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Feb 3, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yesterday when I was watching the Super Bowl and I saw the Coke commercial where they were singing America the beautiful it almost different languages. I said to the person I was with I said this will be the topic of discussion. Tomorrow to America. And indeed we'll talk about the Coke commercial sparking controversy. And here's our WWL party -- opinion poll tonight do you think the Coke commercial featuring people from different cultures singing America the beautiful. Was unpatriotic. Or a true reflection of the US melting pot. It was your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we will update -- on that is attractive -- on our show tonight Bruno Mars nailed the halftime show I loved every minute of it. There were people who are were skeptical that Bruno Mars did really deserve -- that honor of being selected. As the entertainment for the halftime show with a Super Bowl but I thought he nailed it all right I think -- percent swear music is now. And current trend and visually and musically where music is headed I I thought it was it was great I have to admit that. That was not my favorite red hot chili -- song. And I think that there are some other red hot chili -- songs that would have gone a little better with the type of music that -- Dumars does anyway we got some highlights from that dead at halftime she'll. In fact it's really interesting of the blog that are wrote last Friday night. About the that sort of Bruno Mars is Bruno -- a good selection for the Super Bowl halftime show. Apparently I guess as was on our -- WL radio FaceBook page there was some people who said their -- -- he's he's already Haiti. They were assuming that because I asked the question. Now we're -- the Bruno Mars was not a good choice. And does this not really explain how quick people RT judge. Others how quick people or to jump to the conclusion of hate. My god the whole blog was about -- Bruno Mars is a great choice or understand how that could be about -- in any event that we'll what we'll talk about the halftime show tonight. Also I think there's really is a great lesson about life. To be learned from what happened to Peyton Manning yesterday. And what Russell Wilson did. As the quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks it will be talking about that tonight. It's time for tonight's top eight -- dates here at the top -- things -- like you know which we begin our show tonight WWL. Number eight. -- assembled over the Winter Olympics in Sochi open up. In Russia in just a few days can't New Orleans is getting ready for the NBA all star game Friday February 16. Is coming up. This city has hosted a lot of high profile event today hosted this event in 2008. It's an amazing event and you just heard on namesake and our news how much the NBA is falling in love with the city of New Orleans and you know the NBA -- a lot to. A to try to help keep an NBA franchise here. So once again New Orleans will be in the national spotlight and that's a that's a funny events there are things for adults there's things for kids to bring -- to town. It just once again puts the national spotlight on New Orleans and so I think we'll do another great job will be talking a lot about that between now. And the NBA all star game coming up on the -- number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. On the spiritual 49 talk about her new studies showing that Louisiana ranks third in the nation in child pedestrian fatalities. This morning -- New Orleans six year old boy was hit and killed when he and his sister walking to school the suspect is under arrest we've got details of that story. On our web cited heavy WL dot com really about the tragic story to go into to school in the morning. And we were talking Friday briefly about his tenure study that shows Louisiana ranks number five in the nation for pedestrian fatalities. And third worst in -- the district don't infect Friday night while we were on the -- somebody was killed in the airport expressway. And there seems to be. Some talk from some people about how we need to make our our streets safer. No matter -- how -- you try to make the airport expressway the interstate if you try to cross the interstate. Where the -- expressway or a place like that. -- there's a possibility eat you can be killed. And it's not necessarily the motorists fault. And we just need to pay attention I don't know all the details of what happened this morning it -- tragic story but. We need to pay attention to crossing the street that's one of the first lessons we learned we markets. Look both ways before you cross the street. And yet there are people sometimes people were hit on a place like airline highway because they're not crossing at an intersection. And if you don't cross an intersection of your -- -- you're asking to be if you're asking for dangerous situation. Also. I can't help but notice as a resident downtown. Of how how. Some -- don't pay attention to pedestrians. In many ways new worlds is not a pedestrian friendly city not like other cities around the country. And motorists need to be a little more respectful of pedestrians but when I say that pedestrians also need to be a little more respectful of the motorist. Because I see this arrogance among pedestrians we've touched on this for the show 49. I see an arrogance among pedestrians is like they they they walk out in that even the crosswalk when they're not supposed to walk and they look at you and they almost dare you to hit them. What what does that about it. UK can dare somebody to hit you if you're not supposed to cross that don't crossed. -- and I I get the sense sometimes watching this. That there are people who feel like they I guess this is a moment of when they have power over you. Like they they get on the crosswalk and across the street when they're not supposed to. And they feel like. Well you know I'm in the crosswalk you gotta stop. Well may be of some of these people who were legal illegally in the crosswalk and just being stupid by crossing went across maybe if more of these people got hit I'm not suggesting this but maybe if a couple got taken out. Maybe more pedestrians were sort pay attention on on how to cross the street properly. