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2-3 4:10pm Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier, Second Guess

Feb 3, 2014|

Second Guess NFL Super Bowl XLVIII with Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier live from the Silver Slipper.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On a Mississippi were doing the last show of the 2013 seasons here on Monday night at the -- -- 43 to eight yesterday. We both picked Seattle to win the game -- I like nobody would have thought. If you would have been that anybody told you before the game that Marshawn Lynch doesn't get fifty yards and somebody -- 43 points. Made -- that it did but got that game in the back but the overwhelming thing and announce that this for the last two weeks. How good this defense this was Seattle is that we -- -- but sixteen regular season games. Two playoff games Super Bowl not one quarterback. Has lit that defense -- Absolutely none in that time frame this defense has to go down. -- as one of the greatest defenses in the modern times in the national football people would think he would. And it was all built on pressure. You can talk about the -- you know -- -- man this and he played a big. Boarded it and I want to get a T shirt LOB I mean Ottoman mitigate that swagger to go in the saints' secondary but. It was and a ballot -- lower doable but that. Passed through the idea what I'll common agent yeah. Started it and then Dave made the interest receivers and a every time they caught a -- went over the middle. They wanna give denote them with their physical football game but basically they -- Peyton Manning all I'll like we haven't seen. The car season. Well that's why I think because -- competition. You have to put Seattle the within the category at in the conversation as -- degraded the it is never. And he realized they that what the Bears though when they -- the Patriots in this the global. Well what -- the Patriots ranked are you look at the Ravens. -- every bit as dominant. Did you throw in there and I'll talk about that 99085. Bears and 2000 Ravens. Who would you'd throw win. The way the rules have changed to help the offense. And pass in the football I mean it that's why to be you have to put Seattle in that number. Because they are dominant. And you could see innocent -- to blow -- yep -- turnovers. I mean you know if if Seattle what I had four Cardinals I just haven't spent a big game would have closed the reason why -- that. The last game they lost it lost to the Cardinals seventeen to ten. That it that -- a big hitters Kurt Warner. -- or throw the ball good -- carpet bomber this -- most of the best. I'm Mike it's amazing they have a bit of economic gain as they look at -- They just took it to the chronicles of from the get go. I -- I haven't seen anything like that no blog usually we get kind of follow the -- available that equals. And it detaining we have a team as they go like this in a while but. If you look at this wanting the first time though and you gotta give credit this via Seattle's offense. They had funeral turnovers. And Russell -- at night it's that. So you the first time that's ever happened it's doable zero turnovers and zero sacks no. And it at look at that the -- going to get the top tight -- look with a hit that Jimmy Graham. Vernon Davis and Julius Thomas. I mean it's like the pitcher shot is like it would be addressed now I mean it was that Dominique I mean you can't sugarcoat it but to show you what it does it -- bidders that. And Seattle led the league with this. Guess what it was identical with the Saints did. It led the league with 39 takeaways what guess what the -- to stay -- -- with 39 on takeaways. So it just goes your hand -- -- as good as argument was that here. Wouldn't have realistically like you see that -- of the pits with what they've done throughout the. And I think to Russell Wilson played the best football game moxie in late. Since the Monday night game against you want things to write a -- he was red hot that football game what you don't third down. That that the Vicki at the beginning of the game you look at the momentum like I thought that was crucial that they end up point seven -- well. On third down -- at the beginning of like three -- And it and you know could really mark Charlotte they weren't running the ball in Denver but they have a crucial third down. I hit -- into converting now what was crazy in ironic about this. Guess who's the one -- -- team. In the NFL this year and the states are noble one to 2006 like a part -- that away but yards after the catch. -- was number one this season. And -- -- -- -- through -- you know yards after the catch yet last night it was her actual town as you go out. Now I don't know I think the Broncos gave up but by that second half. With the receivers -- touchdowns they gave up ought to know by miss tackles but if you look all those little wide receivers greens. That network. Had great success that that throughout the season a -- but not against Seattle. An eight yard it was bottom line at the PR I got to block I got to block you did it laments in the blocks. It would. All of us look at that given at the three yard gain or yard gain but never know Vick