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2-3 5:10pm Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier, Second Guess

Feb 3, 2014|

The Seattle Seahawks upset the Denver Broncos. Did the Seahawks prove that even in the new age NFL DEFENSE wins championships, or is Seattle just that special?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back -- -- like international like in New -- Bobby bare witness so we'll slip casino. Be excited Hancock county Mississippi pummeled by business will be on heels 7 o'clock -- night in at seven you'll have a choice here in the -- 87. -- a BL AM. Well I go moves with tiger basketball head coach Johnny Jones all. You can catch NBA hoops the pelicans are hot basketball team right now. -- and a really good San Antonio spurs' basketball team and he'll be on -- flagship station. Up the pelicans 105 point three -- PL. You know today's definitely help ready Jack corporate people that this Seahawks proved that even -- that you age of the NFL. Defense wins championships. Or is Seattle just that special. You can cast your -- At WWL dot com we get a good pitch shot -- -- and could -- an awful lot big John you know Ottawa Bobby in my. This job. Yeah you don't already done while I was all set -- could talk today about it. A rollicking good Super Bowl he -- -- actually played the game and Ben Hogan. We didn't have that. Guys can you make the point earlier that that one of the things that make Seattle's such special teams that this secondary. Is there are comprised one middle round draft choices and always. All but one. Alter -- only Earl Thomas. That -- there. Earl Thomas is like there -- apparel are the it's questionable hit on or I'll get -- -- arrows there and consider whether it would draft right now I don't know round expectation. Quality you know it's like the Seattle Seattle's defensive version of what Sean Payton did with the offense when he first came -- and converting low round draft choices and and you know free agent picks into you know. -- Ali -- Thomas Marcus Colston Lance Moore right. Exactly and so you know important point reports he had to make the bet that Mickey what was an unreal and rob in more than anybody. In the -- the sort of see it became a transition that golden touch longer. Defensive side of the ball and that and that's something else someone noticed an end and that's you know cup final show of the year. That this league has the -- physical back and forth waves. And what I mean is it some years back you know read option was the big -- staying on offense and the defense and the jobs. And now you have the legion of boom and it looked like you can't finish on -- that you mentioned this already thought fate if you open people credible Guillen. To how -- can play against a defense like Seattle and that that the -- itself. And effective running game when you movement downfield that equation for those guys are open to the box. And then maybe try and start dipping because we apparently moved toward the passing game in this league and maybe we need to start moved back toward the running game mostly. What we've -- -- that's always been a big part of it but the 'cause that the rules. And the way you don't think that call that the league today. It has become a pitching gets weaker bottom line is if you can run the football effectively played great you can it's special teams it's old school played it. Well there -- -- -- don't work that giant they get it whether the whether it was perfect guard you inside in a dome or outside. That's it -- said it's reported it gets somebody passes Russell Wilson threw. Point 85 real reporter that's what he -- over the last but yeah the more that that he was eighteen at 45 or six yards where Peyton. Manny group party nine -- that you play catch a peek at this third point. But I am telling you plane ride to Seattle and if you throw in the ball forty times the more. You almost like about. Back it up buckets there's draft yeah. As they get -- you not necessarily sacks but pressure at the target I talked about this is just the disruption. While the passing lanes that you -- with maybe. Get trouble finding receivers -- feel it wasn't all about sacks where people it is -- could step up. -- constantly people bear addicted advocates -- not once but twice. It isn't unique the Mets in which you saw this year so. Yeah and that no one. -- -- No one not one. Not Andrew Luck and have a little bit success in the second half with -- beat him but for a whole game now with no one. No one that was able to -- there but. If you look at sixteen games it was the games that's remarkable in this league with new rules so that we have big lays. Throw the ball well you look at it Seattle gave up fourteen points a game the Broncos the greatest offense never got eight points. A BA and you know I tells the story you looked out double to David -- doubled -- into -- now has its five times it is suitable to -- has won four out of five. I mean when you go best against the best even if there's one that's why I'm Dudley is only Peyton Manning to -- That that's Slotnick adults was -- I'm not a great place on the money tonight you know does the Lola. Got to think -- beat John is nobody wants to admit it. But that the -- -- so much stronger conference much more physical. Conference better conference in the AFC right now and -- that swing spent globalized. -- -- year. But the NFC what you look at those top tier teams like a New Orleans at Carolina. Greens are yet they don't look -- -- -- Arizona Carolina. Look let me make the playoffs look how good they -- look at scoring. The minutes amongst the -- you go to top scoring the -- it's all Seattle. Carolina. 