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The US abortion rate has hit the lowest point since the supreme. Court decision Roe vs. Wade in 1993 and 1973. The rate of abortion is down 13%. Since 2008. But there is little evidence that new. Restrictions and new laws on abortion has caused the decrease -- believe that it's the more prevalent use of contraceptives. That is the reason for the decline. I'm sure that there will be a pro life groups who -- gonna talk about we did this we did this. On let's take a look at this information and and the information is -- ago all revealed yet. But when we have a chance to look look closer at this and people will analyze this overtime I will know more what -- what the cause serious. But the the amount of of places where abortion is available only went down 1% between 2008 and 2011. Now that this is not criticism of the pro life effort. This is simply. Being realistic about the problem and and you shouldn't. Defined problem in the wrong way if you think something is a problem let's be realistic about it. That's the best way that you really have to ultimately solve the problem if you think there's a problem. But I think this is good news the US abortion rate hit its lowest point since the Supreme Court decision Roe vs. Wade. In 1973. This is good news now this is not going to help those people who are fanatics about this cause. And who want to on. Infuriate people want to inflamed it did debate on -- portions up we've got to stop. Well abortions down it does that mean you're still don't have year you do your work to do for your cause but it. It's unfortunate that that good news is not always good news to those people who you would think. Would embrace the good news. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Or seem out still Seymour Hoffman an actor who I first fell in love with when I saw him in the movie almost famous. He played the the disc jockey and the the rock writer who was helping the the young characters who -- loosely based on. A camera crews real life character and life. And the movie almost famous with the with Kate Hudson he played just a great part of that movie and has just been an unbelievable actor appearing in Capote and a number of other movies he's dead. Philip Seymour Hoffman is the latest celebrity to die from what many believe to be heroin overdose at this point. And this focuses new attention on the other rising use of -- when in America. Now from 2007. To 2012. The number of Americans getting high off of here when I doubled. From 300 and a 73000. To 669000. For 2007 to 2012. To over five year period the use of heroin. Apparently has doubled this is according to the federal government. And according to the US says Drug Enforcement Administration. Heroine is a growing epidemic that people need to wake up and see what's going on people who. Would never be associated with a needle. Are now injecting heroin. Hi this is an urban. And a rural problem celebrities like Kaufman. And the common man are all using heroin and apparently heroin is is very available. And very inexpensive. And I guess it really. Does what its people want it to do but. Don't be naive to think that this is just an inner city problem and don't be naive to think that this is just a problem within some segments of society. This is a growing problem. Everywhere and it's actually said because you know I remember growing up when. When pot was being taken and cocaine was -- in a heroin for just one of those things that only certain. Serious drug addicts use care when people on the street use care when but now it's becoming. Unfortunately a lot more common. Number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The singing of the National Anthem at big events often draws controversy but I can't imagine why anybody would be critical of the performance of the star spangled banner at yesterday's Super Bowl. By Grammy Award winning opera singer Rene -- I mean I'm not a fan of opera I I've respected it. But I'm not a fan of of opera but I gotta tell you. -- -- great performance we're gonna play that on the show for you later tonight and I also like Queen Latifah did an unbelievable job. Of America the beautiful. Number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. It was less about Bruno Mars not having accomplished enough to be honored being selected as the halftime entertainment for the Super Bowl this year. I wrote a blog under the WL last week. Is Bruno Mars a good choice for the Super Bowl halftime show as I said the opening in the show they were people who -- apparently just read the question and assumed that I was criticizing Bruno Mars. Which just goes to show you how how quick people or to judge without really paying attention to what's being said. As I said in the blog. Bruno Mars was an excellent choice and he really proved it yesterday he represents the style and sound reflecting the current direction. Of music today and I just I thought he was phenomenal. And we actually have some highlights from the halftime show yesterday it will play those during the show tonight if you and -- join -- -- would comment about anything we're talking about. Our numbers 260. 