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Feb 5, 2014|

Dave talks about execution methods, What is Wrong with People, and screaming pig

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this the fifth of February 24 team it is couldn't -- Oh goodness -- I guess it it's yeah and last week we had that -- angry and do Lance. And I were confused -- -- and while I got -- it's been hard to know what day it is. What month it is it would. And it's February now that query five days and you're you are absolutely rises that medal in the week that middle of the week -- -- Yeah. Maybe I can. Yeah I'll do fine. -- -- -- -- -- Love. -- -- -- -- Yours thank you Geico camel for his assistance in this matter -- -- on the water was the sleeping was so good this morning I can if it did this. -- threw off everything. Yet. -- I'll sleep better when apple or yachts on no question about that colder it is the better today to -- two goals and it's. The but I'm talking about knocked out honestly don't -- admitted it's taken me an hour just to come around. And I was like wow glad to them as driving hand. Noticing that these sneak. -- at the lines of clouds -- in between large patches of stars guys. Aren't. -- excuses here in the Louisiana today. Our laws yes but it's been delayed. By a promise. Occurring across the country. He's either shortage of the chemicals that have historically been used in the last few decades for lethal injection. War. There have been questions raised about the chemicals used in the methods used it. But it had court stepping anything maybe we should do this just yet it may be cruel -- news. So it's got states across the country now Louisiana Louisiana had been on the debate -- -- -- -- in the -- in golf take it takes years and years and it's night Texas -- in them they they fly through the process that the parlor street won here in Louisiana. That's been years it's anyone's been execute a lot of people on death row but. Very few executions. And now governor Bobby Jindal. Wants the legislature. In this upcoming session next month. To start looking at right back -- -- Do we go to -- gas chamber. In some states are looking at. Firing -- ya hangings. You know -- and I don't think anyone -- talking about decapitation with a guillotine mini golf and I just seems that we got to a point where we found a humane. The way I gas. Lethal injection that seem to be accepted for a long long time until there's the shortage of the chemicals. -- out that it which makes you wonder how much chemical do you need of these executions are pretty rare. You know it's like you would think. -- be run out of I guess now that profitable to make this stuff well no hard -- companies that are producing it. And so I don't know the answers there states need to start make it themselves or how that area state labs start making the chemicals and in the last one I guess -- Didn't go very well at least for reports again in Ohio yet that -- -- longer than expected like 25 minutes or something and apparently the inmate would. Frequently gasping her -- odd noises and tragically air if you was in pain and and I don't think. You know even the most a staunch advocates of the death penalty want -- necessarily. Just get it done not a some people who wish it were are you really take a lot of times Mary and or maybe you're right -- -- -- people who rape and murder children. Why kill ya why should they get a humane. Quiet slow you know just fall asleep and never wake up death and the one in Louisiana you as a unit convicted child killer believes. The well Texas we'll see what happens but this Texas is that thick -- to execute a woman today. Hope -- Suzanne. Costs that's for you were 59 would be to fourteenth woman nationally and this in taxes to die since the Supreme Court allowed capital punishment reason. So we'll see if that happens to taxes. But I guess my question for listeners is if not lethal injection what should -- to -- that Butler drive but he loves you yeah our lawmakers are gonna debate this. Should it be firing squad gas chambers they go back to the electric shares that's better than. That lethal injection that may take longer -- it. -- that he has I don't know. I've never been executed by the ostrich thing that matters I think of that movie green mile -- a little old Sparky your well or with him and it goes horribly wrong -- -- Ha that's on oh well or. So what's the what's that way to do it should be done at all these exit points of -- -- 689 theory that your text me. An 878. And gave it the early edition of WWL prisoners on this -- Happy to you and viewers will get Lauren here with your forecast right after this as we continues these things cool down for the next couple days then maybe law. As Steve Geller with sports with terrorism it with them at pelicans. Play let them. But. That was the early Texan getting -- 87870. Are pretty. I have read many radicals -- -- -- -- -- nine however they killed their victim. They convicted killer should be killed another says that the crime warrants starve them to death. Now does the same way they killed their victims and other one says some parts of the -- and hungry dogs. New Hampshire recruitment hungry Anthony wants them to that element. Okay. Yeah adults in those things happening as as. Public -- sell tickets. Would you buy a ticket to a public hanging. I wouldn't I never understood analyst at 520 but he too forecast. Breezy and chilly now that that cold front has moved through still hang on to some clouds this morning but those should eventually move out by the afternoon with some clearing skies and Temps in the mid fifties today. But tonight the clouds begin to work back again at temperatures dropping into the thirties on both sides of the lake. And tomorrow those clouds hang tight along with a 20% chance for a shower. Price tomorrow much cooler at 45. Or back to the fifties on Friday even though we keep those clouds. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura backed out. They're partly cloudy skies across the region now north winds at eight to fifteen miles an Howard's 47 degrees at the international airport in -- 47 degrees at the National Weather Service office in right now I'm -- going to the early edition of WW offers as another text message and it's 7870. As we discussed that the state of Louisiana and LB in the discussion of if not lethal injection then what is the best way to carry out the death penalty should have -- the electric chair of the gas chamber firing squad hanging. Some -- this family members of the victims should get accused of doing a lot of text messages with very radical ideas on how -- and the life of a convicted killer. What I'm more curious about it -- tournament the coming up is -- seriously of the methods that the courts will allow. Which do you think. Is the best the problem by the way Jordan and -- total additional research forces that the only place to get the chemicals used. In lethal injection historically in the US's from Europe. And the producers of the European producers are not selling them anymore because apparently they've decided that they'll want their chemicals used. And lives yeah. Maybe produced here. They're not that are out there who think that'd be good idea to make them here or maybe they left him. Steve guy can do sports with us here on this Wednesday morning and start to focus more on the -- -- I guess the big question I have is can't then make a run here to a successful season and maybe a playoff berth after such a difficult start. Or is all of this just kind of an exercise it for him. And with the time I guess the best way to put -- Well that's the goal right now -- this team they're not you know. Checking out of this season right now. He took all the players and playoffs are still on the month and they believe they can do with that'll get your panel that I you'd think they can do it after sport WW. Well -- injuries have really taken until on the pelicans rusher this season and the team has added some help at the board position. Signing former TrailBlazer Luke Babbitt he played three seasons in Portland before signing with the team in Russia this year. Babbitt is glad to be back in the states and has an optimistic outlook for the twenty and 27 new worlds ballclub. You know right now well the playoffs let. Know -- I know we're gonna fight and keep battling these games you know and anything can happen on the sooner we're gonna look to make the playoffs. Today is national signing day in college football by -- bagels insider dot com publisher -- finance he says. This year's class features several Louisiana high school prep stars including saint Paul's letter for net who's considered the top high school football prospect in the nation. Got it and they want a generation prospect. You want it back this secret -- size eight football IQ every treated total package their. Ford that has already verbally committed to Ella -- LSU in just needs the facts in his letter of intent to make it official. Let's check him Kristian -- who has more on the buy you dangles national signing day for the LSU tigers most recruiting experts had the tigers finishing in the top five in recruiting classes less miles a company trying to put a -- on this year's class college football analyst might today says there's still plenty of talent to be had out there. I can't remember. Another recruiting class. -- as many big name guys but still hang it out there. Get a big there announcement most double on national signing day. I'm Kristian -- now let's -- you know to lingering wave Wiki body bears coach Curtis Johnson in the -- green waiver coming off their first bowl season since 2002. And went -- -- success comes increased chances on the -- -- -- -- currently put together very solid 2014 class now the only question is will they be able to keep these guys committed when the bags start coming in today -- is already had to commit -- Deron Williams -- Brady -- Lloyd. Already deep commitment flipped other schools hopefully they will be the exception and not the role in the back to start coming then you Bob May bear WWL sport. Today -- four on sports talk will be broadcasting from Baton Rouge at the bears casino hotel for national signing day. Then at 7 o'clock you have a choice switch over to the big 87 the AM. The continued listening to sports talk or catch the pelicans vs the Atlanta Hawks on the flagship 1053 WWL FM. I'm Steve Geller and that's your early morning look it's. Boards or get to vacuum your driver Imus more support to wanna talk to you more about this national signing day how's the classes are looking and -- they still fat. Fax these things it what is this 1980. We'll talk about that coming up right now. The hornets. That became the pelicans. Are now twenty and 27 right