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Feb 3, 2014|

As soon as I saw the Coke commercial during the Super Bowl that featured the singing of “America the Beautiful” in different languages, I knew there would be instant controversy! The commercial also included a gay couple with a child. So, let’s set the record straight on the haters!

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Tonight on the show we're talking about the Super Bowl in particular we're talking of it's Bruno Mars I'd done -- it's just a phenomenal. Even though he's been around for a few years he's been nominated for eighteen grammys woman who recently at the Grammy Awards. People still we're not familiar with who Bruno Mars in. The guy is. Believable is dancing reminds me of Michael Jackson yeah round. -- -- got into bringing back this retro feel from the past which is that's part of what is declining music today. And I think it's just great fashion -- -- Reflects the times that we live in now and there are a lot of people who just don't like change and they don't want anything to. Replace what they want to let you can still love what you always loved my. You don't recognize always recognized the new things that are happening music -- -- -- Is part of it anyway at the halftime show was excellent. And by the way he was not lip synching when he was really saying. Now he performed with the Red Hot Chili Peppers maybe they came out did the song. Given awakening awake -- -- -- That's not my favorite red actually -- so obviously a lot of people like him that night there were other things that they've -- actually members to. I thought would have been better with the Bruno Mars kinda stuff. But in any event I thought they were they were phenomenal as well. Here's -- talking about tonight effect if you were listening to the on the pelicans game earlier on WW -- -- 1053. We welcome you to scan showed tonight. -- Seahawks domination over Peyton Manning and the Broncos offers a few lessons about life and that's the topic of discuss blog tonight. What do Super Bowl 48 teachers about life. What happened to Peyton Manning and look at the Seahawks did. All of that is in in the blog -- you can read -- share with others are common are to feel like it's on our website at WWL dot com all sorts on our FaceBook page to be WL. Our radio here's a WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight and this is something else we're talking about as soon as I saw this commercial. I turned to my friend and I said this is going to be controversy tomorrow. And indeed it has become a controversy. Do you think the Coke commercials featuring people from different cultures singing America the beautiful in different languages. Was unpatriotic. Or -- true reflection of the US melting pot. We'll give you an update on that in just a moment that's our -- if you -- pretty jaguar opinion poll. And it's it's on our web -- right now every WL Telecom. I I don't really like opera I have to admit I mean I appreciate anybody who could sing that good -- I don't really care for. For operates not mine genre. But I thought to -- Renee Fleming. Hawaii had heard of I thought she did a great job with the national went and even though it wasn't my style. I mean there are people who love opera it's a it's a it's a very beautiful. Wait to sing again it's not my -- my style but it did but technically. You have to have a hell of a voice just to be very well trained I would think two to sing opera. -- so I thought we would we we played it this is Renee Fleming she says about Grammy winner and an opera singer and here with the National Anthem from the Super Bowl last night. Your -- forces color guard from. From our nation's capital. Sorry please rise for the National -- Company by an armed forces chorus welcome Grammy Award winners and sopranos superstar. -- Nate Fleming. Game. And you see. -- thanks okay. Moss. I. Okay. Okay okay. Okay. Renee Fleming and opera singer singing the National Anthem again not my style but I thought that wears his beautiful. And if she had been really fat you know they say to win -- -- is not over till the fat lady sings well she didn't really fat and opera singer like that I guess the Broncos could have looked at that as well -- it's over. I here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll. Do you think the Coke commercial featuring people from different culture singing America the beautiful was unpatriotic. Or a true reflection of the US melting pot. A majority. 54%. Say it's unpatriotic. 46% say it's true reflection of the melting pot in America. But you know I have an open mind I would love to have somebody call and explain to me. Why singing America the beautiful. In different languages. Why that's an American. Why would you be so sensitive that that you would think that that's unpatriotic. When you think about. This country welcoming. People from all over the world and -- Coke is a global product. So would you not want people from another country to come to this country and say in their own language that America is beautiful. Why they're so much -- some it's judgment and hate. Wire people so easily. And offended. Is something on paper seems like it might be an American -- that don't don't even really thinking about or or feeling what it actually meant. Here's a text this is America people should speak English be the should speak American. Abolition of American. If there's English but there's no American. Let's take a quick but let me get to while one call here they'll take a break right after this break we're gonna do back to back. The Coke commercial from I guess it was the sixties. -- maybe maybe it was an early seventy's I'd like to teach the world to sing. Are really great thought. And now a Coke commercial is manifesting. A