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2-3 5:20pm Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier, Seattle Victorious

Feb 3, 2014|

Bobby and Mike were joined by Bob Condotta, Seahawks beat writer for the Seattle Times, to talk about the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII victory and upcoming contract negotiations.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Seahawks now have two extra lineman in Maryland job here -- -- really has no idea of giving yourself on and on December. The turn -- handle it looks running reports of them down if you. -- -- There's Shawn lynch. Powered through a lot of really good block low blood of those free off Mets have lead over the Denver Broncos. 438. Seattle beat down of the Denver Broncos back here on this issue like it to you Bobby -- -- a -- with the spot in Ghana. Seattle Seahawks -- of what the Seattle times -- that so much with Jonas. Here is good pop up. Anderson. Both -- -- but Seattle would win. Average of fashion that it did as it gets it was. Meant this much now as -- what do moralis. Everybody starting now to what it fourteen. What are the big question marks on his team personnel wise to get side and to upgrade. More at the upcoming season. Well -- you know they don't have a -- album that's that's what the reasons why there's some atop the leader on the team right now not only did they do not put it one this year but. They're pretty well. You attitude that you big name. Three in that they have a Golden Tate Michael Bennett act tonight upbeat and Michael Bennett and maybe Spiegel and now Tuesday he'd be part would -- it this year. You know -- Of course the what was the interception there. And so. He repeated the you know like most guys that are in this situation you know he said he liked them back but he might he might get command salaries that might make it difficult for them to come back. -- couldn't pay him Betsy would -- aren't intelligent they've got some younger guys being hurt that they like that you know maybe it's. That you do that. -- you know they don't have it that kind of need to give it some of their defense to line up guys in Oakland -- put -- -- -- -- it's some of those guys but they're really big name guys you know it. Your average fan might know about otherwise. They don't have to lose videos you know Earl Thomas servant Russell Wilson are -- Pretty hard and all the guys are under contract or you know -- one -- multiple years down there. Now Bob all the ducks football you witness and particularly. I thought this is ironic when you look at the Seahawks Broncos the match out. That when you look at the pre season scorer. The Seahawks crushed a party that's in an ironic that -- rubles 48. Almost -- get a prior to the media days the Broncos players talking about. And Al only time that John Elway took over. The Broncos that he addressed that even the coaches that basically called a mile and it's in how they were so well. Well I guess that speech might help them in the season -- short at -- get this -- Yeah well you know any different interestingly in pre game. It was a couple of he played that -- -- for Denver you know -- it. Baker for ten yards in the moved up and down noble I'm a couple of a couple of really good drive. Against them you know one of them with the publicity -- note that the ducks turned under seven or thirty yards for -- you know that got another American -- return for touchdown it was it was sort of that. It between one of Denver are the nominee. I'll be -- that. But definitely did a lot of it being in that game. But the score was living man because in this house sloppy Heyward. You know that was the -- yesterday evening at certain count on me. Which -- -- -- it. You know yeah I. I guess I don't know exactly you know probably dial speech or in print out yesterday you know yeah we just better. And they aren't you know a lot it really does come out of that and that's that's what things he and a lot of people on the outside they take best offenses variance -- it in -- so we got to there. -- is certainly the -- guys better than you than you know at the receiver art and -- open the receivers to camp chances. Guard -- can't get open and sometimes it's as simple as that and I think that was a lot of sciences the -- of very talented team. They're younger they're baptists that everybody that play and it at -- very cute quarterback you know to actually out of play. This they want to play it and it really not being together. And -- Bob talking about better and that's why I think you have to put him in the conversation. To -- guy and and I as I say that simply because. What they've accomplished this year you got to put -- with 85 Bears in 2000 Ravens. Because of the rule changes in how they wanna help off into the passing game that you look how dominant. They are the legion of boom in the secondary just overall the defense but. I look at this day and age how all the hybrid tight end -- look at what they didn't Jimmy Graham departed David Julius Thomas. At that -- do anything. Got a flat out to shut out. I mean does so you think it is better. Amid approves it the putting is volatility they were lucky at the breaks went their way I just think -- that much better. And have to be considered more degraded defense is never. Yeah you know -- -- a -- -- that I wrote I would like -- you know like Brad Bryant and and let you know I had an oil -- you. To be considered that you know with the media to do it will become a winner there -- now it is. Do it again you know if that's right 85 players who worked. They were desperate and he never won in the Super Bowl after that they're never got back there you know he gets it after it was another one then you really do. You know start to make it so it is you know it it's it's become you know arguable. So I think that's really going to be -- thinking of those guys talk about. But yeah. You know -- -- -- outing. Just that the slight bit wondered heading into the game because it's there it's there he's in it the undisputed that -- -- -- between these were them with a teacher conferences. If he was a little more you know tennis ball back that. And it healed traditional style seem like there was some of the better quarterbacks in better passing team in the -- Unionist he would outlets that. Note he went through run there made a lot of back up quarterbacks -- rookie quarterback for things like that you know. It and facility they -- peace and seemed to work very good -- -- and it -- -- that. The anyways so why I want a little Mazzone is it away and witnessed an apple in the age of the that the current numbers -- -- I think that but it. You know they answered questions but you can't -- it -- all -- he went into -- game like that we -- -- on top of the that sort of keep in that they had. I think certainly put themselves in that -- conversations and now you know because you're young enough because the -- should stay together. Most of the key guys anyway -- tackle in the next year they're gonna that chance to lead in the football immortality. Bob but I agree a -- you have a shot. Because of the salary caps they'll won't hit went through problem we do it the next season you talk about what a good team but what you got another hard ride. What does -- not the NFC west is going to be up what would you leave San Francisco applies. Arizona twice in a much improved so it was Rams team like Bob you've got to think so but retarded as we appreciate it. I think you need a lot -- got to Seattle Seahawks we've got to put the Seattle.