49ers as a us and then at the Saints. I mean if I -- it that's life though. It's going to be they win don't mind. But the go back that is noble like next year next couple years it's going to be tough. I'd much rather it was in the AFC right now beat because. Look at this threat now I think there's three of fourteen that in the Bronco. Net net and it just the way the team didn't. Make every they would yeah if they would know better on that the Mets aside. They might challenge that beat John thanks so much for the call we appreciate it we're gonna go to CNN jerseys sit in Ottawa Bobby invite. Anybody yet they -- I was so. And my home in New Jersey of sorts a super Super Bowl you know plain and so the same school you vote like two dollars and the it was super abruptly -- And one it's you know up at saint TO and I listen to John Madden. And he made some comments on the radio which I vote really -- You talk about the Saints. Prepared for Seattle think he -- -- the field the practice field that put on the water sprinklers. He did everything they could certainly can only -- -- but what they didn't do. Is -- didn't play in on me and football -- half game physical football. And Adam and that's really. I'm wondering. Who won't let that we can. Come -- can do that mixture here it's an attitude that the physical attitude useful. Seattle bring it to Denver in Denver back there. And we showed glimpses of the few players on the team play that way but he doesn't really aren't that. And do you think Sean sees is is it seems like it's so it can be done without public first round draft choices. It's just playing with a lot more open attitude and toughness. That you call upon that. -- defensively. This it was a tough football team the Saints had last year. I mean just look at what they needed week in week out. You can't stated the states would not help football -- Leland does according because we didn't get the big problem was offensively. You weren't as good as you -- a pass offensive line woes didn't run the football well and you got no stretch receiver. The problems you'd pat on the -- a lot of not a lot of victories -- yet or welcome especially in -- secondary. But it wasn't because of darkness. You know idea Phillips college team is structured I think the Packers. And the Saints though we're more like the Broncos job -- it made it through. We're not yet at the point I think like even Carolina. Or even San Francisco Seattle now when I mean that that I just look at it like at the front seven. I think -- we're closer. Did them yesterday at the Packers at a chronicles but we more -- still -- -- advance. Because went that we truly commit to the run -- look at like like a pocket and yet we still. Wanna pass -- and -- nothing wrong reads it's outstanding. But you playing it this Seattle's and if you think OK we get a Burnham and beat him focus will be bad passing. -- as Seattle want you to -- -- ball forty plus times. That's one thing when all's said and done if you averaging anywhere near like we did four point two yards there's no reason why we shouldn't have -- thirty to 32 attempts Russian. Seahawks now have two extra lineman in Maryland job here -- -- really has no idea of giving yourself on and on December. The turn and handle it looks running reports of them down if you. -- -- There's John Lynch. Howard drew a line of scrimmage and good luck -- -- of those free off Mets have lead over the Denver Broncos. 438. Seattle beat down of the Denver Broncos back here on this issue like it to you Bobby -- a model lineup with a spot in -- Seattle Seahawks -- of what the Seattle times -- that so much with Jonas. Here is good pop up. Anderson. Both -- and -- -- -- -- Seattle would win. Never heard of fashion that it did as it gets it was. Meant this much now as -- what -- moralis. Everybody starting now to what it fourteen. What are the big question marks on this team personnel wise to get side and to upgrade. More at the upcoming season. Well yes you know they don't have a -- album that's that's what the reasons why there's some atop the leader on the team right now not only did they do not put a lot of this year but. They're pretty well. You're the -- too big name. Three in that they have a Golden Tate Michael -- act tonight upbeat and Michael Bennett and maybe Spiegel and now -- he -- part with -- it this year. You know -- force them. A force -- what was the interception there. And so. -- exceeded