generation that wanted to to that had the dream of teaching the world the -- I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony with the words. As -- now the world is is singing in harmony. In this New Coke commercial. And the very generation that thought that that was so great in the past. Is now judging it. And once again this is why I describe myself as a hostile witness to the baby boom generation because there's so much. Hate and hypocrisy. In a generation that didn't used to be this. -- from Houston David your under the WL. And he it it was a commercial -- to me it -- it I don't think people really think about. You people come here from your recorder only everywhere he could Banca people come under our beautiful country and immediate that's a compliment. For you to turn to mark -- and save more healthful diet I mean and I'm a look at that this solves. No David you're looking -- it in the right way however not everybody dies and -- -- you don't want in the -- would -- -- that's what it really comes down to it really comes down to people saying -- You can't come to our country you can do is tennis and admit that America's beautiful that's essentially. What it comes down. I look at the united and they are real quick go on I -- I wouldn't mind seeing Taylor was maybe -- -- front. That would be nice yeah. Niagara I don't think anybody could do I don't think anybody's gonna ticket. Liked it better bring. And it will sit there somebody did to do a Koppel thank whether you know -- a throwback like a -- kind of failures. You know that would be really good -- I saw I I saw some of that I saw really a lot of diverse. On mixtures it to the recent Grammy Awards and I'd I'd like to see that and I thought that was interesting about Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers I would like to see that via trend I think it's a really good point. David let all the showed thanks sourcing and Houston. There. Are if you're -- they would just come right back with more vehicles lately take a quick break here. And we -- that we're gonna play the the Coke commercial from years ago I'd like to teach the world to -- And an Allah the world's largest saying that people were offended that people are coming to this to the people would dare come to this country and sing. Or or anywhere. Oh what if there weren't even in America. Do people not have the right to sing America the beautiful in their language. I would you know what. I'd love how would love to hear. An intelligent. Explanation that. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. Tech's number is 87870. Also we're gonna talk about lessons that Super Bowl 48 taught us that's the skewed blog what happened demanding. And look with the Seahawks did we'll talk about all of that weakened back and -- WL my favorite to Super Bowl commercials. Both gave me goosebumps and and I'll share the of them which it was a it was a tie for number one there -- some great camera I love you know there. The puppy love the Budweiser commercial with a little puppy. And -- decline -- You know it's interesting that you know sometimes. It's we go through trends in this country and this is something a talk about and in the future on the show people are always talking about. Well if we if we continue in this direction where is America gonna end up if if if Molly cyber. Does this if this happens at this where we can end up. I think that we have a tendencies in nation to to pull back its not a conscious effort but it's subconsciously we we we pullback. And if you think about all the commercials. There was a lot less sex. There was some implication elected this is John Ramos John shameless commercial. With the full house crowd indeed the yogurt and it did from fail on his lap in implication was one you know with the implication it's. So there was some subtle things that that that was not that was not a lot of -- sexy for the go get a commercial wasn't lately sexual. So I think this was an example of of of pulling back and there was no controversy was Bruno Mars and even the Red Hot Chili Peppers. So again we'll we'll talk about this tendency in this country we we do have a tendency to pull back if you think about how far America went in the seventies. With taking television to the went. And then what was in them when chill in the eighties. The constitution. It was a pulling back from the edge. And and maybe this is a time when we pull back a little bit from the edge so a -- talk about their -- So we brought this up earlier I think it's a brilliant observation. The generation that is now the establishment was the baby boomer generation. And this is a song reflected the mentality of that generation and it was a Coke commercial. Listened to the words of this that came out a long time ago and reflected the generation. There's now -- critical of the New Coke commercial we're gonna play them back to back. -- too fat and the war. Lose their homes and then it's -- good. It's. And teach him. I there was a Coke commercial that was reflective of the generation that is now the establishment. Yeah I am really gonna continue to push this idea I don't think I'm the only one hostile witness to the baby boomer generation thinks it. It is that our generation. -- needs to recognize is being hypocritical or or or wrong and and as such a on such a diversion from on some good things that we once represented as a as a generation. So here's the Coke commercial from the Super Bowl last night. And they're holding up bottles of Coke. They have the language. -- autumn. Of the language that they're singing. Coke is a global product. I think the implication this commercial is not unpatriotic. I think it's a sign of of of commonality. It's it's one of the one of the shared things -- Coke might not be