1872. All free 8668890. Point 78. And it -- amber is -- 77. From the West Bank sharing here on WWL you've got a report of police action going on now. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Air and on the ground level. It. Fifteen police cars. They report card and -- -- actually look like somebody had been one of the police car. Mean different in the car crash in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Going to be met on the list correctly it is an art. Machine that it's right -- elevated become ground. All right Sharon are really appreciate updated thanks for calling. -- -- regular remind you this is live radio so is fee if -- out and you witnessed something in terms traffic -- something like a police action or something goes on with the weather any time it was indoor show. A call us immediately we'll do the best we can't get -- right away to let everybody else know what's going on. Number two -- tonight's list of the top eight at eight. And I saw the Coke commercial during the Super Bowl featured singing. America the beautiful at different languages I knew this would cause instant controversy and it has. Tommy Tucker was talking about this -- WWL first news this morning. The commercial also included a gay couple with a child. So tonight let's set the record straight -- its what is the problem. Is there anything wrong with. America the beautiful. Being sung in different languages. I guess there are some people who are so. Myopic. When it comes to judging what is patriotic and what is not. That they couldn't help but jump to the conclusion and think without even thinking about it. Jumping to the conclusion that singing America the beautiful in different languages is unpatriotic. And a gay couple with a child as it is -- the the commercial what difference does that make. I can't imagine anybody. Explaining. In a reasonable manner how that affects their life or how that he's gonna have a negative impact. On America. If you listen to the show on a regular basis you are fully aware my opinion about gay rights. And I just think this this kind of stuff. Brings out the haters. So. Bring it on we'll talk about it on the show tonight and we'll also talk about what was your favorite Super Bowl commercial. I have to admit I -- I was at a party in the in the early part of the Super Bowl and Nigel back downtown so I I was missing on on WWL. I didn't see every commercial. But I have a favorite actually I have two favorites and I'll say they're there they're about a time I'll say it's it's it's a tie for number one. If we could talk about Europe -- Super Bowl commercial also we're gonna play some of those on the show and and coming up in a few minutes I'll I'll share with you the Coke commercial. And rather thin and think about what it means. I want you feel it. I want you to listen to the Coke commercial. America the beautiful being sung and all these different languages. And what should explain to me why you think it's either patriotic. Or what you think it's a very accurate reflection of America as a melting pot. And boy it's a really positive thing. What I felt from this. Is differ from what what a lot of people obviously felt but a lot of people don't think about things. And they just jump to conclusions. And this is so indicative of who we are two -- a country. And this is what needs to change. Has your opinion. But don't jump to. Conclusions that are baseless. I'm gonna show you another way to look at this. I don't know if it's gonna change your mind -- will talk about that tonight if you would join our show tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text. Is a 77 here's a -- Q how old argue. That information is still on still sealed with the authorities. It's time for a number one on our list of tonight's top maintain -- or -- doesn't make. A City Hall domination over Payton man and and the Broncos. I think offers a few lessons about life force. Palkot Peyton Manning had such a great year. And choke. During the Super Bowl. Now Peyton Manning was the only -- choked. The Broncos joked. I wrote a blog about this and there will be a lot of people who will disagree. With this blog at what I have to say about about Peyton Manning and wanted to say doubts John Russell Wilson. You can read the blog. Shareware and others. And we've got it on our FaceBook page so you could comment audited Debbie WL radio and we'll read some of your comments we'll sort that discussion right now and will. I will recently your comments and throughout our shooter and point. But I think that there was. On behalf of the Broncos. A subconscious. Sense of entitlement. They were entitled to win. And even though the point spread was close. Conventional wisdom around the country once. The Broncos are gonna win. And I'm sure that there were a lot of people who who gambled who -- willing to give up two and two and a half points taking bets. Peyton Manning is gonna shred even the number one defense. In the week. And also I think that's interesting because here you can put football down on paper. But this is another example of something we also talk about a lot on the show and and that is the the intangible emotional aspect. Emotion as a motivation. In football. It was a game that featured on paper the number one defense against the number one offense. The number one defense did its job against the number one offense. The team that had the number one defense also showed us that they -- that in that game had the number one offense. Again there's now a lot to discuss with this a lot of lessons to be learned. And I think what Russell Wilson and via the Super Bowl a teaches us is is is worth noting. I've read it and share its its trending right now on our website at WWL dot com and if you wanna join our show with your comment -- our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. -- numbers 87870 already getting some -- we'll get to those in your calls. When we come back after this break on -- WL do you think the Coke commercial during the Super Bowl featuring people with different. Speaking different languages singing America the beautiful do you think that was unpatriotic. -- we -- a true reflection of the US melting pot. That's -- W a pretty general opinion poll right now 67%. Say it's a reflection of the true melting pot of America. 