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2-4 5:20 Sports Talk: National Signing Day

Feb 4, 2014|

Kristian Garic and Bobby Hebert talk to Senior Writer for ESPN.com's Recruiting Nation Jeremy Crabtree about National Signing Day.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to sports talk Kristian garic into the big chief Deke Bellavia alongside the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert national signing day tomorrow all the taxes will start coming in. For LSU Jeremy Crabtree senior writer for ESPN dot com's recruiting nation joining us now on Jeremy how securely -- tires relent and Cornet. Boy -- I've not seen any theories in for him to be looking around and you know every interview that he's done that. Has indicated he's all goods so got a legitimate I don't a. While though Jeremy Allen is open you know one of the putters. Dot the I's cross the chaos in a -- to the nets -- done. You know you look at this year is class that's come out of Louisiana. And considered I guess you might know better and I admit though wanted to best ever of that -- as. When you look at -- and -- I I in theory you wanna sign all the top Louisiana players put pitches around the border. When you look at a player who do you think. That LSU will amidst the -- Moulds has is beating Al gold in them Terrell Willis of Florida -- -- you. You know I had that that's a great question AA -- cameramen and it did Jimmy's today immediate impact type guy -- especially with the as a way to -- she loves to. Run the football and and he's he's such an aggressive run blocker and so is so good at what he does and that's. Getting certainly AM it hurts him and I under the speed at all he'll -- again. That it occurrences that it losing in June but that day indeed the end still. You get to number one player in the country you'd. Did talk me the other guys that you wanted. In states to -- regardless that's a couple of other guys at the top like Robinson no one elsewhere. I can still consider this a very did effort by the LSU coach. Now Jeremy it's same like now you are in a row and I think on the -- -- but -- mere preview. Why is it an Alabama so far ahead that you know you talk about well we haven't agreed class. -- but Alabama still number one it stays like that being able won by far is that because of Nick Saban. And now against there recently -- national -- should Ottawa. Yeah I think it's the culmination of a little bit of everything. You know and nick Sabin. Personally is invest in the recurring process. Maybe more than any other coaches in the SEC's at this stage it. Let smiles mark Craig will much camp are dated Nick Saban -- -- -- he's surrounded himself -- Great workers like planes Thompson dealing need to hear you can go to on the list and at the tradition they've whether. You know they're they've won a lot of parties and Apache history and they also had a lot of guys and it felt something it's kind of one of those. Combinations. Of all the ball. Really. Helped formulate. You know -- almost perfect storm or for Alabama and everybody else tries to recruit against them. Now Jeremy explain this to me and when you look around the country and you have commitments and and a player commits the university Elvis and they changed their mind is there a pattern or does that happen often guys probably can bring it down as a certain percentage of his -- and up with a look at Tulane. And CJ an outstanding job he's done turning around that program. That all aside you got a running back like Kendall -- junior right here from yards -- human is committed to -- I was gone and Nebraska. In and also what Deron Williams the Davidson and for me Saint John was committed to lean on he's gonna Kansas State. How often does that happen in our is that only have a name mainly to -- was maybe like Tulane on on the up on the becoming. It is happening everywhere across the country in fact he gave -- the American football coaches. Association national conference in Indianapolis a few weeks back in. Everybody this is the big dogs in the SEC in the Big Ten pac twelve whatever. All the way down to us some of the lower -- ball yeah FBS schools where. We're at CS schools even work talking about how this has become in this is the worst because which is they're calling it. -- an epidemic. Kids are not keeping their commitments and we're gonna continue to see this happen until we eventually someday find a way to. Happened early signing period and I think that moment and it's started to really happen especially we have. The way it that this record cycle has broke down aggregate you'd still probably. 60% of these kids that are leading -- you know sticking with the decisions once -- made it but. Like when I first recover Korean fifteen plus years ago that number was not -- 85%. Those certainly. 40% of kids change their mind is. Quite alarming everybody. Winding down -- Jeremy Crabtree senior writer for espn.com recruiting nation national signing date tomorrow and Jerry -- a guy Dupree is in the unit that -- out there and I am here the -- with it it's -- that -- -- kind of wondering where do you think he lands. Yeah I mean you know what there -- the speculation today with that thwarted state says. -- needed. Quite interesting for relishing. Again everything in my head tells me that day from experience this as a kid it was -- as who's in the field blues on John Curtis -- they don't. We're on high profile in state guys other than a couple of guys that got away that you just used to everything in your head coach you'd. That L issue is this cold for it to be for him and I'm sticking with that prediction until I guess people find out what is. In his decision going to be at -- -- central time tomorrow morning. Jeremy Crabtree how can folks follow you long line a social media as signing day gets on the way -- more. That plate check me -- on Twitter at at Jeremy Crabtree pretty simple man.