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2-3-14 11:10am Garland: on BP

Feb 3, 2014|

Garland talks with attorney Lewis Ungeslby, who continues to fight in court to make BP pay the restitution they promised to Louisiana citizens.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There about the news is it is wearing when -- something that's the big story. I guarantee. The more you hear the more you talk the more you learn about it. You'll find different it is what's being present. You know which we've been on the showroom and we've done accident stories. On the fact that they've begun a series of full page don't think news new York and Wall Street Journal Washington Post among others. Attacking. Lou we've retailers -- museum ships. Entities in the region and basically what they're saying. This says that that is now through the federal courts through. Walls from that ball. Is unfair and there are being ripped off. A cues from well known -- -- -- real well known. Are retailers. And they're accusing the firm. And we have a -- -- -- we lose or use warrior one of those firms. And we're gonna talk about the global permits fell today but also. About that would be he is doing -- this important time. Louis world's views on set with me at -- welcomed Solutia. Thank you and improve Finland England tell people you used to be pro corporate. This has nothing to do that this is strictly. Your representing one entity. That is an attack by BP and European talk. I'm rapid and so even though you did -- one proposal words that you. Ever now that that's not exactly -- -- your your wives was the -- either that. Tell me what's happening give me give me your version that I can understand what's really simple. This is a completely dishonest. Attempt to avoid responsibility for negligent killing a bunch of innocent people injuring. Scores more in the biggest environmental catastrophe in the history of the country. BP. Used its alleged goodwill saying we want to pay every one we won a subtle. We wanted to do everything we can to make it right those silly ads they still run with a guy acting like he's really work and for the people Louisiana and months -- coast accent. When and realize if they did that to negotiate with the federal government to get out of a lot of trouble. To keep getting the opportunity to have their offshore permits to save themselves a lot of criminal responsibilities. And they used over and over in there. Negotiations look how good we're doing we're doing this settlement we're gonna make everything right. That's turned into a big fake out. As you would expect from the is -- people. People do what BP did in the first place there environmental record in the Gulf Coast was just abysmal. On news off the charts compared audio computers. And this accident or whatever you wanna call that was just would gross negligence. For nothing but how can we make a whole lot more money on top of all the money we are Annika. In return for our. Safety lives. And the environment now now what BP's then what they did and it was it's an okay. We will we've BP. Walk. Total peace. They insisted. That Louisiana Mississippi and outcome. Have the entire state -- they wanted to go all the way to the Georgia line all the way to Arkansas align all the way that Tennessee. They wanted to note that after 2010. Under no after -- happened after 2002 and they couldn't be responsible. Now we know for example. That there of the problem with the porpoises some of the other issues more importantly what's really concerning our ocean our corporate world. Is that we've learned that because that I guess the nature of the fallen nature of the leak. The laws actually sought to the ocean floor forever it was believed by all. People that all just voted in UC machines out there on the ocean and that it would never incorporated as a permanent. Part the geology of the world will not patents. -- -- And no one knows what to long term. Environmental impact of that so BP wanted to comment. And negotiate a while there was as much ignorance as possible. As to what could happen. And throw out a lot of money allegedly. Now. They've realized. That. When you. So you want to settle with the entire state of Louisiana. Their businesses and report. That were affected side. People that were harmed and Schaub -- Consequently. Those people made a client. BP Aspen. That's what's so ridiculous about this whole process -- and this was all driven by their desire to have total please. And then comment and now they're arguing while you can't prove that your trucking company and reported actually impacted. Loss of revenue from somebody you were compartment show -- so we shouldn't have to pay. They call that long word causation. That's hysteria and dishonest. Because. They wrote down. We don't want causation. Not necessary the reason is simple. If they settled. In a settlement and involves multiple people. Armed groups. Necessarily you don't have causation if you had to prove each person within the group can prove their particular case and there's no point asylum. -- would just have. 101000 trials. Airport -- is not new to the law at all. Not what sort of and BP's misrepresentation. Mischaracterization. Of the people are making the client is also. I am in the word active come back to is dishonest because that's a nice for a good news on the radio. Day set up a formula. If Garland. -- wanted to make client. He -- he gets the documents that DP requires him to get peace and cement. An account that -- working with BP. -- to the form. Comes back Garland Robinette doesn't have a climber come back Garland Robinette has 200 dollars Garland Robinette doesn't do anything. To make that be worth 200 dollars or 2000 dollars or ten dollars. The formula. Does at all BP set the form. So they got everything they want it. They saved their stock prices. There are able to they were able to tell there investors that they had -- what I thought would