super Bowl are pretty jaguar opinion poll listing using game the commercials are Bruno Mars and 45%. Same brutal modern -- 36% the commercials and 20% to game of luck. I thought Bruno Mars knocked it out of apart last night I think this guy is. One of those deep religious owns the stage when he's on young on main guy uses electric perform very Talladega I didn't know it was a drummer. Joseph I don't know as -- camping I don't know. But he seemed to do a good job with that when that when I have time shoes started and again you welcome the Colin disagree with me it is just my opinion. -- wanted to see more Hammond and I didn't really. Think the Red Hot Chili Peppers and had to be there I elected just just with -- -- fine yeah and then all of a sudden now. But anyways see you talk about that if you like and then there is this. Being a news. Nice today patience and yeah. This error for me it's. Maybe. I did was he looked different ethnicities singing America the beautiful and native tong. And getting a lot of text on this saying that Coke commercials socked this is the United States. Everyone's first language should be English wouldn't be surprised. If the lives put hook up to that lame commercial of course everything houses turned. Politically hardly put it always goes to politics yet. Nolan says I'm not drink and Coke again -- can and will be done have not drawn Pepsi beverages since the seventies. Because of their cultural stance and it seems now I'll have to eliminate Coca-Cola from my diet so mine I'd be a bad thing. No one says 61 years old after a Coke commercial told my wife don't want any Coke products in my home. I don't ask for much when I do. My family knows I mean business I'll. Nolan says about strong feeling yes and I'd like to hear from ya right now it's -- six 187 2038668890878. Did you love or hate the Coca. We're out we had an expert on who said this is kind of a feel good. Super Bowl -- you know our family and love and get together apparently is made a lot of people feel bad America. At this and says about the Coke commercial and everyone's up in arms about so there were people singing in a language other than English who cares. I would ask to the majority look at their family tree I'm guessing that their grandparents great grandparents spoke a different language. When he decided to call America home and here's my take on. Another text pops up good for -- and other when a commercial made my stomach turn. I think that everybody was honoring America by singing the song. I think some people get uncomfortable with that because. They don't like to admit that America is changing and that. Just like the country was originally founded by people in Kenya from somewhere else. More people coming here from other places and I think that makes him very uncomfortable. Nolan says hated it told my wife daughter no more are called -- -- sales are gonna skyrocket. -- -- says this is pathetic people are forgetting that America. Is the melting pot we all came from different countries and everyone is welcome here. That Coke commercial list -- says was beautiful congratulations Coca-Cola. For example of -- the diversity. Diversity of this amazing country. Shame on those closed minded people. So you tell me -- 60187. Neitzel 386 exit 890878. People in different languages. And ethnicity singing America the beautiful in their native son needed a venue. Or did it make you feel good and hasn't had any effect on your decision with Coca-Cola products. Didn't offend me at all but. That's just my opinion I'm not right or wrong and I don't think you will be either when you call you know to be right or wrong I just wanted to know. What you think when we come back on WW. I Tommy Tucker -- WL 41 degrees now cloudy cooler today 20% chance for -- hours. Shorts yesterday highs around 56 today is long hands. Tomorrow you -- the shores of -- ties to be around 72 NN highs in the fifties throughout the remainder. Of the week I get a text that comes in and says they Tommy I just turned on -- radio it was a message to the point of the Coca-Cola commercial. Well first are we gonna need a note for being late in turning on the radio is yet to be from a doctor or your parents or teacher. And letting -- secondly this is what that Coke commercial was all about yesterday during the Super Bowl. Being. On its. -- -- -- People who are different ethnic. -- -- buy gas ethnic clothing in different at this city's. I would presume I don't think they were actors singing America the beautiful in their native tongue a lot of people are taken exception of that. I want to hear your opinion I don't think there's a right or wrong on this I think it's just what you think and it didn't offend me because I looked at it as. Assimilation and people honoring the country in their own way. But you're welcome to disagree if you if you think it is -- and into Hollins high urine got a W -- the morning thanks for calling. -- -- One. That is. Like that. There -- things. I believe that they eat today that during a coat because. That is not and America. Is people I think English is not the true original language of these America. We -- -- English people -- in pound native Americans here who didn't speak English. So we going with other people. We are melting pot and didn't think. America. We open up toward anybody. Italy was in that area though. It's crazy. What he wouldn't say I'll drink Coke -- they say America the beautiful in the differently. As ludicrous. A lot of people are saying and I appreciate your call luck. And thanks for taking the time to. Henry in Mississippi a Henry Aaron double W good morning. How -- it's actually match. I'll become a lawyer and they try to change our coast and back there is -- -- coastline and that standard country. They also get them -- culture. So you think that the Coke commercial yesterday was an attempt. And I'm just asking you to get people was sang America the beautiful and a different language. You're listening to America and your point is not a not a problem problem -- it's good that comes over try to change a culture look at them -- A lot of our worsening the color that would give them -- you and applying medical term. Our policy is too liberal we need to pull back and make a good sized conservative policy -- are you part -- to. So you would have just trying to figure out what you want you would have the government dictate. By law what you can do what you can't do in terms of singing languages those kind of things. