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Feb 4, 2014|

Dave talks about Hollywood South, speeding cars, and Dave in panties?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL for listeners on this the fourth of February 2014. It's used today gas not to -- day is battling to college and made -- -- this far 20% of our work week is behind us and -- today 40%. It will be -- -- start focusing in and get the that tell. We arrive at the weekend and -- -- asked knew or. Heard about I heard a rumor analogue pilots spin off of the top rated and the I guess it is going to. And at least partially. In Louisiana. Remember Scott -- Q -- from quantum leap whole -- that's going back yankees apparently going to star. In Athens well on people and that yes as looking at what else has gone on Jurassic Park. Four is going to be filming in New Orleans. And it's like pitch perfect too is going to be filming here and the list goes. On an honor and -- Hollywood now. Entrenched and wonderful and one movie after another after another element here just booming and now the trend apparently is more studios. Independent ones. Are being built right here in there is one under way it -- Nielsen numbers summer -- -- old. Anyway it's it's like a fifty acre site. It's gonna have the ability to do just about everything including editing. And the whole nine yards and -- swamp and payment to go to Hollywood proposed forgot to him. Just do it right there's -- PR thing added here put it together. Here the -- the grand opening and today take -- or there in the fall Cole be good perfect thick fog everywhere Ireland. Not clinic -- from seeing where it was going it was annoying. Missed on the windshield and even the lowest settings on the windshield wipers. Too much so -- can. In noise now account dragging across India Australia. And -- -- the protestors are present arms again and here again. On Karen you know get caught it in New Orleans to -- to protect it -- -- -- -- the -- is terrible terrible. Terrible in home. Three terrible that bad -- And it really. So folks you allow yourself some at this time this morning there it is flew down wherever it is you're going to be careful out there because it looks like it could be. Socked in now time most people get out on the so Laura says it's gonna get thicker. Over the next couple of hours. The fog is getting -- there. And -- getting ours yes -- -- is a guys you know movie reference there. Remember that negative effect in about fifteen minutes or first news here on WW well AM at them and dot com. Get a -- in your neighborhood with cars speeding through the neighborhood. How do you handle it. And it's just one of those things and now we -- secure -- dead. Older sister injured. My car ticket speeding down -- -- -- across the street to get to the -- Neighbors obviously our -- that. Allegedly hide the car behind his house. Captain to track it down. And that does make crazy when my kids -- outside playing some. Comes down my street the speed and -- -- to one in 4045. Just fine down the street cars parked and decide how they navigated. But yes that's that's a bad thing in a big problem people. The slowdown in -- -- movies. So here we mentioned Jurassic Park four -- hard terminator five bad -- the read the new fantastic four movies says some of the big blockbusters. Are going to be issued -- and around New Orleans and banners in the coming weeks and months and there's a lot more of the independent films and and lesser known as stars who -- from a year but the highlight the big names of people all excited. Some text me dates haven't hit -- that -- he does that sound just like it gave him it was. Without any practice or -- or even thought I was imitating the noise at the when Phillip Resnick when they're. Going across the windshield with that when they -- And it's annoying but that's who we got this morning couldn't get fog mist and drizzle. A foggy misty morning out there and temperatures will be steadily increasing close to the seventies this afternoon. 30% chance for spotty shower during the daytime hours -- that increases to 60% for the evening. And nighttime hours as that cold front instead. It dropped temperatures to 52 night. And then cooler tomorrow highs only around 57 with some clouds Thursday looks cloudy with a slight rain chance and highs only in the upper forties. From the Eyewitness News forecast tenor I'm meteorologist Clark -- Tell some visibility is down to a quarter of miles would you be careful out there you could find some thick patches of fog otherwise it's 45 at the airport in -- 43 the National Weather Service office and slide down -- get ready for the rollercoaster ride yesterday it was kind of cold with that wind highs in the fifties today highs in the seventies. As we get a warm front tomorrow another cold front that can bring us rain tonight and put us back down into the fifties for highs tomorrow. Down egos and like the pelicans. Clues about when Abacha -- -- lose in samarra it's the galleries and with that everything else that -- -- not Monday morning. The sports department -- good morning David good morning everyone the pelicans came out strong against the spurs building up a fourteen point lead. The disaster struck in the fourth quarter San Antonio outscored -- -- 38 to nineteen. Which led to a 102 to 95 comeback win over the tells you -- Owens had no answer for Tony Parker who scored 32 points while dishing out nine assists. Pelicans head coach Monty Williams says this one game doesn't raise the fact that they have been playing better ball of late. -- -- -- -- -- Certainly not down on our team because of the way we've -- employees the last three weeks we just in a game where you needed two or three guys to step up employers. It's a full court does have an off night. New Orleans gets back on the court tomorrow night when they host the Atlanta Hawks all of you watch the Super Bowl you were hardly alone. Even with the blow out on the field the Seahawks rout of the Broncos which -- watched by 111. Point five million viewers. Making the Super Bowl the most watched TV program for the fourth time in five years. Free agent safety Isa Abdul -- who was cut by the saints in January is back on an NFL roster. He was awarded all waivers to the Detroit Lions hades had twelve tackles and a pass break up eleven games this past season. And top ranked Syracuse Q celebrated its ascension to the top of the AP college basketball rankings. With a 61 to 55 win over Notre Dame Trevor Cooney poured in 33 points at the orange improve to 22 and today for a sports talk pelicans forward Anthony Davis plus are the Seahawks a one year wonder. Or will they be a long term -- in the side of the saints and the rest of the NFC. I'm Steve Geller that your early morning -- -- sports competitiveness. AD in the house. And now -- his house action says. Should not try to talk to open it. The I'm not convincing at all that -- that hip and cool. And twist here so. I found it very interesting. That the pelicans have now stated. Without a doubt that this is Anthony davis' team that the team is gonna rise or fall with the success or failure of Anthony Davis because last year his rookie season. He didn't get as many minutes as I think some people had thought he should get an easing him into the system and he was spent a lot of time on the bank. This he is he getting the minutes that allow him to determine whether the team wins or loses is it really going to be. All about Anthony Davis. It really is this season and fourthly what happened last night was he he had an off night he went to six for 21 shooting out ended up seventeen points and Tyreke Evans also got her in the game and other key factor coming off the bench for them so without some of their. Top guy at the top guy not performing and with some of their guys coming off the bench not doing what they needed to do. It was a tough go against the you know one of the best teams in the west right now in the San Antonio Spurs taken. Have the way with some of the lesser teams in the Eastern Conference but the west is just too tough the need to be they need to have their best game every night. To go against the Western Conference that it just didn't happen and the spurs have historically been varied enough. Team to beat. For the pelicans. In the corner. Which there you go through but yet it. It's like to have New Orleans yet I can't remember the last time activist for the the pelicans slash hornets have beat the San Antonio Spurs. Gregg Popovich and that team does have money Williams is number. And I thank you Steve a document 45 minutes more sports here on WWL AMF and -- -- countless taken a look at your fog. And on from the I hate it when that happens file. Coming up here at WW well thank you for being a part of the early edition of WWL Thursday. What's next day 7870 says -- cars slide down my street I run towards them and scream at them does that work there's a slowdown when you do that. Another person says my neighbors speed all the time. I talked to -- represented it was told speed bombs would mess up people's cars went to the police they don't have the manpower to do radar on my street so what do I do. And it's a good question does anyone have any suggestions have anyone had any success in getting people a slowdown. When driving through their neighborhoods we hear this complaint all the time especially course for people with. Hats and children who could be in harm's way Heidi give people a slowdown on your street and people always in such a hurry to get somewhere. Be careful up this morning you don't wanna -- to best in the fall. Ice today warming up to 71 at that warm front moves and that's what's bringing the fog this morning -- it will keep us cloudy for much of today. Rain chances at 30% during the day for some spotty showers that increases to 60% this evening. As a cold front moves and now behind the front lows dropping to fifty overnight. And only warming up to about 57 tomorrow and Thursday even colder highs near 48. Mainly cloudy and a 20% chance for light rain. From the Eyewitness News forecast senator -- meteorologist -- -- Fog reported everywhere Nordstrom's -- east bay west bank and the river parishes down by you everywhere 45 and -- international -- and tanner cloudy and 43 in slight -- next -- 87870 with suggestions. Starting -- cars to slowdown in your neighborhood. The president texted me and said that it's his neighbors that is beating. Gonna come I don't talk them to hey expected me to -- them to talk to their neighbors anymore. More mortified people either don't even know they're neighbors don't know their names. And and talk to. Almost never happens and how to get cars to slow down your -- that I got text messages at 87870. From the reasonable to the radical Walsh here though is coming up. Go to train derailment folks in west we go on river road. Good news is none of the cars turned over but -- come off the track them watching. 