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2-4 4:10 Sports Talk: Anthony Davis

Feb 4, 2014|

Kristian Garic and Bobby Hebert talk to New Orleans Pelicans Forward Anthony Davis to talk about his season so far and being excluded from the NBA All Star Game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Anthony Davis New Orleans pelicans for joining us now Anthony how -- -- good to have you on the program and in any enemy if you could just talk about last couple games see he seem like you've grown more more comfortable. With the new walls pelicans and you you don't quite well. Lineup lighting of the school Borden really your outside game is really looks like uses its advance and -- from a year ago. I've been working on all their project he where Carl Martin as a -- -- -- -- party every game all. Thought that it'll all go into it Carter the creek earlier in their current look -- ago Greg applaud. Score there rather go -- out there Coco. Very. It just. Ryan. It is so all others aren't so ordered. You know -- a little awkward or. -- -- And today when I look at these numbers in you know you could see double doubles and you see players accomplish that. If you look at you're one of four players are now average and at least twenty points and ten rebounds. Well when I look at the blocks the 3.3 blog space between -- blocks a game. That you got to go back go a ways back to Shaquille O'Neal and his playing days that right now you on pace. To have twenty points ten rebounds and three blocks in this season. And it hasn't happened like a sentence. A Shaquille O'Neal did that back in 99 and 2000. Saw you gotta be proud of that and what makes it isn't just instinct why. You're able to get those those number of blocks and gain. There's -- -- it's a pleasure at all -- Parker starter -- so. All the or your guard Kirk bell or -- cupboard under -- not reflective. Art art or literature there are so well also result bunker got. Are all critical underdog. Card to order call out their. Go public or on clay. Also go to Toledo or off Saito took all the it all choked on it up and down the crowd to a strong. Does this go to Asia. All reluctantly. -- -- and it's a. Visiting and Anthony Davis -- all of pelicans Ford and would you think. As any money -- say saying this is your team that's davis' team. Down. It would totally you're in. Calm -- remark trade. No it among a lot of great our -- eagle the Jew or aren't patient or. All -- support. You know on how to go to Google it -- situation or -- coach the last. Albeit deputy. So important com -- Sergio and -- probably -- treat -- -- that potential. Ball and Greg actually coach Oliver. Two. During much paper state on penetrate -- -- right now. Go off our mistakes along so well so yeah Tokyo so all structured now. You. Who are good at our our. And I and they look at at obviously you know not being selected about a you know the play in the all star game I think -- highway robbery. Two full from a selfish standpoint -- should all star game here in New Orleans. And to me I think the right approach -- NBA would be to throw the pelicans and the ball. And -- well -- -- be given anything -- you have the credentials but how much you think his cousin the play down a look at how LaMarcus Aldridge where he's that. Then looking at DeMarcus Cousins and and yourself than that with Sacramento on -- not having a winning record. Then that all orders that it would take that into -- that they took that into consideration of it is and it shouldn't be individual player not so much the team's record. And I'm throughout America and -- -- not a great. -- player and what are desperate need to look at Theo Walcott will dictate a -- by the end to it at the ball. Well. Agree somewhat of elected not so. We're going to that. Well. -- it goes but it. -- military. All are addicted. There in the -- on the DL call and so the Oakland that the senate and so. -- -- -- -- -- different little delusional quote state your nature to go are there that it would achieve shall. -- Well let me out when I look at it incoming NBA commissioner Adam so we just need to do the right thing. I mean it's you know slighted Anthony mean do you feel slighted as a player. -- Well and all put a lot of holes or go out there and -- -- -- -- so hopefully that's -- -- all. And do it or milk. Arthur Miller on -- -- -- they don't know they are a little a thought they both of them or are able Autry. Well know what they're doing the throw off. -- record there. They're all thought shall call. Our whole after the completion of -- will be there -- right -- ball. So that spot a year ago that you want it more epic book written Boogaard won't. -- here dwarfs all want to censored -- -- Broke the partner I'd like in order. -- it tells about the NBA jam session in the the rising stars game you know -- participating in. They're all great occurred or -- your commander. -- -- record you record though oh. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They -- appearances ago. Little bitter so I don't -- that they're so reject. That that -- go the opposite. Other people have oil record one ballot -- -- The Atlanta Hawks tomorrow night at home Anthony Davis knew almost -- for joining us here -- down our conversation on sports talk in any way with. Teams sometimes struggled to finish and I think the pelicans and had there moments this year where as you guys have. Given up some big leads -- -- of the guys been able put your finger on why you have -- close out victories. Oh go out there you don't put our senators. -- -- your leg of their order -- order not to report. Green reader he partly. All of our locker you figure oh local we get it all knew they had typical B gap or -- -- -- Well you talk about the effort energy and effort to effort there are all. The last -- game. -- You let my game out there and you -- your record and political outlook at all beautiful particularly. You know -- -- but it's -- You know what to look on a stretcher a allegorical order -- it matter at all I heard that account that if I don't know pretty. Electrical. Problem curveball. And hit some bad because I'm an advocate of better. The other. Well you are aggressive Accardo articulate cargo. Are meant to -- -- -- more prepared you -- usually -- our. One more before you run how much fun to jamming that kids who -- commercials and -- Carrara. I love. Who threw a lot of if -- trophies that the kid. Who at all at Milan and they would -- be broke a lot of people -- -- -- -- yet to break out against bigger game. -- country game you know getting your ball. At Baylor Tuesday -- cute day. Earlier. Record there. As they face a bunch of good luck tomorrow against the Hawks we appreciate the time man enough. He played in a rising star challenge our contest but that's only that's appropriate for you definitely arising star and should be in the all star game thanks to botched. Are -- -- and -- Davis here on sports talk this is WW LI MF and dot com.