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2-4-14 3:10pm Angela: on burial or cremation

Feb 4, 2014|

Angela talks with funeral director Boyd Moth, Jr., St. Joseph Abby manager Mark Coudrain, and Jonathan LaHatte, owner of casket store Till We Meet Again, about whether cremation or burial is a better option.

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Last week a man was buried sitting on his Harley. In a Plexiglas Kaufman he has family followed his wishes and even built the casket themselves. Across the country another man told his family he wanted a green funeral just a simple pine box no in bombing. And they could skip the gas guzzling -- The diocese of Albany, New York has set aside a wildflower filled meadow to bury those who choose a green funeral. While life full walk among the flowers. And in the New Orleans area a new store opened in the esplanade mall called when we meet again. He will be able to order customized caskets. Top smell sellers may well be a food and a -- L issue version. It's all about the changing world in death care. How do you wanna say goodbye. Are you a traditionalist. RU kind of thinking out of the box and that's no pun intended. It's something I think all of us should be prepared to think about. Joining us to talk about what is happening in the world of death care is Jonathan hot or my hat. Less hat to Jonathan I had one of the co owners of the new casket store till we meet again. By phone we have mark -- -- who was manager of the Saint Joseph -- what works. And we have -- mosque junior past president of the Louisiana funeral directors association. And fifth generation. Owner of -- funeral home and I have to add that his delightful -- the sixth generation is also sitting in here -- But I appreciate you -- coming to talk about this I think it's a very interesting subject. Maybe one doesn't talk a lot about the maybe we should be talking more about. I was struck by both the picture of the man on the motorcycle. And I thought to myself you know at first that's weird but and I thought no it's what he wanted. And his family obviously loved him and wanted what he won't it. And then I read the article about the green burials and I had not heard of that before and I thought this is something we need to talk about and I want to talk to our audience as well. If you're out there in -- have any thoughts on under you have any ideas on what you would like to do. When that time comes gets -- call 260187. So. Let's talk first of all and everybody join me and do you think that these changes that were seen far perhaps generational. Mean another generation thinking about death. It Angela it could be if it could be generational but I think today's consumers. Is very sappy. And I think they see things in here things that they want. In. We have access so much access and I think they go after what they want in -- willing to pay for what they want. When I came a -- this this company before I opened it that was. Kind of what I was thinking about. From what I wanted to open it down here much so that there was a void in. Personalization. We we celebrated differ weight on here already with jazz funerals second lines. And when I visited the company which started Wichita solve a music casket. With the -- notes in the piano keys on it and that was it for me I groping -- position and like. I gotta do it -- got to open it up down here. I pretty much change careers to open a shop up and you were in police were correct yeah I work for the -- there always are serves office for about ten years. I had always wanted to open -- -- company and came across an article about this company and I was like -- Let's give it -- let's try to see how it goes enough so far it's been doing pretty well. -- customers have been happy -- I've been able to give them one of my most popular ones right now always will be color photo casket. Which allows us to place photos directly on the casket column. Whether it be someone's favorite hobby or passion. And their family photos on the recent ones I did. A gentleman who worked in a -- his whole life. And we were able to get a picture of his top vote placed on one side and then the other side was a collage of -- And we delivered that over to. With the New Iberia and the family loved it and -- was happy. And that mark I'm I'm I'm -- -- dependable in my -- and requests and I boycott our guys. You know it's been -- Now it started about seven years ago. And -- I learned a lot you know adjusts from all the different question people let me about it was very surprised it's been like. Well you don't even have ever kept it to be buried there aren't any United States which really surprised me. But I have found that there have been a little bit of a trend we want young girl who was sixty year old donkey on there. And her wish was for a yellow and and -- -- -- and take -- you Britney delicate and mark how we want payment. And would in every -- bubble out your remote remote and a right thing don't you are and and it got about taking care. I just found that the B -- Though the county agency to deal -- a but he healing for the and happen. And it just interesting how people now like it's seem like preparing for things in different way and looking. This is gonna happen let suddenly become about. What a beautiful personal thing to do for that little girl. Yeah well it was very and I actually got in you know -- ministry and it was very ought to ought to be -- provide what. You are building the very. All would caskets. And you can buy the plane or you can buy them where they can be the decorated in the sense. Well the one that we make a very simple -- -- -- you know we are at two different types and now but there have you know. If somebody on people and out you can use it and and it wanna borrow an element. Mentally you know try to do we end with and you know Chris. And I'm -- years ago and she's been Lamar Hunt them mailman. I want you to make me a casket and I want to put on the side of -- return to standard despite being. Oh -- well you know just that we actually do it if it meant a lot and -- You know any. Of these things