37 minutes after 5 AM -- the early edition of WWL first news it's February it's the fourth -- 2014. It's not yet Fat Tuesday acknowledged that Tuesday just a regular Tuesday that skinny. Israel Tuesday came a month ago -- yeah I'm just here -- that little snippet. One month from -- -- music in your -- ice yeah -- into stars -- underlining it's in your seat I did -- -- you're ready army's armed by the time we. Get to -- -- ready to go wild yet. Yes we've got a few more weeks till the greens are rolling so we've been having an interesting discussion this morning. About. To people driving fast spoke in general on particularly through neighborhoods. Before I share that I ten west does one text message to date -- -- -- in -- Orleans parish line Williams is an 80 racetrack this morning. Now people are going very fast in the fall -- naturally go to on the far you know -- through -- partners and can they ego that that that. You know based on the discussion about. Cars drive into infested neighborhoods in children and and pets being at risk. One person to -- 7870. Move to a better area. Like a dead end part of the country. Protector children. This is in response to -- it was tactics that they tried to get speed bump it and and the variations in the states that now they couldn't do that elements of people's arsenic try to get the sheriff's office and for its dispute and that would the man president more so he texted us and today I delegate people slowdown in my neighborhood here of the suggestions very. Moved to a better area a condensed. It could be done or radical move but -- -- to do it another one maybe more realistic -- some signs on your street that's a slowdown. And this means you. It might work out hurts I mean when you're -- think about it. It's -- that ones suggested another says I got arrested for throwing baseballs that speeding cars on my street but it felt good. I am not sure that's a good ideas and they know that the cars to slow them them. That could cause more trouble than it -- -- system and get them confidently gone. You know -- baseball to a conflict -- I and other ones has put up those neon slow children at play signs. At the end of your driveway works well for us more realistic. Just double of that with some with a slow children at play that was makes -- eagle on Catholic. -- -- the Oslo. You know some not a help them run faster -- does as roller basketball out in front of them makes them slam on her -- ex. Now -- -- is better than throwing a baseball there are -- slightly yeah Nazis is gonna sit out there is -- -- -- cars being on the street to throw a basketball off. Or you train squirrels teach them around for goodness they're good runner up over your lawn and into my house Netherlands as I run out in the street with a water. And squirt water at a or in their car the windows today. It's it is a bad idea. Ivan Sutherland says throat -- tax in the street battles alone mocha is. Why is Howard radicals not just trying to help espresso to try to be funny it was a heroic guerrilla tactics you know open up a -- you know what. Are currently registered going out there and beating up people who speed industry and his presence -- about the way Texas that it was a their neighbors that were part of the problem they were speeding. Residents potholes they're great speed on to New Orleans God's speed bumps it. As has put up a sign in the front yard. That's about it yes and it'll flatten out that they put aside here for United States if you kill one of my family members for speeding up the street I'll kill one of yours now. Now he and finally this text message today it's 78 that India where these people live. I says the guy that we bought our house from said he would throw nails in the history when he -- -- speeding -- If you might get arrested for criminal damage in my you better be careful that I've got to drive over that same street might you know like you know tires not to mention the -- -- get out of the -- be very angry with you. I don't of the world the speeding is going on around town because -- -- in my driving experience I have trouble just getting through the traffic it is so thick lowered about a neighbor. Yeah I guess Yakima down a quiet street yet all right and people of this interest I would be rather not -- I have trouble getting out of second gear its business drove. -- -- -- I am not suggesting anyone follow any of these suggestions except maybe the signs or -- going to talking your neighbors and -- hey can you slowdown when you come to the neighborhood like my kids a lot no one run over killed my dog now over and jailed. The president don't kids play industry. Thank you David with document twenty minutes more for Chris Miller joins us live from the courthouse where. In May be enforceable but -- still rule laws on the books that say it'll oral sex is against the