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2-5 6:10am Scoot, Coke controversy

Feb 5, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks to listeners about the controversial Coke commercial and how you would describe Louisiana

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And -- a chilly morning and apparently we've got more cold weather on the -- a winner is far from over. Dave this this Coke commercial on during the Super Bowl continues to get a lot of attention and I noticed that the reaction -- especially it's an email sent or received yesterday. The reaction to the Coke commercial on this American the beautiful being sung it differently yes. Is is really your reaction to the state of America today and and do a lot of people are commenting. About the commercial but it's really what they're saying about America in general someone to share some of those. There is. Those emails with the coming up -- -- if you -- acidity nailed to a two hour show it's scoot and it's WWL dot com. Also the -- blog which is an attorney got a website right now is do stand your ground laws encourage violence. We have another case of -- stand your ground law going on. On are on trial -- 46 year old man went to a gas station and got into an altercation with some teenagers shot into the car killing one of the teenagers -- he's claiming he was threatened. And that it was self defense it's a stand your ground law but do stand your ground laws actually encourage violence from the talk about that. And that's the -- blog you can read it and shared on our website at WW real dot com sounds like a borderline case but that's without knowing all -- details there are some. There are some parallels with the George Silverman case but they are also some real strong distinction similar get into -- a little bit later in the show don't regard right David I was reading an article this morning about. The bathroom of the future. And I mention. Going in the bathroom and just doing. Your business. And the bathroom fixtures. We'll monitor your health. While you. Do whatever it is that you do in the bathroom all really. Don't check your vital signs you know potential illness. And all of this will be screened and analyzed. And it will appear on the mirror in your -- this is the bathroom of the future it will check Q4. Potential illnesses. And also check your vital -- As far as like getting it checked up in that the doctor right there in your browser. I'm not really sure did this would be something that I. I as a hostage treatment but it it's a good thing and I don't put it obamacare I got the death with a future. -- exactly where what does this thing on the bears there's your listeners second. You're gonna have a heart attack go back to bed. Earned run to the hot please go to the hospital and it the only question I have is it will it will probe of the -- -- loud that I may have a -- on and on other. -- -- I obscurity for tonight's auditor. 613 it's -- chilly Wednesday morning. And we'll be right back on -- VW -- It's Wednesday morning I'm still in -- Tommy Tucker 617. Dollars. Chilly morning as states are stereotyped. What you think about a state there's probably a word that comes to mind to describe it state. What word would you use to describe. Louisiana. The word that most people seem to use to describe Louisiana is the result of of a Google search. On survey and and it's not very flattering to -- about it in just a moment. As I mentioned just a few moments ago I received after getting a fear yesterday I got some emails from listeners. About our conversation about the Coke commercial during Super Bowl it's not that I'm trying to rehash this this issue but he has been a big topic of discussion in America. And what I've noticed is that the reaction to the Coke commercial the singing of America the beautiful and different languages. Is really more a reaction to the state of America. That it is a reaction to the actual commercial. Here so here's when he mailed -- received yesterday. -- years ago when immigrants came to the United States they didn't -- To be a fragment -- section of society. We are all immigrants to this country -- our forefathers assimilated -- strife and wanted to be Americans. To learn the customs in the language of the United States English not queen's English American English. They didn't strive to be a segment and splintered. A -- of another kind of another country in the United States. Not to say that they should throw away your heritage. -- Constance. But he should be secondary to becoming an American. They should learn the language and under the customs that made this country what it is. Not to try to impose their culture on America it is -- dishonor to sing our National Anthem. In their native language. If you resides in the United States then you sing the National Anthem in English and be proud to do so we are melting pot of ethnicities. But first and foremost we should be Americans. The text goes on to say I don't think that as a nation we should submit to the pressure of political correctness. To -- entire generations of immigrants. Whatever whatever their country of origin is -- American way of life language and culture. If they want to reap the rewards of this great nation. Then at least. Learn English as the first language. You know I I understand this but you know its first vaults at the record straight here. We're talking about. Singing America the beautiful. That is not our National -- But do you see how quickly and some people jump to this conclusion that that our culture as Americans are threatened. And