the you know like most guys that are in this situation you know he said he liked them back but he might he might get command salaries that might make it difficult for them to come back. But couldn't pay him -- -- -- aren't intelligent they've got some younger guys being hurt that they like that you know maybe -- that you do that. Other -- -- you know they don't have it that kind of need to -- it some of their defense to line up guys in Oakland are all going in New York -- some of those guys but they're really big name guys you know it. Your average fan might know about otherwise. They don't have to lose videos you know Earl Thomas -- Russell Wilson are -- Pretty hard and all the guys are under contract or you know you're one or multiple years down the road. Now Bob all the ducks football you witness and particularly. I thought this is ironic when you look at the Seahawks Broncos the match out. That -- you look at the pre season scorer. The Seahawks crushed a party that -- and ironically in his rubles 48. Almost identical fired at media days the Broncos players talking about. And Al only time that John Elway took over. The Broncos that he addressed that even the coaches that basically called a mile and it's in how they were so well. Well I guess that speech might help them in the season British Jordan were against the -- Yeah well you know different interestingly in pre game. It was just a couple of he played that -- or for Denver you know he watched it. They threw for ten yards -- -- moved down noble I'm a couple of a couple of really good drive. Against them you know one of them with the fumble in the end zone that the ducks turned 170 or Saturday -- for us. You know that got another American -- return for touchdown it was it was sort of that. Mean on October 3 nominee. I'll become. But definitely did a lot of it -- in net -- But the score was living man because in this house sloppy Heyward. You know that was the -- yesterday evening at certain count on it. Which would start and it. You know yeah I. Guess I don't know exactly you know -- probably dial speech or in print out yesterday you know yeah we just better. And they aren't you know a lot this really just come out of that and that's that's what things he and a lot of people on the outside they take best offenses variance -- it in their so we got to there. Yoga is certainly the coverage guys that are in the years that you know at the receiver art and -- -- open the receivers to -- chances. -- party can't get open and sometimes it's as simple as that and I think that was a lot of sciences -- or just a very talented team. They're younger they're out so that everybody -- play and it at a very cute quarterback knows exactly how to play. The style that they want to play it and it really not being together it. And -- Bob talking about better and that's why I think you have to put him in the conversation. To -- guy and and I as I say that silly because. What they've accomplished this year you gotta put up with 85 Bears in 2000 Ravens. Because of the rule changes and how they wanna help the offense to the passing game that you look how dominant. They are the legion of boom in the secondary just overall the defense that. I look at this day and age how all the hybrid tight end -- look at what they didn't Jimmy Graham departed David Julius Thomas. -- that they did do anything. Got a flat out to shut out. I mean does -- -- -- is better. Amid approves it the putting is -- -- -- they were lucky at the breaks went their way I just think -- that much better. And have to be considered more degraded the event is never. Yeah you know some of the young players and that I wrote I would like story you know like Brad Bryant and then but you know like an oil you know you. To be considered that you know with the media to do it will come back in what is there much right now it is. Do it again you know it is that right 85 players who work. They were desperate and he never won in the Super Bowl after that they're never got back there you know he gets it -- another one thing you really do. You know start to make it so it is you know it's it's it's become an arguable. So I think that's really going to be one -- -- those guys talk about but yeah. You know I'll admit to -- outing. Just that the slight bit wondered heading into the game because it's there it's there he's in it the undisputed that -- -- the between these were them that the teacher conferences. If he was a little more you know tennis ball back this. And it healed traditional style seem like there was some of the better quarterbacks in better passing team in the union he would outlets that. Note he actually to run there they beat -- back up quarterbacks -- rookie quarterback for things like that you know. It and facility the -- beat -- -- to work very it out smoking anyways and made the bat. The anyways so -- you know I want it will be -- -- -- away and witnessed an apple in the age of the that the current numbers being eight -- it but it. You know they answered every question is that -- -- he