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Look at all of television. Mostly big debt and night out I mean you know our cost -- a market so -- cut. Which labeled as you know their country. Got -- area appreciate your taking the time Nicole and again -- here's your opinion you welcome expressive as our. The other people on hold and a one line it's open whoever feels that -- 60187. Neitzel 38668890. Late 7823. No opinion here are just facts as they relate to the traffic from -- Robinson. WW Tommy talk Terry Tony seven -- WL talking about the Coke commercial. During the Super Bowl yesterday that had. People of different ethnicity is wearing a cultural. Clothing and singing America the beautiful in different languages. And Henry ages now very upset about it in text comes in tell Henry to have a Coke and a smile and relax. And I did forget to asking whether or not he would drink Coca-Cola anymore -- comes in Tommy. Surprise they picked a song that has the lyrics god shed his grace on the I normally don't by code that will pick some up. Today and they Biloxi high -- DeVon -- on good morning thanks for calling. -- -- on all you know limited and what's wrong with people man and it seriously freaking out about the joke on me people. As soon as an incredible little preoccupied. With. I think he's the most extreme sort of people one on one side of the map you know what I mean well I don't think it. -- and it's really a full blown outrages. More important for your culture or. -- union they started -- always say that but did you hear the passion and Henry's voice. He's probably somewhere somewhere around here you know -- that would these -- in Mississippi where. I got -- -- and on and tell you this have you would be if you would seated texts and emails and get and a lot of people are very upset about that is. Our man adding aggregate how much of the game which it would have been more entertaining not only be -- -- -- so one sided. I. That's our fault I'm glad they learn the words. It you have learning what should dollar and English collect bigger than -- -- -- native. Native language in this country in the first place and I'm happy to be here a little Lauren but Leach onto -- shoot -- fired up about people. It's incredible what the commercial where Stephen Colbert pulled -- That was one of my favorite stories split his head and I knew I was bored because you know start at one time then followed up today after the commercial in between I appreciate the call thanks a lot. Ali Al thanks for taking the time they call in and hang on. Will get to you as soon as we -- get one line open now that. Anthony -- -- goes 66 187 he toll free 866. 889087. In other Texaco commercial was very offensive. I remember as a young kid in my grandparents on their votes from Italy. My grandfather preaching to my grandmother we are Americans now and you must learn English and speak it. He would always sanitize and proud of it but I am an American of Italian descent. Right now who got the royalties from Coke and other one says for using our song I think it's probably. In the public domain more calls when we come back right now time for -- WL. First since -- go to David Wells David apparently not just ethnicities and languages when icons of problems with commercials. Are attacks -- says. That guy gave himself away when he said he liked big lived -- Stephen Kobe or who we don't watch in our house and and that is a pretty innocent commercial with him sullen pistachios. That. -- thought of himself put in the first when he was zany and have to do anything to sell the -- years and he came back at my guess we deal. But a lot of people upset that. The of Coke commercial that they sang America the beautiful in India and -- closing in different languages different ethnicities Tommy -- tech says my wife and I both seeing that Coke commercial. Had the same response we thought it was awful. And supporting those who not. Do not truly want to become Americans when they in our. -- dot com. Almost depends on what you read into it why exactly you're reading that into it yeah are you gonna -- problem through the prism boos from the prism through which you look an added note and says -- Coke commercial -- realized their tee times of people one true Americans to. Like people who forgot they were Europeans if you boycotting Coke. An -- -- one of the many native American languages you should be deported back to your native country. And I guarantee you watch it is not a movement to deport -- two. Reports go out -- -- got a note thank you keep an army irons -- you good morning. Yet been more -- Are a bit ironic that. People for a -- cold. What it seems like mall would be against it because it felt that in schools. Because of obesity yet Michelle Obama. Soul you know quietly pushing I think put up -- that bad boy you. At least not -- is state what would've gone. Law commercial in the area and it looked toward they would do deal and doubtful they would do so why they want she'll be at that -- on the. So. And just try and stay in -- equating. Coke and guns well. Caught. Up well -- to Michelle Obama you know would -- eat healthy at all. Soft drinks available so why why would be a -- while commercial like that to begin -- -- drink Coke. -- yet but do you continue to drink yeah. At the it bothered me because even you can't people see and if you're not capable sport they want -- -- in to a miracle and do good. It also made -- -- in the leg so that didn't bother me at all but. What is really political widely widely a lot of bit of a bad boy why it would -- -- get -- a lot to be -- a lot. A portly probably. Would have been gone. -- thank you Heath I appreciate -- college student body thinks Kleiman. Excellent year at W morning. Count you steel and lead. Well. And more in Africa in marketing help Korean. And at night stand when you're readers should remember current commercial. From the -- and -- group of people. Are different Nancy standing earning him. And they were singing. -- -- And put. After the