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Feb 3, 2014|

As soon as I saw the Coke commercial during the Super Bowl that featured the singing of “America the Beautiful” in different languages, I knew there would be instant controversy! The commercial also included a gay couple with a child. So, let’s set the record straight on the haters!

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Connect -- showing this Monday night I'm glad -- with us a lot to talk about from the Super Bowl yesterday not only big game. But also some of the commercials so what was your favorite commercial during the Super Bowl and and here's another question. Did you actually sit down and watch it or were you part of a party part of the group and you really didn't pay that much attention to it. You know sometimes I think people pass judgment on things like commercials and they really don't -- paid much attention coming up we're gonna play the do the Coke commercial. There has caused some controversy because it's America the beautiful being sung in different languages. For people of different cultures. -- of people calling is unpatriotic. I think some people jumped to a conclusion without actually thinking I'll tell you what I felt when I I got from from this commercial. -- it gives me chills to think about it today. But it's obviously not what some people thought -- -- a we're gonna get to that here in just a moment -- -- talking about the Seahawks domination over Peyton Manning in the Broncos. I wrote a blog about this it's on our website front page WW dot com what Super Bowl forty teaches us about about life. And is using once again football as a as a metaphor. -- I get the feeling and I talk about this in the blog that. There was some sense of entitlement. On behalf of Manning and the Broncos they they thought it was was there's an even though the point spread was 22 and a half points. The conventional wisdom nationally seem to be the Broncos are gonna handle the number one defense I mean nobody can stop Peyton Manning this year look at is individual records. But I think there isn't a growing danger in focusing too much on individual records. Because it is a team sport. And individual records can be achieved. And that doesn't necessarily lead to 22 winning. And I just reading his body language I just got the sense that. Early in the game. A patent seemed to be defeated. Here's a Texan reads the date of Peyton Manning's and breezes are quickly coming to an end in the NFL. Don't need to pay a quarterback trillion dollars anymore -- company yards Wilson threw for. Much less much less than Manning and they dominated Super Bowl defense and running game along with guys like carbon. What now saints fans. Well I would be critical to the saints see you got a great quarterback Q continue with -- great quarterback but you'll still have to pay attention to. To -- the league is -- and it was a you know there was a time when. When the pocket passer. Was in new trend in -- football. There was a time when. When other things became important and I do agree that maybe. The trend is changing in the NFL but that's a reason to think that breeze is anything less than a great quarterback or or a Peyton Manning. A great quarterback. But it's almost as if because of the year he had in the individual record. It's almost as if there was a a feeling like well you know this is our game. And look what Seattle did from the fairy beginning. And I'm I'm not just -- -- Peyton Manning this was a team loss and the Broncos. Showed one of the most pathetic. Displays -- tackling. I -- remember electric football. You know when -- were a kid electric football and they had the little guys with a little plastic things underneath their date you know it did the video of the board would vibrate. It. The board would vibrate and of the -- you know it was almost as if they were just like bouncing off. The the Seattle Seahawks -- really watch. What in embarrassment. On that stage. But I actually think that tells us a lot about life anyway you can re discuss blog and share with others you may totally disagree with me you can. I give -- opinion also that is it's an act it's on our website at WW dot com and it's also trending and it's also part of the conversation on our FaceBook page. Which is WWL radio and I'll read to some of your comments a little bit later. Here is attacks about the -- commercial. The ugly southern -- rises its ugly head again they fail to understand that our ancestors. Ran from somewhere. To follow their dreams in a free accepting. Homogenous society. Of other immigrants bigots speak from ignorance laziness and fear of being out darned. America the beautiful was inspiring represented the evict the very fabric of our country. To the world India's international event Bravo Coke. Here's another Texaco commercial should've had somebody singing and cajun French. If you -- join us with a comment tonight our numbers 2601872. All 3866889070. And it text number. He's a 7870. -- here's -- W a pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight do you think the Coke commercial featuring people from different cultures singing America the beautiful in their language was that. Unpatriotic. Or was that reflecting US America. As a melting -- 57% say it's a reflection of America very close poll tonight 43% say it's unpatriotic. I wanna play the commercial for you. But instead of jumping to a conclusion that. First for some people everything is in blackened point it's all my god America the beautiful in a foreign language. That's unpatriotic. Really. Before you listen there's a wanna tell you I felt. When I saw this yesterday and I've I've turned the person I was with -- that this is going to be controversy tomorrow and indeed it is a controversy. Tommy -- -- about it this morning and I knew will be a discussion on our show tonight because I knew that there would be people would be offended by. Here's what I felt. I felt that there were these people from from all these different cultures. It -- recognizing that America is beautiful. Not everybody in the world speaks English. Coke is it is a global product. And I just had this great. Sense of pride that so many different cultures were singing America the beautiful. And the only language they know. If there was a song. About another country. France the beautiful. Australian the beautiful Japan and the beautiful. And you sang it in the only language union. Which is English. Do you think the people of Japan Australia. England tour do you think it would be offended. That we Americans some Americans are offended. Instead of just jumping to a conclusion about what you think. -- This commercial. And we'll talk about it but here's the Coke commercial that featured. Different people singing America the beautiful in a different language and. It is include Vioxx. Patients can include this I'm paying. Therapies. OK. Repeat. Okay. OK so I am the please. -- Disease. And it's a. How could that not be perceived as being just beautiful. In a tremendous compliment to this country that so many different cultures are singing America the beautiful. And this is a beautiful nation. So diverse geographically. So diverse spiritually. So diverse in terms of just people and and and ever everything. When I would but I saw that yesterday during the of the game I thought. Just like to compliment. People from different cultures in different languages singing it in the language they know perhaps the only language they know but they're still singing America. The beautiful. And then I get a text here that says. We speak English. Yes we do. But would. Would that not. -- something that we should all be. Excited about people thinking that America is beautiful in their language. And Coke is a global product. It's not just America. But I think this really speaks to the the superficial patriotism that a lot of people have in this country. And I say superficial picture to their people who think that they overly patriotic but obviously they're fragile in their patriotism is is is based on. Is based on ignorance their patriotism is based on. On. Nothing to verse. Went this country's diverse. The Olympics are gonna are gonna start in a 12 weeks from now. Look at the Olympic teams from other countries. And then look at the Olympic team from the United States. That's as at all. Olympic teams from other countries. All lookalike. The Olympic team for the United States. Is very diverse. And while some people think that that's wrong and it's somehow threatens. What we are. It really actually. Personifies who we are as a nation. I just thought it was was beautiful and yet I knew that they would be people in this country who take the wrong way. Do you think that Coke commercial featuring people from different cultures singing America the beautiful. Was that unpatriotic. I was that's something that America should embrace. What's her to BW a pretty general opinion -- get a -- opinion by going to our web site to be WL dot com if you wanna join us with your comment your feelings tonight our numbers 260. -- -- -- -- 8668890. At seventy. And our text number is 877 -- -- attacks do. How in the hell connect Coke commercial be offensive in any way shape or form is beyond me. And totally absurd people will complain about anything and I mean anything. Yeah. You're right. People will complain about anything. If you don't like this song if you don't like -- commercial. You really need to take inventory. Have your own heart. And your own perception of what it means to be patriotic. This is distinction. And we'll be right back. -- -- Little. Aziz. And it's a. Last night I thought Bruno Mars did an excellent job as -- halftime entertainment. And I thought he did a good job at the Red Hot Chili Peppers though as I said that was in my favorite Red Hot Chili Peppers -- Bruno Mars. I authorities -- it was just awesome. I've there's a blogger still trending on our website and wrote a Friday night for -- if you don't icon is Bruno Mars a good choice for the Super Bowl halftime show. I'm amazed that they were silly people who were critical of that without even reading it thinking that I was jumping to the conclusion that Bruno Mars was not a good choice. When in reality I thought he was an excellent choice it just goes to show you how quickly people. How quickly people judge rather than actually. Thinking about something and I think that's what happened with the America the beautiful Coke commercial. Here is a text that reads I couldn't agree with you more I wish more people were hearing your point of view. Although I feel -- had an agenda I still. Like the idea behind the majority of the message and I wish more people. Would that would open their minds. You know they are going to be those typical conservative talk show host across the country who I'm sure. Where spoon feeding their audience. But talking about how how hateful the commercial wise and how unpatriotic it wise to and disrespectful was to America. To have America the beautiful song in different languages. Again the motives of those ultra conservative talk show host is to spoon feed. The audience to rile people up rather than then try to analyze things beyond an initial response and so it's like I've I'd love to shield. I here's an update on our -- to be a pretty general opinion poll it's different from some that are on the year. -- do you think the Coke commercial featuring people from different cultures singing America the beautiful was unpatriotic or true reflection of the US melting pot. The polls got even closer. 