be account. On the told him now they avoided a lot of potential really downside issues with the government agencies. And that theoretically bought a bunch of -- will. But acting like responsible citizens. But now in realize that all of it jumped over all those hurdles -- wanna come back degrade the people who Zia. Degrade the people of Alabama Mississippi Florida and Texas. And pretend. And really remarkable. Why that there are somehow being victim. Aren't that lifts her first break here. Come back here and get that field. Of exactly -- school and on. Garland Robert over the we're talking about the of BP New York Times. Washington Post Wall Street Journal basically saying retail outlets. Shops. Individuals. In law -- or ripping them off in Louisiana over this government. Coming right back double -- negates immoral 53 yeah. We're doing a short do people -- done any number of shows and BP has been. Invited several times never never have responded. But. This -- were written that about the BP New York on wall surrender. Washington posted to this day and just -- -- They -- well today and it all came we were talking about and ship -- and we. As having ripped the ball. Four clean with the BP oil spill really didn't happening claims. They've done the same thing with details -- what they're doing it soon some ads about normal -- for. -- -- the inquiry law firm with prince will show and they -- Libya entry. And John -- -- Linda -- And I have a little song will reappear lawyer for QB -- Let us talk about this case in particular for a story as news. Voluntarily questions about BP explain to a sports. But what I represented John and primary. And what out of his image. There was there was a gentleman. Who worked far. Himself an attic carries with -- He and his wife. Date both ultimately got hired by the Klein's office. At different times wife first and later he was harder and better referred to their clients their one client to John and John. Again it went to the process all the documents have been created by the smaller all the information bankers about -- are you talking to -- Sutton ground Christine real number of town pretend. Are they had put together an all planned it actually submitted it to what was what we called Feinberg group the GCC. -- out. It winds up at John's office I submitted it goes to the process and eligibility of ward is Monday now. As a consequence about the individuals and title will be. What the free report overlooks completely is that until who -- for is. Former. In his suit is the guy that. I think. But I can't prove that that BP put there. But regardless aid to judge went along with putting him in charge of doing and investigators. So it comes in and does what our column. A partial investigators. And reaches a conclusion. That this fellow Sutton. Got paid. A live Thursday. And that he shouldn't have gotten blatantly -- and must've been for nefarious reasons blog entries to help themselves. Now the facts are. No one no Landry a sudden at all and our law apartment -- Clearwire. Uses on Monday that he got -- his part empathy to give it to. Sutton because of their relationships and it says the -- on his word of news and tied it. Sutton. Has admitted. Quite openly. That he. And I told -- and that was approved now that's a dispute I have no idea. -- -- declines administrator mr. journal says substance not tell the truth on that. I have no idea but there's no way that lawyer lawyers don't gore argument lawyers lie detector to us. And -- decided to pay them. In return for that. And this is what's. Been completely overlooked in the free report. The entries received nothing. Not the powerhouse like nothing more dramatically than just zero not a so. Of course for you can understand. Nobody could see the cop that statistic he could say that for example -- -- -- firm planes were paid. Below. The average of all the -- or -- repaid slower. Slightly below and all of a client would be impaired when a single thing that this guy Sutton could or did attempt to do for them. So they came up with the idea. That his brother give -- climb. Was expert guide. But moved through the system much faster than it should have been. He base that on essentially. Either misunderstanding. Or failing to read what the witnesses sat. It is true if you look at the report and you start on March 6. Which is what he knows. And you finish on March 20 which is Wendy Andrea law firm Kline has approved. Then you would say that went to the system fast. All right however. If you go back and you look wait a minute this case was filed in September. In December it was improperly. -- obviously reviewed the Fella. In the office. Working for the claims administer their account. Miss. Some of the paperwork. Called it incomplete and put it into what we call the freezer. So for -- -- of the case has been ready to go but it's noble. But is in the Bronx back if you well just that is it's an out basket it should be in and -- Finally when -- under -- -- guar. They bring it to this -- this guy's boss brings it to his attention said tell me about that case and he realizes. -- for four months. More than four months and so. I've had this case in the wrong box. The should've been gone from here. -- should have been long gone from me and taken care. So then it gets attention. Is determined -- proper pace it's -- case has some legitimate carries. And after. Review its process and move forward. -- eligible Stewart was legitimate use absolutely and went one of the things that you never read or understand if -- raid to free report is. You have two cases here. There were both appeal. The first -- -- one involvement Sutton that Andrea law firm. When you do that. Of course you draw attention. To the cat it's no one would draw attention to look at -- that there were doing some improper. The job they give -- Andrea law firm connectors BP appealed. To three judges. They made all the arguments America and those silly ads that