in -- and it's the a joyful occasion. The. -- Experiences either. Yes certainly -- you know at every family is unique. In. When they come to their. To their neighborhood funeral focus futile to -- neighborhood in the city. The funeral director has an opportunity. To hear their story. And two. To personalize. That surface in a way that that's meaningful in. In. In -- in helpful but it family to do things with dignity. And be proud of what they're doing. Because his heritage and our city of how we do funerals in the why we do fuels it it runs deep it's generational here in our city. In and people are able to move on with -- lots in a more positive. Manna -- -- would win if wouldn't have had a hand in it inept they have had a chance to law. Have some say. And you know the the picking out of of things in. In you know even when families design and write their own obituary unique give it to the funeral director. -- they have it they use special words. In its not it's not just so blueprint that comes from and he -- and so. Board boy you can see that the notices in the paper more more personal best. And I read of it every day. And I and that means a lot means a lot the way things are Fareed it's absolutely. And I have been open it up what is happening in my name it in the hot. You know figure in the right business is there a way to have a good sense of humor. You do that I want everyone to stay with us we're just beginning our conversation about you know planning and planning is everything stay with -- I'm Angela under the to do well. We are talking about changes in. I'm calling it death care but it's it's really the funeral businesses. -- thinking about how you want to. Sort of spend your last second on this earth if you going into the year if you're you're going to be cremated or whenever how do you want that process done. And and I am really but I'm hearing from the experts here -- the people who live it. Jonathan hot -- was one of the co owners at the new -- stores to go till we meet again march crude drain who was manager of the Saint Joseph abbey wood works. And boy Martin junior who is. The fifth generation of mock funeral home is that yes people are starting to talk about this more think about it more and that is a good thing. We've got some colors I'd like to go to Bonnie in Metairie -- I. I. This is funny. You know I wanna do. Eight cremated and I wound ball. -- and don't they all my body art. -- -- -- I they they need it. I walked -- and then object don't pay. You know whatever can -- it. I would like it. Cremated and then -- spoke on an -- he could be -- and it and they you choose to trade. And say. -- -- And that we all witnessed tree and the tree glasses. And I just thought -- offer might be. On a little bit more about it I would have been done here. I thought that was -- really polite. That is a beautiful idea Jonathan -- of this. He we actually offer around biodegradable -- and we actually are getting into doing that where matches are actually placed inside of someone of like and -- to its innate biodegradable bag. I don't place inside of a either a -- ball glory tripled in the planet in the ground in the to. Derek remains grow with in the tree of the plant. Yeah this add on is -- done at -- cemeteries distant and place and it. Anywhere wanted to plant a tree if you wanted to do in your backyard you could do that or -- a special place that would allow. He planned to be there again. That's a beautiful idea releases. -- this. I have heard of it. -- so -- I think on any town. Human cream means of being placed. That you know there's a neighborhood association. Oral parkway commission. Aura cemetery. On I think I think we wanna make certain. In and of course your funeral home could help you determine. How where is the proper place off for placement like you're like you're asking. It's so you know I would try to get the information for you and keep you informed so you'll you'll have informed choices to make instead of a random. You know something random. I've been to memorial services were people who planted trees at city park not with the remains that as a memorial to loved ones. And of course they had at least in part to do that but. Even something like that if you want to -- inning well known area and not your backyard. You would have to chat with officials and that's for 2%. The funeral. Parlor people could help yes yes funeral homes you know home would always try to help the families determine what's the proper. With some way or is the proper place to took place to cremated remains. Tea and -- that I lost another year and a half ago and she had many years ago said. She wanted to be cremated my step father is cremated and they were they were put in a column variant which is a beautiful little garden in the back of the church. So the service was that the church should definitely very private just my sister as. Putting her but her -- had it a couple of months prior record than it was almost one. So we hit him cremated and couldn't put his ashes in that column -- But could put it into my train their yes and that became very very meaningful because they were so close and now they're still together. Anyway yeah Bonnie I really appreciate your thoughts on this I think you're thinking about it -- we all need to do. And we're here you know act it is that cremation and interestingly we have quite a few people out -- -- double and a where you know I don't know -- can be together what they do it they put it you know 11 -- that when it and in the column there. They take it out with the other one in and when that are not ready and they go back in a lot of couples that chosen. From our experience these one man had them. Special number he wanted to make it he wanted united -- that we mated but you know. I'd just get special recently -- -- you -- and turn my -- and my. Oh at all but it kind of been you know personal are. As well. A beautiful thoughts thank you again Bonnie. As to not marry Mary in New Orleans. -- Yeah. And all. In all people that it was a outrage in right -- -- nation. We. -- capital. But might be cremated. And outbound range being