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2-5 8:10am Scoot, religious states & Stand Your Ground

Feb 5, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks to listeners about the most & least religious states and Stand Your Ground laws

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They've over the weekend night I rented the movie rush. It's about ten Grand Prix racing in Formula One race I saw previous I want a negotiated theater and so I didn't I saw its about. Three days before you sought. I loved it could -- -- it was classic Ron -- have their work. There were scenes the directing of it reminded me very much of the the way he directed Apollo thirteen. That was just -- that is excellent. Two things that I really took away from this movie and and I've always been accused of trying to look for meetings in movies -- -- -- -- -- to a movie -- -- always at the try to find meaning and yeah I do the same thing -- -- -- was something away from -- you know we went -- with the with the -- with Jim -- and -- now do you understand what the real meaning of this is that. You know you really don't need demands that you believe that are you Woodley or that person anyway you don't need demands to bring -- -- -- idealist I mean and a dad come on. Scotland but I love the movie rush to think that I really took away from it. With the idea that you. You have to live life like you have nothing to lose. You know you have to drive like. -- -- you're not afraid to die -- you can't live like we can't live life if you are afraid on the sidelines and you just have to live like place you got nothing to lose in. That reminds me of things and I've talked about from one of my favorite books of all time which is the winner with him written by Pat Riley the famous NBA coach. -- and he said today in part of the book you gotta dance like nobody's watching and you got to sing like nobody's listening like deep dislike it doesn't matter what anybody else think she discounted do what you think is is the right thing to do. The other thing that I took away from the movie rush was this line. 01 ice man learns more from his enemies. -- -- -- Learns from his friends. -- -- I thought that was was brilliant very interesting relationship between these two drivers that were very competitive has certainly was here on -- a lot of the well not so handsome guy and the pretty boys you know in the hot on the other side. And it's their lives are completely different -- the competition that killer instinct is there for both in and also I can also showed how how different people do things for different reasons. You know the Austrian. -- -- he was just so dedicated to all -- gap 322. The art of of of driving in the other guy it was almost like he -- hunt did it for. For the for the chicks yeah for the glamour -- like yeah exactly. And I was agreements and you haven't seen rushed out it's our governor -- critics -- -- -- I if you -- join us with a comment about -- they were talking about our number is 2601870. -- -- 866889. -- said the tax is 87870. So there's a new survey out from Gallup showing that Louisiana is the fourth most religious state in the country. How religious are you man on -- to get -- like specific details would you consider yourself to be religious. Mississippi was the number one most religious. State in the country and how does that compare to the crime rate with states that are considered to be. Not very religious. Talk about that when we come back and every WL. It's a -- morning -- studio -- Tommy Tucker glad you're with us this morning. Here's an update on some of the things we've been talking to a trial in 46 year old man charged with first degree murder in the death of the seventeen year old. Name's Michael -- Andy began yesterday in Florida and done shot into a car teenagers killing one following argument about loud music. Can -- a few moments ago from some wasted people go crazy over music they don't like. You know I I -- be walking downtown living downtown I hear a lot of music blaring from cars that I don't like. But the second cause me go get a gun and shoot somebody. So this is gonna sit this happening in Florida in his guys claiming self defense he felt elect elect which threatened. It's gonna bring up once again debate about the Florida stand your ground law and those types of laws are on the books in about. But Tony states including here in Louisiana says one of things we've been talking about also there wisdom. There was a compilation of responses to this question finishing this question. Why is Louisiana so. Ended the number one answer was. Racist. And this is a compilation of what people most Google's. When they were asked the question why is Louisiana so. Racist. So we were talking about some other way to describe Louisiana and included intoxicated. By his Louisiana so. Dirty -- Louisiana so corrupt wonderful awesome so full of bad drivers. So laid back so fun loving. On Texas was described as Dick -- Texas so big why is Mississippi so poor why is Alabama so good. And I think that's because of Nick Saban twice a Florida so hot why is Georgia so backwards. Why is California so expensive. So you wanna add to this and how what you describe now Louisiana. There's a survey out from Gallup showing at Louisiana is the fourth most religious state in the country Mississippi was number one Utah and number two Alabama number three. Do you consider yourself to be religious. Is it better to be spiritual than it is to be religious. And would you consider yourself to be religious. Interestingly in the the least according to this this surveyed the least. Religious state this is a collective opinion of the state based on