WWL>Topics>>2-4-14 11:10am Garland: on legalizing marijuana

2-4-14 11:10am Garland: on legalizing marijuana

Feb 4, 2014|

Garland talks with Terry Nelson of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) about whether Louisiana should legalize marijuana.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Of criminal justice committee. Of the better now would try to get -- -- -- and we're not successful bug. Troubling news stores last week's hearing that the were meeting to discuss the pros and cons of legalizing -- Portland museum. The chairman of the purpose of the big news get more for the penalty here testimony pro am interested parties on the topic. And they also wonders CP back in the states it recently legalized or Washington. And tall -- And as -- said we tried to get them on the -- by an -- -- said it is were not able to do. And the main job we're gonna talk to representative. Of -- law and -- Against prohibition. As a board member of former US federal agent. Terry -- and Terry welcome back to the Chicago. It. Reshoot the time what do you think about what's happening in Colorado. Let me mention a couple of things in particular. I had a couple of the people that own the departure. And it was sitting there they're very concerned. Because they're there have been handled bags of cash a Robin -- called Robert says it's legal group that says it's not. So banks at least a listing are really. Corporate giving credit parade to take their money afraid to get involved in any way. So they're transporting a lot of cash by hand. And they're hearing threats that drug court -- angry over there. Big blue laws and their money in that area. Could be moving and then and extorting money from what are what are -- here. Oh. Jeremy we've got a fairly. -- shouldn't -- but let's take a real early break. And -- -- when you come back -- ringgit -- lot clear Europe. Boortz whose fleeting way out. -- right back we're continuing debate over Merrill. Aren't broad spectrum -- were debating -- one from want to do and revoke the -- Federal jury room alone -- she's a member of law enforcement against prohibition -- Terry Nelson. Carrie at they would go to battle and review groups on. What do you think about the reports that. A lot of the pot shops and call Broadway had to deal in cash which makes it very dangerous for them. Reports of drug cartels angry over losing tons of money. Potentially ready to extort some of those owners. -- -- The public safety nightmare all actually hang around and welcome the opportunity. Street and their grip all of these these organizations. But the attorney general. Of the matter is that. I thought that in the bank to try to get it about the -- in Britain without a federal -- -- In that situation all. So that they give it -- punished. And and to the people that say see I told you so soon you start legalizing you have all kind of brought. Always thought. God -- created problems. Prohibition enforced -- called only problem that page and we try to figure out a way to get out of the hole we dug. Because of the forty years and we've been doing it. We've we've made progress in reducing use this country and that was all purpose of loans as well. Personal question how long were you -- federal agent. It started two years of speculation and I spent three years of the contract in the back of the pack. And project in the Iraqi department border enforcement. And you and your. Thoughts on the drug war after 32 years of effort. Well -- -- In Central Park except. By countries out there and not an attempt. Not want to let you -- a drug problem. And does well -- I want it -- but this year alone. Am not enough and Afghanistan want to produce more one. And the world supply call -- until you could -- in nine states. And the last. Five users. So you program what we're doing is work that needed change was coming. To try to fix it. I'm playing doubles -- while. Got to study published last year by. This journal. JAMA. Pediatrics. -- -- Porting -- treated for accidental in gesture in the -- cookies brownies whatever beverages. In four years both for the change in the law no kids were treated. Is that -- reason not to do. I don't believe it has. There is to keep his children but. Also children are getting access to prescription -- the league openers and are not -- -- well. -- they -- that the best way to do it is is it pulpit should. And it started incredibly patient program. The public tell the -- what. Through the police departments -- -- To get people that will be drug net and show them what happened to -- -- but the honest about it here. Do you find it ironic that most of the people there were against the legalization. It's say that it it's too dangerous and we've got to do something about it while we tried to do for the past fifty years does not work. But if you look at the results. Of cigarette. Anti smoking advertising. Would go and it's not about 18% of Americans smoke. And that's down 42%. Since 1965. And a lot of academic. Studies. Show that is down because we got the tax money. Prolong the monitoring. Of cigarettes. To pay for the message then was glad to do it. If we get a single person in jail education treatment and get information out of -- problem. -- country and how quickly went Portugal Portugal but the you know using drugs. What you don't know four years. And Portugal decriminalized drugs and you're exactly yeah between. Delta region is 5%. And pork barrel although the bit about 2%. -- public standpoint. We -- that period of all we need to. The Balkans. And we believe. In the pole position -- we go. One of these states call Ottawa won't want a little land here while you know like. Yeah hopefully. Nicole and go in the overall abuse that we try to keep. They're younger in order form. I know -- drew -- result who'll lot smaller than your -- slaves but as a prototype. Did not the law enforcement agencies. The -- Portugal. Were totally against. It's it's they have legalized at the decriminalized. That. But