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Feb 4, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks to listeners about a tragic hit & run death and the controversial Coke ad

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right thanks David -- to continue the conversation with the Lloyd he's the grandfather of the six year old boy shot Wilson. Who was killed yesterday morning tragically. Receivers on crossing the street going to school is -- nine year old sister was. I was with him -- I'm sure you've seen a picture of the little boy. And a darling. Darling little boy -- -- I I appreciate you. Spending time -- -- a lot of people aren't just. Thinking about your family and -- your your grandson our thoughts and prayers are with with all if you. But there aren't so -- -- their -- people who are asking that question. Should should this little boy had been walking to school -- and and you probably know the neighborhood in the situation. Better than anybody else does so. Would you address that. Yes. Well. A little animal he -- nine year old. -- and we had been teaching and personally -- Go to. How across the street with Margaret Thatcher. And you know -- to -- You know. And they really do not general. -- cross street stopped -- in the program. And wait -- traffic to pay. A car in the left lane. Stopped. To allow them crawl. Powell had no idea what you're doing what you wrote in but he was definitely track and higher speed. You know struck. -- my grandchildren. -- -- great model that range she saw the car at the last minute and tried the pool. My youngest great I'll wait a car struck what is right front and -- -- -- it is -- it to -- My -- Mayo. -- it'll. Popped open a year. Felt the call and keep it down to the. -- it had to be really hard -- to watch that dead video what was your first reaction when you saw that knowing what had happened. Well. My first. Or worse. Mockery and maybe one out on being here and you know she she she just look at it. Feel my grand. Am. You know it was very partly to watch in more accurate to. Read only cut out all that much and try to get information on the vehicle. Because well we. Me in my family we didn't have any different definite idea debt. Ticket a license plate number description of the vehicle and so I want to the store. And no and those who tolerated your soul to get lashed together. The police did a good job in arresting some of that. And Lloyd. What kind of kind of frame of mind and this is a ridiculous question and Afghanistan. Power giants. And -- parents. Each shot at. My daughter -- older. Children and she mostly it was written by a -- which he had help from me. And my -- they agree grant. And also. The grandmother on my daughter. You know that. -- -- -- In the door one cross street you know who tried to keep it to be independent. And -- actors you know. Or greater the first two already crossed street and looked at the other two was a little bit late coming out. And it was crossing the street in the mother was in the 01. When -- extra. To the mother -- others. And she screw. Up brother. Jumped out to greet them -- so -- it jumped out. There were an alpha. See -- like the idea that. Young -- Got hit and carry -- -- He -- -- dull. Old female. -- lane street rain. Ping and then some will not control who will. Told him about Margaret show for the street and not call him a lot of if you run out Utley. To. -- migrant. The -- got -- call. Watch her brother -- migrants. Being around epic going to. How did he think he was gonna get away with that. I have no idea sir but. Foam insulation that they don't mind. Air traffic issue yet attention four foot traffic. -- -- -- -- legal traffic well. Lloyd again I'm I'm very sorry for your loss. Please tell your daughter there were all sorry for this this this tragic loss of very very cute little boy and I appreciate you sharing your your feelings with us this morning. No problem -- thank -- or army to clear it -- -- the -- at issue as to why my daughter. What in. These are some kind of dealt with -- with my grandchildren. And I had no idea it was crossing the street I'd I'd. And you don't you don't have been you don't have an issue now you're you're Euro K with the fact that they were crossing the street alone. Are they well the curtain on 90. With with don't. They want an adult but adult and that I owned and date. This was an effort across the street you feel like recruit they had been taught from the picture. My oldest grandchild did everything you hold. Firm hanging. Yeah I got the new program -- across the -- safely and it was like they could that was one individual. -- no regard for traffic -- What should have been taken -- street. Floyd I've got to get to break -- again I appreciate your corporation thanks for sharing your thoughts with us this morning. We're talking about pedestrians and motorists -- your experience we're coming right back with your comments -- to -- WL. It's a -- Tuesday morning I'm scooted forward Tommy Tucker we're talking about pedestrians and motorists as downtown resident. IC. Aggressive motorist analysis seemed very arrogant pedestrians. On a regular basis almost defy traffic I'm getting emails and getting text -- people who talk extensively. About their experience with pedestrians who were in the street. Daring. You to hit him. These people would be really interest in for a psychological analysis. And I'm assuming that. That they are so powerless in their lives. That they must derive some kind of sense of of of power or satisfaction. Through the feeling of of being in the street. And feeling as if they can halt traffic. Now again sometimes the motors regressive but sometimes it's arrogant pedestrians. And it's not always the -- fault now -- to the six year old boy who is senate president told yesterday it is -- year old sister. Who was hit but she's gonna be okay. I don't know specifically what happened there we're not talking about that the we're talking about it is this in this topic in general because Louisiana according to a new study ranks third. Internal brutalities. Louisiana ranks third in the country in draft delegates up for New Orleans Joseph a year and every