law in Louisiana. One lawmaker wants to change that finally. More on that coming up at six man. God let's go live to direct the Eyewitness News forecast center where we're -- and Iraq the weather rollercoaster with this meteorologist Laura blocked now. Like it now on -- little foggy out there lot thought he get there and it is a lot volume there when I was coming and I didn't go anywhere where I didn't have. Visibility it was pretty darn. It's crazy it's so disorienting to you know I mean you and I you know you're -- same place every -- same time Connecticut -- -- your car can almost drive itself and -- pointed -- But it's done in -- -- and coming in from -- kind of on I ten and he can't keep this superdome and had to eat at that the exit at turn off your light weight. Is that that's where my right and it went on -- to clear your -- when -- -- quick query on this story ends here yet be careful and slow down out there. On having complaining about the fact that it's so misty but not read. He did the right -- wipers are ineffective even on the low -- that boom abominable thing across your windshield and out in no way. It says it it it's this damp and we have a warm front uplifting northward it's just south of the area right now if that's what we're still in the 40s this morning. The you'll start to notice the difference is that pushes northward we'll see temperatures. Warming up pretty quickly today that it is because that nasty. Kind of muggy feeling can't -- or your carport or stayed wet all day even though it's not raining you know kind of thing that's what we're gonna happen today I had a cold front. Yesterday we had a cold front that brought us down the highs only in the fifties yet today we have a warm front. That brings us up into the seventies yup and tomorrow back to the fifties another cold front. Yep as a rain in between these -- You know there is some shower activity away for later this -- a couple of sprinkles possible during the day today but better chances later on 78910. PM tonight. Cold front -- have been around midnight and that we should start to dry out tomorrow and right now looks like mainly -- some showers with maybe a rumble of thunder -- case after called Wednesday it was the rest of the week you know it actually looks pretty chilly again on Thursday mostly cloudy high of 48. And then Friday 54 and right now Saturday and Sunday those sixty's that's a pretty consistent justice. -- warm up the rest right there right up down up down -- -- mainly cold but not that warm either. Hold that out last week it was insane people. I have opened up the I hate when that happens I'll only new -- yeah well we've we occasionally I'll I -- unity and yet far less often and -- -- people while. But this one comes to us from Canada but main. Not Kennebunkport. Can have all different apparently nearby anyway this doctor art. Yeah I guess the fact the stop drop and roll bunker came in handy for -- -- eight straighter when her cellphone caught fire in her pocket at school. Another good reason not to bring yourself on -- school -- but can't about the middle school principal Jeff Rodman. Said that the girl heard a popping sound in her pocket and smoke started billowing up around -- The teacher told all the boys to get out there -- To the fourteen year old girl could rip off her flaming pants. She also did the stop drop and roll help put out the fire. And had to be treated at a hospital for -- I was in the thing I was wondering if she had knee injury that search on the chart worried about boys in the classroom at that point now I understand your fourteen years old needle one when I urged all rather be. In my. Anti around I hear I hear it's a different story her mother says she gave the apple iPhone 5 C two months earlier it's not clear yet why burst into flames in her pocket. Very now. Now that and hopefully as a very isolated and I haven't heard about other people have not our first Atlantic -- You know what maybe we researched or we. We'll see that it did happen. When my kids use their -- president -- their hands on yet they tech -- fast. When they're posted in -- quit whatever they're doing that's right it's like the speed of light of their hands become a blurs I wonder they're gonna come out and keep your phone your pocket or something may overheat or something and all the kids and all the schools hide their phones. It during school not supposed to have them out -- -- agreement all right you know want them but they all the schools know they have them that dumb diplomacy right sort of maybe downloading large files that have went -- -- -- working overtime. Really hot because of that guy -- in the UK yeah looks like he's going to be fine -- stop drop and -- work so it's evident. And it ingrained in my memory get out of the planning grants at the regular advocate but. Outline an -- from the Eyewitness News forecast -- gave notice the early edition of WWL person is more on how to slow cars down on your street. But it's a moron -- -- And this Steve Geller was sports right after the summit next may have a need to. Thanks -- now I have the image of you in panties in my head -- when I was talking to war I said -- rather be in a classroom. In my panties in front of about a -- been wearing flaming pants. I