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2-5 7:10am Scoot, Stand Your Ground

Feb 5, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks to listeners about whether Stand Your Ground laws encourage violence

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David I learned something this morning and I'm very. Very disappointed oh sorry you're look. -- of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Has said that after deciding long ago that they would never ever. Mind -- live performance. Now he said in the letter to fans posted on the web site yesterday. That they were really playing at the Super Bowl halftime show our whole free recorded involve known. Now Anthony -- this was really singing. But when they did this song it was a unique pre recorded. So that they get for the Super Bowl halftime show. But they were not playing the -- I am really. Really disappointed. Even after guitar looked like it was -- and it was it was a play here. That is thrown around finally yeah. You know. Out of all the groups out there that's probably the last ones that I would expect to do something like I agree apparently this wasn't what it is Super Bowl. Demanded. They went along with that it was a request from the NFL officials because there were so concerned about potential sound issues here. I would rather something not sound good and have the to have something pre recorded now is supposed to be -- -- -- give it it's supposed to be like give me alive I don't care it's not perfect give the allies on the other side. I had heard that Bruno Mars did perform everything why. Yes yeah ours was right on well I haven't heard about that I just heard about the -- -- -- and Nigeria I I'd have the impression that that was that that was indeed -- line saying he did what they can play the instruments there for the news well I really admire them really good morning we find out that was breakthrough. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Taken it. And the heat is usually sitting in that they worked rebelling. Again. I'd rather it be less than perfect. And be alive if it's supposed to be life out I great but if this if the server bowl came down on Monday what are you gonna do. Refusing senior -- I'm not saying you know I'm not gonna do I guess -- hour. You submit to. The request. I just go to -- Tony Tucker 7:13 on -- Wednesday morning and we'll be right back at WW well. All right -- -- is -- -- -- colder weather is arriving later is not over yet. And they are building the grandstands reported and mentally and also in downtown New Orleans -- medicine for a lady NBA all star game coming up February 16 so. The city is gonna be a lie for for quite awhile. -- consider yourself to be very religious according to a new Gallup survey Louisiana is the fourth most religious state in the country. Mississippi's number one you taught number two and Alabama number three. Do you consider yourself to be religious we're gonna talk about that later in the show but that's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll this morning. Do you consider yourself to be very religious moderately religious or. Not religious at all we'll give -- an update on that coming up here. In just a few minutes also. If you are the most religious state. Is there less crime. Been in the state that is the least religious states do religion and crime go to get if you're if you're religious or you part of a state that. Has less crime than states that are considered to be less religious will want to tell you about that coming up later in the show. 46 year old man goes into a gas station in Jacksonville Florida. He's annoyed by a car full of teenagers. Who were apparently blaring music from the car. The man asked them to turn it down. At which point he claims he felt threatened. By the way to teenagers talk to him. He told police that he thought he saw a -- in the car he went to his car got his gun as he was getting gas. Opened fire into the vehicle killing a seventeen year old team police found no guns. In the teenager's car. The trial of Michael Dunn began yesterday in Jacksonville Florida dentist charged with first degree murder. And is claiming that he opened fire into the vehicle with the teenagers because he felt threatened and Florida's controversial stand your ground law. Could easily become a major part of this trial which began yesterday. And it will undoubtedly once again and reignite the national debate to respond during the trial of George -- Now there are some parallels between these two cases but they are also some distinct differences. Now there will always be doubt in the minds of many people not everybody but I doubt in the minds of many people. About what -- George Zimmerman actually felt that his life was threatened during a physical confrontation. With -- on -- that night. Time and could the confrontation have been prevented with different actions by both mark and and and -- But in this particular case with Michael -- in Jacksonville. There was. There was no physical confrontation. And so. I don't understand how he is going to claimed that he felt threatened. He says that he was bothered by. The loud music coming from the car. And so he retreated he left he went away from that that he went away from that situation. To retrieve his gun. And then went back into a situation that he originally described as being threatening. To his life. Any he shot into the car. Now witnesses say that he shot three times polished and and shot five or six more times. Then he left the scene went to a hotel where he apparently ordered pizza. Guy he was arrested there later. But this is gonna certainly resurrect this. This controversial debate about -- ground lost a -- -- gun laws are on the of the books in