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2-4 7:10am Scoot, hit & run death

Feb 4, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks about dangerous areas for pedestrians and drivers

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David we've been featuring some music and its current music that reminds us of the past here's a text from a kid he says I'm twelve years old. And my dad seems to push away any new music one example is the song feel this moment by Christine Aguilera and pit -- this is the solid. My dad pushed it away and claim they hated but the next week said that he'd like it because it at the same beat the song from the eighties now. Called take on me by -- are your golf he claimed not to like the song but he just didn't like new music. Because he loved the other song prime example. And there is a lot of there's a lot of good stuff that people push away because it's a new and yet this is good citizen -- regular and and pit bull. And there are many aspects of the song that reminds media of the past. Now it's I think it's a struggle for a lot of people in the in the next generation. Were there they're trying to get on board with the new music and some of it you know it's it's easy to get on board other stuff it's -- Well I'm secure in that there are a lot of things that I I don't like I respects things that I don't like that their Lotta things that I I don't like but I just see. I've noticed this for a couple of years now and there are eighties -- that are popular in in other cities around the country this is not just here. But every Thursday night in the French Quarter -- it -- at least one eyed jacks and when I get off to -- showed midnight quite often I go there. And I see young people who weren't even born you know -- song drought and their partying and near their. Singing every every worked it out lyrics and they weren't even born when these songs -- I'm probably you know I'm I'm thinking an obvious play in these songs oh when I was on B 97. When they were hits and the the these kids weren't even around with the songs were were first out. So there's there are young generations that have adopted eighties music is the -- and I'm just noticing that there's a lot of new stuff coming out. It is very reminiscent of the eighties which to me indicates that there's a new young generation or may be several new young generations that are really interested in. -- just having a good time and they're looking for. That happy type of music it was was reflective of the mood in this country back in the eighties hair cut out beaten ready to dancers. If you wanna join our show with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text number is 87 -- a separate. A couple of the -- blogs that are still treading on our website at what Super Bowl 48 teaches us about life. I'm really felt like a Pete Manning and the Broncos went into that game feeling as if they were entitled to win. And I think it's a great lesson to learn to use sports as a metaphor for life. Also ignited Texas wrote last Friday asked the question is Bruno Mars a good choice for the Super Bowl halftime show. Just by asking the question cause some people to. Already accused me of heating Bruno Mars when the whole blog was about how Bruno Mars was an excellent choice and I think he proved that. At halftime. There was a tragic hit and run yesterday and I'm six year old little boy cute little bus sized picture in the paper today two little boys. Is -- his six his nine year old sister's hospital she's apparently going to be okay. It was a problem of apparently out. The driver not paying attention. Are speeding cars a problem in your neighborhood. That's a -- to be well pretty general opinion polls give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com it would give you an update on that in just a few minutes it's a real -- talk about here. Who -- faults pedestrians. Or motorists IC both downtown. And also where is speeding a problem that they talk about speeding being a problem Paris avenue what are the streets. Do you -- speeding is a major problem and nothing's being done about it. -- -- for Tommy Tucker and we'll be right back on every WL. It's. -- -- And it's a Tuesday morning -- student influence Tommy at 718. Morning here right here. Hi this is and I've heard about saint -- they opened up for two door cinema club to house of blues recently and a lot of people think that this -- Reminds them of the eighties the -- calls coming up. So going to have a breakthrough featuring some new music today that a lot of people just blow off new music but there's a lot of really good stuff we're talking about the the tragic. Death of a six year old boy who was crossing the street is with school. And he was -- on -- avenue speeding is a problem at a lot of neighborhoods from Algiers -- -- on WW on good morning. Good morning are you -- good. Our own because that the children that got hit. I think the real thing is that not foresee in China. All walks -- And it seemed like that if -- Erica Hamburg you step in the street and someone stop. They -- immediately and and so you know so wildly -- Our -- -- New Orleans and and I live downtown and I know I know that New Orleans