anywhere without the and now. And it just for the coronation not an out -- one and it that it is better as a true ranger. Or. You know why the difference in prices. Good question. Okay. Yeah that is a good question and so. Every funeral home news is unique. Everybody would like to think they're all full service funeral home. But that's some funeral homes. Offered different services. So. There's you know some big funeral homes on the east bank of the river when you drive by and has a very large footprint. And there's other funeral home should drop by those who has a very small footprint. Some funeral homes have three of four employees who wanna to what some have 32 employees. And so the overhead cost of the funeral homes very great. But I'll tell you that there's a couple of things that go with a cremation. In one of -- one of the items -- the services of the funeral home. If you licensed funeral home to up properly handle and care for the remains. And then the crematory is gonna have coffee. In the in the local corners office also has a fee because the quarters office hasn't stop measure. -- stop. Everything from moving forward until the corner has an opportunity to review. What it is that caused the death and who it is and so that. If it's it's sold one or something is in a pending investigation. The evidence won't be destroyed. Their two with a Cree nation. And so -- so things do very. You know from forums from funeral home to funeral. -- -- Crematory. Actually within and a great alone there. In. There's at least four. Yes ma'am you don't you go through funeral cannot go. Make plans with crematory. You would go to you funeral home in funeral homes -- usually -- You know they're they're unique -- that down the street go around the corner. In -- You'd go to you funeral home and speak to -- some funeral homes have their own crematory. Some -- Quite the product. You know one. And brought them all and it was a lot because you know on that threat is every single person. And simply does the president Harry. On the -- that it could be. And it has been dot net you know quite -- -- -- and check out prices. I cannot believe that -- -- -- offered a better now in the opposite from what. -- and that I believe it -- and -- that summit between being checked -- right. It's all about the level of service that the the funeral homes going to give you end up in in in you know I would check I would call around it in checked in into. What what we do what mock funeral home may be very different from what other people do with their funeral home. Scenario are really appreciate the call and the question. We'll take a break we'll be right back let's go to the newsroom now and Dave -- well we're having -- what I think is a very interesting and frankly important discussion about. What do you do when when it's all over how do you handle it how do you want to say goodbye. And we're talking to John -- hot it was one of the co owners of the new casket store till we meet again mark couldn't -- the manager of the Saint Joseph abbey wood works. -- -- -- -- Past president of the Louisiana funeral directors association. And fifth generation a mock funeral home again I appreciate you all being here. Let's quickly go to some of these questions and go to I'm Margot in Metairie. Market. In part but I think is probably pretty obvious. Do you view of -- anything off of the camp is that they now. -- I can answer that off Margo. I think that eighty. Any business any successful business. Off. Has to make a marginal and everything they do whether it's good -- -- or surfaces. Are absolutely. Yes and. The law in all I want to make that clear -- -- there. But I think it's it's in Kuwait. People being able to go out beyond the individuals who own. But looking far different. -- but we recently. Experienced. That experience. We have our old glory. In that it's the fault that our in box. Who don't -- it made. Up outpatient -- We want it cap it from. And that -- -- -- that we would be in law which don't large funeral home made it virtually impossible. To go beyond it. And I think that is one problem that. It is getting out and say they do not watch to buy out and try. Okay let me out let me let them address especially since we have Jonathan here who. Has a casket store so I. Jonathan Wright is still a casket may wanna be buried on -- We we delivered to the funeral home in nature the funeral home -- in good condition for the funeral home to use. The state law was recently changed due to a lawsuit. With a group of funeral directors against the angels is that because they were making their own caskets. And selling them outside of a -- That it in turn allowed. Me to open up there -- -- shop outside of a funeral to sell caskets where is it it's the norm in other states -- what you're saying in. It's the illegal there's a federal law that states. By the FTC. I'm not legal. The funeral -- itself did not want to work with all the gap with the same thing the casket. Assured that the yeah. In Beijing. Q where they just flat so. -- you know they are we got the Islamic -- and it didn't yet. It was one so you know a situation like that. Yes I'm not saying and I'd ask you what happened and I know. Wait acute that there isn't all terror that now how to outwit and on about them like they're back there and I am and you know market app each gotten that helped me but I -- it was it was an accident. That caught the gap that we just -- out. With those things those things do happen you know. I'll I'll tell you that most futile homes I know mark and I work together -- and a deacon nine deacon a a -- passed away. A make a couple of weeks ago. In. That's that's correct and so. And so on mark in I talked and we we had some measurement issues some size issues. And I did my very best to work well within marks constraints. But off in mark was kind enough just to tell the family and tell -- boy. Helped this family the best we can not help on the we don't have enough time we don't have. -- over. It was that that market as reasons. -- so well in so funeral homes do go all the way in now you're cemetery though when you said the