things like do you go to church regularly. -- do you go every Sunday or almost every week you do you consider religion to be an important part of your life. These within the criteria for determining which states were. Most religious -- least religious the least religious state in the country. Is the state of Vermont. And so I want to I want it to look into okay is there or is there a correlation between being more religious. As a state. And lower crime I -- on paper you'd think that if you OK if you're more religious than there could be a lower crime rate. Is is that really the case. We'll talk about that when we come back and if you rejoice from the comet this morning about anything we're talking about. Our numbers 2601870. A toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. In a text amber has a 77. -- -- the tummy tuck carry it states wanting. Children it's gonna stay -- while here's another that we WL a trip tickets so -- So we treat yourself to be religious here's a tax. The greens. How would going to mess daily be considered religious. Yet. Because doing something religiously is is not just about going to church George W religiously. -- you can somebody could say -- I religiously go to strip clubs. It does it mean that -- -- religious that you're you do silly religiously you you do it on a regular basis you do it on her repeating basis it's a regular thing that you do you do it religion I work religiously -- -- that I'm religious it might work but I work. A religiously would be one way to put that. So just going to church doesn't well it. It's a religious in that makes you religious in the fact that you keep this pattern. But he doesn't necessarily make you spiritual but according to a new Gallup poll -- -- -- number four in in terms of the most religious state in the country Mississippi was number one. Vermont is in last place. Now -- -- look at violent crime -- looked at this earlier this morning. In terms of crying for 100000 people. The most religious state. Has 260. Point eight crime violent crimes per 100000 people Mississippi 260. Point eight. Violent crimes for 100000 people the least religious states Vermont. Has only 142. Point six violent crimes per 100000 citizens. Louisiana obviously New Orleans contributes greatly to this. Louisiana has 496. Point nine violent crimes per 100000 people. And Vermont 142. Point six New Hampshire is the second least religious state they have 187. Point nine a violent crimes. Or 100000 people. Main 122 point seven. By the crimes for thousands per per 100000 people so it's interesting that that being a religious state. Does not necessarily correlate with being a state with the least amount of crime. If you wanna join Russia with a comet are numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven tech's number is 87870. A coming up in the next hour we'll talk about. That the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. And -- I'd heroin overdose which is raising. The question about heroin in America. And -- in Louisiana. There's a Louisiana law that says that if you distribute drugs. Then you're accountable for an overdose of a drug user even if there's no specific intent to kill or even if you're not. Actually physically involved in administering the drugs to that person. So should those who sell drugs be held accountable for the deaths of those who overdosed. And should a pharmacist be held responsible if a customer overdoses on prescription medication we'll talk about that coming up in the next hour. We've been have been talking about this this Casey and in Jacksonville Florida trial started yesterday. The trial of 46 year old Michael -- I'm Michael Dunn is charged with first degree murder and getting a number of text -- practice the guy was apparently offended. By some things this and teenager said to him when he was. Going into and going and he was getting gas and he balked over it he told these people turn their the music down and they didn't. And he went back to his car to get a -- he fired the gun in the car killing one of the teenagers. Here's a -- -- mentioned the fact. That the kids in the car with loud music pointed the shotgun at the man. I don't know who sent this text but that's not a fact. Police said they did not find any any weapons. In the -- teenagers. But this may be the kind of thing that has perpetrated over social media again people find the information. That supports what they want to believe. As opposed to seeking the truth. And truly that's one of the problems we have in this country. People don't want. Truth they wanna find people who say things that support what they want to believe or find the evidence that supports what they won a belief rather than what what is really true. And also I mentioned earlier today. That I received a number of emails yesterday after I got the year. About the conversation we had about the Coke commercial yesterday and it occurred to meet it with -- -- they're very intelligently written emails that. It's not so much about the Coke commercial reaction to the Coke commercial is really more a reaction to what people perceive to be the state of America today. So I'll share a couple more of these or email us with you and if you wanna communicate with media through email my email address is scoot. Aunt Debbie WL dot com a from Slidell merry welcome to our show this morning. And I want an all out early in the morning but I'm not -- Go out and tired in the morning and it happened. -- -- Get all right. Into Asia and and -- I don't want him you know any of the actual. -- -- -- -- And am not caught and caught all of the jury. -- Oh and they into the caught the wind -- you bought. -- not. Talk