is not a pedestrian friendly city knows sometimes the pedestrians are at fault but I can tell you that motorists do not pay attention to pedestrians and if you live in other cities your answer it right you step into that crosswalk and traffic stops. So when I'm walking downtown and my step in the crosswalk at a cars so quick to stop I looked down quite often it's an out of state license plate. And I agree with that and so are -- that the biggest problem that just known for all of pedestrian. Protester in -- To walk across street. And it's just very dangerous to walk around. Children and another thing. That the kids too young to be along that should have been or. You know this is just sector are tragic thing that I think -- I think there's a lot to be sensitive -- -- alleged -- show. Complimentary Steve here on WW well good morning. Born to a greater good. -- totally. Do you think years they have to Washington next bill and did do that for years and I love it. Lord -- I haven't heard anything about. Well with the parents of the audience. A single little boys run across street from me and we'll talk to tell from the video. How best to call was normal and I'm not taken up so -- got to understand how -- over the parents of the kids. I didn't see any adults you know it looked like the little boy -- -- -- and ran across street to obstruct. Well it's you know there's still -- lot to be to be learned from this sometimes pedestrians aren't fault I don't know about this case and it's hard to talk about this it's it's hard to be honest about this but I I think it's. It's feared to be honest and wonder where. Where parents are and is also still important for parents to teach their kids how to cross the street Steve and I'm political WWL. Here's a -- I would never let a first grader cross a major street alone. We're talking about pedestrians and motorists who do you notice is more faults pedestrians or motorists. And -- worlds is not really a pedestrian friendly city. And he should be because a lot of people walk around but then you have the -- pedestrians. Who dare you -- hit them even though they're walking when they're not supposed to. I see all the time downtown and the French Quarter. I'm scoot it to -- Tucker you rejoice in the coming our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy at a -- number they simply said he will be right back and more it's 722. Here's another relatively new group I think it's reminiscent of the past the -- just called -- the 1975. So it's called chocolate. I'm security Tommy Tucker 7:46. -- morning I'm looking at a level and as I still can't see the Crescent City connection so -- It's a -- day. It's a good song means a lot of really good -- stuff out so. Going in and out of of bricks were featured some of the new stuff that a lot of people might not be paying attention to just because it's new winners. Good -- stuff out. We're talking about. -- for eons and motorists it was a tragic death and injury to a nine year old girl death to a six year old boy yesterday at parish wrote it. A lot of neighbors in that area have talked about how how dangerous Paris road is because people speed. What other area is an area where you see a lot of speedy against attacks that dimension Constance street uptown. -- old -- between veterans of west esplanade citrus wrote in Riverside off Jefferson highway. I notice aggressive voters downtown and look if you're not one of these camp drivers that don't take this personally. But cab drivers are among the most aggressive drivers downtown especially when it comes to motorist. And it's not all cab drivers but it's -- And I guess they believe that because they're working on the streets that this is their place of business. -- They just have a right to. To be aggressive and I did I notice in all the timing and a pedestrian every day of my life. Now sometimes icy arrogant pedestrians. And they walk when they're not supposed to walk and they look back at the car is if they're daring McCarty hit and I I guess this is one of those moments when. The date they have no power in their lives whatsoever but this is the one moment they feel like they have power because they're pedestrian. And you're not gonna hit him. -- If your pedestrian you've got responsibility to. So what's your experience as a pedestrian or as a voter -- with voters and pedestrians. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. It's happening in our text number is 87870. From New Orleans Laurie you're on to BW relative morning. And how it. Now on its -- elected. Let a lot. Where it. -- Common Cold. War -- Street where air. And. You walk on the street like they called mystery I mean into -- street thanks him. For street. And they look at it like I think it all too hot and look at like you. And it you. Light. Yeah. It's four yeah. That that's a real problem warned there is there is definitely that attitude there's -- that mentality out there and I I I see every day there are those pedestrians that. It they they -- -- hit -- and I seen an off road kill to know what happens when cars -- living creatures. Accurately. Earlier and staying. -- me. -- Don't hate. That would much rather than -- street I would either internally -- You know this this is part of this is part of that I I'm using this word on purpose this is part of training. Young generations to be part of a civilized society you gotta train and the idea of respecting cars in the road. Is. Just another example of allowing and teaching disrespect. -- I'm glad -- called Michelle thanks for -- so what's your experience with pedestrians. And with motorists are numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And a text or receive 77 and deserted area where speeding is really particular problem especially -- -- -- or near a residential area. I'm scoot him for Tommy Tucker 7:30 on a Tuesday morning and were covered right benefit or here's another WWL knows -- Smith -- -- -- I'm still whatever Tommy Tucker yes there is new pop beats. Even danceable music that young generations are just following -- in love with -- a lot of very good news stuff. We're talking about motorists and pedestrians here's an update on -- pretty -- opinion poll. Are speeding cars a problem in your neighborhood 39% say no 61%. Say yes a detour via text -- just a moment. -- from uptown -- a year and a BW on good morning. -- -- My pet he. That gesture and then try and -- and -- -- on magazine street the wonderful shop in court or at least half. I'd and again by persons I would -- tour. Hurting themselves across acting street. I'm between crop walk and what -- And I liked it that idea. For a hotel and influences that advertise. Opt for the shortcomings council let them now. One does not urban street and due to an -- -- away each column -- it not to disparage their pit at. That's my -- -- you. Well I think that's the it's a good point to people and to -- yeah again in this part of the country and people don't always know on act like pedestrians as that are going to across their parts of the country where you don't dare. Cross in the middle of the street. And infected their parts of the country where people are are not even willing to cross the street if if there's no traffic. But if the sciences don't walk it even if there's no traffic they still don't walk. It's not like that here and maybe there's some changes that that are necessary. I hear is attacks to that reads Marconi between 610 and Robert. -- this is a high pedestrian cyclic theory it was soccer field tennis courts baseball fields. And such I here's a text people walk in front of my truck every day. And across the street when I have the right of way it's a stressful way to draw. Here's a text and it last caller was right some people just another slice -- calling it just a moment ago. Some people just walk slowly across the street. And look at you daring you to hit them. As I see this downtown. Here's the text about a caller we have from Slidell who said that there -- people in the in this industry it is like they did you hear them sobriety consider in the street. This text reads ask that racist. Did the B word. On who they are. I don't think there's any reason to believe that this has anything to do with race and so by bringing that up it sounds like. You might be making assumptions that everything is about race so. That's a shame if you're gonna join -- -- the -- are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's evident. And a text or receive 7870 were talking about motorists and pedestrians. Some motorists are aggressive and they don't pay attention to two pedestrians. But some pedestrians are arrogant. And their attitude is idea you'd hit me. I'd -- if Tommy Tucker and we'll be back -- to be WL. And here is another Celtic who today saying things went public this. And ourselves living counting stars and Monica's -- news again today. I'm students -- talker. 7:46. On this Tuesday morning. That's a thought in some sprinkles around the area we're talking about. Speeding callers were talking about pedestrians who don't. Crosswind is supposed to cross. What's your experience are pedestrians more faults or our motor sports fall out from the Gulf Coast John your under the WL. Good morning operation though it didn't work or the donor. Wanted to wanted to comment about just word respect coast. And in years in -- -- and a Batman action under the that there is certain. Our ground troops mentality about. Some people don't know the meaning of the word respect him basically. The government don't find it there. And not terms there would be called for a year ago that -- children if you expect me aren't going to be traps and -- me. But that's just respect that -- again you know we're we're trying to teach people on better. Probably directing and sometimes it's beyond the point of being able to learn because it's been taught don't listen to -- Typical of authority don't listen salute. Your parents don't listen to people that are. Two positions -- you can learn something and then call those people -- -- you know and a man walking news is strenuous and and -- for death row and not everybody is going to throw him and the other street so. Actually this term leader watch out for four more to cooperate account -- can remember so many times people get pushed on the new -- you don't know where. You know we -- ninety. And and the times. Every year to remember some poor. Are -- -- we walk