WWL>Topics>>2-4-14 11:35am Garland: on legalizing marijuana

2-4-14 11:35am Garland: on legalizing marijuana

Feb 4, 2014|

Garland talks with Marjorie Esman of the Louisiana ACLU about whether the state should legalize marijuana.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well when you hoped to get the -- -- chair of the house criminal justice committee. Grew low last week to live we called we before forgive which sort of was talked about there we're gonna have a meeting to discuss the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana or legalizing medicinal marijuana. -- each of those -- talk to accomplish that skull while from Washington to get a update from them we were on I'm able to get determined but we bore you aboard three of human executive director of concealed you. Here in Louisiana and Marjorie you're walking the show I think you've followed these kind of things pretty closely go to. I I'm not only do I but I was I was at that hearing and I -- That's what we called tilt -- well what you're here. Well in the City Hall because last year there was a revolution packed house call. -- -- -- Mandated to have criminal -- committee to study the question of legalization of now want and they had been doing that. Of you know the courses two years. Gathering information and informing themselves on the pros and cons of this issue and they and they held a public hearing. For that purpose. The hearing went on for a three and a half hours. Do words -- fairly wide range. People who submitted testimony myself included. And from the -- collections in three and a half after testimony it was one police and opposition. And that -- -- district attorney. It did from camp actually the president -- association. Representing district attorney general. Everybody else work in support. Significant reform of marijuana law now. The discussion really ended up focusing more on medical and non general recreational use all the that. That was not the stated purpose of the hearing but that's where the conversation went. If you better bring called -- Washington. -- good and in the -- loses his said that they were going to. To -- prisons those in his milieu maybe they do it alone. And. But the testimony was part final results from the week in America. Let me throw a couple of things that are occurring -- brought. We've talked to to store owners. Putts -- rulers in Colorado. Both of them extremely concerned about victories and huge bags and raises. And reports. Drug cartels that are very -- third and lose over a million dollars your. Might come in and -- diverting money that there -- carry -- cash. Because is being against federal law but he can't get a bank that they -- they -- investors to take it. Welter of federal violations. Is is this is an indication. That those that said I told you so or white it was a bad side. I don't. I don't see it that way at all I think at all -- may be wrong but I think I read debt debt debt this federal government had eased the restrictions on. -- holder holder asked them to not relief through -- goes. For him to ask them do. -- -- I mean you can't if something is legally can't say they can't put money that you legally in the bank just because in May have traces of something that's illegal somewhere and you have to work that. That's one of those issues that. You know maybe unintended clients black. But but as as if something becomes legal. Leeway for for the banks to figure you can legally confident. And at once that done and the second issue I think -- will go away. -- -- You know get people along the way it you know -- something's been illegal forever it's not gonna be he necessarily. Cricket eating processed iron -- all the problems that come up but that doesn't mean it's a mistake that just means you have to fix the problems among. And a liquor was legalized across the -- both federal and state there was no conflicting message. Well well model state. Legalize didn't mean there's still community in Louisiana but it dry after. Night. But you know the point is that. Get. Way to go after people who engage in extortion we have we have criminal laws to deal. And neck and -- doesn't. Mean because some people may choose to engage in different sort of criminal activity because they've lost revenue from the one that you can engage and -- mean debt debt we shouldn't have. Eliminated criminal penalties across the board just mean you know we need to. Cracked down on the secondary illegal activities -- Our Morgan take a break here come right back in conducts two and this comes in from more agree as an -- -- Rectory is -- you Louisiana. Where I think it. To marijuana legal or not. The thing about the -- with the confrontation has begun and yeah. As for whether or not to legalized medicinal Merrill no conversation. -- -- support legalizing pot but sell still buried in debris. We have where there is so Marjorie adjustment executive director of these field Hume reason of chapter Marbury admittedly strange -- and -- bullet -- that I have a regular basis. Kagan for. Send a broader and Washington Cleveland. And seeing reports all of marijuana causes mental illness difficulty in -- anxiety. Carcinogenic. Hydrocarbons. In it. It's just hypothetically. Say you're it's you -- like your. -- keep it illegal. Now the next question use this latest from the surgeon general report on cigarette smoke. They -- the future lung and heart disease diabetes. Coal rectal and liver cancer. Direct dialed this function -- surge in June. Has tacked on to more or tuberculosis. Vision -- movement toward a right. Impaired immune function and it goes on for four pages. 480000. Dead people for a year. Why don't we make it illegal. Well you know and I have hypothetically. Or you're right that -- wanted ads. But the secrets of -- it. Doctor. I -- incidents question. If it's killed and 480 right now you know those a year. Why wouldn't you make it illegal it -- should be. -- I would I would -- the question. Again and I would say. Why is it that. Is to tell people what they can't cannot consider adults and what they can't cannot continue as long as people understand the risks. Why did the government business value -- each team now that tobacco will kill in state and you should not mile not to back. And by the same company. It is true. In debt that now want hats and dangerous property and I'm not adoptive but he may well be true. Hill -- to the government business particularly the use of the risks. And have it anyway. There what the Doctor Who testified at the hearing in Baton Rouge. We talked about that the medical that now line that at least forced on people with some conditions. Far outweighed in his opinion in his medical opinion the risks. I'm pulling in your corner but the reason I asked that question and what the answers in notes to editors. Number one it wouldn't work number two. -- would become very expensive been there would be violence. Jaws light without call. And with marijuana right now. Sleazy and illegal doesn't stop people from -- as we well you know I like and people you know wanted to talk about this and many people. He didn't hear my voice. There aren't life known anybody that an intervention and our on time because it is pretty close to a 100%. You know this is not uncommon thing for people to have and and if not for recreational purposes let -- for medical purposes though. And -- we. Know so mourners some bodies in Louisiana. The smoke marijuana three times they're flirting with the twenty year prison sentence. That's right and pretty much everybody knows somebody who fall into that category who was eligible for four possibly up to a twenty year prison term -- You know this is something that commonplace and it -- say. Making it illegal has stopped now want consumption. Making tobacco illegal would not stop cigarette consumption. -- we're fighting a battle that's already been law. You know if that Nadal. Very interesting and version precinct on. Marjorie I appreciated called so much and I can guarantee will do more shows in the love that -- --