the best thing for the world but it's. It's it's something very American. That is enjoyed around the world. So instead of just thinking. About this commercial. Think about what he'd make you feel. And how would make you feel. And maybe when the dude commercial came on maybe you were in the crowd. And didn't really have a chance to to watch it or hear it. But here's the Coke commercial that is takes a controversy because it's America the beautiful sung in different languages. ISK. Nations can lose this -- Therapies. Okay. -- Okay. OK so I am the I need to. -- Disease. -- it's a. How how was that done beautiful and by the way I was mistaken it was in the I'd like these the world missing commercial where the candidate in different languages not that. How is that not beautiful. Here's a text of -- The American languages English. I think I was offended because there are so many illegal Hispanic immigrants. It seems like Spanish. Is being forced on us to the point where it seems like it is becoming a second language of America. If you wanna live in America. Then you should learn to speak English. Well I agree with that. Why would you why would you punish the world. Because you think there are a lot of illegal Hispanic immigrants in this country why why would that jade your judgment. Of the world. Mean that's. To me that just doesn't make sense. And again I would love for somebody to explain to me. Technically. Why it is. Why it is unpatriotic. To have the world in their own language. Recognize. That America is beautiful. Bill you're on the Scotia -- WL. I screwed up he'd be you know -- -- which was saying that there is straight. I agree Shonn. And choose. Immigrated here from Italy. And nineteen your approach. And you know my parents learn how to speak English. And 5% of their grandchildren. Of advanced degrees from colleges including myself. We've been very successful. In. I that -- poll. Right now all -- -- little about. What's what's being forced upon them by this government. By want what we call so let's call our new government. That it's coming in with different ideas. And you're not you're not talking about even things that happen under the Bush Administration which are very similar to many things that are happening today right. Hold on a second and now you can rush you know I'm gonna respond to that. This captain Phillips was going on long before America President Obama to -- -- A -- so. I am not sure. It appears. Reaching -- challenge right now where people. Are angry. And what you're angry. You make some decisions. And -- shake some things that aren't necessarily. A bill that might be the reason but I don't think we should accept that as an excuse and anybody who uses anybody who jumps to that instinctive conclusion about this commercial needs to cut it. I checked the inventory of their own heart. -- -- it usually is that you passing judgment on that. Yeah. And I I'm saying I guess I'm saying that. I agree with the person due to edit check stroke. I'm. That shot that they were upset because this. -- what's going on this are that Spanish is concerned. And as far as illegal immigrants are considered. So stability ask -- this so so. You're not intelligent enough to realize that this commercial has nothing to do with that so you're letting that one. That one and expected -- letting that one thing taint your opinion of the world. Question can. You agree with that so. And I'll -- it and so you're you're so. Well I don't have time to have I've got a lot of people in holes and I guess I'm trying to get to the point. I understand I think the point is people looks out what this government. Ops forcing them to do things that they want to -- Don't tell me right tell me what you were forced to which you've been forced to do the government. And -- -- what have you been forced to do. Don't -- -- don't repeat the question to answer. I had been forced to -- 480. Dollars a month to -- there. I don't -- Okay what does that have to do with this song I think you're structured it. I'm extraction and now I'm telling you that this is just -- That some people's seat that this is just another. Yeah. The speaker who according you worked with the government is operating at the moment. You know it. So I think bill I think this I think I think you bring up an interesting problem in America and the problem is -- you transfer one thing to another thing this doesn't have anything to do with the government. And if people are overly sensitive. -- -- this commercial then I think they need to stop and realize what they're really overly sensitive to it it should not it should not be. It it it should not be a condemnation of the world thinking that America is beautiful. And intellectually that's what this commercial does if you're gonna transfer. Anger odd because of of Obama care to this commercial then I think that's one of the problems that we have an America. Well I hope it's just don't you. Care about scooters -- you didn't give any decent. And that's -- it's -- in New York. I think that is actually -- by the way that is not become law the courts are not supported that so that is not reality. That is something that are ridiculous mayor in New York wants to -- I'm totally against that but that is not even happened yet. The courts have not supported that. Well. Well I know about that deal I'm gonna have to move on the before youth. Should vote yes on hand. Look at the future that something that total -- it -- fortunate -- Well it might be that -- it might be that they have well first of all bill bill if you -- 32 ounces by two. I think it's over I think it's a ridiculous law but -- if business is this has not become legal as far as I know in New York. That does it mean that there might not have been some businesses that have adopted