about. The dimension on it. And -- -- -- -- bit again. About bank and I'm a bit high and at the -- It on -- -- you know and she was -- at me -- I loved it I. Haven't gone. Out. Never thought -- And little and help find the door opened and out. And -- I had in English and he met Evelyn -- you know. You get out and let the -- out. Shot. Out there outline the amount -- but by. And I need to get locked into the flight the favorite aunt that I. -- law actually went to another yet. Originally but if you would have shot him that would -- to be in the state. Everybody that has is going through that college you do to again. Now we -- hide that shotgun and I basically. And the country. But I I never get a little. Will -- gun. Actually it would take a lot a big issue. Of a no I would not hold them though because I know. Club and you don't have gone you know that they. Can't back -- I appreciate you sharing your story with -- if you wanna join us your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. Texas a 77. I scoot him for Tommy Tucker this Wednesday morning and here's -- of the WWL news update which typically. David I don't have a problem with naming the New Orleans Arena -- have a problem with smoothie king as a company that we should all be very proud -- local it's even better yet they have a great product. And if it matter if I've moved to in places and didn't have smooth eating out we look forward to coming back and getting us really to exit so it's a good product. Not have a problem with naming naming Arenas it it's something that is really just. A part of life now. Yeah well you know before Mercedes. Did his thing with the superdome. We didn't have such yeah meanings. Of buildings like that and it was going on all over the country you know one stadium after another so is as good. Yeah I think about the United Center. I forget where the United Center is but it somewhere out staples that are in dale Taylor the American Airlines Center. In Miami so it would what would you level which you want to -- the -- altering areas or another company not not that there's anything wrong with smoothie king but is there another company. That you would think would be appropriate for the new -- arena we'll talk about them on the show as well care. Here's an update on our -- to -- well pretty jaguar opinion poll Louisiana ranks fourth as the most religious state in the country. Are you very religious moderately or not religious at all 48% say very religious 49% say moderately religious. At 22% say not religious at all. And is it more important to be spiritual. -- religious. Here's a -- Reid says do what is it that you guys focus on so much negativity in the world. Well I don't know that we focus on negativity we talk about things that are in the news and yes sometimes or negative things in the news but it. I think yesterday talking about the Coca-Cola commercial that wonderful message I think that was a really positive thing that. That we thought we I think we talk about a lot of positive things on the show again people hear what they wanna hear. Sometimes as opposed to what is actually being said still blog today turning on our web site is -- stand your ground laws encourage violent action. You can read it share it -- already feel like it's -- Debbie WL -- -- Good morning I'm suited for Tommy sector on this Wednesday sun is coming out is gonna be cool today tonight and very cool tomorrow. I here's a text of course they look for their expectations. Of the truth. That's what the liberal media and the politicians have taught them to do -- not exactly sure what that references. Here's a text their religious people are performing the violent crimes the nonreligious state she mentioned at higher cost of living please compare cost of living. To violent crime rather than religion I really wasn't comparing religion too violent crime I just thought it was interesting. That he and in the states that. They are considered the most religious states collectively in the country. They don't have the lowest primaries. And end this state it is considered the least religious state Vermont New Hampshire. Those states have much lower crime rates I was in comparing the two I just thought that was I thought that was an interesting comparison also continuing to get a number of texts and calls about. About guns in the ownership of guns and and if you just joined us at 46 year old man charged with first degree murder in the death of seventeen year old goes on trial. In Florida and I just started yesterday in Jacksonville is famous Michael -- and he shot into a teenager. -- into a car full of teenagers killing one following an argument about loud music. And he claims that his life which threatened got a text a moment ago from some ways of what you tell them about the fact. That they pointers shot connecting. As far as I know that's not a fact. That might be with -- people want to believe he claimed he saw a gun but police didn't find a gun in the vehicle up to the West Bank Keith you're -- WB well. -- that used to. About. Situation with the standard ground. One in the early call it hit bad. Vietnam model. That you can't just sell in that position. To use the weapons and let you absolutely have to. That case would you. But basically the support of being in school but that you will. We amnesty will leave office. Walking down -- street I mean are you not support would -- in that position where and when you walk up to. That -- armed and that he had me. No it's not Jesus said that it I was in a position to where if I would've used the gun. Before I knew exactly what was happening to me. If I would've used a gun to prevent what happened to me and this is