can out it at all anymore he was -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- -- on top -- -- that sort of -- in that they had. I think certainly put themselves in that -- conversations and now you know because you're young enough because the -- should stay together. Most of the key guys anyway people in the next year they're gonna that chance to lead -- the football immortality. Bob but I agree a -- you have a shot. Because of the salary caps they'll won't hit went through problem we do it the next season you thought about what a good team but what you got another hard ride. What does -- not the NFC west is going to be up what would you -- San Francisco applies. Arizona twice in a much improved it was Rams team like Bob you've got to think so but retarded as we appreciate it. I think you need a lot popular got to Seattle Seahawks we've got to put the Seattle. I was saying -- it has all. Those guys recounted his counter right now we had to put it on film all year how we knew that if you had a good chance that going -- want to put the ball. Yeah pretty much like the whole right side of Vietnam goes on like some good guys there's so I just big big gap in any media nobody particularly. Now but it went by Seattle. Over at the notebook Broncos -- -- the -- -- L 1000 dollar. National cash not yes you can sign up now we're WWL past contests alerts. Text the word pass you 87870. Ruler you at the minute for each school where it is announced to remind you to listen. No the cold work it -- that evidently felt dot com slash cash. You can win a thousand dollars we -- right there with the top argues that 8 AM. -- the read and six you know. Join out definitely out -- -- today remember message and data rates a lot we gonna go to Brooks in the West Bank Brooks you know -- -- in my. Yeah about like somebody. That I've had in my observation. -- our it. Off beat and -- what we. And he would -- be the what part of it and those guys work well it would probably be. On with. That patented double. Not that I'm gonna -- that. It. And that kind of being you can. Repeat what I don't see happening with that Spain -- -- You'll get him the ball which. -- knock it on which -- -- -- in the that's the speed of course I'm happen would be that the second adamant that of the beat them. Obama about you know -- you make a great play got the good analogy I think getting the Carroll is the Seahawks type players that don't I think we have one -- -- -- got five -- the kind of not as an analyst at this Yankee team so he could not through yet they got it thought it yet -- the -- absolutely it will but I totally agree. When you look at who put the Saints fans witnessed this year. We can -- -- Carroll when he hit the body they went down. What -- know -- was -- go broke a tackle this saving if you watch the game last night. Which Seattle where they went to tackle somebody that they went down it was a Bronco blood visited tackles. That's the only problem that I've had quit and I think this thing it's like Malcolm -- if it ended -- -- -- we got to pay Malcolm -- it. But the main thing about like the -- Busch boy that ticket business too many tackles. It back Raphael was more because that well but today -- -- because of what they pay him and his basic gallop. And you're not gonna have to pay him a ton of money right now but -- you bring up a great point the only problem with that is. They helped more players that which you do to fit that -- the ski. And and not Brooks and I'm still are right now Q would you realistic. We -- -- -- but when they held the caller on the other side. And any -- Corey like back in Robinson and hope. So that would happen which Jabari -- that it might -- -- I don't know there's -- -- that's like on a back. Is going to be a big issue. If it's free agents all at the draft at everybody's gonna try to get those guys because you know what we simulate the champ. That's what the champ. Got out there might think it Greg Greg Williams I mean Rob Ryan. Loves this guy he'd Lewis kind of took a -- is -- Can't sweetie the architect he had man he got long arms and you think possibly they could develop him. You made it to the few we get a -- -- -- in LO TA's -- mini camp -- the training -- They got to give them on every opportunity. A guy they'd kept around on the practice by Mike -- -- Davis. We've seen of him beat up and down the Lola right now I don't know I don't have comment I had competent. Group we were healthy. We had all hands on deck. We had that the likes of -- that Harold Jabari Mary Keenan Lewis. I think we had everybody I think we can -- that's why we had a number two pats defense all of a sudden. -- as tight -- Donald Corey white now. That the ethical all the that it Keenan Lewis will bubble for the quarterback got a new Korea lifeguard I'm not going right at him. Brooks the other the good news is noticed is that you will get picked up Butler. Who pittance -- will help you if Boras getting a pass rush that was really good last year really good. You lay out a better pass rush and I think not only