51% say it's a reflection of the melting pot but 49%. Say it's unpatriotic. Explain that to me. Explain how it's unpatriotic. Why is America the beautiful restricted to only those who sing English who speak English. Would you not want somebody. To visit our country. And and see some beautiful part of America. And say in their language America is beautiful would you not want is that somehow unpatriotic. To join our show tonight our our numbers 260187. Toll free 866. 8890 X seventy protects oversee 77 here's a -- -- I stand by what I said. -- lesbian earlier text America not Japan Asia Mexico etc. learn English or get out. This. Is. The epicenter. Of what's wrong with America this kind of mentality. What if somebody chooses to come to this country. And they don't yet know the language. For example. Our hockey player. From Russia. Hockey player from. Czechoslovakia. Hockey player from Eastern Europe. Doesn't know English yet. But he's coming to this country to play for somebody's favorite team. Are you not gonna welcome him because he doesn't know English yet. People who don't speak English right now in America it doesn't mean that they don't wanna learn. It might mean that they don't understand it yet they haven't learned to keep it. Now I do recognize that their people in this country who don't want it was similar to. And they think they can change America those people are wrong. You become part of this country. Period. But to say. Learn English or get out. Okay learn English or get out but that doesn't mean that everybody who comes here. Understands English. What if you had a great jobs. What if you had a great job offer in another country. And you went there to work. And you were learning the language you were trying as hard issue could to learn the language which you didn't know he soon issue arrived. And what if there was that kind of hate against you. Which you like that. Here's a -- -- -- while you must have some ignorant listeners. Yeah we have some really great listeners but I'll I'll admit there are some ignorant people who listen to the radio. And you know you can't do much about ignorance except to just point out. That there ignorant and intolerant and don't really truly understand what this country's if it is supposed to stay in -- For -- tiller -- your under the WL. It didn't I had been Coke commercial last night on not the Super Bowl and linebackers -- -- -- get -- On the arm and a lot in my throat. Was doesn't it just struck me why now. But somebody's government these people are making is -- is sure. That therefore plot that -- able to speak English when making multi year no they don't know why they. But cut that off -- it was that they could get to this country. And if so why hold it against those people look at this singing it in their own language. Rose I think you bring -- a really good point to their people who are on making these ugly comments about this song being sung in a different language. And they're very ancestors came to America without understanding a word of English. That's exactly right. And I -- art to people are really -- -- bank. Rows are really appreciate you bringing that up. Yeah and they're they're all kinds of people listen to show and I I love to invite the haters and ex expose. I I love to expose ignorance in this country. Here's a text I wish I could slap the stupid ignorant. Out of the closed my immediately you know you just can't you can't slap an out of from the nor short Tony you're on the -- show whatever WL. But technical gesture but -- -- Atlanta and a couple of things that haven't heard mentioned regarding the impact of global production but it sure. Scoop you name it I got taken to really get to this event. And that god awful for a couple there could be killed by an actress and end. The -- into this -- says children and has been completely gone. That that the doing the coin toss and eclipsed the -- before -- call it defeat. Yes it and things -- at the point -- yeah how many people wrote to him. What is Super Bowl also -- opera. I thought the lady was gorgeous gorgeous -- Totally out of place that the simple -- -- and somebody I don't get these black light hip hop country give up there. I think it would can belt it out with -- operatives -- approvals to. And I I enjoyed it it was a and they -- didn't. I would I would agree with you that that a lot of people on -- look the the audience watching the Super Bowl there's not many. That would do it would be it would be a small percentage that would really be into opera I'm not an opera fan but I thought it was extraordinary and it was just a genre of music that is is is popular in this country and I'm I'm I can't do it. That this is an offense that it's mainstream down on American -- did did you know you gotta get real. One other point. Yes go ahead. I'm an old -- from the sixties never heard Bruno Mars. I was blown away the guy is an amazing talent and I'm so glad that he was featured as big as the global. Tony I'm glad you got an open mind about it and I appreciate you Alyssa English to call here is a text. Passcode if you if you need someone to explain why the version of the song is unpatriotic maybe you need to move overseas. You should learn the English language before taking up residence in the in America. American should learn a country's language. Before moving to another country as well. So I guess you wouldn't have wanted I don't know what your. Your background is I don't know what nationality your ancestors war. But if they came here and ended knowing which before they got here would you. Think that maybe they should have come here which would have prevented you from being here which means that you wouldn't even be able to comment on the show from the West Bank keep your under the WL. Yeah -- used to. One thing