our way into Ronald. Which is always something that we have to be cautious about that is it's also. What -- competition today is awareness education. And just think about it but you know he can't think you're stupid and respect. Is something that is just going to be. Apart from some people alarmed because it's ingrained. In their system don't trust anybody in the sport and. John I lead to an -- you bring up a good point I'm going to call thanks listing and in Gulfport. If there's a lack of respect for for motorists. Where if we're if drivers. And with pedestrians if there's this lack of respect. That is part of the bigger problem of lacking respect. In this country in general in society in general the the lack of respect for -- -- respect pedestrians have promoters. -- release is a microcosm for a general lack of respect in America. A -- you're on WWL. Good morning. A little bit merchant from your object the morning and I think there's a lot. I'm in the actually between war on -- now. And I am my machine. Can charm and -- and people out. And at the end. Our follow up guy and Google. Right out and -- -- a hockey and that the people on. On the lie. It's extremely -- Public sir and I were questioning. Them now and it on the radio. You Utah and new car and here. Your card program now why but that doesn't apparently means that she'll light or. And people are driving -- he she somebody like you come on and they don't know why. Yeah and it you know it is is there alone do something stupid that's bad enough but the problem is if they don't turn their lights on and part of causing an accident and the problem is other innocent people -- hurt. And you don't get great idea on what people don't now. -- that driver's education are a lot like our eighteen. And I talk that I don't understand why people don't electronic cart -- -- interstate. Four and that -- They still are mobile does everything you. I'm telling you 85. People. Don't camp and why not. You can't eat 200 feet. Mary I'm really glad you brought that out if you are driving on the street without your lights on go back home because we just don't want you on the street if you're not Smart enough to turn your lights on when it's forty likeness. If your not Smart enough to use common sense and please. We request that you turn around. And go back home and don't leave until you're Smart enough to turn your lights on. I'm getting a couple of texts from people this is typical one of them of some of the -- here's one of them. I'm a white man and -- the lady from Slidell said today I got the same -- that she was talking about. Another race. I didn't pick up on it if you are -- stay with us we're gonna talk to the grandfather of the really cute six year old boy who is still yesterday -- it -- That's causing us today to talk about pedestrians and motorists and -- shortfall when it -- these accidents the pedestrians or the motors did. The US meeting in your neighborhood we'll get to your calls and talks to grandfathered system. The sort of boy who wears them -- yesterday when we come back. I'm scoots into time -- 75240. Tuesday morning turn your lights on here's an of the WW crowd. -- I think we have become over sensitive to the use of the pronoun day. I did pick up a racial divide that some people did but here's the text when the lady from Slidell said. I thought said -- I thought she -- -- teenagers to those who heard a racial slur there's something to be said about -- And we've been talking about pedestrians. And and motorists there was a six year old a cute little boy I shied Wilson who was told yesterday his grandfather Lloyd joins us on -- -- dale -- welcome to our show. Go listen to your children. Every moment well -- you're not all we don't have. An opinion on that if you don't plan apparently you know. I appreciate that -- I'm so sorry for your loss your grandson was such -- little boy I saw his picture in the paper this morning. Yeah he was a good cute she's like. Color and he also recently got beat -- -- Edwards was only looked at Saturday. Pop off does go to truck plant in the portable -- -- And that the last words. -- -- -- -- Lloyd what do you say to -- many people who who believes that it was wrong to have a six year old crossing the street with a nine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Rick Butler that in general but I can say that my grandchildren. With. War being taught and I've been taught by many to -- cross street. And I watched the video of what happened yesterday. Lloyd I don't I've got to get to a contest if you can hold on we'll talk to you after the news at the top of it we've got to we've got to do is right now. It's a 1000 dollar cash contest the code word this hour. These poor people all our Internet word at WW dot com slash cache or click on the contest link at our web site. To get your chance to win 1000 dollars nationwide and it's just -- civil and -- Anywhere office computer surfing at home Smartphone or tablet you can win anywhere was in for the next code worked right before the top of the hour news at noon. And good luck from Smart radio in account. -- if -- well I'm scooter Tami Tucker and we'll be back.

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