Iran and then lost. Parents were. Now they make those rules. I followed the rules on the appeal lawyers. That read arguments net loss. But. Through this misunderstanding. Of the whole process. Where stuck where we are with an up and be in ID. And with all these people in my opinion -- an unfairly. And improperly. Accused of essentially no conduct. That is rises to any level of of missed conduct at all. One thing that's been overlooked just without getting into the weeds of Louisiana law has. Sutton. As a lawyer had a right to -- I don't know what is agreements were with his employer. Norwood Landry -- or would mr. Lerner -- You know but under the basic rules of the joint venture. There's a zillion cases where lawyers get disbarred lawyer -- resigned lawyers get fired. They always get pray. For the work that they did. -- entitled to that's the role. And so that followed the -- Aren't. This week break here it's complicated welcome can also take a look at the infrastructure. That surrounds this issue. And and look it's -- the things BP use. Attacking the special master June -- That supported. A federal college. No evidence that I ever seen that there's anything wrong but the taken out full page against him. And this is. The spectrum here that they agreed to back the federal judge orbit from water. Had to force BP use an open court to admit that they've -- June. Come right back don't brookdale bigger celebrity immoral while the -- Are welcome back we're doing complicated world to doing something I can. We're we're talking about BP again and -- VP we haven't you. -- overtones. For the shows and -- never even responded so fluently. Have been. We're. It's -- -- bureau lawyer for. Local law for. And the reason it BP's. Sign an agreement. A law professor from oil up here a couple of weeks ago. And it and he pointed out community that all the thing BP -- complain about now. They agreed to. A agreed to it. Joseph engine and you know be special mastery everybody. Came up with the -- ideas and passionately argued over it and BP agreed to. And other income and and -- for where we disagree and there's typing. Fingers shelf from here that are attacking retail entities in the in the tactic of war isn't. There -- attacking the spiritual master Patrick Juno. Who was appointed by the federal judge George for you to have the case. And it is probably have forced BP in the open court recently. To admit it that the fact Patrick June. So everything at least room and get a hearing from the BP side. Sounds like we've got total ship on here we are we've made a mistake -- BP. And here we are spending tens of billions of dollars helping make it right to. They have -- wrong and now they don't want to pay as much as for what they agreed to in the first place. All right lose we welcome back to. Anderson. Issue -- But -- were. Perhaps. Everything. I've learned in the league yours have been a picture news. Whether you're a -- where you replace. You don't make the feds -- -- don't say anything. You don't glow. Because. All the money all the phones all the power. Why would they go up millions of federal job. In disagree with things they have written legal agreement to. Even as far as attack in the spectrum of care. Hi how does that help these people want is there. Thought process well our first about their dead caught her guilty. -- Don't think for a second that don't have scientist consultants engineers environmental experts people told him what the true devastation. -- They know they got a good deal right now. Under the -- we -- that if they have to do that for their shareholders -- and he had to evaluate all the juices the damage and this is what we expect absolutely and so they'd -- news. When they started this -- branch or what their gold -- now what's happened is simple -- taken this entry issue. And I'd used it. Michael pogo stick it to go way up the latter now other complain about people like Patrick -- them no evidence non. Thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of clients. Nor did the free reports say anything about Julie and and said he'd done a good job thousands and thousands of thousands of styles -- -- have gone to about office. BP's at a chancellor and every one. They never found one that wasn't appropriate. Tuesday that -- out one that the people who matter that the calculations in the formula worked -- -- who stare form. It doesn't requires not like really a lot of lawyer. Like I would normally -- at your case advocate for you put out why you're unique and why you deserve certain things and what makes you special. That's not disguise this case is basic just mash up map on man. That's solid. -- twisted adopt. And capitalized. On this hysteria. And what I consider very inappropriate language used in the free report -- accusing people things they've never done. And now now. We know that to be -- understand that in September October November. December perhaps. There was some question. There what many in my mind maybe there was some question -- -- a lot of evidence was hidden. Free captain under wraps it and show it to anyone he wrote down that he didn't show it to the judge he only showed the judge supports and he felt like supported his position. But now. On December 24 the federal court said give -- the but. We got. We've all written our responses and it's clear that there is either gross miss interpretation. Or misunderstanding. Of what the truth. Or there was just have really over wrought. Unnecessary. Bunch of name calling that can't be backed up with the true facts. I can't pick either one either one is -- As a consequence of BP then builds long. To do things like attack that -- about you know. People understand this. Pageant -- the lawyer. That the state farm's and all staged the world card to keep you from gotten. Paid fair -- for your -- -- your broker dealer or whatever she's a wonderful guys that -- of bird. Mice likable. -- gentleman in the true sense