I'd like you to do on -- staying with people learn in English. It is -- -- that they noted different. Between Hamburg and -- third. The difference between an element of program. And that he would expand all but I would -- -- Oh you mean those who know English if they really understand English. I think that's a point. You know because to bully. Male school on the voted on -- I'll start burning ball. You know what it would you have Pete will be critical. Critical but -- -- what you try to figure out what each word is like in the senate. And you know it's really -- but it'll do that in -- you know. Keith I think that's a really good point for those of you who were so damn proud of English do you understand -- sentence structure. And do you understand the definition of of all the different classifications of words. Right back. Deep -- that would -- that did that song offend you at all. Now it did. And it you know there are extracurricular -- -- -- the date that the people get this thing. All on alert and being. Well it's a point and I just -- -- how to we don't really know their intent might be I've come to this country -- I'm excited about being part of America I don't understand the language yet. Or what is somebody's visiting America is it unpatriotic for somebody who is visiting America. To recognize America as beautiful in their own language. Right it right and you know when I was in high school and get these six. Bullet. -- that -- span this was just in the elective it was a sport and and that's an out of high school cannot they at all -- know what the ticket you know yeah. I took and I wish it would have taken a little bit more seriously. Right right. Kate I'm glad to draw the show thanks soliciting out from Metairie Chris you're on WWL. -- total of course. You know work on capitol late seventies early eighties comic coming of age and Coca-Cola commercial on whether it teach the world are saying. Yeah generations it was happiness he has been part of that -- and appreciate the commercial all the sudden upset that they taught the world the -- Boy that is a great great point and and this is just another reason why IA constantly refer to myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. There that Coke commercial with -- I I I remember to this day people walking holding hands all kinds of different people walking -- he'll. I love -- etc. this -- yeah. There and and -- they would want to get technical about it then too we should we we really shouldn't matter group put Cherokee. To. What he can singing the small. But at a charge at people's anger about little kid bit. Information just the standard no matter. And they get so upset about it or FaceBook. But I mean -- that -- want to point out -- -- -- In -- day in the seventies early eighties. There -- -- -- short of saying they did and the people who were happy about it there and raise their children grow certain angry and upset about it now. Chris that's great that's a really great point and I hadn't thought about that connection and I appreciate you bringing that up. Here's a text so these ignorant people must cringe. That Catholic masses are said in different languages other than English to. Now. There are. -- Catholic masses. -- in Spanish in America effectively your cigars losing my son in Portland. And I did know was in Spanish but there was -- church nearby it was that service that I want to do so my son's mom and I she was also visiting him we went to that man's. She's -- in Spanish so she knew everything we -- -- saying. I I didn't speak the language. So should I have been insulted by it. Here is a text. So glad this dude is neither right or left. And always so honest coup by -- I think that's supposed to be an insult but I I don't take it as such. There are times that I might be considered conservative might be considered liberal. I depends on the issue. -- -- it comes to like marijuana supporting might think that I'm I'm very liberal when it comes to gay marriage. Some people might think -- liberal when it comes to government size. And fiscal. And military responsibility. I might be perceived as. Very conservative my stance on on personal accountability is -- very conservative. So if you if you are. So insecure that you need to label somebody on the radio. If you need to label them right -- left and I guess this isn't the right -- free. If you wanna join us for your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. Texas a 77 I'm just really proud of in this country we can offer an alternative. Two with the mini. Right wing. Conservative talk show host across this country. Who are fueling. -- And ridiculous. -- anger. Now they're reflecting the anger that is that so many people are quick to pick up -- when they hear America the beautiful sung in a different language. Really. How is that unpatriotic. Don't get a from uptown Alvin your under the WL. Rare. Not signatories to sing opera. I didn't know that yet but definitely got the rock and roll voice. She trained as though that was his first started in the opera. And she trained to avoid the flow forces so busy you know as well or. Did you did you grow do you hear the star spangled banner yesterday before the game -- -- What did you think. That you could have been done better. You'd like to difference. You know like the difference. Way. -- I was disappointed in the game I was very disappointed. If everything Peyton Manning after the game he didn't throw he choked. That's what it's like to throw it sounds like he did on purpose. Okay. Lucky -- the -- did that Broncos they old Cho well they did it was just a Manning but they they did did you -- So. I would note that separate meetings beginning maybe it again that would be a funny thing. Could happen hopefully -- the next year. Well hopefully Lou