about twenty states. And there have always been laws on the books that allow you to protect your yourself with deadly force you can protect your life in your property your family with deadly force. The stand your ground laws essentially. Remove. The responsibility to retreat. If retreat is possible. And so the question. Now is do these laws encourage the use of deadly force. And I think it's also appropriate to consider that some individuals may not have placed themselves in certain situations. If they didn't have immediate access to a gun. And is that the reason you should own a gun. As you wanna join Russia with a comment on numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. Protects numbers 87870 -- blog this morning you stay underground laws encourage violent action. If you are a gun owner if you are. A gun rights advocate or if you oppose. The the attitude that everybody has to be yard. A read the blog -- -- -- others were talking about that it's on our website at WW dot com. It's seven Tony and I -- in -- Tommy Tucker here's another WWL traffic update. It's seven Tony for on this Wednesday morning -- in four Tommy Tucker. What is really scary about. This new health scare. Concerning sexually transmitted diseases. Is that now there are people over fifty. Who are reaching. The the point of experiencing. Epidemic. Rates of of sexually transmitted disease is people over fifty. So I thought I you know I guess you get over fifty and you think -- wait I I guess I can have sex with anybody it and not worry about safe sex. But now this is reaching epidemic proportions so this is -- is here this is one of the things and potential we'll talk about ownership today. So -- Angela that it was member of our WWL. Team here and a famine. An open mind with the legendary Angela hill today in weekday afternoons from one to four -- WWL the news talk and sports leader of the gulf south. So I guess this is going to be a good opportunity for you kids. Not to talk to your parents parents divorced. Single -- they're going out. Kids. Make sure your parents. Practice safe sex. You know they just they don't know any better than they get older they forget about these things -- it's really up to you to make sure that that they're responsible when they go out. 46 year old man is charged with first degree murder in the death of seventeen year old to trial of Michael Dunn began yesterday in Jacksonville Florida police say that Michael -- shot into a car teenagers killing one. Following argument about loud music. He left the car went to his car to get a -- and then went back and shot into the car killing a seventeen year old and he's claiming. That he felt like his life was threatened. If you felt like your life which threatened which you leave and come back it sounds to me like this was more about. Out punishment. Or maybe revenge. As opposed to self defense. Here's the question at duke -- guns encourage people to. To escalate. Violence it's in situations. If you wanna join -- show with a comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And it -- -- -- 77 here's a Texan re screwed if you would have had a gun when attacked would you have used it. You know I talked about it countless times. If I would've used to garden. To prevent. Me being attacked. I would've had to use the -- So early in. What became an altercation but became physical. I would've had to use it's so -- that there would be questions about whether or not my light was really threatened. I'm OK so I'm glad that that was not something that I had to deal here's a text by the gun owner. And a concealed carry permit holder got responsibility is the responsibility of the gun owner you can't put yourself in those situations. Well a jury is going to have to put themselves in that situation. -- if somebody leaves a situation and then goes back to it how do you claim. Mr. life which threatened and you needed the gun if you were treated and then went to the card to get your gut and then came back with the -- And then of course there's also the case of this at 71 year old guy recently talked about this. Who. Shot and killed somebody. Who was texting and a movie. And claim that his life which which threatened. He claimed it was self defense so -- she shot and killed the guide him at a movie theater and apparently the only assault was assault with a bag a popcorn. Now I realize that that's very disrespectful. It's aggravating but I don't believe you're supposed to pull out a gun. And shoot somebody if somebody throws popcorn in your face I don't think you can I don't see how popcorn in your face would be considered. Life threatening but he isn't this not. The interesting questions that come up about things like stand your ground lost. I'd do guns using guns give people the confidence. To confront others. And is that the right recent Oregon. If you wanna join our show this morning are numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- -- 7870. Here's an update on our -- WL pretty jaguar opinion poll Louisiana -- ranks fourth now as the most religious states in the country. Do you consider yourself very religious moderately religious or not religious. 37% say they're very religious. 