with Butler but they could -- a year under their belt of Hakeem Nicks what I think is really. Admits it demy I think is -- and -- they get a break back Roger -- because at a prior exactly opinion Coleman. Who. I -- that was the best run defender in a 34. So that that CE got to block but it does that give me some new faces. That thing contribute this season that they were caught on I think it's gonna contribute between now the fourteen Brooks. Thanks so much for the call we appreciate it -- they're brought up to be about the opponents with the sites in 2014. Thought that -- thankfully the battle but they don't. And when you look at the schedule a very favorable is favorable the home games you know Atlanta Carolina at Tampa Bay. Minnesota. Green Bay -- you don't live in green that you we have in all Iraqis -- the superdome Baltimore Ravens. Cincinnati. With did not lose a hall of fame last year regular moms and -- would know. Sampras is 49 -- got -- but oh no way games Atlanta Carolina Tampa Bay. Detroit. Chicago. Cleveland. Pittsburgh. Dallas. When you look at it on this surface over the last three years while I think this is the more favorable schedule. Ops seemed out yet that's far out and race on the road or on the road how it breaks boy you and you. You got the upper teens say it -- Seubert on that Green Bay out all the boards that the that in San Francisco. In the goal. It all the -- Cleveland Pittsburgh Dallas Detroit. Yet though that that's life that's very favorable schedule. And who we get it right now all the teams beat the far. And today it's it's definitely a play off our boss now we -- estates -- what they'd be no reason. While we don't get that double digit wins we put -- under achieve considering where we had as a team. The one every got to get better special teams. You know look at now that does make it our approach the return yet it's yeah out brought it all in all you don't get better in that area but there's no reason. We kind of said -- did a great season of solid base you get the team from seven wins the -- wins would have got him back. We're now I'm at the point. Look at it that scheduled nothing's gonna change look at Kansas City and Cleveland I they clean and has six pro -- of that they allied better. And but no that water that -- -- -- to be their quarterback. But -- -- -- eleven went I'm just looking at that might roughly. But I just speculating. That I would not be surprised to -- I think we could expect eleven went by them -- Last year when we need this look at the schedule -- state kid wins it looked at independence -- yet but yeah me. Baseball this schedule that you out there which looked at it. They exceeded that it was -- right on there when you look at this. But I think is you if you'll bet the over under on it and I bet he'll -- But not a doubt I bet they'll all over eight plus -- while we got to be optimistic in that direction. Because the go back to its global this is the year 2014. You probably need to be -- to concede. Because you got to overtake. You don't have to go next wealth that you're Derick did you got to go at San Francisco at Seattle you wanna come an adult you have a great chance are fighting chance to win. Bob. Wouldn't pick champion Barry after the 6 o'clock Arctic could hang on as we tight -- on here -- -- -- things that shields up in this football game. Is the ports that are running game was so -- put on that -- and everything else in that but it was almost a point in his game. But Seattle of how well they were able to throw the football. Third down convert a lot of third and five and plus they were able to convert on some critical third down plays. Improvisation. Skills of a Russell Wilson tells me that if this thing -- Seattle again. You'll have to ask them designated plays where it Drew Brees gets out of the pocket a little bit and throw the ball and run. Not catch those lanes in the middle would be blocked don't you know. Now I have the receivers got open the only thing is I don't know if you can make a -- I know we can't make plays and it's he's like -- -- -- I -- when the part nicely the Seahawks but when you look at when all's said and done. I mean if we said it before Russell Wilson threw 25 times. That they ran the ball point nine never actually had more first downs that eighteenth as Seattle seventeenth. But you look at the score I mean -- gimme a break it wasn't even close. All right this is what everyone's been waiting for out WWL. 1000. Dollar cash on this bold words. Is the 1000 dollar cash not yes. That won't work this out or is spin. Asked. The EU and the it of that quote Gordon-Levitt of Al dot com slash cash a click on the hunt this late on a website -- chance to win. 1000 dollars nationwide and it's just a simple. Do it to with your office computers -- at home what you spark water tablets you can win. Anywhere this for the next school board right before the top argues that -- on the ball morning. Good luck Brooks -- radio in Vietnam and WWL. Will be back with more second national right up and as -- break with Donnie.