based on my situation and I was they're. Then I would have had to explain that my life which restaurant and I may have actually not been a victim I may have become a defendant in the case. Now I would rather be defended -- be dead. But in that particular situation it would have been very easy for some way to say hey I just I just bumped into the guy and he pulled out a gun and shot me. Yeah we have to be very careful about how we use -- But right okay that this is what -- leave until rebel bird or get about 3030 -- years -- wanted to do we walks up. Of what -- go to jail -- he felt he felt thought they would like it would drop once before. We really believe what all but gone and -- they've come to a cop and so Rabin. An independent. I Keith I don't remember all the specifics of that case I remember the name and I I remember in in general but I don't remember the specifics of their case and an if you can if you can demonstrating court that your life was really threaten guns. Guns are to protect us they're not to be used four aggression. And if you can prove that you were really threatens and you shouldn't have to prove that I know in the minds of some people but you're gonna have to demonstrate that in -- if you kill somebody. Mean I don't make up the lost. I'm just telling you what is it what is legal fact. -- you have to demonstrate to if you kill somebody that you feel like your life was threatened. Now this guy they were talking about is on trial now in Jacksonville. The guy. Had a confrontation with teenagers. They sent something to him that he did light. He left. The situation went to his truck that was an issue -- Got a gun and then went back to the car and opened fire. Now if you really felt like his life was threatened why did he go back to the car. That's not how you're supposed to use a gun. The gun is supposed to be to protect you. Not to seek revenge. Or to administer punishment. If -- will stay with -- -- -- -- for Tommy Tucker will be right back with more vehicles have more of your text and -- WL and here's another extravagant thing. You know look like music today over. Music about. Doing drugs in the coming out of ideas and there was this song by the Ramones a long time ago but I -- be six feet. Q what kind of message resist trying to get young people. There isn't that. The reason behind violence -- are so religious. Is that you pray to god every time you go out that you don't get shot. Here's attacks -- there's a difference between. Just being religious and living by your religion I would agree with that here's a -- I do consider -- I do not consider myself to be religious person. But a godly man -- it is about relationship not collegiate. Here's an update on a bevy of you a pretty general opinion poll Louisiana ranks fourth in the country is the most religious state Mississippi number one. Are you very religious moderately religious or not religious at all. To 40% say they're very religious. 51% say moderately religious and -- 2% say they are not religious and I'll give assure opinion by going to our website WWL dot com. I hear is attacks that -- Cisco why is it relevant that the guy had an issue the it's not relevant it's just a way of describing the situation in in terms of of words and that's what we do -- ready here's a Tex I'd rather be tried by twelve than carried by six yeah I hear that cliche a lot. I will protect myself and my family no matter what that's fine the key word there is protect. And now I wasn't there but -- one of the interesting things about this dispute trial. It will once again bring up the stand your ground law in Florida involving 46 year old Michael -- Charged with first degree murder is that the guy claims. Self defense. But yet he left. The situation where he felt like his life was threatened. Went back to his issue -- And then came back and shot into the car. Now. How we gonna prove in court. That your life was threatened if you retreated. And then came back it's going to be an interesting trial to follow. Once again bringing up the question of stand your ground and did the blog that I wrote for web site issue is titled. Do you stand your ground lawless encourage violent action. I am a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. And gun rights. But with rights come responsibilities. And there are times when we talk about different stories. And I get a sense that some people. Might not have put themselves in certain situations. If they didn't have a gun. And I don't think that's the reason you haven't -- It's to protect yourself. Not to have confidence to be in situations that you might not be. A gun is not supposed to give you the confidence to confront people if you wouldn't confront them without regard. A -- not supposed to make you a big macho man. The -- is there to protect yourself. Your family. And your property. And unfortunately I guess there are some people who don't know the distinction between protecting. And being aggressive. It's not to seek revenge. It's not to administer punishment at the moment. It's actually for protection. And I have no problem with protection but we need to understand that you you you can't. You can't get into a road rage incidents on the road and then pull over and shoot and kill somebody. That's not protecting your life. Philip Seymour Hoffman very talented actor died of apparent heroin overdose this is not about a celebrity dying of Iran over those. This is really count the increasing use of heroin among all walks of life. And our dealers as responsible for the drug overdose. As the person who took the drugs we'll talk about that in the next hour -- -- W well.

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