WL. I want schools to make the pick in the club allowed just one bit at some point in and have people to think. School time for two putted from 6:30 in the morning to 9 AM did did yellow book is the route -- People have the attention the driver left the scene of the accident he could be created as a murderer that's now dying in the -- -- that he would. Two wrongs don't make it right. It has to be there are probably the pay attention. Because the children will go what they thought it was simply going across the street. Also. Get but that no one until -- not a and you don't know now one of the pulled what I thought that this -- fox television yesterday at 4 o'clock I almost cried now. I screamed at the Catholic god have mercy on that council. Because that happened to me in 1955. And number I was walking across this. Streak come out between two -- cause it snowballed. And I would hit going down street. But luckily. Opportunity. And I'm alive in -- but the people that it -- the it would traumatize this well that would remain with his family. Now today people don't care about human life did to drive predicted that he did not care about human life. Did that that's what -- -- -- is that the child and how did nothing wrong -- did he hit him and ran away. And -- that's something that complicates this this whole issue you know I know people sometimes gets scared and they run. That's not an excuse that might be the reason but no legitimate excuse. On this person apparently had some. Traffic violations and I've Olivo born to again there's a lot that we still need to learn about this I'm glad you're OK -- you say you what you walked out between two cars. -- you got hit by car was it your fault. Well it was what I've been not believed that they do but it was my fault because walk between two cars. At grant park and Saratoga that -- -- on the corner there I could not be. But as I've got out there at the driver was crossings reading this vehicle he couldn't. We need to put wrong didn't make it right mind and it wasn't that my -- just wanted me to be -- I've spent seven months has not -- The driver came back to tickle my day out he's doing -- you don't. That's people that know what it is to be -- Almost what is. This man here at 22 years old he cut that out like that. That could be your -- don't know anybody. Joel Glazer OK and I appreciate you calling her show and have a good day. All right thanks for storage room. Enjoyable stay with a substituting for Tommy it's 830 on this 40 Tuesday morning if you're in the fog. Do the sensible thing turn your lights on please apparently some people are driving around without their lights on -- -- WWL news -- with. David there's. -- -- Washington State's. That is causing controversy because of one of their new directories. It's called a date -- -- -- -- In my remarks on a date. Eight great date great to league cooling directory. -- -- to be great here out it's you'll clobber I don't think that's funny meego. So there's a little controversy. About that I know -- talked about it yesterday that talked about -- -- Scotia oil SI -- of individuality the Coke commercial. It was using America the beautiful -- -- languages it stirred up a hornets and I thought it was I thought it was beautiful. And I call myself a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation because I'm part of -- generation. That. So we embrace the song I'd like to teach the world to sing it now that we've talked the world missing people are upset that they're singing it out in their language. But I was really stunned by either the controversial though when I saw and I've I've -- -- of watching the game with -- that this is going to be big controversy tomorrow and she -- Why yeah opposite well because people are going to be offended in America the beautiful song different languages. When I heard that. I got goosebumps. Because I thought it was. A beautiful way of other people around the world scene America is beautiful I thought that's what it was supposed to do. But apparently -- just angered people to know land but it just goes to show you how close. Hate he has ties to the surface it in and so what people's minds it's -- Looking at America the beautiful sung -- and the language is somehow. Unpatriotic or -- offensive and I wonder how many people are offended by that who had ancestors who came to America that didn't speak English when they arrived here. You know it's weird because. I've been fascinated in recent years with the whole immigrant. The -- the incredible story of all the people would game whose country. And how they came in and it was hard. They didn't have jobs league name but they made it work in the of the fabric of the country. -- -- all over the world one of the problems with talk radio and social media is stated it stirs up hate for the purpose of spoon feeding. A specific audience and it it really is it really is Santa me. There are so many cases over the history of this country of where you're talking about immigrants coming to this country. -- the Irish on the Italians sent people totally discriminated against a big -- he doesn't like us yeah. You know the reverend bill -- I realize that we -- immigration problems to take care of but anybody who is or was offended by that that Coke commercial. Featuring. America the beautiful son in in different languages. I believe you need to take inventory. Of your heart. This is beautiful. Would you not want somebody to come to America from another country. And stay in their own language. America's. -- -- What a great. Compliment to America and yet some people in this. As unpatriotic which is absolutely stunning and I think it's a a defining moment in what's wrong with the American. I'm -- -- -- And we'll be right back and there are. And here's another relatively new performers. John Newman and this is called love me again I think it's another excellent example. Some new stuff. It is really good for those of you who are quick to dismiss anything news anchor Ali this music that I like when I was -- -- could -- there's a lot of really great new music out today. Just stopped being sold. Close minded. I'm studio forward Tommy Tucker glad -- with