33% say it was unpatriotic. We'll give you an update on that are coming up you can give us your opinion by going to our web site WW -- count. -- before -- year -- year calls here let me read a couple of these attacks very quickly. Here's a Texan reads says please that is your opinion. And all the calls calling shows today Bruno Mars. And the other day and which would be the red chili peppers proved to be not what people paid thousands of dollars wanted to hear. A poor choice on both choices trash does not belong and yes America the beautiful must. Only be in English this is America. And English is our language. And most of us do not want to see here or be with -- I poured out three cases of Diet Coke today. Gays have no rights. I'm glad I don't live in the council. First of all nobody -- meet for the halftime show YouTube page for the football game. Nobody nobody buys a ticket to the halftime show and in nobody watching it paid any money to see the halftime show so that's an -- I can't. I -- to them. I can't speak for people who call radio talk shows like can't. I can't speak for those who didn't like Bruno Mars but but. Nationally. I think Bruno Mars was a huge success let's see what happens on the show if you and join us for the comic tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. At a text numbers 877. From Georgia do a year on the -- show good evening. -- -- I don't know much about alarms are -- route to a program. Colorado a career builders -- for a little bedroom Google let go -- Undergo. A criminal law or as a reward honest taxpayers in the chili -- on the side probably -- -- look. Under the rule should -- popular tax center is what you said. People of all ticket to the Super -- -- back to receive the past. In doing that there there are people who can't. Who can't see anything beyond what they know which -- their they're stuck in there in their comfort zone and anything that is new anything that is different. Anything that two they don't have a direct reference point to they dismissed which is part of the closed mindedness of America. Well they're saying it will ultimately -- like little more mature ever but what actually called about sharing and yeah. I'm older. Up there on the view particular kind members that work for kept school record in Macon. And I -- it that movies it. -- -- -- would be played in. Alabama program around editors call Stillwater. That's right that would distill water was abandoned almost famous. Their front line -- one -- order I was industrials editor of the recording studio in Michael Jordan as a they were skeptical -- -- old studio. To look long story short now. Winning and our country and. Greater -- Afghanistan. And we invaded Afghanistan after Russia. Kind of in invade Afghanistan and became very unsuccessful at doing that. Now Russia has just well leaking thousands of veterans from the war or -- automatic. Indicated -- look. And that's where. Much of -- heroin crop comes from. Well -- Power low and want to undergo a little slow there and played them the poppy growers. To be operation Irwin and hasn't happened. It should have it called operation. Poppies to my opium elect Carolyn. They increased crop by a recharge it and it's. Became. Have prior session what you should call in her new school children in this country and country -- small homes -- -- -- -- Yeah I saw I'm really shocking I saw a shocking story in the national news couple months ago a doubt. How prominent hero when he is in the suburbs of Chicago and white kids from the suburbs are going and in doing heroin. They're gonna either getting hit a pair went before they go to class. Don't understand it but -- -- -- -- that I'm not sure that tackle a lot of people out. And I'm sure that your own people and they cage and also other there are Jews -- his -- around in the Gartner. You know march which is just. Like you're the one time it was so what little back and get all the Chinese -- when it's it steps Afghan heroin is coming into the country and in the prior plucked a circle covered Arab order. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I got a text here that says Terrell Owens on the rise and I'm a police officer Doug it's about texting just a moment but I I gotta tell you doing I. I would be remiss in my position as a talk show host if I didn't askew just for a moment to tell us about the years that you -- studio producer. Capitol Records in Macon Georgia who did you see. Now I was not a Purdue throughout the manager of recording studio called peppercorns. Sound studios it was a label. That we're faced in my control district court records. And we have actually. Well. Pat -- Allman Brothers band. You know what to. Do we have the Marshall Tucker band. We're here where Willie. And had Lily. Here. And -- we it and begat Cain now from Tennessee. Then later on their record which group policy he was silent to that label. But then allowed chart doesn't come