they were against that in now there -- a couple of legislators thinking about. Well maybe you will ever go back to making an illegal again. And everything I read says the law enforcement agencies are totally against going back and making it Italy. It is funny in the public paper that is I would although it did it and they get distracted all active and then there -- -- -- -- -- law. The crime of violence in the country. And you're right. Please -- don't want people packed accordingly. Serbian that they thought -- into the -- with the quality of the problems that they've been happy that now bear. In Portugal this decriminalized does not Google took aspirin well the other hand -- The crime by. It but at the same time one of the reasons and more to go back they said that because they're they're not. Spending budget on popped in and minor drugs they've got more people in more money you and more equipment. You grew up through the hard -- All right and that that'll be triggered another typical we have a the -- what that rate on all. Our own content via. So. -- like well why episode it was still aren't probably only about 14%. Because what we are tied doing. Think -- always urged opened our currency bought -- and make more money over a multiple. Are our. Our criminal justice system that we agree on what we're doing it. Right for the citizens like -- -- step -- what -- these banks and the rest relied on in the not really gonna make a difference in the long. -- -- in the bring in more of our listeners Kevin Caldwell looked -- in your home with Terry notes and appreciated the call. -- -- -- go only to bring in this topic up and thank you Terry law enforcement against prohibition. It it's an excellent song and see that attitude in this country are changing and I have gotten a lot of our input from state police. And a PD who -- whole order -- are supporting. My activities to change -- Canada's laws in the state. -- many of them are afraid to come out for fear. Richard you shouldn't from upper management. So right now I'm actually organizing and trying retired officers shall come out and speak publicly about coached. I think -- we have it I kind of prepared for medicinal marijuana that -- him. I'm very glad to argue that legalization. Well. I believe that. You can look at for many angles there's a social justice angle where we can look to see as these prohibition laws are being forced. It is usually poor people usually poor people -- that are actually going I'm into the criminal justice incarceration. System. Are basically. That it can't read that out middle class and upper class users are not going to jail for these occurrences but pork. Pool or members are averse society or. It's true dignitary. Out of the Cold War and more people just. Sort of the call it that mr. remember you know ones that did not travel with. It has been audit quality -- -- company elevated -- -- -- if they can with what he likes and rectify -- could no longer are at the department to do the opposite. That -- people -- streak or whether he barks. Street -- the -- but he did want extra arrival date as well -- -- killed fighting that record. Oh yeah the that people call eight that. Now of course they're putting it behind closed doors mr. the street for people and the the people calling -- that app and do it because. They hop that the -- -- these I. I've heard tell they've proved wrong here. Boom we have a couple of -- reports and California were retired -- one particular born Koppel in particular in there. I think late seventies. Retired -- took all of saving auto building at his retirement fund. And then boarded the offices they've rendered two legalized. Pot. Company knew it was legal there. -- the feds came in and sees his building. Saying that it was illegal federally. Sold the building dating get the money the feds that. It's from information that for a which atonement for wrong. Police department when that kind of thing happens gets 80%. Of the drug properties leisure the feds get twenty is that -- Well -- dependable this state like -- and state law or use. Sleep yet publicly about going to a general on. All the way to the local farms get drawn into these federal drug task forces and the government. Circles as he sees the property and the media. Give him money he spoke to bore. -- Back to communities. Who think yeah that money anyway they want to it doesn't want to get on to that -- -- would -- -- weapons. Papers I expect anything like that out there that the bank board black body -- Over the plate. And Chicago were -- able to hold equally patient with cheap at that as in any case in court. Is that the administration is bigger than that of the court so -- didn't think. The people call it political caught. Indy is that her. Pretty large part of the budgets of those that do. I don't know I allotment you let that of course but it is it. It support -- what was it about four and not happen just by needed and became the City Council the commission will. A broad reports in particular -- -- and did that area. -- reported number of years ago about drug war's hidden economic agenda and they mentioned as. And my question is if this is fairly prevalent. In law enforcement. -- For -- to be legal. Well. My personal opinion is that should be equally big pocket they're about to -- -- -- the -- And to make money out of the committee is if it's almost criminal. I want -- to a police officer that was in the black political from private -- About the you know it shouldn't be your dirt bags and make a call profitable corporation. Did cricket is not remotely moral. Did not have -- just -- -- -- -- -- to the public to keep up from his job and not themselves. Terry you sound like the -- all that I thought we had I appreciate what you do and I appreciate the time they're from calling him. -- Nelson up former US federal agent -- 32. Years and all over the world. So -- percent. He is now a member of law enforcement against prohibition board member -- right.