played them although wide receivers means west. Welker who we all thought would maybe be a big part of it. He was -- what one time in the first half and the thing about it is which you bring up is how quick new. The new bits of linemen work with Seattle make you saw all anything why. The defensive linemen chasing down a running back out the open field. And its on -- green -- is definitely I mean I was amazed at how quick it was this was not a -- out who we saw this twice already. That's that this last week Drew -- had two shots at him. That's offensive minded pro football Sean -- two shots and and -- Saints did a better job. All of a lot credit that they have the faith that departed niners. I -- DT Carolina would have played the Seahawks bitterness -- in the -- He just wore me. To play this football team and you can tell the matchups. Right off the bat defensively -- that and the fact that matter is when you've got a young quarterback who was making plays with his feet. A lot of putts that pressure initially but he made it proposition replacements -- able to get receivers downfield. Percy -- a big part of that office. Garcia and democratic yet pitched an athlete you know like that will revert -- -- How he broke Pete -- it. And if you look at it might get. Look at that is rushing attempts -- That's like you said oh we don't be surprised if the -- 39 yards but for the -- -- time and carries 45 yards and obviously. The big kick off return to start the second half. I don't know what they were doing. It was almost without like a long it's like what they want the ball the ball on a solid -- -- it because it is running away from Hartman. But but then all of that he picked it up and then -- like ills. It was over you at what it was like eight when it was -- -- -- -- -- I felt like it was party and a that this that you want -- points is a lot more at -- I was discouraged this year. If we -- -- by quickly as the ultimate say it's. Even thirteen or seventeen I think around there that's like four touchdowns and a field he -- and -- -- -- about this. We -- went down to the wire in the twelfth game only down about what score that they Portugal with -- Got a shot at -- and the politics courage by is how we well we ran against -- the -- we averaged four point two yards that flyers still bring up. When we lucked out in -- -- caught that pass got the ball on the 45 yard line the first thing about the run. I get a delay game first of fifteen and know all of a sudden now it's fortunate if the with the normal bugle I think that was still the time you know what you -- he gets to -- the run. That time because I could tell it was impressive. And you don't teach nobody players break -- tackles with Seattle even on the field with curry rile up his. If you all picked a lot of statements they say the gains in nickel back and look look at that twelfth game comedy tackles. Curry -- -- How many broke and he was bowling ball -- yet look at -- -- -- backs didn't look back ought to decide you know everybody brings up -- this is the copycat league and we get a good break real quick. But we -- You think about that secondary and it can be a movement everything else and they say well you got to spend all the early round draft what's -- on defensive backs yeah I I don't think so I just about. The Seahawks used the first tropical Earl Thomas best music in the game. Can't chancellor their safety a fifth round pick Richard Sherman -- a row. Are at Maxwell the starting quarterback. Sixth round pick Walter Thurmond the third on the nickel back. It was a fourth round pick Jeremy -- for northwestern. With their fourth quarterback and a special teams guy. Sixth round pick and they've got -- Seidman. Waiting in the wings he was on the physically unable to perform this -- -- Belichick draft choice with separate property just think about that. All -- -- defensive backs only one. Was up first or second round pick or even a third round pick all those other guys came in what may have sixth round went. The good like. Maxwell was -- a starter for them either go -- he got to spend I don't know with a lifetime suspension and what's gonna come about it was a lifetime suspension from -- yeah yeah yeah -- appeal process but I mean that's another approval guy they have. Create it. Wasn't even drafted. So bad that goes -- -- yet -- -- -- this -- relatively -- I'll be on up until 7 o'clock -- New -- had a choice. You're on the big gate seventy -- BL AM you out. -- -- -- -- -- -- Donnie Jones show LSU basketball coach not a -- to be on our you can catch the NBA. The pelicans vs the San Antonio Spurs on the flagship station of the pelicans 105 point three that would -- yell at him. Bob ball. What if things it was deja blue. Is the fact that 438. Yesterday. And yet in pre season it was almost identical score. Yeah I was talking about that and I've said this that you're doing leading at this doable and -- that well. I don't know if you you know you look at like you know when you matched up but you have film against an opponent. If we can really count that demands the class that well I didn't know. Are -- guys you can make too much of it but then I thought maybe you can an amateur you why. But I remember when Jim Harbaugh