will not Schiavo I don't think Seattle -- gonna go back in -- cheer. Does that make you promises that deal won another Super Bowl day. Merit no that's that's that's of course ridiculous but you know. I tell you that that's the -- you know there's a lot of similarities between the city of Seattle and the city of New Orleans you don't New Orleans is. Geographically connect tucked away here in the south we're kind of at the end of the road. On Seattle is tucked away in the Pacific northwest they're kind of at the end of the road in that part of the country and they feel like they don't get the respect. -- -- -- Two to criticize him for saying they're gonna win for Samoa there if you can't say you're gonna win a Super Bowl just because you've won a Super Bowl. But yet there are saints fans who after we won the Super Bowl they just thought -- with the we're gonna win the rest of them. Well to me that we did this with others still could not -- Seattle's. I don't know what I heard it was -- hand -- something that was -- monument for years. And I'm not really surprised you know you know are considered stated that the people I've noted that out of state. What -- won the simple though we act like we've been in the falls. You know Alvin you're actually right and I I don't applaud that and markets kind of behavior and there is that and -- mentality in the Pacific northwest. In general and and two. To destroy things on -- celebration. A Super Bowl or any sporting event is absolutely nothing -- Should be I think the world should go to jail -- but he can't -- agree should go to jail. But they've retreated to things like it you know. That was Jimi Hendrix. And those -- little two things are like. Without. -- don't enjoy some Starbucks. Well -- isn't stopping -- to relocate those that don't treat things treating them with public light. Talk about the Seattle. Now but I enjoyed our conversation I've got to get a break I appreciate you listening. I here's a highlight from Bruno Mars halftime show last night's. At the suitable. Undoubtedly is absolutely. Excellent against the quality businesses the -- soundtracks of the quality of this is not his greatest song we played but here's a highlight from -- suitable. Bruno Mars this is this group showed we're coming right back. An interview room. What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial obviously one of my favorite commercials and it's it's tied for number one with the other one that I just lost that also gave me goose bumps. And I loved the Coke commercial. America the beautiful song and been different languages by different cultures so pretty driver really good point about how the very generation that is now the establishment. Where's the generation that was reflected. In the Coke commercial years ago I'd like to teach the world to sing so coming up after the news at 10 o'clock. We're gonna play I'd like to teach the world to sing and right after that we're gonna play the New Coke commercial. It is a reflection of actually teaching the world to sing. An amazing and yet they're ours there are people who were offended. By America the beautiful being sung. Different languages. Here's an -- you'll pretty -- opinion poll tonight do you think the Coke commercial featuring people singing. -- the America the beautiful song in different languages is that unpatriotic or a true reflection of America. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com also will be talking more about this coming up after the news at 10 o'clock what Super Bowl 48 teaches us. About life. -- Manning. Many anointed him the Super Bowl champ the MVP because of the season he had but the season they had. It would it was it was a great team effort I -- -- Rocco had an incredible season but did that go into the Super Bowl subconsciously thinking that they were entitled to win. Because of the season they have yet. And the Seahawks were just hungrier. And better. If you wanna join our -- to -- our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's heavy texting is 87870 from New Orleans Eric welcome to WWL. To -- include during the secretary DiMarco yeah. When I -- that commercial -- go look at it will Lawal yeah -- -- investment into Purdue condition again of do you. -- -- -- -- -- But talking about -- And I thought to myself that -- -- and yet the time fit for them in the original -- in America it would be beautiful for America from competition. You know I think I think you're right because up to this point that Ray Charles version of America the beautiful was really one delegates at the standard. Ultimately -- absolutely look at one with things dubbed the most real disappointed in that person to pick for the move on nuclear. But that would that people calling -- vote for that put that position. I yeah I think so but I'm not if anybody wants to set the record straight on Michigan -- show but yeah I I I think you I I think you do voice your opinion. I got a text last night while I was watching the game was obviously after halftime the Clancy do those from from candid magazine had the best -- said. Well at this point I think the most valuable player award goes to Bruno Mars. Of the two. Would move forward and have and have -- most notable footage. But that marriage -- ago did it without ago period in two children but it does -- turned back you know do you also you know also the kickoff return to a but he. Yeah Percy Harvard. -- -- -- -- he missing he was in me and mean to have to Denver Broncos just put on a pitiful display of tackling. One more question. All of them are on the development of -- right now. The -- in years. Different team Korea won a -- -- Korea. I'm circulate it. Did the losing team. -- from the moved into one -- guard Victoria wore one negotiated. Remember that. I don't know Eric