and fourteen and a half games out of first place. Where close to halfway Tuesday's. Can't they really make plans at this point is it possible. -- -- if they were in the Eastern Conference how they're not I would say yes the -- The wild wild west is just way too tough in my opinion so many teams are stacked outdated definitely the best in the NBA. And just overcoming that -- get to the AC where Dallas is right now I think just having games behind them. It is going to be too much to overcome especially with -- injuries. With Ryan Anderson and drew holiday doubt -- might be fun to watch. But then look like -- -- definitely fun to watch because this team is still young and coming together so a lot to look forward to but still. A rebuilding year authority 120 climate or sports here on WWL your forecast. -- -- Sources on both sides of the -- Cloudy breezy and chilly for a good portion of today -- think we'll see some gradually clearing skies this afternoon with -- in the mid fifties. But it may feel more like the forties with that wind. Then tonight mostly cloudy and cold lows around 32 -- they light freeze on the North Shore and 36 south of the lake. Now Thursday the clouds will hang tight and it gets even colder 45 for a high with 820% rain chance. And Friday were back up to 53 with mostly cloudy skies. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist -- box itself. Architects coming up once as modern day gladiators fight tigers and -- -- to 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news it's February the fifth -- 2014. -- it's hump now. Number -- quarter. And I'm -- associate. I got to worry about terrorist attacks. Have got to worry about brutal cold off I've got to worry about it. No phone. No hot water. And don't forget the side by side toilets in the men's room Dario notified their children we already covered that. Maybe somebody else in my room that is supposed to be there that now may get to share with because there are no other rooms available now. It's better for the athlete. Four days and doesn't sound and what about the tourist. People going to watch the game. Maybe the International Olympic Committee has to be a little more careful in picking location I think. -- Yeah now I know they put on the sales spirits in the. Presentation. And all but. The gambling we hearing all kinds of problems about things not being ready. Yeah. The hotel tickets not sold it and I don't know. This may go down as one of the most embarrassing Olympics in history and never. Because of all the problems just -- Hope ya please note that there. Actually you know terrorist attacks please -- as we joke about this other stuff that is the gymnastic competition. Is good and and that's entertaining and now get involved -- be on board trying to unload equipment from the get on the Alley and -- it's fun events it is great the is curling Anders. Ice dancing there's all curling they would would would you look at fort. On all the skiing skiing downhill on the Bob slugs thoughts. Adam Morris IE. You know IE yeah I would say it's it chicks thing in and turn away for a but the the ice dancing in the does skating and you know let's and actually get caught up in our current. -- We've been talking to people morning how long. With the state of Louisiana now planning in the upcoming legislative session to discuss should they use another form of excuse. Because the lethal injection drug -- they're not available. Or they use the ones that states have been trying to use have been deemed cruel and and you don't work too well the governors said we want to lawmakers to look at should -- use electric chair of the gas -- something else. Be able to texting me at 87870. Have. Arab and try to be funny -- you know. Is that make them fight tigers and bears in the superdome modern day gladiators and other says let the big game hunters. A two on them on an island Allred CDs and does is build a cinder block building. Put a chair and it backed the car up to it. Strap -- to the chair and let the car exhaust kill. Several people that we should use heroin. For lethal injection well -- people are doing it themselves like right now in here Louisiana there are multiple deaths every week. Now from heroin overdoses and obviously it's been big in the news with -- Seymour Hoffman. And -- -- huge problem right now stronger than ever before. And containing some additives that are deadly and the people are dying every day from here. The -- people say that it. A lot of what death virus application you know whatever they did is how they should doubt yeah I'll turn it around through the sentence. Some summoned as serious as stated they think it should be by firing squad but it should be done with a robot. Doing the shooting that human while some of the gonna start the robot. And when they do a -- but he -- that five people doing it. At least one of them has a blanket no one knows who has the -- exactly who'd actually. Fired -- -- and try to make it is an easy on the shooters saw an interesting discussion areas. You know market for some serious discussion about this must feel like thinker. -- have a little fun with discussion of the death penalty which. Not fun things ever able to ask you know they're able to put down horses and dogs and cats that he would veterinarian offices everyday. Why can't they use that and that's another good question that the courts will have to work. There ego that's the latest on that I'll leave you with what. Wrong with people very well -- mom -- build New York where a couple has been arrested after their two year old daughter. Use their cell phones to dial 911. Cops came by to ought to make it out no more false alarms after the fiftieth time in 198 or. They said all right that's that you go to jail because it would not stop the two year old from calling 918. Times. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hopefully they do now thank you David touchy about fifteen minutes with more first -- -- WR Chris Miller joins us from the courthouse in Jefferson Parish closing arguments today in the trial over whether or not the parent is responsible for Katrina flooding. God let's go live directed the Eyewitness News forecast and it's a unit born man. He -- meteorologist Laura but now. I like the -- this morning he -- this from the cloud formations are arriving and I had to force myself to watch the road yet. At the -- in the that's pretty good idea out there and pretty quickly to edit re seen through with his north winds that can meet one. I'm laps and real yeah yeah. -- that it went well they I'll be out of here. You know they -- -- -- -- we get into the afternoon so most of the morning it's going to be cloudy I would say after lunchtime as the starts he's on -- right now -- when we get that you know we get to 55 which feels you know compared to several days it feels kind of -- but what we're going to see those winds still the risks to feel more like authorities today. Don't let that number pricey I'm guessing at 55 made -- feel much like -- -- restaurant management and haven't north right now about twelve miles an hour that could be a nasty later today it's not that's hurdler. Delve a little less than hurdler but it definitely makes -- -- or makes it uniquely -- and if you like -- this -- to do it while you're not dry patch writing that. And -- we warmup -- it certainly you know we do by the weekend it's a pretty chilly through Friday but by Saturday and Sunday we get into the low to mid sixties which actually freeze is on at that close to respect to be for early February. And that apple keeps the crowds around beginning tomorrow the weekend there's a slight chance of -- -- on Sunday. God in our minds so fifties and sixties all the way into the weekend. With rain possible on Sunday he -- it's pretty chilly it's well heads up but it looks like it could be kind of -- cold cloudy day for Thursday it's not pretty -- today yes even -- it Thursday the coldest day ago I don't like it I don't love it but we're gonna get tomorrow it is what it is. And that that. I don't know if this belongs in the probably people violent not if they were my neighbor's I think I'd probably put them. Okay this comes to us from Maine and there's a -- -- -- China. I saw yesterday China -- mainland China and then there's China main. Who would have thought police responded to reports of screaming come out of my home in China Maine they thought it was a domestic. -- and it was news out it was. Pretty you know frightening screen some guys get hurt -- state police to go to the home. And that people know the caller who lived next door thought she heard screaming but in fact it was squealing from a -- For a state troopers responded. And found that the people next -- had. Been raising pay. And four of the female page as well it was ready it was time. Supposed to now start there. Job that I get -- that there is a fifth -- paying them male page was put in the pen with a four females he was so excited that he's started streaming. And squealing according to the police report. There was no salt no disturbance other than the screening mail pay. Wow well at least. At least nobody was hurt in an a domestic dispute on the bright side. You know it's kind of funny what a -- -- all -- Yeah I guess it's funny development extorted -- right right well that's just my father in law. Raises cattle. And so yeah I mean it's time to put the ball and what that would account that the it's interesting let's just pleased that the net the ball screen there there's there's noises and that if there are. I don't know that it quite as loud as a pig but it did there'd definitely basically if that -- apartment house well -- and kudos this could be like this having made their house on their -- so I. And he gets it remains tight end out right cold up there we know that's -- maybe you have to predict in the house this. Hit kudos thank you Laura in a public health I've been direct from the Eyewitness News forecast yet if this is my neighbor they would. People. I'm 49 point nine days ago when things happening in the early edition of WWL first news -- -- -- 7870 that the male pig -- -- very loud noises for up to thirty minutes -- -- -- that I hope that because they rate paid the and having been that much what is that we've been talking about the fact that there. State of Louisiana is going to discuss next month whether they should go to hanging firing squad lethal injection. -- -- induction gas chamber. Maybe -- back to the electric chair because all the problem with legal injection now -- courts rejecting it because. They can't find a humane way to do without the chemicals that had been used and now experts supplier not available. One person Dex and it's and it's that it does why does it have to be humane which they did -- victims. Have been there that. They're the killers the state is supposed to not be barbaric. But a lot of people are taxing me with very barbaric ideas of how to take care of inmates or on death row. And it's an interesting discussion that is developing that the legislature will continue next month -- out. It is here. So -- well just about three hours a faxes we'll start coming in. And I left every year they still -- in. -- commitments they can't. Make a pediatric email us for some reason. They can't -- it -- -- -- that picture of it emails after the accident at the university's -- think they'd be able to at least in and as the same thing may have backed by your actual signature on the backswing gets the -- Created by the fax machine. From the data that it sent. I did you read this email a funny article saying the national signing day is not keeping the fax machine alive it's the fax machine grow and Alabama there's actually camera. Following fax machine girl and as each one. Each recruits sends in their letter of intent she posted. -- on our wall in there and she monitor Alabama cheerleading here on now she takes it off the facts but now. What she puts the name of the law the group. The night as Steve Geller with sports well good morning everyone Luke Babbitt has returned to the NBA -- as the newest member of the -- Obviously there's been a lot of injuries here so -- are gonna fill them wherever account. You know we got a little about half the season left and since I'm well you know who's coming in trying to -- The -- complete three seasons with the Portland trailblazers has spent this year in Russia averaging thirteen points in just under four rebounds in eighteen games. Well it's national signing day and LSU is on the cusp of winning a recruiting class that's one of the five best in the country. I you bagels insider dot com publisher Derek Kaminsky says that the tigers are hoping to add some big defensive lineman today. You look at that your vaunted Valentine like Amanda and tackle from Miami is one of the guys and you're also looking at two guys -- -- more protection commitments. Trailer pop to. Yeah I couldn't make it decent today and I think those are guys you'd pay close attention to. Now with more on LSU here's Kristian -- this national signing day preview was brought to you by Katie Daniel -- high school football players across the country will sign national letters of intent today and -- sand on the fax machines the nation's number one recruit Leonard four and out of saint -- high school verbally committed to the LSU tigers Jeremy Crabtree of espn.com. Says you can -- by a -- stands for that's not -- back out. I've not seen any reason nerve for him to be looking around in you know every interview that he's done. Has indicated he's all good so. Got a legitimate I don't. I'm Kristian -- now let's check in on the doing -- way it would -- -- about a -- coach Curtis Johnson in the Tulane green labor currently coming all their best season -- over ten years that success on the field has transferred directly into recruiting -- -- is currently looking -- potentially their best class in the Curtis Johnson there are two of the names that highlight this year's class -- west -- to -- -- field and Miami Florida -- Raul Diaz -- both chose the way despite having offers from many other -- He Bob Hebert WWL sports. Well today -- forum sports talk will be broadcasting from Baton Rouge at the bears casino hotel for national signing day. At 7 o'clock you have a choice switch over to big eight the big 87 the AMP continue listening to sports talk. Where you can catch the pelicans vs the Atlanta Hawks on the flagship. 1053 WW alive -- That's early morning look at sports and I'm Steve Geller. So overall time. LSU had as their class of recruits at least the ones we know of at this point how does it. -- right now the tigers are sitting at number six and there projected go to be in the top five once the day ends. The big what is getting John Curtis wide receiver Malloch argue three. Florida State also in the running for him but the tigers do you have the the upper hand -- that I hate to ask who's number one. -- let's see who could be the number one team it would all of course beat. -- hated Alabama Crimson Tide with a top recruiting class aren't doing it do all right all things considered absolutely and what we also talk about the SEC wanted the best. Seven of the top ten teams of projected of the top ten recruiting classes are going to be as easy yes success leads to success right if you're good people want to come and be part of what you -- thank you Steve we wanna be a part of what you got -- up a -- to another fifteen minutes Phoenix sportscaster at WW well. It's in -- -- what you got coming up. Well this into a stand your ground a trial going on in in Florida once again we'll talk about very very interesting case. And also I received it's really missing emails about the Coke commercial yesterday we talked about when during the Super Bowl but it really the reaction to this. Dave I think goes beyond the Coke commercial actually is a reaction to the state of America today. Houston for coming next we look forward to the next for the -- -- the president text me earlier about that big -- -- screaming for up to thirty minutes during. Reading that he learned that an -- that makes.

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