that are and record. Break him at that we will get disarm him because -- The -- -- accomplishment -- Boudreau label what problems shall then that have come back and recorded. Internap became pretty -- firms and -- apparently I quit that job resign. Better work. And little rowboat to Jordan brand and one of the four shuttle -- that I work -- Jordan and it was a grand opening. Overstated been Super Bowl would split the first show is that so Bravo. And and defense. Probably -- culture and -- Mario Brothers or Robert Jordan and wet -- opened the show. Are. Face it those are the days doing when went when southern rock which just dominating music not only here but around the country. It was so it will really happen and it would work just constantly -- to work there were -- And it shouldn't but it was flawed. And -- build their room. The prudential real emotional undercurrent. Oh all of them. I still the ball optional. Where will the addictive that -- -- national group of -- along with the band called L all. But little river level. But although Bryant and had. -- -- other -- and actually had there. I got the real problem. What Florida Florida backed out of -- call heart broke. There was only -- medal and a gold medal that there. We had like well this body Bramlet. We. We had. We. -- -- it was a good group probably don't remember a group called -- in the dollar rose. Yeah Eric Clapton played with them. Salute him probably ought Oilers rolled. Several -- sold -- they're they're gobbled. And plate he wore these -- -- -- assigned place where. What's a young guy's name. Four militant crucially. He was an important brand values and act colonel. Are dead dead dead describes a few different people. Well this kid and he's he's for it here and that is good Slater. Let us -- just -- to rise variety of militant and do well or -- locker room. And where US saw Ana Cabrera calls actually on the -- quarter for our guys you know we manager -- recording studio -- -- For years and to -- up to world order. Do you have a very rich past and I I just couldn't let you go without asking you tell us a little bit about spending time as a manager of a of her recording studio at Macon Georgia at a time when southern rock where is where is dominating the trends in music in America. Yes right now what parliamentary Boller is heroin epidemic we're gonna get a grip Britain at all because we invaded Afghanistan. We couldn't say the example of the Russians getting ran out there and technical walls go to. And -- we're -- -- -- column -- become -- product -- street a lot more. -- I appreciate you weren't they talking about that because it's something I'm gonna look into -- the correlation between the drop in price and harrowing day in America. And the use apparently in America and -- invading Afghanistan thank you for sharing your stories with disability pension -- that studio. In Macon Georgia. And here's where it will -- my -- remember. Years ago. It producing wet Willie and all the southern rock fans it concerts in places like City Park Stadium. If you wanna join our show the company tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- Texas except the 870 what was your favorite Super Bowl commercial. And did you think the F Coke commercial featuring the singing of America the beautiful. -- different languages was that unpatriotic or was that a true reflection of America. -- -- did you a pretty general opinion polls give your opinions like going to our website at WW well. Dot com. We'll be right back with your comments on them if you will. I'm -- -- so on this Monday night she got cold very warm yesterday it's gonna -- begin tomorrow but it cold last year and in today and especially tonight. -- very chilly and windy. I'm -- and I'm glad to witness that we're gonna play the of the Coke commercial basis sparked controversy from the Super Bowl. Yesterday -- Coke commercial featuring the singing of America the beautiful in different languages. That's -- Debbie WL party jaguar opinion poll tonight is that unpatriotic or is that reflection of the melting pot America is 60% say it's a reflection of America 40% say it's unpatriotic. Give your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com. Also tonight we'll talk about the the gained yesterday and whether or not. And Bruno Mars was a good choice. It's going to be subjective I mean if you don't like Bruno Mars -- certainly can't change your opinion of Bruno Mars. But he's an excellent performer and I thought he kneeled on the halftime show the Red Hot Chili Peppers I'd like them. By that song are giving away giving away giving a way to that the semi favored Red Hot Chili Peppers on Daryn there's so many others that I buy like better than them. We've also talked about the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman who -- really admired as an actor. Apparently heroin overdose and I believe they said they found like fifty bags of heroin. In his room just an amazing here's a -- reason heroin is on the rise I'm a police officer. And they are more people on addicting get a cheap and most substance abuse centers give. Free needles. I'm seeing and arresting more heroin users in all walks of life lately. It's the most addictive drug I've seen and there are constantly trying to chase the first high they will never get. So the use becomes more and more frequent marijuana is still the most popular but heroin is becoming a very close second. It's the drug of choice for eighteen to 32 year olds. And I you know when I think about -- I think about. I think about one of the old Prodi's for The Doobie Brothers award you know part of these old and I'm not -- to do because you know and I'm thinking