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WWL>Topics>>2-4 6:15am Scoot, sharing a bed

2-4 6:15am Scoot, sharing a bed

Feb 4, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy Tucker. Scoot talks to Dr. Christopher Winter, the Director of the Sleep Medicine Center at the Martha Jefferson Hospital, about couples sleeping in different beds

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

If you. Have a partner or a spouse boyfriend or whatever. Do you sleep with him. Would you rather sleep alone here's -- WWL pretty -- opinion poll do you prefer to share a bed with your partner or sleep alone. We'll talk about this because there's a new study that shows that more more people are sleeping alone. I'm screwed in -- Tommy Tucker at 619 -- a witness doctor Christopher winner joins decease of medical director of sleep medicine center at. -- the Martha Jefferson hospital in Charlottesville Virginia doctor welcome to our show this morning. More. It's not on romantic to not necessarily sleep with the person your -- Idol thinks -- this is this is an interesting topic and one pops in my clinical practice a lot in there. I agree with the -- and having the private conversation patients you find out more and more people. Don't don't cheer that the president. That -- there's -- -- -- that part of what you than usual shift -- -- in the coming to edit its usual par and so. Secret and romantic. He complete -- creep into separate that they're trying to -- together or separate it -- In demilitarized. Possibly you can split the real state. Yeah I am -- deployed in in in in my life and where. I just if if I'd have company I'm I'm quite often on the sofa and I let her have the debt. Just I guess I get a little claustrophobic guys. I've got a wild that we don't necessarily sleeping with somebody all the time McConnell like MySpace. I don't have a king size bed. So maybe that has a little bit to do with it I just I I like MySpace and it also you know there can be the nocturnal always business. Absolutely -- -- I think some people do. It is to actually sort of create some kind of schedule it's called the leak case and earned vacation to sleep says. A -- Yeah so we -- and so you -- to -- -- whoever key thing now fighting. We're going to sleep separately. So. You know here our -- -- years. Although Linda. Learned that does not want to see what -- knew it wouldn't -- -- like crazy. -- the weather so you stick to your reply. -- -- -- -- It's sort of greedy little sleep separately you can -- that they -- -- -- -- The pajamas and analytical -- desperate and in my career so. It looked like about. You're not making huge in whether or not to -- the person in the -- -- a lot of sleep together K just -- separately. It's sort of second -- but it has that they'll do their systems and -- on call. The doctor. -- and that they would get struggled. To that it firms going I'll wait a lot. He if you ask her. Private moment Q it's certainly felt like there's. People -- out and strike out acting the -- work out. Some people. Yeah so I I guess a mutually agreeing upon that it makes it seem like it's less of -- judgment on you on your relationship in more of a practical thing. Exactly yeah it is it's sort of saying -- I want to be -- Buyout that values he got the -- -- storing it on -- -- -- answer -- your finger -- for whatever it is. Is bothering -- I'll make sure you'd get at least. Number of two nights of sleep. All alike can do he sweep away from each -- on to -- Well tonight so they've become more fire and record -- -- oh there we -- Here at the same bed again you know 88 it -- Yeah you're -- a certain percentage at night sleeping together your game and the returned. And the the vacation which is which is kind of like students. -- -- for -- thanks for being with us. Are you.

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