the -- has -- Tuesday morning. I hear is -- do the immigrants learned English avoid it didn't take long for that I just made one comment about the the Coke commercial. And I'm just of getting a lot of reaction to that. Still. People or in my opinion there are people who are overly sensitive. Why are some people so afraid of diversity. Or are you afraid that that's what built this country. And yet people are afraid of it. Here's a text that -- while scoot OK so some of this -- like America the beautiful sung in different languages are haters. -- some aren't entitled to our opinion like you everybody's entitled to their opinion. But I think if you don't like that song you need to. Look at yourself and figure out why you don't like it why would you be so offended. That somebody from another country. Which say America's beautiful. Isn't that a compliment. And and I got a text that do we should all teach the world to sing in English. Why. That's part of the imperialistic mentality that some people in this country have they do it it's it has to be all American or we don't respect -- That's not. This -- the foundation upon which this nation was built. And I think it's a shame that. Did that they are some Americans who feel the need to. Over power -- it's it's. It's an arrogant ego trip to one overpowered the world. Now in terms of our democracy and in terms of our way of life it's great here. -- it's probably the best here that there look there are some great countries around the world but we have a a life. And a country to be admired no question about it. But that doesn't mean that we should go around and force everybody to see everything our way into two to speak English. What about the people who come to this country and they're trying to learn the language but they don't yet know it. Which you rather them not say America's beautiful. Or -- in their language. And and by the way -- say global product. It's it's sold around the world it's not exclusively American. It was invented here but it's something that we share with the world when I heard that that commercial. I got chills because it made me think that people around the world are saying my country is beautiful. In their language. And I thought that was a beautiful thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They wouldn't offend you if I said this on the year. -- many Koch gossiping guests. Many participants. Believe that means America I like -- I am I am absolutely stunned device some of the text that I'm receiving from people who. Say that I'm trying to -- my opinion down their throat in the united but everybody's entitled to their opinion. And Salma. -- if if what I say hits close to home. And then. That's fine line if you're not a hater and you just like America the beautiful -- in different languages well that's fine if you're not a hater then don't take it personal. But there -- a lot of haters in this country. And people without thinking what the song really means heard the different languages when the song America the beautiful. And they thought it was unpatriotic. Without really thinking what a tremendous compliment it is. And then I get text like this scoot your awesome I love when you're on the radio and keep up the open my discussion -- -- I will. This is -- I did my entire career and I don't -- plan on changing. Here's a text -- as someone against illegal immigration I thought it was great. To me it represented how people. Of other cultures believed. In the beauty and greatness of the USA. Yeah I had a conversation with so -- site who who tried do. To -- it. Because here they're against illegal immigration because we have an immigration problem with Hispanics in this country in their mind. That there's the song was spent so it has nothing to do it somebody else tried to bring up that it was it it it it was because of obamacare. And I think he really. Again there are so many radio shows across this country and so much social media -- Enables. The haters. And gives them a pulpit. And it's not necessary. And it's time for America to change. It's changed in a very good positive way we've been talking about pedestrians and motorists today are from New Orleans. Yeah well. -- quote the ball. I -- -- -- mayor street boy wonder note though. -- let them in with apple itself. Threat becomes law there I'll work right there out there it. It. I think the key -- that. It will. I hate -- he would like it could it is that he's -- it's unacceptable. Under threat to talk. And he would have to be suitable that's definitely streak you know and until Mac all. Well the argument could be made if if again my thoughts and prayers with the family in the soul of the little boy who died a little girl who is recovering but. If somebody can be in the doorway. Then maybe the lesson to be learned here is you you you take the time to cross your kids across the street. -- -- big bets on out in -- 85 minute walk out walk -- street -- -- It -- the pedestrian amino call ordinary may pick up -- -- And everything that you're in early in the -- like it may you know. Yeah were you gotta protect UT's task in -- -- I appreciate you calling your show and I am glad to hear you're an active father hears a text please keeps -- late night too early for liberals. I'm sure he will is happy when Carter gave the Panama Canal away yet there -- people who perceive me. Being very very liberal what because I'm open minded. Well that's how you and describe what liberals and everybody should be proud to be liberal. I don't know what idea it depends on the issue sometimes I might appear to be conservative to Clinton might appear to be liberal. But there's no reason why somebody can't just to have whatever -- they -- have on the radio. And there are some people who think that that's inappropriate. If you're against. Any views that you disagree with it any time on the radio. Then what part of being an American freedom of speech. Do you not understand it. Freedom of speech means accepting speech. Not just what you agree with -- what you're spoon fed from those who were spoon feeding you. Little baby -- I'm -- and we'll be back.

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