as birds. Game the head coach of partied on into play the Saints at the superdome. We have a Gregg Williams is working on the blitz package and he worked on it all at the end and now Alex that was built there and that wind up getting I think five or six sacks. Is there a completely different team. Come playoff time. But when you look at the Broncos. And as Seahawks. Pay 48. We'll get that the score was 45 in 83 season the Seahawks crushed the Bronco. And everything why bring that up -- John Elway. Began running the Broncos and he's the boss man. He has never talk to the team are the coaches but after that but -- -- in the pre season he quit Q how. Not as immediate date -- player Bronco players say this. He went and chew out not with the players with the coaching staff and saying we got all but with we thought we are stop and it's unacceptable. And they've hitting knowledge that they kind of turned things around for the Broncos and -- they had that's why you put this season. But -- have that's -- against the Seahawks they hit it. You don't that you could say something and you could do Sunday but it it obviously depends on your opponent that is very images what do carded three season. Sport discordant to bull -- and chose this morning Tommy took -- quality of the fields one of the things is the unit -- But that this outlook of the NFC compared to the AFC. When you look at a team like San Francisco and how they're built. Wallace now with the type defense they half Carolina. With the -- -- they have now. Green Bay to be used more structured like it AFC team right. Now they're gonna need some help defensively but don't you talk about the top names along with Seattle that's putting it atop the AFC. You have New England. Which he picked up a lot of these bits of losses but you know they -- pitching catch the okay I'm not a physical team their pitching -- team just like -- then Maria's. And that's why I'll help from the start the season -- -- -- pro level what the Pepsi. They would win the Super Bowl because cup competition. And the fact this the -- the matchups were gonna pay with them. Don't think I think we played Seattle that that's the time and I never question Drew Brees and Peyton Manning -- our pocket quarterbacks. But he gives Seattle you've got to be out there and live. And let -- say last say that -- -- with -- predicted. Now he had a terrible -- water. But look -- they -- -- this -- that's why I think the Packers. Would be a little different because Aaron Rodgers can extend plays with his feet. -- May be by time or Peyton Manning would go by no time. Now Brady's night a by Tom Brady the Patriots though this ultimately picked it because behind -- that if it don't we sit in the pocket. Note cam you know I think would have a chance because all Moulds but the way people the they close the pocket. And even Pete Carroll and all the the with the players heard interviews that -- that they wanna move Peyton Manning off its spot. They don't want just any normal office by Stella all will bring on has just -- that they have been in. And it gives those type teams that's via I think -- -- question. The -- Drew Brees had against the Seahawks that. Man got all the pocket quarterback I think every bit about it. -- -- good -- consider who you going to do it and them back to. It's got better weapons on edge with the Saints do it was the receivers we do look at as a whole. They got better receivers we got to go to keep that Harvick yeah. You know huddle with Bobby might. Yet -- -- -- things I like to bring. But didn't put on defense could. They wanted Russell Wilson to -- to his right. But every county road vehicle left get a lot of open field is that so wrong on all day. Yeah right in what he did that limit they would happen they looked at all the game film. And when he hit it to break that the puck because they have -- all now is all attendance yes it is these percentages. That when he would leave the pocket and he's very capable of doing that he can extend plays it was always going to the right. But in his back pocket. Russell Wilson also have that's been mu. You know it's like all the stuff that just -- at all like get top and he -- articles that are left and you've seen that happen a couple of times that you bring in up. Right now so. What does -- do now but he has contract negotiations. At the end it will all over it helps that I know that but you know I think the -- a lot of it is -- But Paul Allen is what the richest guys in a world. And at this point in time Seattle's Livan rich because of the fact that got a lot of these guys if it's Richard Sherman. And cam chancellor. And Russell Wilson who they are not paying a lot of money. This is what happens every -- we just used to go to -- you get respect in this league while one way you get me. Now all of a sudden. -- you win a Super Bowl is not the start Julius is -- guys just maybe got cut below that they have become a star related that wanna get very hot. Russell Wilson's you'll get his money. -- each of its gonna get his money can't cancel. It's this second here guys now that somebody's gonna you will. Linda Dave Moore and do what Seattle is but -- not gonna hold out -- contract you don't get a few up with