this but you. I think you're making up reasons to think that you had your liberties taken away from you which is apparently have been shared by many Americans. -- It's not a fact it's not a fact. -- not a bill it's not a fact that you can only drink sixteen ounces of a softer in New York that is not act. Okay what are you saying that. It cheeky. So. -- You want. As. You bye bye to him. And what's the problem. And then objection to try it -- -- -- -- Well first of all that's -- city. That's a city law. And our -- it's a city it's a city proposal but as far as I know the courts have not upheld that that is constitutional. So we're worried about. It isn't it lunchroom. It was lunchroom about children at schools -- public schools that. I disagree with that to build. Such a great teacher. That that's a terrible idea I I disagree. That you. Which school districts to deal. Bill I Dick I did I disagree with dictating what people should eat and drink some UN I Grayson stop trying to argue with me that's something that we agree on. Stop trying to argue with me -- something we actually agree. But perhaps are not that great purely just you are you an angry man and you're trying to find a flight where there isn't a fight. -- -- -- -- I'm just trying to argue. That people are actually. Pop out -- OK but I'm trying to tell you that that's no reason to transfer anger because of this song. And people transfer anger all the time it's like. People are against same sex marriage because a man about other things that's ignorant. Now I don't. Don't. I'm not angry about other things destroy it -- that fictional people feel that way. OK I don't well that might be the reason but it's not a legitimate excuse bill I'm gonna have to move on I enjoyed our conversation. I appreciate you calling. -- from -- Pedro you're under the WL. -- -- Well and you know -- you're watching what. It would -- date. Act of independent you know that's when the game. He made you know the act of people. Knew where. The way out on Black. America and that. That primary and you know it. -- you know -- there making paperwork terrible. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they probably -- third -- a little heated. And you become well. You can go to China and you know become. When -- America and you won't become. So -- -- you know that the have you altered and is what would only be easily. Did you see me doing what -- the. -- DC America is beautiful. Medicare. Thank you I'm glad you called Joseph thanks for being a citizen. Group. If you're united if tiger will be. He would not to pay back and you're out put them Bangkok would. And thanks for listening Pedro here's a Texan reads. I would not want to go to another country and sing their National Anthem in my language. OK but America the beautiful is not the National Anthem. Do you -- do you see how people transfer things. We're talking about a song that says America's beautiful and by the way for those who are critical. Of the song including under the commercial including a gay couple with a child. The song is believed to have been written by a woman. Who's a lesbian. It was believe she's a lesbian. Again. America the beautiful. It's a song about America being beautiful. It's not our National Anthem. And if there was an an international event that got international attention. And it was from another country. And they were singing it in English to. Do you think the people that country would be as offended some people or in this country. Well. And then there's a guy says he's upset about Obama care this commercial. Has him upset about Obama care. Our liberties are being taken away from us. We should be vigilant about our liberties and I'm not in favor the government telling us what we do need what we can drink. But don't. Don't use irrational reason as a legitimate excuse. I hate something -- to be angry. This is the future. And we'll be right back with mark what are my favorite commercials and it actually from the Super Bowl but also gives you goosebumps. Coming up next. Do you think the Coca-Cola commercials featuring people from different cultures singing America the beautiful in different languages was unpatriotic or was that a true reflection of America. That's -- WW will pretty general opinion poll here's an update 44% say it's a reflection of America 56%. Majority say it's unpatriotic but yet. I still haven't heard anybody really explain why it's unpatriotic to recognize that America is beautiful. In another language. And caller we had just a moment ago bill alive belief in the North -- I call Bakken and told our producer John waited to -- -- I'm not angry with the song. I would his son. I wish just and it just talking about why a lot of people might be angry and feel like I I enjoyed our conversation a spirited conversation. But again if people are transferring their anger. With illegal immigration. Or with anything else with the message of this song. And I think that's a mistake. I want to share with you a commercial that to me. Tied for number one in my opinion. Of all the Super Bowl commerce and I thought there were some some nice commercials but the sign -- reunion. -- build a cystic signed field re industry it was Jerry in Georgia Newman made an issue -- short appearances. That was an assigned to every year and two commercial. Billy didn't figure out exactly what it was all about to be honest with me it was a -- confused -- because it and I as it is about new show it -- me. Right so maybe they'll be a reunion coming up and that was just a tease for a buy into the commercial was the reunion and I was led to believe it was. Here is a commercial that it's a tie for number one in my opinion this this commercial. Just. Gave me goose -- And it is a commercial about. About pride. In America. And it's part of the continuing. Brilliance. I'm an advertising agency in Portland widening Kennedy I believe they're still doing the Chrysler commercials and it features Bob Dylan listen. To what he said in this commercial. This is gonna make you feel great about America. Is there anything more Americans. In America. It's. 