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2-3-14 3:10pm Angela with City Council candidate Jason Williams

Feb 3, 2014|

Angela talks with City Council Division 2 runoff candidate Jason Williams. (His opponent Cynthia Hedge-Morell declined to appear.)

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Only started are today talking to doctor Ed Sherman act about the election week slipped over to a very interesting discussion with Sam poke about. What he calls wealth addiction and now we're going back to the campaign because we do have some run offs. Jason Williams and Cynthia -- -- will face off for the council at large division to seat on March 15. Both have been invited to talk with -- for the next thirty minutes. Jayson Williams was the only 1 to accept I am delighted you're here thank you very much and I just -- -- -- are you still exhaust could put. I am absolutely still exhausted we we have never stopped. We stopped to to give some hugs and kisses to the folks -- were in the room. When we got the results. To celebrate briefly. We woke up to him back to churches that think folks. For the support and we've never stops so I'm still -- but I'm very happy to be with him excited to be. Your numbers were they pretty much which is -- -- they higher or lower. You know that there's an individual and him run a ball -- who who runs my campaign. And -- the numbers were exactly where he thought they would be. A long time ago I am so I am a political newcomer. I am new to this campaigning process. So I'm very thankful to have him -- them today I don't. Now you did run for DNA yes and so you have a little bit acknowledges that and you knew that this was going to be all consuming yes I did I did that. So you're saying I'm still -- it -- -- -- do you need to get there was a third person right sharpening. And how are you going to get his books. Well you know we we've been in contact with -- reached out to him to congratulate him on was a very strong. Run. You gentlemen -- the whole process he had. Ideas for New Orleans. He grabs it and new generation of leadership. The same way that I feel like I -- new generation we ship. And so. I'm hopeful that the folks that saw that vision and him will also see that vision and me. Is. -- status quo politics. That exist in Louisiana -- -- are are shaking that off for new brand of leadership and acting awards where is -- Now again Cynthia has -- was invited and I'm sorry she's not here but she would argue that her very long tenure. Adds. The experience and the ability to get things done and she has gotten things done. And so it's -- trade. Well. You know. What -- trading. When she came. On to the city counts which you'd -- in an educated. You know political experience. And some would suggest that someone. Needs to have spit -- in politics to do it. Flies in the face. Country flies in the face. -- it flies in the face of Barack Obama flies in the face. Most of the major change we've seen happen. Even even them in this city. So I'll say this. -- -- gets things done. We've got to decide as as a community. How much do do we expect us city leaders to get done. You know Wal-Mart and some post -- and huge accomplishment. This one that's that's that they're breaking ground on in her district. I personally maybe it's my patients made its use. I think you'll world class city I think who work -- direct flight from London. So to suggest that in eight years single. Economic. Development. -- -- would be Wal-Mart I don't think it's enough so I think we need to do a lot more to be more aggressive we look at what's happening CDs in this country. In other cities outside this -- because new world a very unique place. I think there apparently two -- Amsterdam. Here prod. Things they've been able to accomplish. Mixing progress with the traditions and culture. That's what we have to do this. Let's talk about -- you really hitting economic development how do we bring specifically. More companies went on very good and retail and that is that's been a bone. But beyond. Beyond that we've got to look bad what. New look at the market and right now you look regionally you know between New Orleans and bad rumors there's several jobs and becoming no one over a thousand. And the next two years Petro chemical world. Those jobs and pay anywhere 6575000. -- Folks in new -- all young people and folks a little bit older. With a little bit of training from new and has content Delgado count can get these jobs with me when they become opened the next couple years. The problem is is city leadership. Folks in the City Council have not coordinated. The workforce. Training needs with the locals what's gonna happen is when these jobs. Become available they're gonna say this is not adequate adequately trained individuals that a living in new -- so we need to prepare our locals. For the progress that same thing with a biomedical -- to. That's a huge economic driver. In the construction area in New Orleans right now. But they are very few locals that are involved in the construction -- so we missed out on that opportunity to see the leadership didn't get involved the front and the world he can do is make sure that locals can benefit from the research assistant medical assistant jobs and becoming a lot. We've got to make sure that -- locals are prepared and realize these jobs and how do you get to -- and high schools do you. Part of my platform. Is today that we realize that the City Council does not control -- case. That being said. You can control and and lead. That conversation and that discourse and Marty talked a rod -- from the annual business lines aren't talked to Michael -- you know. And they are working with did the business leaders HR departments of these companies and so what they're willing to do is get involved. In the high schools charter schools public schools to let these two to expose it -- that's one of the things that. Kids are exposed to what opportunities are going to be available when you know. Knowing about these jobs knowing what they pay in knowing hey. If I go to Delgado for a year and a half. The last half months last year. I can actually be working at one of these planes you know it's so coordinating those effort and one of the things I've been talking some educational leaders about it. Maybe getting -- is cuts at every kid will go out. But giving the kid the kids' choice. A real opportunities and letting them make a decision about what they do and not just looking at -- GPA. As the only measure of success let's look at the quality of life. Two years. Post graduation. It's a person successful was apart what is success easy easy finishing up his two year program already working in one of these. Well well paying jobs or is he in his second year of college because that statistics suggested you make to the first two years you been to support your program. So rethinking. And recount breeding