what would I find interesting is that we are melting pot we are diverse nation and there's nothing wrong with that it's the way we started it's the way we are now. But there are a lot of people in this country who -- feeling like they have they've lost America. And I don't know about you but I haven't lost America. And -- like you to tell me if you wanna share this with me how we you have lost. America how has America been taken away from you how was the American life. In the American culture in the traditions of that how is that been taken away from you specifically. Or has it not really been taken away. Is -- this perception that perhaps it has been taken away also in the conversation that I had yesterday about this commercial. Eight in no way did I ever suggested people should not come to this country and assimilate but I don't think this Coke commercial was about office. The -- commercial has ignited this. This new debate about. About immigrants -- about the state of America and there's also assume some more very interesting emails are received an usher more of those with if you wanna join our show with a comment this morning about an -- we're talking about. Our numbers 2601878. It's all free 8668890. Point 78. In a text number is 877. I'm -- scene for Tommy Tucker six warning and a -- morning and here's. Traffic updates mr. Robinson. You know it's like if I really bad dream that bank buildings like. It includes this video for this so much. It's 6:44 chilly morning is going to be even colder tomorrow -- students -- Tommy Tucker. If you if you Google auto search why is Louisiana soul. And and you feel when the likewise Louisiana so and they do this for every state. Why is Louisiana so blank. So what do you think people. Most used. To describe Louisiana. Racist. The Twitter account at amazing -- ask people to finish the sentence in this news on Google. Why is Louisiana so and again they did this for every state but the number one answer for Louisiana was racist. Now north Louisiana is different from southwest Louisiana and the greater new world -- is different from the rest of the state. What do you think people should think about Louisiana. Andy do you agree that racist is the right way when there's a lot of racism here there's a lot of racism everywhere cross country the question is. Is Louisiana deserving. Of the word races as a description how would you describe Louisiana as one of the things we'll talk about it if you wanna join us with a comment -- numbers 260. 187. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy and a text number is 877. And Bogle of -- bury your under the W on good morning. Are the ones who listened. I think that people crumble when you. It is incident. But if they're caught up -- -- -- have become. Because the outcome America. This with that back and Campbell will be good. African Americans can vote is critical would be human -- we will it was it was -- operator. We didn't we. They're considered the -- about. It -- a couple of now the people come and your mentality. They about it apple co leader and the difficult to leave it up with it brilliantly. Addition to America not about they'll be patented during the song into a bit you know being considered it not been in America. But people adjust to -- -- -- -- cool -- -- I mean spirited but in the big. On the matter is this came up with Britain with a one week from. It does not I mean it would not appreciate a pair could now. Mary I I totally agree with you here's a text that reads it like I get a lot of relief have been complimentary tax but I it's not as fun to share those with numerous attacks like this. -- you make me sick. You are a wade does Texas -- some protection -- jump -- -- scoot you make me sick get off the air you are a disgrace to this country. Explain to me then why -- a disgrace to this country. First of all of expressing my opinion secondly I consider myself to be very. Very patriotic. But I'm not offended by America the beautiful which is not our net National Anthem I'm not offended by that being -- In different languages. Here's another email that I receive and got here yesterday as -- I really don't expect you to understand my point of view but I will try. On most Americans currency. He says -- -- to -- and I as I assume. You know that essentially means out of many one. That is no longer what is promoted. By many in this country. Quite the contrary assimilation is no longer promoted but beautiful diversity is. Don't learn the language don't assimilate. Don't respect our history don't honor the brilliance of our founding fathers. Many people including myself saw that commercial. Is coming right out of the NBC production studio. That is no longer there's no longer a single America but now we have a balkanized mosaic. The Betty is exactly. Where we're going. Many people such as myself -- this country we grew up with disappearing before our eyes I'm 53 years old this is not the same country I grew up it. That is when I saw maybe you saw something different I have studied of all about subliminal advertising in school. And that is exactly what is happening in that commercial. I'm scared to. Hell -- it scared the hell out of me when Barack Obama says we need to fundamentally transform America really transform. It into walked. To even say such a thing. You must feel the country is fundamentally flawed I don't know well skewed even though we both grew up in the same city at the same time. I guess you won't list me among the haters feel good about it scoot your side won anyway. Why don't feel like anybody's