of the word. And he was the go to guy for years and loses out for the insurance industry. The BP kind of people would ago when our pageant. To attack in mountain. Who's running and pristine Klein's office and have people looking over shoulder and slowing him down and prevent it from -- is Sandra. Mean that's it that's in part that's it that's harsh word but it is it's -- -- and that now. Today. All these facts are out there and the people who are getting is what irritates me about -- Under his imprimatur of work and Fallujah large is that he knows. The unfairness of some others who can read these there and Andy's not -- a war. Lips. Come back and talk about that a couple of coal -- -- -- with -- group called the think -- Are welcome back. Where they get about BP claims of gold blog readers of music and with the wall programs would be. She where the big retail outlook with a -- seafood industry which -- -- these closed nationwide simple picture. I have -- warrior for one law firms it's being charged by BP loose on New Yorkers and look says to the question again. The -- my basic question. Georgian war and he used the woman who decides how much BP gets charge per barrel. And it comes to wall support a rogue server or in hip feet. If the numbers are lol they pretty much left in the could have the numbers are high. They could pay way more than 740. Million. So what the name -- day. In essence attacked a federal judge. The special master. When they hold. Their Altima -- in there. Well -- first of all users there's no. Exploration -- arrogance of the Baltic global corporation and are from England and -- from America but you know I'm -- others. Cup positive that we are urgent global -- secondly. I think that. They're game. It is. To influence to people are very conservative side of the fifth circuit. I think you know they're running these ads in New York where money news. -- image or -- in Washington where powers. -- -- these parents end now -- and losing out. You know or Jackson Mississippi on Mobile, Alabama why are they doing that because I think. They've believed that there is a group of people on the this year. That will be influenced. By the idea that some of this big goal for cooperation. Had been taken advantage biases some guy and report. Get 101000 dollars. And out of them. Out what you have to to overlook that. You have to have some emotional -- because from a logical. Fairness perspective you have to say wait a minute. You wrote down that it was in your best interest. Your best business -- you insisted that that felons report. There to get that 101000 now. That's what you want it. You're never said later on after I get all my -- zero from a -- there you know I want reveal these cards on alike. I put all this money -- spoke -- I don't like -- cars let me have some more -- I guess maybe they have a game like that -- England I don't know it but America we -- -- -- -- second apologized and I happen to -- parred two and remind everybody we've got -- 1000 dollar condos coming up at the top of this hour should stay with -- government give view code word. Could 1000 dollars. All right that when asked about. Mr. Chertoff former. Head of the I mean that sure mr. three. Former head of via -- appointed Bob or the to investigate this. Yes so. Here and Michael Chertoff the former US secretary of Homeland Security. Accuse free of catering his investigations. To fit the needs of the into the team meeting. Here's forty acknowledging to federal judge -- He has ties to law firms represented BP including. Kirkland and Ellis Williams and Connolly. Also disclosed his former law partners Stanley Sporkin. We're serving is a BP. Ombudsman. Here and America then the US. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. That BP would appeal to and got the backing of George you deployment. -- code that happened to be a member of the board of the foundation for search on the economics in the environment. A conservative think today that support private sector solutions to environmental problems. The foundation is backed by big oil and used for junket for drug. How would trust anything in all -- that this sport we got. Former head of the FBI being accused. Having connections you shouldn't the grip of that Circuit Court would you charge being accused of doing she is something she should. -- People -- a good to. Money runs a world. I would think are due today. That. -- should come clean as they expect everyone else to do. Was the judge required it or not. Is been hired and is actively working his group. With Williams and Connolly law firm and other cases as well as with Kirkland -- and other cases. Now those two groups of people. Our big primary defense attorneys for BP down here in Louisiana. Everything for is done whether he intended it or not as benefited BP that's -- Genesis of the dads. They're always referring back to his sort of over the top I think completely erroneous and improper language accusing people without evidence. And it's it's helped them now whether that just a coincidence or whether it turned out to be a plan or whatever but we're all human beings. You know and that people out lie. And that I know and that I socialize with on the live you know they're gonna leave Louisiana one. -- and -- gone back Chicago Williams and Connolly has gone back to Washington phrase gone back to New York they're gonna continue. Those associations. I know I represent lots of lawyers. Many lawyers all the time. And if I wore. Involved in some of the things on the ball with with lawyers that I am on the steering committee and then they wanted to appoint me. To oversee their work -- it -- Aston sockets. -- we're we're running out of time but thank you so much. And where we're gonna continue to cover of these BP. Try to get those museums side of it. And the BP's side of it we've been invited the millionth time hopefully when -- -- -- you have a good day and thank you should come right back.