what we're telling young people. And what we are coordinating between the business community and education community to make sure that our locals are. Are benefiting from that and that in gold. -- you know it's to grow. And grow a middle class and when you grow middle class a lot of the other problems go by the -- Stay with us we're gonna continue our discussion with Jason Williams right after this I'm Angela under the WL. Jason Williams our guest today. Also invited but could not attend with Cynthia had Terrel we're talking about. Their face off for councilor at large district two which will be march 15. We've talked about economic development let's move on to the criminal justice system and something you said kind of karma -- about. Eliminating the duplication of services and if you could be more specific. Sure. Currently. We've got four separate reentry programs going on this. Mayor has won. My husband has one -- This one the judges had set up me. Each one of those things is has a certain amount of funding goes in the front office to. Which means that ramping up to get the business going. Is taking resource that could be used on individual services went over reentry that's a program. So most folks -- go to jail in Orleans -- are coming back to share in the streets with us. And but if you have a reentry program that's going to help them become. Acclimated and productive in. The community again. Get a good paying job. I'm not go back to jail a reentry program is pivotal to that in the rest of the country is using these programs are right now -- this -- We've got four separate. Richard programs that are not coordinating with each other as you've got a guy try to figure out which way these big high rises. Or state and our current state -- city buildings he's got to go in to get involved in the program and that's a problem. And and it's so it's a waste of money. We don't have enough money right now to have the luxury of doing things Ford five times again one were so. You would also mentioned that -- You just of the -- the city doesn't have enough money and has the incredible expense of these consent decrees yes. And we have a lot of work to get done we still have models we -- that -- -- center. One of the issues is. Taxing some nonprofits yes. And whether it's educational institutions church institution whatever. Eight feet attacks whatever you wanna call it because they in fact share. The services of this can sure so you would agree that we should address. I think we shipment that it's it's it's a two fold approach you can take that there are about 16100. Nonprofits on the world's oil and perished that have lost their tax exempt status for about proper -- one day automatically must pay taxes. On pay property taxes so but we're not we're not enforcing that. So we're leaving money on the table so if we jest about -- more thorough. And hyper focused on that. -- folks who follow the tax rules that's a huge amount of mine become active -- but they -- what you're talking about initially is. These very and a talk about like small nonprofits and we're talking big institute archdiocese. Currently in university I feel like yeah exactly. These folks benefit. From the -- -- from from from the benefits that come from those those property tax dollars and the -- spending in what some cities have done. They they talked about paying a percentage of the property taxes they also talked more about paying. Just a a stipend -- For. For the police department for the fire department for infrastructure that they all benefit from. And most institutions. Throughout the country are willing to do that because they realize the value of those services. No I think that. In the coming years -- really going to be looking at sources of income. That that has not existed. You also said you would like to be I loved show business recruiter. Yes yes. I mean I think that to fix the problems we have. In this city he can't sit up and highrise it's now you've got -- leave that off starting again in the community. All of them to see what the needs are and meet with the aid organizations. And see you know eat eat -- you spent any time. And lord -- that -- warn you you realize you know not having access to fresh fruit is a problem. So you would go aggressively recruited grocery store. And you take you up. This is a tax base between. Between the the square miles you stand to make this amount of money in your first year if you build a grocery store this size he. It it it's it's it's it's the American way but what we've done is we've just hoped. That businesses would -- us in -- and not just. Recruit locally. Recruit nationally and internationally there was an Italian -- plastics manufacturing company that was lifting looking to have an American site. They were adjusted annual east becomes of the geographical footprint we have not one single city leader. Was willing to meet with them when they came to new war. And and and that's David recruitment that is just being engaged in the game to make sure that we put our best foot reports that we don't lose that. Economic driver to Houston. I would suggest not just you know being accessible when folks would come take a look at new -- but actually going. To the corporate headquarters. Of national companies. In recruiting them to come with other national comes and put together a package for the -- -- -- or so that folks don't have to drive. On an annual Easter -- -- extending go to. In go to -- to buy a washing machine. To buy a suit to buy a refrigerator. A have those have -- money stay in new want to be part of our tax base but if you get a best buy target -- these things they come together. As a package in one feeds the other. Have you talked into -- like -- you know weekends that are about coordinating something. And and there are more than willing to do it that they look at the retail aspects of it and they know their huge. Pockets that have been ignored in terms progress recruitment. Part about them. Huge parts of the Lower Ninth Ward but they're also. Looking at larger development of projects developers from Chicago. And New York. Who are always looking for new projects they realize there's a larger return on the investment. In a place where there is an open geographical footprint as opposed to place at Chicago or New York we got to tear something down. In order to build it up we've got places that are already race. -- just to move in and start construction. And that's interest in and that's enticing but you've got half city leadership that's -- -- willing to get involved to negotiate those deals. Well you've got six weeks to get those messages across don't forget to vote on -- Now march 15 this -- somehow you're gonna get some rest for. I think march 16 it's you'll get some thank you for coming and Jason Williams and good luck to thank you and we'll be right back we're not gonna join. Don names in the news.