didn't mean that I Wear panties what I meant was if I weren't the girl whose -- on I hear that I would rather do that. Not that there's anything wrong with that but I'm just science. I'd -- like you picturing me in panties. -- Speed skeleton was -- to change the topic completely and talk about something like sports and that mean thank you. They can quickly now. Good morning everyone wealth. Tony Parker scored 21 of the 32 points in the second half. And also doled out nine assists and the San Antonio Spurs overcame a fourteen point deficit en route to a one or two to 95 victory over the pelicans. Tim Duncan scored sixteen of 21 point in the second half and Marco Belinelli added thirteen against his former ballclub. New Orleans head coach Monty Williams was asked after the game about his team's collapse in the final frame. A third team defense crews struggled and couldn't keep the ball in front of us especially in the fourth quarter we -- route three good corners. -- the floors. The ball to -- going bars bars and -- when you're not scoring on top of who missed a lot of shots in the fourth quarter sort of -- women. The pelicans will look to shake off the defeat when they host the Atlanta Hawks tomorrow night. -- advocate who has been awarded off waivers to the Detroit Lions the 24 year old was cut by the saint -- January. After spending the last three seasons in New Orleans. The euphoria over the Seahawks 43 to eight dismantling over Denver in the Super Bowl is continuing in Seattle. Fans poured into the -- -- century -- -- to buy championship T shirts and hats. While parents made plans to pull their kids out of school for Wednesday's parade the Seahawks gave the city its first major men's sports championship. Since the Supersonics won an NBA title in 1979. And LSU forward Johnny -- the third in Jordan Mickey have been honored by the SEC for their play in the tigers wins over nationally -- -- and Arkansas. O'Brien -- conference player of the week honors for the first time in his career. Today -- for a sports talk pelicans forward Anthony Davis. -- are the Seahawks a one year wonder or where -- be a long term thorn in the side of the saints and the rest of the NFC. That your early morning look it's. Or tonight Steve Geller -- sixty Dave Cohen Steve Geller with you on your radio man football's over. He it's a -- her mantle we have national signing day at least tomorrow yet that that's -- there's some events leading up to everything. Those are some months in the summertime before training camp brigades really rough we gotta wait for -- early may before we get the draft right -- we saw the all the buildup to that still to -- -- proposal for. And I didn't even realize yes they were still talking about the super ball right today it's on again. There's no more football any kind nothing none are even -- the views Florida. Son's football. -- -- -- Yeah it's time to get wrapped up in the NBA all star game -- account that is fun that is good I just wish someone could successfully started off. Season movie you know football is played banana -- out -- But every effort to do that -- failed to answer yet what's sad is you know back in the day they had some success with it Wii Fit and it seemed Donald Trump -- -- -- USFL -- Everything since then that's. Then we'll go to speak that is normal for the bullish talk a lot of things haven't entertainment or sports -- WWL IAM a Democrat. Architect says he started 39 days and does -- put. All is just beginning road to the super ball starts now -- at navy. And some more people taxing about how do you get cars to slowdown in your neighborhood one person called asking for help slowing down the cars. And that he contacted Department of Transportation -- -- of one of those temporary laid up signs. I -- -- -- people how fast they're going -- I want to slow them down by throwing a football like Peyton Manning didn't help with a Carl intercepted. In the development turn around run back the other way. And as has put a sign that says if you hit my child because you're speeding you won't need a lawyer. And hundreds -- if you put up a sign a second how they're going to pass him popular with the and one last month as role of baby -- Who. -- It didn't for the next four hours of fun for Tommy Tucker this morning. And you came in through the fog and you are here to entertain Iraq and I walked through the fought well actually I took a camp through the thought it was event -- that far. -- able to we'll talk about pedestrians. You know living downtown -- Pedestrians make mistakes sales -- -- motorists make mistakes. And and the aftermath of what happened with that -- their kids just crossing the street being killed -- a lot to discuss when it comes to traffic. Also somebody last night of mr. -- of the really interesting. About the generation. That is complaining about many of the generation complaining about the Coke commercial. From the Super Bowl you have with people singing America the beautiful -- languages that's that generation. They embraced I'd like to teach the world this thing will talk about that this morning and you also can't we hear this discussion about a study that says. Couples who sleep apart stay together longer.

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