about it. The that the road he's -- for these old bands from the seventies I did I just don't think of or he may be in the sixties. I just don't think apparel and as a mainstream draw -- but it is becoming a mainstream draw. Here's a text about the the Coke commercial. What I think most upsets. What would most are upset with with the singing of America the beautiful and different languages instead of English. It is as if people were upset. Not who was singing it just -- sing it in English when doing so. The meaning of who wasn't as much as an issue as the language that's the water cooler talk anyway me myself I don't buy products based on stupid commercials. So I'm not offended either way. And here's a text the recent Peyton Manning has not done well in the NFL playoffs is the curse of old miss. Well I refuse to believe that in -- didn't Peyton Manning plea for the Tennessee Volunteers. -- and the text of my favorite commercial was the ones for the new season of 24 this coming up. Yeah I I I have never seen 24 but the whole concept that the show is intriguing to me. And while I've never seen it I thought those commercials were very compelling. Here's a text my favorite commercial. The Tim Tebow commercial was brilliant on him as a rock star and a cowboy was hilarious I have to agree with that and I've I've I've thought Tim Tebow just had a really great sense of humor. Here's attacks I'm guessing your favorite commercial was the Cheerios. And the girl riding that dog last -- the the -- Reno's. No I thought the but the Cheerios commercial was really good -- -- -- commercial you know I thought that was cool windy was -- a girl or boy at that it was a boy with -- -- I was a -- -- here. Windy with the they've roped up like -- the liberal but the -- April to update the kid in the get I thought that was cute. But now I really I had two favorite commercials that. We're really a -- I didn't see every one -- saw those. By two I'll talk about this coming up there next our effect we're gonna wait until after the news at 9 o'clock but we will play the Coke commercial. With the singing of America the beautiful and different languages. And I don't want you to two. Initially think about what you feel I want you just yourself feel what you feel because I think there's something about this that a lot of people. Are recognizing. And to me it's a really beautiful. Comforting warming complementary thing for America and yet America the beautiful. Different languages. A lot of people jump to the conclusion that that's unpatriotic. If you and join our shooter might with your comments are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. A text numbers 877. This is this -- show live from New Orleans and we'll be right back on WL will play the a Coke commercial for you coming up after the news here at 9 o'clock running out of time in this hour. And also we're talking about what what Super Bowl 48 teaches us about life that's Cisco blog it's on our website at WW dot com. -- right now it's -- it's trending on the -- -- and go to WW real dot com shows schedules at the the top banner. And it just click ons do patients there from Alabama Lewis Euro and a VW well. Good evening you present time department -- one -- for next here OK okay and John Legend. -- -- I don't see that happening but I mean he's he's he's a talented guy but I just don't I just don't know that John Legend has that kind of outgoing. Charisma -- two holes the halftime show all taking anything away from his talent. I do agree that you put that lets face it. The 80s80s. Groups with Cairo. Let me do rerun. Well unless there's somebody -- that really starts to gained prominence this year I think there's some really talents advancement I don't. Imagine dragons I don't expect them to be at the Super Bowl but I think they're very talented band. And well but generations need to. Break out of their comfort zone and do what we did when we were young generation and that is that discover what's new in -- and what's what's different. Mean I have no idea who might be considered for the Super Bowl next year. Louis and I'm glad you called. John Legend again a talented guy not to take anything away from its challenge to still see him as a Super Bowl. That halftime. Material Audrey year on WWL. Oh what retreat. -- turned 800 hi currently I am right chant going at Florida in the black and -- And going to be with me you. Really struck here I'm out here to. Cheer. He is in. Into -- and the problem. Major wrote I. -- -- -- are out here and I. Bicycle. Because. Nadal. -- all or not hurt kick it out yet but in an achievement yet I. Yeah panic over the map I'm going out an hour Jack or whatever you do do many Atlantic -- Now -- They're all else it's. And your. Hero have in -- other -- call eight on oh. In -- out and legal. And they make that you can write an. Arranged in a city that picture say yeah. Oh. Wait between. On an area -- -- Robert. Cleaner. -- and money here. Our. Call. -- -- -- do you know enough about -- to know if it's if it's easy to hide being under the influence of heroin from from those around you like your parents. It's -- -- -- -- -- -- your eye on it at all this year and it took the small amount annually in our. You don't do your normal me being out there acting a little differently but we can't at least nine. You are now Susan -- in the last year by a many many get well -- he merchant not a real it's. I appreciate that information I've got to get serious break here but to thanks for listening drive carefully and enjoyed Florida when you get there. This is the Scopes show will play the Coke commercial it's causing some controversy coming up right after the news here -- WL.