44% say moderately religious and 19% say. They're not religious. It is your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we'll update on that in a few minutes and that's something it will be talking about in the next hour and -- do you have a government. And you carry your gun everywhere. And I would think you're correct me if I'm wrong I would think that if you're responsible gun owner. A gun. Does not give you confidence. A gun doesn't give you confidence to be in situations that you would not or nearly beat. Now if -- in situations where you're carrying money or if you're jobs -- lead you into situations where you were in a dangerous environment. Then that's that would not. That would not include a garden. Giving you confidence to be in that situation because you're in that situation anyway. And I -- staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. And the right to own guns. And and I applaud responsible -- dollars. When I don't applaud is what seems to be. On the confidence that a gun gives people to be in confrontations that they might not ordinarily be and if they didn't have the gone. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't believe that's the reason you should own -- -- For confidence to get into conflicts that she wouldn't ordinarily be it if you wanna join our show this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Steroid semi tech's number 67870. Here's a -- -- sounds premeditated to me how do you leave the situation and it did you feel threatened again. And then you go get a gun and then you come back into that situation and is that self defense. We're coming right back or more 7:30 on this Wednesday morning and -- -- Visit WW elders update -- days like David I was getting text from a few people during the super ball and it get a check like this is boring. Nobody's gonna watch the rest of this game restored to nothing at halftime but in the first half and getting -- obviously nobody's gonna watch the game to the end. And the Seahawks scored at the beginning of the third quarter I got a few more tax this is boring. Well apparently people watched based -- The Super Bowl as we mentioned yesterday set a record as the most watched TV event in American history. I number one. But I find it interesting that the number two and number three rated shows were the Super Bowl post game show no. So indifferent hours the post game show continued and rated as. Two and three so that meant that people stayed tuned into the game because they were their for the post game show of -- so people did budget so you know it's it's interesting that. I think I guess to some degree people like to watch the beating. The beating. That the -- the beating of the Broncos are thrashing yeah I mean people archer. People must have enjoyed that because they began they they stayed to the end if if if they're on our game yeah with the post game shows were were also highly rated then. While people. Beverages on the massacre I know some people thought that you know any minute Peyton Manning was gonna. Leave the big comeback but it's I mean not. The second half you know and he did come back I forget to who they're playing maybe it was the San Diego Chargers but he came back from a 24 point also you know it is a reason why a dozen years or younger currencies and he does some crazy stuff. I deserve a trial going on Monday in in Jacksonville started yesterday of 46 year old man named Michael Dunn charged with first degree murder in the death of -- seventeen year old. A police say that he shot into a car of teenagers killing one following an argument about loud music he claims it is like which threatened. And apparently this stand your ground law in Florida will once again. Be discussed. Just because he felt threatened him but he left. He left the car where he claims he was threatened. Then went to go get his goal line and then came back -- so if you felt that threatened why would you go get your gun in and come back at -- she just wanted to punish people. And that's not the reasons to own a gun. Do you have a gun do you carry it everywhere. -- don't you carry your god. And does it going give you. Confidence. And is that the reason to carry a gun. If you what did you an issue with a comment this morning our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890870. Dixon receipts at age seventy and scooted to Tommy Tucker. 7:43. -- chilly Wednesday morning but it's gonna get colder today the cold front moves through here and we'll be back with more. And if you well. So the Super Bowl was a close watch TV event in history and the Super Bowl post game. Was number two and number three in the ratings this past week according to the Nielsen ratings. And I made the cut -- that that obviously people stayed around to watch the game and getting a number of text of people who say and this is very indicative of the Texan I've received. After the first half a set the DVR to record the rest of the game since it was so bad. I just want to be able to see the commercials I wonder how many others did the same thing that would skew the ratings. And that's that's a good point people may not have been watching but the TVs words were or still law it. But I know I watched it till the end even though was -- -- I guess I had a difficult time believing what I was seeing. We have a New Orleans winner in a 1000 dollar national cash contest congratulations to Janet Schulze now we would put some money in your pocket to. So you've got four chances to win a thousand dollars today and every weekday -- W if you just listen weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 8 AM. Noon 3 PM and 6 PM for the code word. And the -- -- WWL dot com slash cache or click on the contest link at W if you will dot com and it's just as easy to entering your Smartphone or tablet. If your home office computer or surfing at home. -- you can win anywhere. Every weekday four lucky listeners nationwide 1000 dollars each good luck and remember the times to listen right before the top of the hour news at 8 AM. Noon 3 PM and 6 PM. Under the W well here's a quick update on our WWL pretty general opinion polls of people talk about more in the next hour Louisiana currently ranks fourth according to a Gallup survey. As the most religious state in the country. Are you very religious moderately or not religious at all. Very religious 33%. Moderately religious 46% at 22% saying not religious at all. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com and also does being the most being the fourth most religious states. How does that compare in terms of the crime rate. To a state that might be the least religious states. Is there a connection between. Being religious. At a lower crime rate as far as that collectively as far as the -- conserve talk about it coming up. In the next hour a number of text about the situation in in Florida now does this happen. This happened last year but the trial just began yesterday at 46 year old man Michael -- Apparently. Confronted teenagers at a gas station in Jacksonville. Who were playing loud music. And he didn't like what they sit back to him they said something about. They used profanity in it talking back to him. So what he did it was he went to his car got his gun came back and fired into the car killing a teenager. He's he's charged with first degree murder. And he's claiming that his life which threatened he's claiming that it was was self defense. Here's a -- -- regardless of what was said the man left the area where he felt threatened after going back to his car. For his -- and then returned. At this time he became the aggressor. He knew he was wrong. That's why he left. If you haven't gone right you know all all we can ask is that you be responsible here's attacks that reads we -- shotgun the only reason. We have it is to protect our family and property even if I had to use it it wouldn't be to kill. I it would do. We do would not be able to move on your alone. And you know everything that I didn't know about guns and maybe I'm wrong here but -- I don't think you're supposed to try to -- some body immunity if if if you pull out a -- and -- -- intent should be to use deadly force at that point. Here's a -- guns or power power corrupts some people are more easily corrupt of there are situations and we talk about this quite often their situations that. Appear. To indicate that people gain confidence. By having a -- Now to to be confident about protecting your life and your property that's one thing but to be confident in terms of confronting people just because you have a -- Is that the right reason to -- -- -- If you wanna join our show this morning are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. A text -- is -- 7770. If you want -- chilly Wednesday morning but it's gonna get colder tomorrow eleven update on the forecast coming appear in the news in just a few minutes into the WL. And here's another truck. Do you stand your ground laws encourage violent behavior if you just joined us we're talking about this again because a trial is so open up in Jacksonville Florida 46 year old man in Jacksonville at a gas station annoyed by a car full of teenagers apparently -- playing boring music. And I asked him to turn it down he felt threatened he went to his card to get a gun and and went back to the car shot into the car killing a seventeen year old. And he claims self defense and certainly Florida's stand your ground law will come up again. In this particular case if you wanna join us with a comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven tech's number is 877 it. And is always something new on our website at WWL dot com the Nagin trial continues star witnesses for the prosecution continued to testify. A you can check in several times a day for the latest on the former mayor of New Orleans. Also the latest blog. Do stand your ground laws encourage violent behavior you can read it -- others it's on our website at WW go to account also Hollywood south continues to boom. Lots of sequels being shot in Louisiana. Terminator five. Jurassic Park four fantastic four ban Aston many more we get the full list now on our website at WW real dot com. I actor Philip Seymour Hoffman -- prepared to heroin overdose in this is raising awareness about the increasing use of heroin in America. We'll talk about that later this morning. And do you consider yourself to be religious. A new Gallup survey shows that Louisiana is the fourth most religious state in the country behind Mississippi Utah. And Alabama. Do you go to church regularly. And is it more important to be religious or more important to be. Spiritual we'll talk about that coming up in the next hour here is a text why is having a -- the issue here. It is any citizens' rights to be in possession of a firearm. If he didn't have a goal line. He might have run over that teenager in his car or stand the teenager. The issue is people mental illness and character to a great degree that is true but it's. A gun. Makes it easier. For some people to kill. When you stab somebody. You actually touch the body. You stand them it's it's it's. I don't know how supportive but it's more personal. -- cowards can kill people with guns. I guess you could run over somebody with a with a with a car. But you know you might damage your car so. I don't think there's any doubt that parents make it easy for some people to kill I never blamed guns. Is it's not the guns -- It's the fault of the person who uses the gun. But some people might not want to admit this I think there is little doubt. That in some cases. Guns. Give people confidence. To confront people guns give people confidence to be in situations that they might not ordinarily be in if they didn't have a -- And to me that defies. The Second Amendment and the true purpose. For owning a gun which is protecting yourself. Defending. And your property. There our gun rights activist who think everybody should be -- and I don't know that that's really the case.

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