him. The thing is they get X -- have a that you look at Russell Wilson. Obviously -- made like Raanan 6000. Dollars but if you look at Seattle as a team. Their wanted to youngest teams in NFL they're averaging eight dollar thing is like 26 and a half. And you look at the ball I think what it is not money not an object with Paul island obviously. But you have a salary cap. So even though you might wanna pay everybody and and have a beat a team of the decade. How each team would do that to keep everybody happy team that that's the thing where it's a lot harder to have I ninety's the witnessed -- players. Because everybody -- -- pay when you have success where in the old days a team all of you before free agency -- like it if you could be hard pressed. But at the same names like easy with the old Steelers are are Cowboys. And that if Peyton is that the thought -- -- about the Patriots. They continue to win but with different names different players who has heart that he makes them special is -- you gotta give Pete Carroll. A lot of credit. And. At a depth they have on that Uggla yeah you can spread it around our starting cornerback Byron Maxwell. Who was going to be in nickel guy. Comes in sixth round pick he played really really well at it Walter Thurmond gets suspended it's moved up into the rotation and Jeremy -- Was a guy sixth round pick Blair special teams got -- -- rested and part of the thing is going to be difficult do you. Is going to be -- a Walter Thurmond's -- Jeremy lanes at a world. You can you can hey there's Sherman's -- Wilson's at a world but it's the second year guys that LA. I attracts certainly it was a -- and I think they don't want to take care Michael Bennett you -- not gonna take care of gold and vacate. Because again to break him because all of a sudden is it. Sidney Rice who they look kind of that would be their best receivers he's been hurt. And Ellis a person Harmon and you got that ball would remain first step but. Right I mean -- the day is gone so well I think yet educate everybody -- like you say he. If you look like whatever he's done for me and produced in. I mean Russell Wilson speaks for itself and NFL history he's now one NFL record a 28 wins in his first. Pro seasons including the playoffs so in other words it's two years NFL nobody embedded in him as part of playing -- winning quarterback. And with. You don't want to do is get into the final stages of a contract with the quarterback and we found this out here -- -- wallets -- -- you know that got. Got to me through things off that season it already was constituents because. A small -- get suspended for the season all this -- stuff everything else that got brought it did you. You don't not just talk a lot of back there I mean that just added on to one thing with Seattle and with Paul Allen. I think that in you seat across the week. They try to -- capitals star players before it gets time. Because that's when he gets continuous. Architect to -- it -- you Bobby so yeah situation happened you. Well that that this thing is oh we -- had success that we want we even have a million dollar player. The line here I got the dome patrol and you know you go over a three year track record where you're ranked with the market value. And in you know Jim -- general managers that I don't care about market value is overpaying. With that as a player you gotta get it by UK and it's all of us and I got the likes of Sam mills Ricky Jackson. That's really all on my -- that while you know kind of the trickle down effect where it the quarterback. If you get paid if we get a get paid that's what pat did a good. And it worked out for the -- that that's why got the road yet -- -- you look at it that the continuous. Process. That's -- -- deep down. You have to be in love with the team. And on this -- individual players because it's beautiful out today you look at by the Patriots that right now it -- -- wolf got hurt. Tom Brady with the only player. That's on the team does that last. It's doable as you know was closer to be older. Robert Kraft says the closest player and him. It's fits well for what Jack's pits would not have any help in negotiations. Said not the way we do things it's all about business. Lots of good drive Marino was five. Teammates and he's definitely part of the woods won't -- a little -- It's. Cool -- but not I don't know we got looks. We Julius Mother's -- But dropped. Rick Baker would ever happen Bradford but -- three yards deep -- and -- you know. Stepped up again that's completely -- That is forced at home with a little for the W. You know that now they come back the next motivated Rick personal commitment -- a little bit since doubled in the pocket and throw the ball out of the we talked about earlier so you go -- the -- of which would you vote as the spokesman. That was one of a spot in the cool moments if you know chronicle spend a moment but the Broncos Houston Ole Ole. This is all local with our cash contest is back we wanna put some -- your pockets weekdays looked -- to -- up for chances to win a thousand dollars every weekday. In -- 1000 dollar cash -- this. This that WBL we -- right with a pop art music video. Don't three and six BO put code word that it's that the