but -- what you know that I think that would be fair and you know if you're recognizing most valuable player it it shouldn't and necessarily be dependent upon winning or losing but which team which player had the most. Valuable player or coach the player contributed the most. They do remember them but not but that one year but he can have left out there but I understand but -- that you definitely. Erica my getaway -- I appreciate elicited a -- -- night. That they soliciting. I here's attacks discuss those people singing the Coke commercial can probably speak English better than we can. Here is another -- Americans are the worst in the world learning other languages. They travel and expect others to speak English in their countries. We short ignorance and stupidity and wonder why. They don't like -- Darius. And arrogance in America. There is superiority complex in this country and this does not diminish how great -- nation we are. By -- we we shouldn't go around thinking that everybody in other countries to. It has to speak our language. Nine I realize that English is the universal language when it comes to a lot of different things air traffic controllers -- as a matter what the airline is it doesn't matter. What the air traffic control tower is English is the language that is spoken among on the world's airlines and you can fly India. Any city and in any part of the world and they're gonna speak English. If you wanna join a shorter night our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Which seventy. A -- receipt 77 coming up after the news at ten we'll talk more about lessons to be learned from what happened to Peyton Manning and what Russell Wilson and the Seahawks did to the Broncos. And also we're gonna play the song I'd like to teach the world to -- from a Coke commercial years ago. And now we're gonna play that song that shows that we -- the world how to -- The Coke commercial. America the beautiful and different languages. Business coach showed will be right back do you think the Coke commercials featuring people during the Super Bowl singing. America the beautiful different languages from different cultures was that unpatriotic. I was -- a true reflection of America. Are polar shift it now a majority 53%. Say on patriotic. 47% say it's a reflection of the melting pot America is. I really am really surprised by this. I would look for you to call and explain to me why you think it's it's it's an American. Based on what we've talked about in terms of people coming to this country. And wanting to be part of America but they don't necessarily understand the language as soon as they get here would you not want them to sing America the beautiful. In their language or would you rather than not singing at all. And and what about the Catholic masses that are said in this country on American soil. In Spanish. Is is that is that wrong. It doesn't mean that we -- bracing people who wanna come here and not speak our language. It means that we are respecting people until they learn the language and it's more of your text you're just a moment from Indiana rich -- to -- WL. Scoop -- vehicle collection yet I thought it was great. I thought it was really cool. At every parent like you were conservative. And explode over -- -- not only unpatriotic really. And what you between the ages of eighteen and thirty. Under the -- they'll wave the flag. While they're hiding under the bad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Richard Davis a good point I'm going to call here is attacks -- I think we forget that English was not the country's first language it came over with the original immigrants from England. A good put here's a text that answer something it to Alvin mentioned a caller mentioned a moment ago. Apparently the only MVP from a losing team was a player from the cowboys this says so holly. I'm not familiar with I'm not familiar with that here's a -- -- I am appalled the people would be offended. And to I said she was. Moving commercial. Coke commercial last night as a child I listen to my mother speak French fluently. -- is a 22 year old I listened to as a twenty year old and listen to my cousins in central Louisiana speak an indication dialect. And that language fluently. Unfortunately I never learned to my family lives through the civil war one of my ancestors moved from central Louisiana to New Orleans in the early nineteen hundreds. Many of my Saint Bernard friends spoke Italian. Others from down the road spoke Spanish yes English is our common language. It does not stop us from embracing the legacy of our family's fairy will put. Here's a text nobody has to call and explain to you why they feel that way. That what that's what makes America great know nobody has to but I don't think anybody can I don't think anybody can really adequately explain. Why that why that song America the beautiful sung in different languages and -- -- commercial I don't think anybody can adequately and intelligently explain why it's offensive. No you certainly don't have to. That this is is America so coming up after the news at 10 o'clock. We're gonna play the song from where when when the establishment today. Was growing up. The Coke commercial I'd like to teach the world to -- was a big commercial. Embraced by that very young generation that is now the establishment and many in the generation. Say that singing America the beautiful in a different language. Is unpatriotic. You have a right to feel that way. I find that to be rather appalling and I just find it so interesting that there are so many Americans. Who don't seem to truly understand. The foundation upon which this country was built. This is this -- show and we're coming right back with more of your calls Smart viewer comments and more via text this is WWL.