you'll cemetery in New Orleans I knew right away what the trouble once. You know our automobiles used to be so much smaller. People that look how -- foot seven months on who's in the room with today's in the studio you know a six foot three. And so didn't do you know of the younger generate people a bigger today. And I so and so the normal casket. Is not gonna feel it. In you burial site in so the the concern of the funeral home is is when your family and everyone's standing before the grave. And we go there with something that the family took on their own to do. Without the funeral homes assistance. And in then it does it. It's not right now it doesn't fit. It casts a shadow. On the farm. Whether you love the family realizes it or not people gonna go to the coffee shops and go to restaurants the next day ago and I was at a funeral at such and such. A funeral home and you're not gonna believe what happened. It's an in this not fair if the funeral home was in in an advisory capacity or the family of the third party provider. Did did not consult. Me. Right here -- which you know is what happens from unfortunately. -- a few hundred remain wide view with the I am you know like you cannot work together many of you work together. And -- and that would damage Peru distressed that and as you know that would pay cute purposeful. They work with the family a very good job they checked and make sure the -- Fit into the and we do have been able to calm. And you don't if you don't call us because we have a small casket that will sit -- and life. You know and it and it just astray you know -- the federal law that you have the right provider can't. In a funeral home cannot Georgia. A federal law now be some times. Some people -- and other. But the put them at that time it -- And all -- -- -- -- managing directors and our area of very helpful and they will you know that if I. It's less comedy here what you went through I remember that we went through. -- about customer service we wanna I wanna give the customer service all you know all of right to add to add to that we've never had an issue with that home delivered to the funeral homes. On the funeral directors that I've dealt with have all been accepting of the product when in doubt that and we just like he's saying. -- offer customer service purposes. Some of all the locations and had a problem button. It has yet to happen here that is good news stay with this we're gonna continue our talk brought activists. We're talking about -- the changes in the funeral industry in what we're really talking about are the various options you have. Things that you might wanna be thinking about about how you wanna say goodbye and you know years ago you never or rarely heard of cremation. Now that's just sort of standard and and you were saying -- now in our area it's it's going up the number of cremation it's. On the contrary. In different parts of the country the cremation rate is much greater than the wall it's. And I'll tell you that. That is. That it's a tribute to. To our beliefs in the wall -- in our our religious police in the wall -- on religious beliefs law on a deeply rooted. In in our in our city. In I think the Catholic Church just put out a a memo on the -- away for handling cremated remains in net respectfully they should be treated with the same dignity is the human body. And put it in -- brochure form if all the churches because good Catholics what to do what could Catholics do. And in and the other religion. The other religious families. In communities. Also celebrate. The same -- because as a strong Christian faith in an hour in our community and in the week we were gathering. Community. Whether it's crawfish boil. Or some other celebrations were very gathering community. And I think that's perhaps one of the reasons why we're seeing. The sort of individual. And personal look at -- you can have a story like this or as a mark was saying. The young girl who won at the yellow casket. That were really sort of talking about what is important to us and so that. That you can ask people gather. Your kind of still there. That personality or that -- is still there that is not to dimensional thing importance of traditions. It is just maybe were adding traditions. You know it -- and it's. I -- there -- general and I got -- landing. That was it believed it. About it Amelie -- you know like -- to you right -- just tradition that the Catholic and -- being apartment the in the cap the search you. You know this stances you know you're right boy that you know respectable. Human remains it is that the body was there. And the -- -- obvious that the Catholic Church is being buried. They give you closure you know but he can move on not that they get the members of the -- and what we do at the -- that whatever we did have a celebration after. The funeral you know just don't put out by now you know it. About palpable into the hole the -- makes of what's going on and the move forward together and joyful way off the ball. Any final thought you all have on perhaps where the industry is going from here. Well. I guess in my stance are in my view this. And -- moving forward with personal station or different options -- -- Business model is we can you can dream it will make it you know we we can make it happen and we can paint -- any color. We can put anything on it. Completely for personalization or customization to celebrate someone's life whereas you know balls fetal homes are way to beat. The music played in the background of the pictures around podcast we did the same thing for migrant parents and my loved -- at the funeral homes. We what -- surf we wanna serve the public it we wanna make the funeral is unique is that individual. He has been a and it's our families to contact their funeral homes. Around town. -- questions. Get prices. Be informed make informed decisions. You funeral directors your friend they wanna know. You all of the best I cannot thank you enough for coming -- talking about this and thank you wolf for listening and for our callers. We're gonna see you tomorrow have a good month now let's -- go to the newsroom.