court work -- evidently Al dot com slash cash our click on the hot this -- -- -- WL dot com. It's just this season it to a new sport -- the tablet or -- office computer or certainly at home you can win anywhere. Every week he wore lucky listeners nationwide went -- thousand dollars each good luck and remember that not solicit right now. Before the top -- -- or 8 AM. New three and six BO on WWL -- And I got this to me the way the rules and structures towards leaning towards the offense that lets just on the -- but the legion of home LOB it. And the second area past the fifth and a Seahawks. I had said this that this is leading up to the Saints game. To show you how significant. And now house sometimes numbers can lie but when I looked at Disney didn't lie you look at the it to coordinator Dan Quinn and what he's done. With that defense just the fourth time in history. That you had a team ranked number one and interceptions. And passing yards allowed to say we're number two passing yards allowed we don't get interceptions. That as the difference. We need the ball gets the guy that's don't drop that if we keep -- -- yards -- we got to get depicts those Seattle UK pass against them but they also come up with the Knicks. And leading up but it is when you think that played out the Seahawks. The three all on the fitness will get swept all four with a with a global official yardage medical back in 1950s. That is the -- sort of football perspective dot com. He says when you look at the Seahawks and bet that where they're at right now they're wanted to top five deep into that the last 64 years. And this second best this in 1970 merger when you put the AFL. Be a win at the NFL that merger. And you look at the rules they'll to have that kind of past the fifth considering -- benefit the offense. That's why does the alters the dominant -- the -- to that story next year. If you think gonna pass against that the -- lately and it. You better about that hit -- run the ball Halloween money yes I think that's I'll tell you in the twelve game I think Coach Green -- the right formula. It's an average of four point two yards a carry. But that's why I let that would be mower. You might be at a game where you not as explosive. Which is look at the Cardinals what at the -- you're hurt it at it you got to play at. And I think you can't win at Seattle but I look at all the Cardinals instead of seventeen at the end. But if you got him to -- all likely be the 49ers there. That is its so significant. Considering how close that -- -- advantage. I mean look look at all feel about it I thought that both both of your neutral site. Barrett Murton waiting game that this matter he is snapped the ball screens get ready to change it I guarantee that the two weeks leading up at practice. David I've dragons anything dealing with crowd noise because they're thinking not to neutral site. I don't know on the I think with the Seattle home game with a twelve -- I don't like -- -- fans that went into game. I know they weren't just watch in. Baylor ran and raven it's agreement and I called that -- all of a sudden Walt. -- the quickest they have never had a scoring nine is -- well thank. It is not -- -- zero will go to break here seconds but one of the things is the -- print -- this game -- virtues that you. It's a coordinator Gus Bradley was there was not go to Jacksonville. This is where -- treatments of -- there. But doesn't that Seattle the -- -- Speed wise quickness wise a lot like -- copilot of the Jimmie Johnson everybody laughed at that all the Jimmy's the public to. Football approach with the -- of -- speed linebackers at all that all work at -- -- -- Seattle has done the exact. Same thing Johnson -- to transport the Cowboys. He's done it with the Seahawks. Momentum is important in sports and I think you and obviously we -- -- all the momentum low. The first now. Wrap it up aren't noble one of the second -- show. Bob but what are the things. You did a football game you captaincy. Almost not that relief was taken off Seattle. They -- told it this that you got nobody would experience in the Super Bowl nobody's done this and it goes to show you how much that was so all the hype. About all the experience of being inept at what. I think it's experience of people around you -- know. When this things like that pulled the Saints how some players that admitted that big game with the Colts that walk count that out before. Peyton Manning had been there before that that. Big game experience than me in today's game is not a huge deal. No. That that that I think Seattle was confident they had the swagger of their coach Pete Carroll. And there recombinant if you look at the first quarter and how bad it -- a -- such a nightmare. And you think about this in the emirates sending all -- all of -- have record. They ran seven plays only eleven yards and had a safety had an interception. Meanwhile -- yelled -- -- of 48 yards you look at time of possession. Eleventh party won the 319. No luck at the Broncos guy like that amounted to what to do with the. It was almost like I'm not help much in the first round and they just got to staggered around -- a lot more under on the psychic gesture right at -- is. -- -- -- -- --