side won here. Secondly I I never said it's interesting how people hear what they wanna hear not what is actually that said. I never said I don't know where it is written and if you were repaired it is sending this information please do. Where does -- say don't learn the language. Don't assimilate. Don't respect our history. Don't honor the brilliance of our founding fathers is that somewhere beyond some. Maniacal. Extreme isolationist. Separatist. Web site. Or or blog of some kind where I I'd like to know where this information comes from because I've never seen. Now people love to become hysterical about things and I had to I don't know where that comes from. As forcible in the -- rising is concerned I two studies have Wendell advertising. And to be quite frank with you subliminal advertising. Has been proven to not work. It's. It's a myth. It doesn't really work it does it mean that you can't imply things or have sub conscious -- suggestions but news. Subliminal advertising. Has been proven to be essentially -- -- A source -- borrowing to fundamentally transform this country I don't know what he means by that because I'm not present. They're all so many great things about this country but there were some things that should change. Not the least of which is they hate. And the misconception. Of the direction this country and and again. Let's go back to individuals. Can you explain to me. How. You have been forced. To no longer accept America for what this country once once. Can you tell me about the tradition. Can you tell me about what you've lost in your life. And did somebody take it from you or did you just get busy. And no longer subscribe to the things that you once subscribed to -- -- looking to blame it on somebody else. If you wanna join Russia with a come at our numbers 260187. Toll free 866889070. -- Amber's age 7879. Here's a text Disco and I was telling my brother used to dates an actress what was her name. Yeah we'll get to that later by here's a -- by the way I love the Coke and here's another text Louisiana wires Louisiana so intoxicated. It's 631 -- skewed to the Thomas Tucker here's -- to BWL news update with Steve Blake. David finish this this question why is Louisiana so. Comes to mind dirty different. Right now. There was a recent study done by ants Amazon maps and the Twitter account it was done through Google. Of people very finishing this and that's -- -- -- -- they did this for every state -- -- Louisiana was why is Louisiana so racist. How why is Mississippi so for why is Georgia so. A -- Alabama so good -- those who was asked around the country and around the country -- Alabama so good I guess because if Nick -- Why is Georgia so. Backwards. Why is Washington State so liberals why is. Nevada so empty why is Arizona so for ways to exhibit but Louisiana got racist. Wow which is not surprises yeah I got a attacks a moment ago from some way they said they would finish it with -- Louisiana so intoxicated which yeah I guess would be somewhat of compliment if you're thinking of a link here and having a good time or fat. It will you know there I'd rather be found it to them racists -- You know that's a good that's a really good point you know you know I'd rather be intoxicated and either those authenticity. -- Buys herself how how would you finish that sentence why is Louisiana so. Give us your opinion hard numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point semi tech's number. Is a 77 here's an update on our WWL pretty -- my opinion poll according to a new survey Louisiana is the fourth most religious states in the country. Are you very religious. Moderately religious. Or not religious at all. 28% describe themselves as very religious. 61% say they're moderately religious. And only 11% say they're not religious. Give us your opinion by going to our web sites WWL. Dot com. Here is attacks. That reads oh this is about assimilation. It all happens when the NAACP. Started removing actual historical facts like the civil war like it or not it is our history. I don't know of any cases where the civil war has been removed from. Our history books out there might be some isolated cases where some things happen but the police. Rather than just. Tell believe this stuff that might not even really be based in fact they I'd look to get the information. A recurrent right back with more of your calls and more of -- -- -- scoot into Tommy. But a VW well he's getting cold front moving in its chilly this morning it's. -- -- hold on the next couple hands -- skewed in for Tony Tucker. So this was so this is a compilation of what people search for on Google that was done by an amazing. Maps -- Twitter account but this was from what people search Twitter for. Why is Louisiana soul and number one response was racist. Here's an interesting text that says if some when he thinks that Louisiana is racist oh rivers whoever asks why is Louisiana -- racist. Needs to come to Louisiana first and start with Jazz Fest. So how would you describe Louisiana I get to mortgage -- just a moment also got a text a few moments ago or two ago when actress I'd dated. I date run this year and I data for awhile and she reached a part of that to a ball flight to Marjorie. Movie wraparound thing on on Friday nights in them. I talked to her about a year or so ago we had a wonderful relationship for one from the West Bank Paula Euro and a BW well good morning. -- -- But -- it once we got. Hurt it earlier that the result. Weird moment and we that he has -- -- of course I don't think I'll I'll pick in the who some Vietnamese -- Indy. Plate whether. Problem the spotlight. Like -- no -- the -- resentment towards. Well -- as though that -- the bit about work and now. An outward to the public that elected -- and -- that was. My opinion about 08. But what went with the great law. One thing that went well -- -- there aren't there. -- spoke of the and you won't be respected enough in undated the ministry. I think that would. On the comic that movie. It'll bump on the and they. It -- in 08 the net as well. There's BP and its. Target lock you out of the he like you. About that it. People with certain principles that it is about that -- people themselves so. Adamantly. On the web. They've actually been great if not -- It is not a dominant thought that outlook but he. Paul I appreciate your call I think that's a really good point people hear things about Louisiana they perceive things about Louisiana and and and this is the case -- the states as well. But then when you come here experience it -- you have the same opinion as you would if you hadn't come here and experience Louisiana. And you worlds in particular tremendous -- Lisa a year on WW good morning. A -- Because it. Current administration. And by. -- and -- that would never bet despite I'd like in an ancient white. Well. I don't. You don't -- -- -- content and action. Only need to. Because by. Well taller than the black white and meet the war because -- generally. -- -- -- -- -- Everyday. Working. In a backpack. And I'll I'll get it out if you. You'd. Lisa I think it's earlier appointment Jewish here that witness at that there's a lot of disrespect for this presidency and and I hear conversation slightly sick. And and the conversations that I hear are not disagreeing with President Obama because of his policies or the factories to Democrat. It's disagreement with president -- or never giving him a chance because he's black. Now eat you can't deny that this is actually experience. I also find interesting day at the very people who see. Well I don't respect the president because you earn respect. -- the very ones that told people. Well you might not like bush but you should respect the office of the presidency. Isn't it hypocritical. If you wanna join us with a comment this morning our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Insanity. Protects -- receipts -- creativity -- Doug Tucker. It's 651 and here's another WWL track. It's a chilly morning and more colder weather is gonna arrive tonight and tomorrow we'll have an update on that coming up in our forecast in the news here in just few minutes. I've -- in -- Tommy Tucker on this Wednesday morning a 46 year old man is charged with first degree murder in the death of a seventeen year old his trial begins -- -- name's Michael Dunn. Actually began yesterday he continues today. Police say they've done shot into a cart teenagers killing -- following argument about loud music and done is claiming that he was threatened so. Once again this is going to be about Florida's stand your ground law school blog this morning is titled do stay underground laws. Encourage violent action you can read it and -- -- others it's on our website at WW dot com we'll talk about that in the next hour we've been talking about this. This is compilation of things that people search for on Google and the word that came up most often for Louisiana. In terms of why is Louisiana so. It was racist. I chucked -- under the WL. Take your moments to. Let it there's lotteries and density and the loans it reversed. Where did back when the world at first black mayor. I was young man intimacy. And the government in a broad retreat. And -- -- -- well partly black -- -- -- In the past and wanna turn means that this city. MF. And app and it's been performances him. Yet and chuck what might not but when I said racism might have been classified. As white or black and I I totally agree with you there's there's racism on on both sides. So Britain that the fact that there's racism doesn't necessarily mean it's just white. People renting as soon as well. It doesn't always possible with everybody but I -- to -- more. In the opposite direction that is but did you know it's just something you live where people don't have to like everybody. All that that's true we've we shouldn't be ugly to each other and I think that's something that we can continue to to improve upon in this in this country and and to stay here a couple of the other. Words that have come up why is Louisiana so. Racist. Intoxicated. Dirty why is Louisiana so wonderful. Why is Louisiana got a number of wise Louisiana so corrupt. Why is Louisiana so awesome. Why is Louisiana so laid back. Why is Louisiana so fun loving -- Louisiana so full bad drivers something you may be experiencing right now there is racism everywhere. And it might surprise you too to know that just outside of the city of Seattle throughout much of the state of Washington. As Seattle's perceived as a very liberal diversity the same thing with Portland Oregon. Outside of those cities there is intense. Racism that is very. Very similar to the intense races in that you do find. In the deep south. Outside of Denver there is intense racism. So there is racism everywhere and and there are metropolitan areas Seattle Portland Denver New Orleans. That don't reflect the attitude that many have in those particular states. I wanna talk about this a new stand your ground law. Trial that's gonna come up it's gonna bring up that -- once again we'll talk about that right after the news. I'm stupid for --

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