commercial. I felt like I was too young to remember that -- the a lot of people tell me that money field -- More. I'd like to teach the world and sitting in perfect harmony. And commercial. Alliance. They jingle -- And I don't remember. Its short. Life. And I think it and being there. -- are tree and it sure. I want you to read. And they're remember it then our magnetic action not. Well let's say clam unleaded took the time nickel and put -- out there and -- take some more calls going come back at T six 187 Angel -- 86688908. Setting in case she went to the -- During the game and missed it -- just turning the radio on people are talking about boycotting Coke for this commercial. We. Less today patience and -- this yeah. -- early teens. -- And he was different. Cultures and ethnicity is an -- on traditional clothing singing America the beautiful and different languages. You think it was a great thing or a horrific thing and did it make you feel good is. When you -- about this commercial apparently they had back in the seventies or. Did it make you feel. Terrible. And make you wonder what's happened in the country will be back on WW. I Tommy Tucker talking about this -- come. -- year old and I saw it yesterday during the game -- and a raised an eyebrow half way and so on maybe some people may not like that and I had no idea would be is controversy old. As apparently it is a Tex comes in if Coca-Cola wanted to shoot diversity. They could have made their commercial using the same actors and people singing America the beautiful in American English. Then Coke would have been promoting that America has opened arms to all cultures and nationalities answer this country was founded for. And then there's another one that comes in that says. Definitely find it. People leader except how our country looks and will continue to look it's possible celebrate being American. And still cherish your heritage and culture from another country. It's a good thing to be able to speak to a more languages his reaction quite frankly is embarrassing and said to me that's of this techsters saying. See you tell me to food giant in Slidell hey John your -- -- W good morning. I'll do it on delayed is almost -- thousands -- in what referred to. He's the world saying -- twelve agricultural. I don't have any problem with a different languages. I think that saw that they sign should be governing -- And -- was Molly are here was a bit. They were -- people from all over the country year. Are different nationalities. Or even -- or witnessed but the -- that they're trying to as the second most patriotic -- next that are actually at palm. And that song should be -- -- English. So you're saying if if they wanted to show that all cultures -- to gather. They -- sang and an English sets the. -- -- I was there commercial that you like particularly yesterday. Their the commercial beer or. Got you laid it but rise of the poppy. An injury don't the time machine the girl right now dog. Got to thank you John and lady called currency appreciate again the nation's David from -- thank you for taking the time account of morning your own data. On the tank and they -- the -- he's still on the little bit -- beleaguered guy. It should have been done in English. The -- that's -- -- homes have been done different languages. I don't mean a lot of action in the -- -- exactly and potentially. Can be viewed one. Indian even -- don't know some afford to to -- this thing was you know they'd done it would have been possible without an English. An. And I didn't think would be in the indie rock you know it is capable of -- -- the -- -- -- -- that. Did -- did did does it affect in any way. You -- your usage here at the way he did drink Coke or Diet Coke or do you drink it now. I'd do -- was sitting right between two but product yeah I know that it might be during the term. But I wanna become -- problem. This company it -- about cope with with. With the go gently into commercial with some mystery. -- it -- a Coke -- -- unit and in -- in the back. It just talk about technical and political copping out strongly in the next -- comes to them. So yeah. I've ever seen and movie doctor strangelove or how -- does not wearing and learn all of the bomb. As a great part where -- -- goes in there and Peter Sellers is trying to keep the world from. From below and up and keep him in tells in my mr. Ogden issued that currently the coins out of that machine -- keep in mind. You might be in trouble with the Coca-Cola company. Had a good day David let you take the time I -- I we accept all opinions here I'd love to hear from you at T 60. 1878038668890870. The one thing I find hard to believe is that as a result of this commercial you'll really stopped drinking Coke. Or Diet Coke if you drink it now but it if you are. I'd love to hear Friday 853 timely to traffic. We got a terrible problems -- -- talking about this Coke commercial and and and chuckling here because. While everybody and is from business insider magazine the advertising section while everybody is. Upset about the language part of -- I don't think even realize that at the 482. Mark in the commercial. There's a couple that skating and then embracing their daughter. And it's a gay couple. There are two men one of them has is on camera on the other end and -- guys kinda knows when the other while a girl was sitting on side of them so I don't know if if you even noticed that with all of the language. Discussion that we have a text says let's positive note to Steve Gleason commercial was amazing and very. Inspiring and motivational. Allowances Tommy my seven year old daughter adopted from Guatemala Guatemala and we loved hearing all languages. Made her feel more American and included. We love Diet Coke in. Yes English is her first language. Another -- says. Called don't call it Mardi -- anymore at college Fat Tuesday because is America political Craig correctness from the far right. Nolan says I was looking for a reason to stop drinking Coke. And -- David -- Nolan says if you don't like that Coke commercial maybe you should get out of the country. Lot of different opinions will continue to hear from you and let you express all of them on WW.

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