'cause you can. You can't say. Because what Detroit created -- Inspiration to them. The rest of the world. -- -- And cars made in America. Making -- best making them Hyannis. Takes a conviction. You can import them. Heart and soul. -- -- But you won't. Because we believe in this team. -- wind speed he. This made the warm. -- -- -- Germany really. -- -- Will build. The all new Chrysler 200. Brilliant brilliant commercial and this this advertising agencies been doing this for Chrysler for awhile -- they were the ones it to came up with the phrase imported from America. Mean I just think that just brings up such pride in America and Bob Dylan did a great job tougher -- -- -- on the -- show. He stole my aunt. Julie and I thought it was the absolute number one virtual. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that commercial will go like a -- that he would -- and you know call people are idiots who were. You know doctors and the -- -- -- -- In the -- would work should crash in America. -- commercial but it. Would be talking about it now. But Corey and you come back all the things it but it was predicted doom and gloom and but you know there's something -- -- -- the commercial would make sure America is there is melting. How people can have a problem with there is quite on the. Mac but I love the fact that there is some reaction to the commercial exposes. This kind of hate and anger in America. -- and in the bank arm in arm because that's accurate and I'm from that generate. And you know we ordered rhetoric and had you know I like her first call virtual it amazes me how we have transformed into -- -- I can't. -- so Mac all right you're like me hostile witness to the baby boomers GRE. That's exactly right compliment generate -- you know -- will want to. Difficulties but bill would where I came from pile up popular -- love that commercial and technical look at what commercially making everybody. I'll himself an American be really really can't be -- go back and the technical work -- break. I agree I appreciate called Flexilis into WW -- night here's a text pretty soon. I'm pretty soon they'll be changing the names of American cities to Spanish names great American cities like Los Angeles. El Paso. -- Cisco. This is the -- you know. And we'll be back we haven't abbreviated -- show tonight and I got a call just a little while ago that time coming to do the morning show tomorrow morning for Tommy Tucker WWL first news from six to ten. And I wake up at 3 o'clock to do that shows so I got to go home and take a -- so organ and our show at 11 o'clock. Understood what tonight is set titled what to Super Bowl forty teaches us about life. And we really did have a chance talk too much about this tonight but there was a time during the regular season win Russell Wilson on the Seahawks winners and asked about his surprise. And success in his life and is his young career. And he answered by talking about something that his dad told him when he was growing up in that is. Why not -- Russell. And that made such an impression on me that I'd I'd -- I printed that out and it's it's over my desk by officer -- WL why not me. And following the Super Bowl victory Wilson was asked about what his father told him growing up and it really focuses on this message of why not me we often go through life thinking that the great things happen to somebody else and not us. We even questioned. Why we're not the lucky ones. But the idea why not me implies erasing all doubt the you can do what ever it is that you strive to do. And I I I love the underdog status of Russell Wilson entering the NFL five elevenths. He short for an NFL quarterback. Constantly told he wouldn't make it in the NFL. State's quarterback Drew Brees has a similar story. But in -- -- reformers like Russell Wilson and in true -- Being told you can't do something. Is usually one of the greatest motivational speaker speeches that you could ever hear in your life. And I know they've been times in my career. Went right. Heard those speeches. You can't do this. I love being told that. So rather than look at the excess that the success of others. And think oh well -- second happened to me start asking yourself the question why not me. And live every moment in life with the confidence that there's no reason why it can't be you. I got the sense that Peyton Manning because of the the season he had and the Broncos because of the season they had I think they had this subconscious feeling that they were entitled to win the Super Bowl. And and I I I said the -- last couple of months. I really bothered by so much emphasis being placed on individual performance records. That leads to big contracts. But those contracts never guarantee that highly paid high performing individual will lead a team to the ultimate victory. Money can buy talent. But in a teen sports. Too much emphasis is placed on individual. Financial and professional status. It seems to sometimes distract. From the need for a cohesive. Team efforts. Scoop on tonight what Super Bowl forty teaches about -- it's on our website at WW -- the outcome what I think John -- our studio producer thank you for being with us tonight. And tomorrow morning. I'll be back for WWL first news and will have a lot to talk about it tomorrow morning. As always thanks for being -- this even if you don't call -- -- I still consider you to be an integral part of the -- show every night here and having a real bloody New Orleans.